LG V60 Pristine review

Published on June 21, 2020
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What’s going on you two family man pristine back with another video welcome to the full pristine review for the LG v6 teeth in q5 G let’s dive right into this thing now just a quick reminder price and some of the specifications are most of the most important specifications that this phone is housing the price you can get this phone for $7.99 right now without the dual screen case with the dual screen price case that’s gonna cost you an extra 100 bucks and you can get it for $8.99 alright there may be some carrier deals that may go on that you may be able to get this phone for cheaper product for cheaper prices little promotions and things that have you because this phone is featured at every single carrier but if you’re looking to pay for a price for the device those are the two price points that you that you’ll be able to get it at unless you know certain retailers that are carrying this phone and running some type of sale of some kind now this phone does have the new snapdragon 865 processor we’ve got eight gigs of ram on board we’ve got 128 gigs of storage octa-core CPU Adreno 650 you know all of the top-tier 20/20 specifications that we are going to find in most of the flagship devices in this particular year and so the phone is definitely a beast in that particular regard the build quality we’ve got Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front we’ve got Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the rear and we’ve got an aluminum frame with the nice chamfered edges people got those good old chamfered edges you know what I’m saying now with that said I mean you are going to get top-notch performance out of the LG v60 thin q now I know that you know some people you know when you when you think of a 20/20 flagship you know there’s there’s more things that are being implemented like the implementation of high refresh rates whether it be 90 or 120 Hertz unfortunately you’re not gonna find that here on the LGV 60 now to some people that may not be a big deal to Tex knobs like myself and and others well it’s not really a big deal to me but when you hold – your if you have the ability or if you have you know in an s 20 this is the s 20 ultra but you will notice like scrolling and everything just how smooth that is right and just everything and then the v60 you could see although you know it – is responsive to the touch it’s just not as smooth and so little me being extremely meticulous as I am like I can really pick up on little details like that you know what I’m saying but I mean that that’s just an added feature that the Samsung has over the LG you know it’s not really a big deal it’s a matter of preference I think for your average consumer the average consumer probably doesn’t care about such thing and just the ability to be able to navigate in a very fast manner from one page to the next or whether it be getting into your Google now feed and just being able to you see the swiping speeds that I’m doing right now with absolutely no choppiness at all whatsoever you know the the 1920 Hertz to refresh rate displays I mean it adds a bit of a bit more fluidity with navigating the device but as you can see here I mean clearly I mean there’s nothing wrong with it with the with the with it with the v6 T’s ability to navigate and scroll from side to side when you’re trying to find different applications that you’re trying to get into definitely when you are in – in the process of navigating your device and going in and out of applications I mean as you can see I mean Spotify has to be one of the most content heavy applications that I’ve got on my device and you see how quickly just winning into that along with Apple music you see how quickly it just popped into that the same thing with SoundCloud you know takes a little bit of a second to load but then it just pops right into that if I want to go shopping at Best Buy you see takes a quick second to load up a lot of content there pardon me it just gets ripe in things you know if I want to get my word on take a look at the verse of the day you know a lot of content there as well you know but you saw I mean just loading up just the end higher Bible whether it be the the Old Testament or the the New Testament the King James Version all that man you know I’m saying it just took seconds just to upload all that all that all that material you know what I mean and so as you can see swipe up and hold this is going to get us to all of our open applications and if I want to pop back in the Spotify there it is right there if I want to pop back in to the Bible app there it is right there if I want to go back into Apple music there it is right there so you see everything is held in the RAM which stands for random access memory extremely well and you can do a lot of multitasking on this device without any slowdown at all whatsoever so performance on the LGV 60 is definitely definitely a go especially when you compare it to the likes of you know the s20 ultra which is a device that cost fourteen hundred bucks like I said I mean this by itself the phone it costs $7.99 so $800 it gets you in LG v60 without the dual screen case and then $8.99 900 bucks for the dual screen case and so the v60 is definitely a better value and you’re going to get very similar performance when stacked up against phones like the oneplus 8 pro or the one plus eight you know the galaxy