Mode Phone Unboxing Live | A Money Making Phone Fresh Out The Box

Published on January 16, 2021
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What’s going on my friend i’ve been struggling trying to get this live stream going but uh i think i got it now [Music] so i’m good how are you how are you ready to get this live stream going finally all right we have six people in the chat share this with your friends hit that thumbs up so we got six people we need six thumbs up don’t worry i’ve been you see i haven’t cracked this seal i’ve had this for 24 hours and i haven’t cracked the seal because i wanted to wait and do it with y’all but we have five people let’s let’s try and get up to 15 before we get this show on the road all right so uh come on in the group hit that like button um and drop some comments down below we’re gonna wait a couple more minutes until we get this show on the road but uh give me a thumbs up if this video is halfway decent and the audio my hair okay all right so we got seven people out here to mode the mode zen yeah hopefully zen does come back um there’s still a very active company i still use it i still have uh my fingers crossed for the future but yeah if y’all want to talk about uh what’s up sandu sorry i can’t pronounce your first name but um yeah i i still have some faith in zen i think it will be a profitable app in the future once they figure things out i had a lot of referral money and they’re still paying me so it’s been nice so s’more y’all using s’mores out there the uh unlock uh s’mores unlock app i think it is by the guys from cash magnet okay seven people in the stream come on let’s go let’s go we got it right here baby the mode phone hopefully we get a halfway decent unboxing right here so let’s see what up yo yo yo yo yo to you yes i did shave i did shave i went in to go trim my beard and next thing you know it was gone i had a mustache mustache really wasn’t working for me so i shaved it all off so all right all right honey gain yeah everyone’s making a couple bucks from honeygain an easy way to get into cryptocurrency as well 12 people in the chat let’s get it to 15 everyone in the comments let me know you are here where’s my man john fultz at are you here you’ve been riding with me all morning so uh look we’ve got 12 people in the chat let me get 12 thumbs up all right let’s see let me get 15 people in the chat let me get a few more thumbs up and then we will break this open herender is that how i say your name are you happy bada bing bada boom what’s up lazy money good to see you here all right we got 14 in the chat 15 in the chat i’m really trying to wait for my man john fultz like i said he’s been riding with me all morning go check his channel out um you know i do for 2021 plan on live streaming much more live at reviews live websites website reviews and all that so stay tuned um unfortunately my webcam is a piece of junk or a hunk of junk so i’m gonna have to upgrade that up but i’ve been upgrading everything i will be upgrading this phone and i will be upgrading to an slr camera so let’s see got my live chat out there see my man john fultz all right now we got 16 people in the chat let me get let me get two more thumbs up and we’re gonna open this mode phone all right two more thumbs up guys two more thumbs up and there we go all right let me get everything set up so i can see my chat right here on the computer we got the mode phone down here let’s get adjusted i’m going to do my best guys like i said we will upgrade some things in the future so the mode phone you all ready give me a thumbs up if you’re ready oakley dokely let’s go mode phone unboxing this is the first one in the united states all the way from china if y’all didn’t know i’m part asian so i can say that not chinese though i’m part japanese oakley dokley guys the merch is coming soon you’re going to see some familiar stuff it’s going to be a lot of fun so where y’all at where are y’all at okay here we go all right so first off the bat invitation to earn 450 bucks oh this is just for the referrals okay and um one thing i will tell you is that um this will require some service i don’t have a sim card for it right now but i will be ordering one today so let’s look at this the power is in your hands follow these steps to start earning with your phone connect to wi-fi and complete the phone setup create an account in the current app claim 4 000 points in the earn as you go widget so this is probably backwards for y’all too i am sorry i will be doing a full review on this thing you know not a live review but you know another full review so we’ve got the phone right there oh they sent me the phone case all right i didn’t um i opted out of paying for the phone case but they threw it in the ceo actually contacted me so maybe he found my order and threw it in so we got a little mode memory card right here a little 32 gigger [Music] of course i’m gonna boring stuff first so your brick we got that brick right there of course um this looks like headphones maybe all right hey i needed some new headphones anyways and this is obviously going to be the charger cord bada bing bada boom old school i don’t know i don’t know what do you call that type c or whatever just a regular old samsung plug tip for whip the best application to get paypal well for me it’s honey game but um these days man if you want to make a lot of money you’ve got to get your referrals up so user manual blase blah you know whatever a little silicone clear phone protector all right you all ready cash room what’s up greg go give greg a sub that is the homie all the way out there in canada so here we go the mode phone look at the camera game okay all right and um this i paid i think i paid like 89 maybe a little bit more i will at the end of this video i have a link in the description to your mode phone but um look at that we already got some action cam footage so satisfying y’all ready to be satisfied oh yeah there it is there is the mode phone and of course this is fresh out the box let’s see if we have any juice juicy so what’s over here nothing [Music] so whatever pretty nice little android phone uh oh uh oh come on i got 32 people in the chat and only 10 thumbs up there you go let’s get that thumbs up smother it with fingerprints yes yes right so are y’all gonna ride with me while i set this up let’s do it let’s do it who’s out there i’m gonna check out the chat real quick so we got cash room entertainment like i said that’s the homie greg go check him out tit for whip rookie farmer all right let’s go so english connect to mobile network nope no selm right now no sim right now i will be getting a plan from