Mi 11 Ultra – Full Review – A real camera beast! [Xiaomify]

Published on April 4, 2021
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Hey what’s up it’s week for xiaomifi and today i’ve got the big one the xiaomi mi 11 ultra as opposed to last year’s meat 10 ultra this one is actually launching for the global market and let’s find out which mistake i’ve made in my photo and video review of the me 11 ultra as that changes a lot for me so is it any good well let’s find out let’s go so here it is the meat 11 ultra just looking at the front it kind of looks like a meat 11 but look at at the back it sure looks like a me 11 ultra the ultra is 164 by 74 by 8.3 millimeters in size weighing in at the 234 grams on the front it’s also got the same 6.81 inch amoled display with a 3200 by 1440 pixels or 2k resolution 120 hertz refresh rate 480 hertz touch input sample rate and a peak brightness of 1700 nits on the front it’s got that in display fingerprint scanner and a 20 megapixel front-facing camera which uh still shoots hd video but more on that in a minute because on the back is where it’s at here you’ll find it’s a 50 megapixel main camera with an aperture of f 1.9 it’s got a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle lens with an aperture of f 2.2 and a 48 megapixel telephoto lens with an aperture of f 4.1 that’s got some very decent optical image stabilization next to that you’ll find it’s a light sensor and a dual led flash and yeah that 1.1 inch amoled display that can display the time battery levels and show you notifications when it’s laying down flat but it will also show currently playing music from both xiaomi’s own music player but also from apps like spotify and it can give you a live preview of your camera allowing you to use your main camera setup as a selfie camera on the inside it comes with a snapdragon 888 and 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage it’s got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery that supports both 67 watts wired and watts wireless charging besides also doing the 10 watts reverse charging thing it’s got nfc bluetooth 5.2 and all the features as found on the mi 11. on the bottom it’s got a dual sim card slot next to its usb c port it’s got the same dual speakers by harman kardon as on the me 11 and it’s got that ir blaster to use as a remote controller oh and last but not least the mi 11 ultra actually has a ip68 waterproof rating making it the first xiaomi phone to actually have such a rating so over the last 10 days i’ve been going out with this phone almost every day as the camera is really the highlight of this phone and it’s been such a fun camera to shoot with so let’s look at the camera and these are all some example photos um of the regular wide-angle lens the ultra wide angle lens and the telephoto 5x zoom lens and all of these can shoot these high resolution photos all three cameras gave me some very good results with my personal favorite being the telephoto lens as the photos with that one come out looking really amazing at 48 megapixels during the day all three just shoot very very good photos as you can see with all of these but also in doors where i’ve taken some photos of susanna you can see how well that the color rendering is and how well the skin tones come out and you can see here the photo with the cat that one is definitely one of my favorites it comes out so good photos at night come out looking good as well especially the main 50 megapixel camera shoot some very good night photos the ultra white and the telephoto lens are a little bit more contrast heavy might have a little bit more noise but nonetheless the photos of all three come out looking really good at night but the main lens is definitely my favorite at night second would be the telephoto and i’ve made some more photos with these over the last few days and i got some really amazing results actually also the videos have been really impressive during the day i’ve shot a ton of really great videos with all three of the lenses shooting in 8k and again especially a telephoto lens is what really impressed me i’ve been getting some really amazing results with that lens at night i found the stabilization to show quite some artifacts in my video and photo review but i was just shooting at 8k in that video and that’s where i was wrong because after that review i went out after reading some of your guys’s comments and i filmed at 4k and that makes a big difference for the stabilization especially with the main lens it makes a huge difference the ultra white is also quite a lot better telephoto is also quite a lot better still very hard to stabilize at night um to rectify what i said in the photo and video review of the ultra at 4k it gives much better stabilization performance at night and as it turns out you can actually change between lenses while filming just not at 8k it works fine on 4k as it allows you to zoom in and it will change between lenses while doing that i did find on some shots that it might change a bit abruptly at times and it will have a different contrast but at least you don’t have to stop recording and switch to another lens so it is possible the ultra has all the video effects like we’ve seen on the me 11 and several other xiaomi phones like the clone feature where you can have up to four copies of yourself in a photo or two copies in the video unfortunately those videos are still in hd though it would have been nice to see that in at least 4k another cool thing is the 1920 frames per second slow motion some people mentioned it would have slow motion on all of the lenses but on the current beta firmware that is not the case yet but this super slow motion looks great but i had some test shots where i found it to have some weird artifacts like this one right here while others just looked really good then there’s the selfie camera so i’ve asked susanna to take some selfies with this one as well she does look better doing that than i do so there you go selfies are really quite similar to what we would have with the me 11 and there’s really not much of a difference there and one more thing i want to point out as that’s been asked a few times yes it does shoot in raw if you use the pro camera setting from where you can enable raw which will shoot dng files and yes it can also shoot in a lock profile if you select