s3s 20 plus or the ultra here and other devices of its caliber so performance is definitely definitely on beast mode status all right now the cameras the cameras on the LG v 60 in my personal opinion are some of the best sets of cameras that’s been released on a flagship device in 2020 there is a dedicated camera review I will drop the link down below in the description box for that if you have not checked it out be sure to check that out and get a glimpse of what this camera is capable of I know that a lot of people rant and rave over the iPhone camera and rightfully so it’s a really really good camera but aside from picture quality I’m speaking I’m speaking to the ones that like to record video you know like I know that that was like one of the main selling points on how improved the iPhone 11 Pro in the pro max is and you know the the video recording capability is just bar none one of the best and I think that LG has a strong case with this V 60 to say that they are either right there neck-and-neck with the recording capabilities of the iPhone if not surpassing it by a small margin because of the fact that ladies and gentlemen let’s not forget that that V for the LG v series the V stands for video so this phone is directly geared towards video you know what I mean and so you know with that said I mean you’ve got optical and electronic image stabilization that works simultaneously to make sure you that you get the most shake free videos possible you’ve got all kind of bells and whistles and features built into this camera system that you may not find in other cameras on other devices because of the fact that this phone is so geared and dedicated towards video you know I mean LG they give you all kinds of different tools and options and things to manually control to give you the best experience possible when it comes to video recording on a mobile device and so you know if you’re the type of person to where you’ve got a YouTube channel and you just want to run it solely from a mobile device the v60 is the one here okay so get down in the description check out the camera review for this device and get down in the comments and let me know what you think about it alright but to me personally I mean the cameras are great there hasn’t been not one photo that I’ve taken well I was like you know the image quality the picture quality is kind of shoddy or shaky or just inaccurate I mean again I’m no expert all I can go off of is what my eyes see you know of course I may not know all the all the all the camera and video recording verbage and lingo but I’m like hey all I can do is Express you know what my eyes are seeing but in that video you guys can be the judge and let me know what you think about the overall camera performance in the video performance from the LG v 60 all right videos not that long as maybe 10 or 11 minutes at the most if I if I remember correctly so it’s not gonna take too much of your time all right now battery life the battery life this is this is definitely one of the battery life champions on a flagship device here in 2020 it’s got a big five thousand milliamp hour battery you’re not gonna kill this battery off no time soon no matter what you’re doing the phone has the ability to sustain and sustain and sustain it’s got that stay in power you seem saying it’s got that Barry White uh I got uh stay in power you know saying I bit now that wasn’t a good impersonation of Barry White you don’t say cuz he got that deep a real deep voice you know I’m saying you know I’m saying but you know you guys get what I’m saying the phone has staying power you are not gonna have a problem at all get into a full day with this battery at all whatsoever no matter what you’re doing whether you’re streaming music streaming movies heavy gaming you know what I mean you are not going to kill this battery off the screen just I can very easily get through two days on a single charge with this phone and because of the fact that I’m a light to moderate to user when it comes to how I use my devices I can get you know three days without charging this bad boy easily so of course however you decide to use your device battery life is going to differ but I’m just saying for me and how I use my phone I can very easily pull down at least two and a half days if not close to three or a little bit more than three days just off of a single charge with how I use my device okay like I said that’s gonna differ because some people go a lot harder and their devices than I do you know I talk on the phone a little bit mostly text message you know every now and then on people video on YouTube most of the time when I’m watching that type of content I’m at war I’m at home you know I’m saying I got my computer right here I got my iPad Pro you know I’m saying I got other things rather than just being on my phone just you know relying solely on my phone just to be able to have access to all this different content but you know for some people that may not have all those things or they’re out more so in there and they’re in situations where they have to use your phone more then yeah you may you know run through your battery a little bit faster but because of the fact that it’s got such a big cell you know you’re gonna have some serious battery sustainability with this device and on top of that I mean the type C charging port and the brick that comes with the phone you know you you you I mean you’re gonna be able to charge up at 50% in a half hour uh