cricut wireless skip connect wi-fi [Music] let’s see so um you know what i’m gonna focus on getting this set up and the comments down below let me know what apps you are running okay let’s talk about what apps we’re running let’s get some conversation going in the comments right now while i get this bad boy set up [Music] getting logged into that wi-fi i don’t know why it’s blocking out all this stuff but um let me see seen someone asking about cash magnet um i really don’t use cash magnet that much it’s just too much work for me right now and um we’re just updating um every now and then i’ll check in on cash magnet and if my referrals uh you know if i’ve got like dollars in referrals or something then i’ll use cash magnet for a while just to get that referral bonus out but um i just don’t have the time you know it’s not completely passive and um you got to deal with it every day yeah you know you can make some good money from it though but uh i’m just not messing with it right now so there’s a music out there too and of course there is current so we are still just updating oh guys my back is hurting oh you know i’ve been uh at home with the kids for like two weeks now for vacation and just sitting in this i think i need to upgrade my uh my chair let’s see my uh my computer slash gaming chair all right you can choose a transfer no we’re not going to transfer anything over miss play yeah i’ve heard miss play is a good one out there let me see if i can throw my the link to mode phone right here mode phone i’m gonna throw a couple things in the uh comments guys so here is just if you want to check out mode phone while i’m doing all this but um and if you want to definitely support your homie and purchase a mode phone i get 10 for every uh for every mode phone i sell i ain’t gonna lie ain’t gonna lie so and be straight up with you i think i’ve sold six so far so i’m gonna throw a link in there for that as well no pressure you know i’m gonna have this thing for a while i’ll probably have more than one all right so i’m gonna sign in to my google account and um let’s see yeah i’ma sign into the one that has my uh current application what is my account let’s see oh yeah yeah if you want to email me thtv media usa gmail okay thtv media i think that was right [Music] still logging on logging on guys logging on don’t worry there my man carnage you’ll be able to check this video out again in a second we’re just i’m trying to get my uh get everything set up on wi-fi here so i don’t even really remember that password let’s try this one [Music] okay yes i’m in whatever oakley dougly check in my account information everyone all right so google services accept ooh set lock screen i’m going to skip that i’m going to skip lock screen and we should be in there so i don’t know if i i think let me get my handy dandy little card here connect to wi-fi and complete the setup create an account on the current app so we are just on to the next one just some you know setting up no thanks just setting up a brand new phone that’s all i’m doing right this second next skip anything else no thanks see all right i think we’re about to be in this phone now oh what guys it’s updating again but i just seen some other apps on here hold on here i’m going to turn this light off real quick and see if i can okay yeah that might work a little bit better maybe not okay so we are ready let’s start oh yeah right there boom all right let’s start y’all riding with me let’s start allow got it okay so let’s uh let’s look around okay well here’s another application in here already i’m gonna have to download a screen recorder obviously as you can see i think over here it’s a gift for loop [Music] well not focus let me try lights off again anyways there it is there it is you know we are live on my cell phone so i’m doing the best i can do right now yes i am in the united states so hmm you know what let me change let me change it up i’m gonna hook y’all up no i might not be able to interact in the comments like i want to all right how’s that look not much better huh but anyways so we have gift loop right here okay so um i know gift loop you know it’s just like any other gpt site and they pay you for charging as well so very interesting that gift loop is on here hmm if anyone has a gift loop account go ahead and leave it in the comments down below and right here looks like we have some news so you’re supposed to get paid for everything even the news so um maybe that’s where you’ll get paid and that’s called news place firework i have no idea what this is have no idea what these apps are but we will be finding out and you can see we have current down there we’ve got [Music] messaging clash of titans i wonder if these are the games that you uh you play and get paid for interesting once again we are live on my cell phone so i’m sorry about the quality so very interesting let’s um let’s open up current and see if it’s just the current app or what you know what’s going on and it looks like right now just to be the current app so let’s see i’m gonna turn the light on and uh let’s see and i guess i’m gonna go ahead and log into current so hold tight [Music] uh hmm so sorry guys be back in a second i got to confirm my email what’s going on over here so let me go over here on the interwebs confirm my email give you all something to look at confirmation has been sent don’t see it oh i got the wrong daggone i’m sitting here waiting around guys and i got the wrong email [Music] they put it in there automatically so oops is that right media us all right here we go of course let me check my email all right guys give me uh one minute let me try and get logged on how many people we have out there 29. definitely moving slow over here th tv media so still having problems accepting my email guys waiting of course of course so i’m probably gonna have to go in here real quick and delete some cookies not cookies delete some let’s go over here into the apps where we at apps current let’s clear everything and let’s try this one more time with the uh hopefully the right email the first time okay already have an account sign in alright hold on one second [Music] boom there we go so we are in bam so 405 what’s that equal history [Music] sorry guys sorry i’m just checking things out just running through it doesn’t look like the regular app so much cash out section definitely does so there’s your redeem section so you know paypal is still pretty high pretty high this is cool you know 20 bucks you can get a smart watch so some gift cards just like the regular app my points though i don’t know if that’s right so earn music [Music] all right so this is looking