LG K51 Full Review! Buy This Phone For $89 (But Not A Dollar More)

Published on June 21, 2020
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What’s going on guys my name is Wade with tech Bailey and in this video I’m gonna be giving you my four view on the new lgk 51 now right off the bat let me just say that this phone has quickly become one of my favorite budget devices for 2020 LG I think really stepped it up this year in offering a solid device in the very overcrowded budget space it’s certainly a phone that stands out what LG ended up with here really is a decent device that can be purchased for a great price from the right retailer but with that being said not all k-50 1s are created equally and depending on when and where you buy this phone from you might end up with an awesome deal or be paying way more than you should for this phone there’s a lot I want to go over so I won’t waste any more time let’s just jump right into it and I’ll give you all of my thoughts on this device first off let’s talk price and to be quite honest this is basically the deciding factor and determining whether or not this phone is a great deal or a terrible deal I purchased Mike a 51 from Boost Mobile and the past few weeks they’ve been running a promotion where you’re able to buy this phone for about $90 the regular retail price is something like a hundred and fifty but since this phone was launched I have not seen it sold for that price from Boost Mobile at $90 for just the device itself obviously not including the service contracts the LG K 51 is a fantastic deal and I’d even go as far as to argue that it’s probably the best phone you can buy in 2020 under a hundred bucks the problem is Boost Mobile is really the only place that’s selling this phone that cheap right now even at its full retail price at 150 bucks it’s still an okay deal but other places like t-mobile are trying to sell this phone for a hundred and ninety dollars and that’s just way too much money yeah you can switch over to Metro if you’re a brand new customer and snagged a phone for free using their rebate deal but for existing customers of Metro you absolutely should not buy this phone for that full $190 price tag it’s simply just not worth but new or even existing Boost Mobile customers who can get this phone for 90 bucks that’s absolutely what you should do and for the purposes of this video that’s the price point I’m gonna go off of since that’s what I was able to get this phone for and that’s about what you should pay for this phone too and if you guys are interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or maybe you want to pick up this device for yourself I’ll leave some links down below in the video description to where you can get this phone at its cheapest current prices so be sure to check down there so you don’t miss out on any good deals physically the Kay 51 I think is a really good looking phone mainly because LG kept things simple and they also mimicked the design language from their most premium flagship devices really the Kay 51 looks most like LG’s V 60 which is like a $900 phone most people who see this thing wouldn’t have any idea that you paid 100 bucks for it the only difference is in the actual materials rather than in glass and metal it’s an all plastic build but it’s a premium high-quality plastic build if that makes sense there’s no cheap elements here at all it’s a heavy sturdy phone that feels dense and the polished mirror like rear housing and chrome frame are the perfect finishing touches the K 51 is also a big phone and for the price I don’t think you can find anything larger the six and a half inch display is something I think a lot of people will enjoy the only problem really is that it’s framed in a housing that adds some unnecessary bulk LG just isn’t a company that pushes the limits with screen body ratio or attempts to minimize the bezel size and the K 51 is a prime example of that three out of the four sides of this phone are fine even the sort of v-shaped teardrop notch I can live with up at the top but this big bottom chin here is probably the one design elements I wish didn’t exist it’s nearly a quarter of an inch of added bulk that could have been used for some more screen or even better could have been eliminated completely to make this phone feel a little smaller still it’s a minor complaint and then otherwise fairly attractive sub $100 device and at the end of the day for folks who like big phones with big screens this is the best bang for your buck device that’s out there right now one-handed use is possible though maybe not comfortable for everyone but the bottom line is that you’re really either in it for the big screen or you’re not and I think the big screen is one of the selling points for this phone now the display itself as far as the specs and quality aren’t exactly anything too special the six and a half inch screen is just a 15 60 by 720 IPS LCD panel that packs in around 264 pixels per inch and I think if you’re coming from a 1080p display but especially an AMOLED screen you’re going to notice some drop-off in quality but actually even being a little lower quality the viewing experience is still pretty good the screen gets plenty bright and this may sound weird but it’s a particularly sharp looking a 720p panel I think pixel peepers will have a hard time criticizing what you get I certainly didn’t find too much to complain about as far as the resolution is concerned even at this large of a size the two big things really that you might miss out on most are color it’s not as vibrant as I personally like and viewing angles with LCD as you tilt the screen off access you get a bit of a fall off the screen goes a tiny bit dark when it’s not perfectly positioned but I think I’m getting a little too picky for consuming content watching YouTube videos browsing the web stuff like that the K 51 does offer a good viewing experience on a big screen that I think most people will like and like I’ve said a million times already I consider this to be a $90 device anyway so at that price you really can’t go wrong I think one thing that might be a bit underappreciated but should definitely be highlighted is the out loud listening experience the K 51 offers dual stereo speakers with one speaker down below and a second speaker in the earpiece this speaker setup is something some $500 phones don’t even offer right now so this is great to see and it’s something I personally really value here’s a sample so you can get an idea [Applause] [Applause] [Music] I applaud LG throwing in this nice of the speaker setup on this phone and I think it’s one more thing that makes the device stand out now with A+ I’ll need to even things out with a negative when it comes to unlocking the phone the K 51 has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which by itself is totally fine it might be placed a little too high since this phone is so big but besides that it’s fast its accurate if it fails the first time it retries after like a fraction of a second over and over again until it gets you unlocked it works perfectly fine but it’s the only biometric unlocking option LG for some reason has removed face unlock from all of their recent phones which I don’t really understand a lot of people want to argue that it’s insecure which is kind of true that it’s a privacy issue which again is kind of true that it’s not as fast it’s not as accurate not as useful whatever the case may be but I always found it a convenient