video in the pro camera but there’s more as this phone has that little display on the back allowing you to use the main camera to take selfies so you can see yourself when using the normal camera from the back that’s so cool though from the camera menu you can turn on to show that live view of the camera on the display and you can use the volume rockers as a shutter controller or you can simply raise the palm of your hand in the photo and that will activate the shutter and it will give you two or three seconds before it actually takes the photo and i mean this is pretty cool that’s cool it’s not a huge display but it’s good enough to be able to frame the photo and it works with the regular lens the wide angle and the telephoto lens but unfortunately it doesn’t work with portrait photos it doesn’t work with 50 megapixel photos and it doesn’t work with videos so i kind of hope that it would but i hope and i kind of assume that this might change in a future firmware update well perhaps in case you want to see more on the camera i did a full review of just the camera quality on the ultra in case you want to go and check that one out the little display is also pretty cool to show the time the battery and the notifications you can set up the looks and the design of that from the settings menu they even added kerning and paragraph alignment options for if you want to show text there so someone at xiaomi went quite deep into the typography of this thing which i do kind of appreciate it’s quite convenient just to see all this info when your phone is laying flat the display does shut down after a max of 30 seconds but you just simply have to tap on the phone and it will activate a display sure it’s a little bit of a gimmick but i also have to say that i found it to be really quite convenient and i hope to be able to see more things on that display maybe a little animation when a notification comes in perhaps a third-party app support and who knows what else then how does the phone perform well in terms of performance it’s actually very much in line with the me 11 and probably the me 11 pro although i haven’t tried that one just yet the mi 11 ultra has the same 120 hertz refresh rate display it’s got the rounded corners on that display and it’s just as nice as on the me 11 so nothing to complain here as i really like that display and it just looks it looks very very good every app that i’ve been playing around with on this phone also works fine they’re all fast and snappy and because i’m using the global version it comes pre-loaded with all the google apps so the play store is there the youtube app is there so i’ve been watching some youtube and it’s just been a very good experience the best test is probably just to play a game like pubg which just like on the me 11 had no problems running on its highest setting the highest frame rate highest resolution graphics and high-res audio that’s anything to go by it did perform very well and it was just a pleasing experience exactly like i had on the me 11 it’s very immersive and the audio on it is very good talking about the audio performance it is literally the same as on the mi 11 which is really good audio for a phone and the harman kardon dual speaker setup is just very good and gives you that nice stereo spread when you’re looking at some youtube videos or playing games hey what’s up it’s week for xiaomi fight and this is what i sound like straight through the me 11 ultra let’s go so in terms of performance it seemed to do pretty much as good if not slightly better than the me 11 and if you want to know more on the mi 11 you can check out my review of that one as well right here so after using it for a little over a week what do i think of the me 11 ultra thus far well obviously i’m super impressed with the camera setup i’ve been constantly getting super good results with all three of the lenses other things i really love on the ultra are pretty much the things i loved on the mi 11 as well the display is really amazing it’s a really really good display the sound is really good as well and battery life has been good for me over the last 10 days as well one of the things that i do want to point out that if you do get this phone make sure to get a case as well as it’s super and i mean super reflective like a mirror as you can see here and really really glossy which is really a fingerprint magnet in terms of normal performance it was very similar to what i’ve been getting with the mi 11 which is just a very good flagship performance with a snapdragon 888 although i do want to point out that when i was continuously shooting for an hour straight the phone got quite a lot warmer but for the majority of the time i have been using a beta version of the operating system so i really can’t judge what it will be like on the stable release as that’s not out yet so why would you want to get the mi 11 ultra perhaps over the me11 oh that is purely for the camera performance which is just really really good sure the mi 11 has a great 108 megapixel main camera but to have that telephoto and an ultra wide angle that all have the same resolution as the main lens is really so much better i mean i couldn’t stop shooting photos and videos with this thing also the little display sure it is a little bit of a gimmick but besides allowing you to take selfies with the main camera it is really quite convenient when your phone is laying flat to see your notifications or to skip a playing song for example so that’s about it for the me 11 ultra which really has a beast of a camera and very good performance and it should be coming out in europe quite soon i actually don’t know the exact price for what it’s going to be for but uh i’ll post it as a top comment below the video when it’s coming out so what do you guys think of the meat 11 ultra is this something you’d like to go and pick up and why or why not let me know in the comments section below this video what your thoughts are and don’t forget to leave a little like to show me that you’ve liked it and if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet well know that you probably should because i’m doing a lot of videos about xiaomi and the xiaomi ecosystem right here on the xiaomi fight channel as always thank you guys for watching and i hope to see y’all soon peace.
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