like to me you know they say that you can get paid to do everything what it’s really looking like is you know a nice decent little android phone right with just all of these paying applications on here so not exactly what i thought to be honest with you like gift loop um let me see let me just see and go ahead and sign in and um see everything that gift loop gets you paid for so i’m going to pull up their actual website and hold on one second we’re going to sign into this [Music] [Music] okay so we’re in gift loop yeah earn while charging we know that earn cashback from shopping earn in the app videos earn with surveys i mean this this phone to me is just looking like you know an already set up phone farming type of phone so pretty much what we already do they’re just throwing some apps on the phone for spotted being bada boom so i mean and that’s just the regular gift loop so these must just be all you’re paying applications so i thought that like it would be a new current app let’s get down here in the chat i thought it would be like a real current phone that’s what i was thinking you know that it was going to be a current phone and you know let’s look at it let’s switch it up let’s get back over here we’re about to end this we are about to end the show here here in a little bit but um first impressions all right first impressions [Music] okay oakley dokely so uh first impressions with the mode phone it’s a nice phone it’s a nice new phone um apparently you don’t need um any service um you know just like how we’ve been doing with applications all you need is wi-fi and a good android phone so this actually might be good like we were talking earlier for cash magnet but you know it’s just a pre-loaded phone for uh what 89 so i don’t know how much you can go out there and get a nice new android phone for i don’t know if this is comparable let me just go ahead and look around in here first but yeah i mean this is just a a money making phone you know and no dis no dis i mean it’s a nice phone for 90 bucks it already has the apps on it so you know if you’re you know new to this this would be this would be good to good for you this could bring a a lot of new people into phone farming but yeah it’s just an android phone but like i said maybe this would be good for a cache magnet that’s what i’m thinking trying to get in the damn settings there we go this phone is 89 let’s see if i go right here if you go to the mode website or if you click my link i’ll throw it back in there this phone is 89 if you take off you know a couple of the add-ons let me get right here i’m coming i’m coming for you [Music] so i’ll throw a link right here so once again yes the phone well right now it says 99 you can take off the phone case you can take off oops oh this is my cart right here but yeah the phone is like 89.99 you can add service i probably still will add service to this just for applications like the sms cash for sms sms mobile yada yada yada so i’m still going to look through it a little bit more all right i’m back i’m back so we’re going to look at the phone one more time let’s see trying to find there we go about phone three gigs of ram android 10. [Music] so that’s 89 like i said let’s see how much let’s just go to ebay real quick and i’m gonna see how much we can get an actual just uh well let’s just go to duckduckgo real quick and let’s just look up uh android 10 phone so a new android 10 phone let’s go over here to shopping i’m sorry y’all can’t see what i’m seeing um i mean this is a fair price for an uh an android 10 phone so i mean you’re gonna spend anywhere from i mean probably 50 to 200 and above um now for phone farming will this phone pay for itself anytime soon for me yeah mainly because i get a lot of referrals on applications so i’m just going to go into ebay real quick 10 [Music] and i’m just going to do some comparisons let me see if i can find something like this so i mean right off the bat phones anything with android 10 is going to be you know about the same price maybe eighty dollars so but you know one thing i never really suggest buying new phones for phone farming but you know this is not too bad especially if this is your main phone and you only have one um i think you can get service with cricut for like 30 dollars a month but let me try one more thing let me see maybe i could find this exact phone i mean i’m sure i can but just with y’all on here it might take a little bit longer because of uh because of the pressure that going live has so let’s just i’m gonna put in this model number it’s the uh md g one two one two twelve twelve i like that that’s my birthday twelve twelve u so that’s a good sign okay nothing nothing for that number the md underscore will the underscore help boom no let’s see [Music] so just right off the bat right here going live i cannot find this exact phone but for a new phone it’s definitely a fair price um you know it’s a little different than what we thought it seems to be just a nice android phone loaded with paying apps and honestly you know you can do this with any android phone you know this is just a up-to-date current version so you know i thought it was going to be a current phone i thought it was going to be a little different i thought maybe everything maybe it would be a new current app and everything all the earning options would be in the app but i just opened this this is first impressions right here um before we leave i’ll just go to the website here as far as earning music mode game mode task mode fitness mode i didn’t see anything about fitness right here but it says you can earn from fitness uh whatever i imagine that would be yeah walking running uh yoga there’s probably a pedometer in here lock mode charge mode surf mode cache mode share mode data mode you know i didn’t see that in here right now where like honey gain you can sell your data did not see that crypto mode finance mode news mode weather mode watch mode save mode so they say there’s a lot of ways to earn you know this is just first impressions i haven’t haven’t taken the deep dive in here yet but um obviously i will so bada bing bada boom that’s gonna do it for today’s video i hope you liked it drop a thumbs up um i am gonna work on going live you know if y’all do like this we’ll probably just do some janky live sessions like this you know how we do but um you know to get that information out there and to check out these websites applications phones anything out there so that’s going to do it for my face right now i hope everyone is staying safe out there take care of yourself all right happy earnings peace.
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