Lenovo Tab M7 Review New 7” $60 Budget Android Tablet

Published on November 15, 2019
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What’s going on guys the CTA praten back here again today we’re gonna be taking a look at lenovo’s newest affordable 7-inch budget tablet the tap m7 now this was recently released alongside another tablet the tab m8 HD and hopefully I can get my hands on that soon I’ve ordered it but I’m waiting on it to ship and that one should definitely perform much better than this but it’s got a higher price tag so in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at and testing out the new tab m7 this is a $60 tablet offered by Lenovo and I’m actually having a hard time on understanding why and who this is made for I know that the holidays are coming up and the only thing I can think is they wanted to release a cheap tablet to make some extra cash around the holidays so they released the m7 because all in all the performance on this thing isn’t great but I do personally really love the form factor I wish we could get something like this with a higher end chip like even the Snapdragon 820 now I know that chips getting old but it still performs pretty well with the stuff that I want to do and this in my opinion is the perfect form factor for a 7-inch tablet so over here on the right hand side we have our volume rocker power switch and our 2 megapixel rear camera over on the left hand side we have our micro sd card slash semi gen slot if you pick up the LTE version but in this video we’re gonna be dealing strictly with the Wi-Fi version so we only have an SD card slot over here like I mentioned I really do love the form factor of this tablet and when we put it up against the 2019 Amazon fire 7 the m7 definitely comes ahead in the form factor Department it’s got much smaller bezels and the back is fully constructed of aluminum but what about the internal specs now that’s what we’re gonna go over now for a $60 tablet I still think they’re kind of lacking on the specs here this is known as the Lenovo Tab m7 for the CPU we have a quad-core 1.3 gigahertz media tech Mt MP to one gigabyte of lpddr3 Ram a 7 inch IPS 1024 by 600 display a 3500 milliamp hour non user replaceable battery and they claimed up to 10 hours of video playback 16 gigabytes of internal storage plus a microSD card slot good up to one terabyte unfortunately they did not add AC Wi-Fi in this unit it only has 802 eleven b/g/n so we can’t pick up that five gigahertz network and that really hurts when streaming two megapixel front and a two megapixel rear camera and they’ll only shoot 720p 30fps and the whole system is running Android 9.0 Go Edition and that’s actually one of the best things that’s got going for it now there are a few extra side loaded apps but they can be deleted when you boot the unit up and Android go actually works quite well with one gigabyte of RAM as opposed to the regular old version of Android 9.0 but I still look at this as quite odd seeing that it’s 2019 and companies are still releasing Android devices with only one gigabyte of RAM even though this is running Android go an extra gig or even a half a gig would have helped out tremendously so overall this device is still pretty close to stock Android we do have the Google Play Store right out of the box you don’t have to do any modifications to get that so you can download your favorite apps but keep in mind this is a very low-power chip in here and a lot of the games aren’t gonna run at full speed even some of the lower end ones now I think one of the main thing that’s hurting this tablet the most is the exclusion of AC Wi-Fi if this had AC Wi-Fi built in streaming would be pretty great on here but we’re gonna go into Netflix now and I’m actually only about 12 feet from my router obviously I’m on a 2.4 gigahertz Network because we can’t pick up that 5 gigahertz but loading everything up does take a little bit of time Netflix is faster than most other apps that I’ve tested here because this is a very well optimized app but video playback does work and it actually works quite well as soon as everything’s loaded up this does have Dolby audio built-in but there’s only a single speaker on this unit you can go into the settings and mess around the base and travel and get it to sound decent but overall sound on this thing doesn’t get that loud it is pretty clear for what it is though so like I said Netflix is a very well optimized app and it actually loads up a lot faster than most of the other apps that I’ve tested especially Disney Plus now I know this was just released and they do have some optimizations to do but I think it should load a little quicker than it does you and I personally think this has to do with a combination of things the slower CPU and especially the slower Wi-Fi chip that they chose to use in this unit I also went through and tried to run some benchmarks now unfortunately antutu was not listed on the Google Play Store and 3dmark kept crashing the only one I could get to finish up was Geekbench four keep in mind this is Geekbench four and not Geekbench five I’ve been using Geekbench four for a long time so I kind of wanted to keep