so I mean you know even if you start to run low you know you can juice up real quick and get some serious a battery re upness if you will I know that’s not a word but if you want to replenish your battery in a very fast manner you would definitely have the ability to do that here on the LGV 60 all right now additional features things that I like versus things that I’m not really too fond of there aren’t really too many things that I dislike about this phone I’m a huge fan of the construction of the device and just how the phone looks just you know let me get it out of this case here real quick it’s to me the build quality on this phone is just absolutely gorgeous you know I was under the impression before I got this phone that the white one it’s like a pearl white was gonna be the best option and I got this from t-mobile and at the time the only one they had available was this navy blue and I was just like huh you know I’m more than really filling the color scheme too much but then once I got at home and got it out of the box and then ladies and gentlemen you just see that beautiful navy blue with those gold chamfered edges you know that that gold aluminum frame I love the fact that the phone as far as the construction the phone is just flat at the top rounded around the corners I mean so it makes it very easy to hold this is a big phone on me because this does this displays six point eight inches you know what I mean so it’s it’s a big phone and if you’ve got small hands I can understand how this could be very cumbersome for some but I mean the color scheme just that blue and that gold is just dope to me man I mean the gold trim around the camera I mean that is thing of beauty ladies and gentlemen now again some of the things that I like the most about this phone of course always on display that’s always a welcome feature I mean just being able to check certain things without even having to lift a finger on your phone that I welcome that okay I love the fact that LG the double tap okay the double tap to wake the device double tap to sleep the device a lot of devices give you the option you double tap it to wake it up but then you still have to reach around and hit the power button to put it to sleep well that’s not the case with LG phones okay the under display fingerprint sensor it’s nice and fast and it’s convenient it’s easy to use it works 100% of the time it’s not a problem at all whatsoever I do wish that they have face idea on this phone they do not I also like the fact that LG you know we live in a day and age an hour when it comes to like smartphone or flagships and even like some of the mid rangers we’re seeing a lot more like like like like 4k displays or you know OLED or AMOLED displays and LG decided you know we’re not gonna go that route we’re just gonna hit them with a pea OLED 1080p display and for those of you that question whether or not an AMOLED display is needed on a flagship well this is proof that you don’t need that because the screen on this phone even though it’s 1080p is absolutely gorgeous absolutely gorgeous ladies and gentlemen and even next to you know one of the screen champions you know as far as you know Samsung and you know they they make some of the most beautifulest you know say I’m gonna take y’all back to Keith Marie back in the day you know I’m saying you know I’m saying he had this cut called one of the you know the most beautifulest thing you know I’m saying Samsung as we know make some of the most beautifulest displays on planet Earth you know but can you really tell a difference with these phones side by side I mean I both got I got I got both of these phones set to well this is a 1080p display so you can adjust the resolution on my s20 Ultra here the resolution has scaled down to 1080p because when it’s on full resolution at 4k you’re not able to run that high 120 hurt refresh rate and I’m not really a big fan of that so but I mean always keep it down for the sake of saving battery I’ll put this down at 1080p anyway just because I think it looks gorgeous on 1080p I don’t need it up at a screen resolution higher than that and so case in point I see the real reason why LG decided that it wasn’t to give us a screen resolution higher than in 1080p this is a beautiful peel LED panel that tops out at 1080p and I am totally fine with that and I think the average consumer will be as well you see what I’m saying so the you know just the beautiful of the beautiful Hardware the screen even though it’s 1080p ok the double tap the fingerprint sensor I love the fact that the phone has got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with that high 5 quad DAC that’s still available and you’re not gonna be able to customize your sound if you’re plugged in no better on any device than what this didn’t is 32 bit hi-fi quad dad has giving you through this 3.5 millimeter headphone jack I don’t give a damn what you talking about okay I love the fact that LG continues to implement then on their fax and their flagship devices because they’re not leaving the people who still like to plug in high and dry and out in the cold you know what I mean that’s a–that’s a major feature and if you’re a music file like I am and I know a lot of you are and you’re concerned about how you want to be able to listen to your music and being able to customize the sound or your music the hi-fi quad DAC in this 3.5 millimeter jack hashtag bars Vasko is it gives you some serious and I mean serious