Lenovo Z5S in 2020? Should you still buy it? Review

Published on January 5, 2020
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What’s up ninjas how we doing anyhow double dose – odd yes another video regarding China phones in 2020 is it worth buying China phone which came here ago or something like that so today we have Leno was at five as the cheapest smartphone in the world with a Snapdragon 710 and this is in my opinion elf probably most of you think about it that this is the best and biggest reasons the green light did go go to buy this super cheap China phone unbelievable price tag ninjas this is crazy how cheap these Chinese smartphones are getting some people some somebody can discuss that these mainstream smartphones like from Samsung again I’ve Apple they are getting more expensive and expensive accept accept or something like that but the example these China phones are super super cheap so you’re gonna have the buying links in the description you can buy the now was that 5s over the gearbest Aliexpress and been good I’m gonna leave you three different links so you can choose by yourself also I’m gonna leave you the download links for the alternative smartphone which is the no was that six light which has a better a bigger battery life in compared to the Zed 5s so that 5s came release date it is December of 2018 so that’s like a year and a month or something like that the design and material itself it’s a glass in just yes and the medium a low p2i nano coating it has three different colors black orange and violet seven point nine millimeter thick and it weights around one and 72 grams and great design and great materials the frames are made from aluminium alloy and it is the best-looking the best build that smartphone for this price tag not any single Xiaomi smartphone or I don’t know any other brand can beat that when I was at five as in the design and material Department what else yes one of the reasons to buy this device is also a really gorgeous panel there LTPS is six point three inches full HD plus resolution with the 409 PPI what the water with the water drop notch it’s a mini tiny water top notch never standard not so you’re gonna be satisfied as it is speakers why you’re gonna also have by the end of this video a test of the outer side but it has a stereo dual speakers this is really great and Dolby Atmos again also not just the best chip best display but also the best speakers on the market for this price tag nothing can be done I was that father so yeah we can already see so many great things about the land was that five as you maybe will wonder Muhammad so what are the cons what what kind of issue can say so four so far what I can say in compared to the Xiaomi smartphones with the mu I this is lui and the updates itself will be a lot slower in compared to the MU I so just that end in mind so far but it does have android 9 pi it’s not like it has really all the Android system something like that it does have enjoyed 9 installed on this one fresh out of the box Snapdragon 710 octa-core SOC with a drain of 616 yes this is the cheapest mouth on in the world that can also run for tonight yes fortnight six weeks of M 64 gigs of storage and SD card expansion the 128gb it’s around $20.00 more expensive so the I would advise you just get yourself 64 gigs and buy yourself additional card fingerprint sensor is on the back all main sensors like composite’ gyro pursue gyroscopes are included it does have no identification bar and what we can see here it’s a 4G LTE supported regarding the band’s itself this Lenovo that 5s does have a b24 4G LTE so remember that for the EU countries there’s gonna be more than useful of course more than useful because if use a lot of mobile data you will need this band triple cameras on the back 16 megapixel resolution main sensor wide angle lens yes also wide angle lens 8 megapixel and telephoto lens at 5 megapixel for portrait shots the front selfie camera is 16 megapixel ingest yes 16 megapixel in same quality and this device also offers 4k video recording let’s go next with the connectivity Wi-Fi I didn’t had any problems regarding the Wi-Fi downloading the speed GPS is also accurate it’s a dual band Wi-Fi to G and 5g bluetooth 5.0 version it has an audio jack has radio FM OTA OTG volte but it doesn’t have NFC so remember that this device doesn’t have NFC if you want to go with all the device I would recommend you read me know at 8 T which is around 25 dollars more expensive than this one with an NFC support battery life 3300 mAh battery Li polymer and supports 15 watts fast charging and it is also included if you’re gonna buy it with the USA 18 months yes they’re gonna know on Aliexpress you can buy an 18 watts fast charger for the Lenovo set 5s so yeah that UI 10 UI of course Android skin with Android 9 pi and like I said here probably this device won’t be updated to Android 10 and this is for now the only con big problem which I say it is about the nano-cells 5s on the other hand everything about this device is crazy good speed this fastest smartphone that I tested under $250 it beats all smart phones even with the same thing on 730 G it’s even beat the redmi note 8 pro with the Hino g9 TT that’s how good this device is optimized for the UI performance and the gaming it’s a must having just it’s a must have great display great speakers great design also the battery is really good because names again 710 is a very well optimized battery efficient SOC and a good decent cameras weather and also the front of the camera is really good I have to admit you just visit the buying links will be in the description Matsuyama ok speakers let’s check here these speakers let’s check it out two speakers bro and b14 the boxer from fans wow what a sound rather sound what a sound of course this also it’s taro it comes the sound is coming from your earpiece very loud speaker deep bass there man and I’m having goose bumps how good this device is for $150 the best build the best quality the best design the best display the best speakers also for the price tag well when you’re gonna stop when are you gonna stop checking here the headphones have forgot to show you okay ninjas from 1 to 10 giving it 7 score really interesting I don’t know why it’s not louder the sound is the quality is there the quality is there but the sound is the output volume there is lonely Jen seats for the price time give it 7 very low okay it’s not very very low but I expected more in redmi note 7 i will give you better loudness not the better quality but it will give you better loudness if you give for the headphones yeah oh my god leave me alone oh can you just FM radio yeah there’s FM radio support with a Lenovo set 5s just connect your headphones and you are ready to listen to your favorite FM radio stations working fine just fine okay check the mic quality let’s play back some recording of mine thank you man good it’s good but some kind of I would say that the noise cancellation microphone maybe a little bit this sort this sorted the maybe the voice quality if I can say it like that it’s very loud it is very loud you don’t have to have any problems but for now I do kind of prefer more the Xiaomi is the MU eyes way of recording the sound but by the way I’m using the stock recorder maybe you can have a better result for with that let me even try it now let me try it so I just recording something recording something with a third-party app I will save it I’ll even show you which a paris is a voice recorder which has a really good scores 4.8 let’s see here if there’s any difference in the quality man picks a fixed my voice will be high and gets this sorted out a bit with this the third-party app nevertheless I’m just it’s very loud maybe just don’t talk too loud to this microphone that’s it and then it’s not gonna get this sorted anyway let’s go next.
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