additional unlocking method that often times got me into the phone faster depending on how I picked up the device I can see the argument against face unlock but if you had it to begin with on previous phones why bother taking it away after the fact it’s certainly something I miss so if I had to pick one aspect of this phone that really gives away the fact that it’s a budget device it would be the internal specs now first off the four thousand milliamp battery inside for me has been solid even with a larger display because the screen is a bit lower quality and because the internals of device are less powerful the battery has no issues in pushing this phone through more than a day’s use which is good so I don’t really have any complaints there but inside the k-50 one is powered by a mediatek helio p25 processor just three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of built-in storage with the option to expand that via an SD card though I want to talk about that built-in storage first 32 gigabytes I don’t think is enough on its own but mainly when you consider the fact that you can’t move apps to the SD card so that’s an even bigger bummer for regular everyday apps even pictures and videos you can get away with 32 gigabytes and with moving some stuff to the SDK card when it’s allowed but really after four or five games for example that get installed on the phone you’re pretty much maxed out and when it comes to those specs the processor and RAM I think even for a ninety dollar phone there’s some room for improvements you might notice that my que 51 is actually even running android 9 and that’s because for whatever reason this phone on Boost Mobile just hasn’t gotten the Android 10 update yet while the metro version has so that’s a little weird I can live with that though for now looking past that I actually do think even given the less than ideal specs the que 51 does run fairly smooth here are the key commands try of an antutu benchmark scores so you can get an idea of what we’re working with obviously not that great but honestly for easy stuff like web browsing social media texting calling emails stuff like that I never really have any issues I just had to keep my expectations realistic and if there was ever an extra second or two of load times I just need to set remember that I only paid at 90 bucks for this thing if you keep things simple there shouldn’t really be any issues unfortunately LG does make it very easy to be able to optimize the phone if it starts to feel a bit slow with this home screen widget you can add tapping this will free up some space immediately it’ll delete some junk and I ran this every couple of days just to keep the phone feeling fresh and running things the best it could now if you do want to take things a bit further and play some games on this thing it is possible once you get past the initial wait times to just launch the game apps like asphalt 9 and even call duty mobile can run pretty well on the K 51 which did surprise me the big thing here really is just that this is a phone that sort of needs to be actively managed you can’t really have 20 or 30 apps open and running because three bytes of RAM just isn’t enough to keep up you can’t really push it too hard because the p22 processor just isn’t a chipset that can handle too much and you aren’t gonna be downloading a huge library of apps and games simply because there isn’t enough space on the phone to do so but if you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy to use phone that gets the simple things done right the K 51 is the device for you and if every once in a while you want to play or do a little more you can at least know the phone should handle it again it’s just a $90 device and this is why I said earlier that that’s really all you should pay for it for a hundred and fifty dollars or a hundred and ninety dollars like Metro is trying to charge these specs are absolutely terrible but for ninety bucks the whole package isn’t really too bad finally let’s talk cameras and to be honest I think this is one more area where the K 51 exceeds expectations at least in certain situations the rear camera setup on this phone includes a 13 megapixel main lens 5 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel depth sensor the front camera is also a 13 megapixel shooter and just to get the selfies out of the way the K 51 does a decent job here actually maybe a little dull in color but detail is pretty good skin tones are very accurate portrait mode definitely misses the mark for sure but it’s not terrible I’ve seen way worse from a lot of other phones even at 150 or 200 our price points so I think LG delivers a decent selfie camera all things considered around back the camera features here are pretty limited just given the fact that the phone is a budget device of course all the basic stuff is here 1080p video portrait mode LG’s I can and a couple other LG specific things but nothing more beyond that now I think that Kei 51 can take a pretty good shot given the right lighting conditions you get a really balanced result with accurate real-world colors nothing too overdone nothing oversaturated the wide-angle camera like 50 percent of the time just kind of gets a little weird it’s this foggy out of focus result for some reason but when it actually gets the shot right it looks pretty good and unfortunately I’m not entirely sure what the issue is when it does fail but I suspect it has to do mainly with poor lighting conditions and that’s sort of the theme the dimmer the setting the worst picture you get with this phone there’s no night mode at all and no real assistance with exposure so nighttime shots aren’t great and even some dim indoor shots missed the mark from time to time I’m probably the thing that surprised me the most actually was video capabilities you get some focus hunting if the scene is super busy which you can tell but oftentimes the K 51 delivers a steady good looking video especially outside and this is a phone that is surprisingly smooth when panning or just moving around in general again it’s a $90 device so you can’t really expect a whole lot but you’ve got enough to work with and some potential at least with every once in a while being surprised with the better than expected results so here are my final thoughts like I said already for 90 bucks I don’t know of any other phone out there that gives you the kind of value the K 51 offers with a big screen excellent design and build quality stereo sound and decent cameras there’s a lot to like yeah it’s underpowered but what are you really going to try and push this phone to do for 90 bucks if you want performance you need to double your budget and you’ll have infinitely more options but if a hundred bucks is all you want to spend on a phone this is the device to get if you’re reasonable with your expectations I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the K 51 and if you pay any more than a hundred bucks for this phone from anywhere else you’ve got a bad deal there are plenty of better options out there for a hundred and fifty or a hundred and ninety bucks so there you go that’s everything you need to know about the LG K 51 what do you guys think is this a phone worth $90 let me know in the comments down below I’d really love to know your thoughts on this phone but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech Aelia on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys later.
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