capabilities to adjust the sound quality how you want it you know what I mean and so another thing that I’m a huge fan on is the implementation of dual stereo speakers you know I’m happy to see that LG finally joined the club when it comes to do a stereo speakers now I know I’ve said in previous videos that it’s not really a big deal to me because I don’t bump music on my device like that but for those of you that do you’re gonna get a much richer sound as opposed to on previous LG flagship devices they just had that bottom firing only boom box speaker and it sounded good as well but it was one of those things where the sound was bottom firing and then if you set the device on like a hollow box or something like that then the sound will be amplified and I’ve tested it and it worked but I mean just the implementation of a speaker being in the earpiece and at the bottom and mainly the speaker and the earpiece just controlling the highs in the mid and then more of the base and the more richer in in and some of the other tones coming out of bottom it just sounds for a much cleaner richer experience and so I love that LG finally implemented dual stereo speakers okay and so yeah you know a lot to like about this phone again I get argue you know what I mean I think I can argue that and some of you may agree with me but some of you may not but in my opinion I think where we sit right now on what’s today today is hold up I’m not even aware of the date today is April 26th it’s 12:30 1:00 in the in the afternoon I could argue that LG with this device here with the v60 has become the flagship killer you know what I mean because one plus they once had that title but now they’re up in the you know $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 thousand dollar price tag right now the oneplus is just another flagship option they can no longer hold the flagship killer to their name because they’re now charging the same prices as a lot of these other companies that are selling their flagships for you know those days of getting a nice device with all the the the flagship features functions and specifications at like a four or five or six hundred dollar price tag from oneplus at least those days are over you know what I mean now kudos to them for making a really dope flagship device with the oneplus a pro and stay tuned for that because I’m gonna be unboxing that pretty soon along with this iPhone se second-generation yeah man you know oneplus is just another option and I think that you know if you want to get the one plus eight which is at $6.99 you still don’t have the capabilities on the one plus eight that you do on the oneplus a pro with them you know what am I talking about I mean like wireless charging a couple of other features and functions the oneplus 8 has a little bit of a downgraded camera you know what I mean but for two hundred dollars more you can step up to the prod you’ve got all the things well ladies and gentlemen the LG v 60 here at $7.99 has all the things it’s got to do the dual stereo speakers it’s got the nice cameras with no it’s got wireless charging and you don’t need you don’t need your own propriety proprietary uh a wireless charger in order for it to work as opposed to one plus in order for you to be able to take advantage of that of that higher wireless charging speed you have to get the oneplus wireless charger that’s hogwash man I don’t you know I got two wireless chargers I don’t feel they need to go and buy another one just so I can fast charge my device no I want to use the wireless chargers that I’ve got the LG v60 gives you that option so ladies and gentlemen I argue right now that man the LG v 60 is the flagship to get in 2020 it’s the best bang for your buck and it’s gonna do all the things that all the other flagships are doing just as good if not a little better at a lesser price so that’s where I sit with the LG v 60 ladies and gentleman you know through extensive usage and testing you know since it’s been out I’ve had nothing nothing but good experiences with the LG v 60 can I recommend this phone absolutely the only thing that I don’t like about this device is the dated the dated look right you know let me let me let me see here let me go to display and go to second screen and as you can see I’ve just got the top of the device here just kind of cornered off so there’s the display there there’s the display in its entirety right there you know what I mean a lot of time I’m not bothered by the teardrop notch but I feel like I’ve had enough devices that have kind of moved on from that look I would have liked to have seen LG go more of a full screen look and maybe just have like a button a hole somewhere in the camera or maybe even just move to mechanical parts and just have a pop up camera or something like that so that we can take full advantage of the display without this little camera hum pardon me being right in the middle of the display is it that bothersome not really but I do like the fact that LG does give you the option to cut that out if you want and I think it also to makes really good use of the top of the phone because at the top of the phone your notification icons you see they’re just right there at the top as opposed to if you hit if you hit it like that they’re still right there at the top but then you still can see the little teardrop knotch as opposed to putting it on custom the notch is hidden but then it just looks like the phone has a bigger forehead you know