it simple here single-core we scored a 432 multi 1168 very low in on the scale and when we compare this to the 2019 fire seven the fire seven actually comes ahead in single and multi and the fire seven is a very low-end tablet to begin with so as for the Wi-Fi speeds they’re not as terrible as I thought but they could be much better if they had it built an AC chip I’m only about 12 feet from the router itself on a 2.4 gigahertz network download 41.7 megabits per second upload 22.8 so to wrap this up I wanted to test out some native Android gaming pub G call of duty mobile are pretty much out of the question on this low-end chip and especially since we only have that one gigabyte of RAM but there are some games that actually run much better than I thought they was like hearthstone here now when I started up the game it did give me a warning that my device isn’t at the recommended specs for the game and it might be slow and I have noticed a few slowdowns here and there but the game is playable on the in Sabbath and the same goes for GTA san andreas now I did have to set everything to medium but the game is fully playable on this Lenovo tablet and this one actually really surprised me because I did test some other games that are very well optimized for Android and I had a little trouble running on like believe it or not even minecraft was a bit slow on this tablet and by the way I had to lower every video setting in the game itself to get it to run this good and as you can see the rendering distance isn’t great and there’s lots of stutters going on this is actually pretty odd because Minecraft Pocket Edition is very well optimised and it works on a lot of lower end devices quite well but we’re having a little trouble with the m7 so I figured I’d go ahead and test a lower-end 2d game so I went with stardew valley and I’m not sure if it’s showing up here but when I go to tap on something I do get a bit of a stutter and keep in mind this is only the very beginning of the game as you build your farm up there’ll be more assets on screen and the lag will get worse I also had to test out some emulation on this device and I didn’t even bother hooking up controller but it does have Bluetooth built in so you can use Bluetooth controllers this is FBA running Marvel vs. Street Fighter runs great here we’re hitting full speed and I also went with some BS emulation using the drastic emulator we’re getting a hundred percent speed-up in the top left hand corner I do have the FPS listed and it seems to be running fairly well on the m7 and for my final test I wanted to get some emulation out of the way I went with Playstation one now SNES Sega Genesis game boy game boy advance is gonna work great on here either using retro arch or the standalone emulators but I figured I’d go ahead and test out ps1 now while this isn’t the easiest game to emulate we should be able to run this at full speed using retro art and for my test that hovers around forty five forty seven but I’ve seen it go as low as 40 – so we’re far from full speed on ps1 emulation so overall the lenovo m7 isn’t the best performer now with video playback it works pretty well but you gotta wait for that loading some lower end emulation will work but even the lower in native android games that i tested are a bit laggy so it’s definitely not made for gaming and it’s really hard for me to recommend this to anybody I would personally go with the Amazon Fire HD now as for the form factor and layout I really do like the way this tablet is designed I just wish it had more power if the company would come out with something like this with this same form factor and a more powerful chip I’d be all over it every day but until then we’re gonna be stuck with these low-end chips in these cheaper tablets and it’s really unfortunate because I’m a big fan of the Android tablet community and we just haven’t had anything good except for that guy see tab s6 but it’s a really expensive unit in my opinion it is the best Android tablet ever created but it’s got a really really high price tag now in the next coming days definitely keep an eye on the channel because I have the other new Lenovo Tab m8 coming in and it does have a quad core 2 gigahertz CPU now this is the same CPU I tested in a cheaper Android smartphone recently and performance was actually decent we should be able to do call a duty pop G minecraft at full speed and not to mention emulation PSP Dreamcast PlayStation one’s gonna run fine on that tablet so if you’re interested in checking out that review definitely hit the subscribe button because it’s coming in soon but as for the m7 I suggest you skip this one and if you still need a really cheap Android tablet I would go with the Amazon fire 7 the 2019 version they’re gonna be on sale for Black Friday very soon and I’ll leave some links in the description but that’s pretty much it for this video guys I really appreciate you watching if you have any questions or if there’s anything else you want to see running on the lenovo tab m7 for any reason at all just let me know in the comments below but like always thanks for watching you.

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