to some that’s not a problem that’s not an issue at all but I mean you know when you’ve held the s20 home saying or you know the 1 + 7 Pro or other devices that are like completely full screen bezel lists and then and there’s been several devices that you’ve already had in your hand that has that teardrop notch implementation you know it’s just you want to see the company do something new something fresh not continue to repeat a same old look that we’ve seen time and time again on other devices that really ladies and gentlemen is my only only gripe about the v60 you know just the the the overall look of the display is a bit dated okay but aside from that and if you can get if you can get through if you if you can get past that and I’m sure that most people would be able to I mean I mean this iPhone se 2 is selling like doggone hotcakes and you you talk about you you you talk about a design that is dated my goodness but you know I had to get it you know cuz it’s such a steal 399 product read that 813 bionic for 400 bucks yeah it was hard to pass up so stay tuned because I got the unboxing coming for that and the one plus a pro coming real soon so um yeah if you if you like this video hit that thumbs up button be sure to like share subscribe to expose yourself to tons more videos that I’ve done like this one definitely keep it locked here at pristine mobile tech because I’ve got so much more content to come be sure to hit that notifications bill so that every time my videos go live you’ll get notified and you can be one of the first ones to check out the video get down in the comments let me know what you think about the content that you saw hit me off with any questions comments or feedback I don’t claim to know it all y’all so I’ve learned so much just from interacting back and forth with all you ladies gentlemen boys girls any of you that tune into my content Thank You much appreciation much love to all of my subscribers I’m knocking on the door of 9,000 subs you know you know I’m saying I think I’m like maybe 20 20 subs away you know what I mean so thank you so very much the channel is moving at a much faster rate than I thought it was as far as you know well I thought I would be right now not to say that I doubt myself but I mean it’s a slow grind it’s a process and I’m just saying you know my sub count is is is continuously going up at a rate that’s much higher than I expected so I say that to say thank you so very much for rocking with me it pleases me to know that the content that I make is able to reach out and touch a lot of you you know there’s a lot of people you know a lot of hatred and comments and racial slurs that just comes along with the Internet I block away all that negativity and I just keep it focused on what the ultimate plan is which is to help you guys make an informed decision on what your next smartphone purchase is gonna be realize that my videos are more geared towards teaching experiences which is why my videos are so lengthy at times you know a lot of my unboxing videos are over an hour just because I’m trying to give you guys every bit of detail possible to help teach you about a device and what it’s capable of doing so that if you commit to that device then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into there’s only so much that you can do if you can walk into your local carrier store in your local Best Buy and test the phone on a demo mode there’s only so much that you can do you know what I mean so I try to break down and scrutinize everything about these devices and show them to you so that you know you have a more broad and idea of what you’re getting yourself into that’s what I do this for if only touch one person I’m happy you know what I mean so again I say that to say thank you so much for support me please continue to do so I’m gonna continue to do my thing get my hands on these phones and and do this thing right you you see them say so again thank you for letting me bid your ear by my full pristine review over all thoughts and processes or thought processes and opinions on the LGV 60 and I’ll catch you guys in the next video please stay safe get spiritually fit and keep it pristine in every aspect of your lives my condolences to the people that have loved ones to this Kovach 19 please hang in there be strong trust in Christ he’ll see us all through these tough times in which we’re living in for the people that are sick with Cova 19 that are fighting for the lives their health I pray for you and your families those that had koban 19 and got over it I thank God for the fact that you got over it and I hope you are too because a lot of people aren’t so fortunate but now’s the time if you haven’t established a relationship with Christ to absolutely do so because if death would have creeping around some unsuspecting corner you want to be rest assured that your soul is gonna rest with our Creator okay I’m trying to preach to you man but I just use my platform here to witness about the one that I serve because I’m a living testimony I ain’t supposed to be why I’m in life right now and I’m extremely blessed and I ain’t nowhere near perfect God is still working on me on a daily basis but for where I come from for what I’ve come from man I have no problem sharing my testimony about the God that brought me through and if he bought me through he’ll bring you through as well I I’ll catch y’all in the next video peace.
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