Moto G8 Plus Unboxing & Overview The Confused Camera Phone

Published on November 6, 2019
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Hi there this is Ranjit and in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a first look at this moto G heat plus and comes in this packet and nothing much is mentioned here it just says that it has a 48 megapixel camera quad pixel that means pixel burning it’s doing and a twenty five megapixel front-facing camera and also has that ultra wide camera and this is interesting stereo speakers that’s why Dolby and it just gives an image and this is already available in India it’s sold in India Flipkart 430 1990 that’s almost about 14,000 I’ll leave the link if you guys want yeah is the device itself and I just supposed to have a six point three inch screen and just gives us the same information over here and it says it has a four thousand milliamp hour battery with Turbo Power so that’s a cases pre-applied this is the new thing that I’m noticing on Motorola devices the case is actually pre applied as you can see so let’s just remove this case it’s a very tight fit and I think they’re doing this because the back is now a polycarbonate back they are that they’re using itself a fingerprint magnet can get easily scratched that’s why I think so they are pre applying that this one I think that’s how they want us to use and if you notice at the back it looks like a quad camera setup but guys is not a quad camera it’s a triple camera setup and the extra eye lens is just for laser autofocus same system small guide sim ejector tool that we have let me keep that to the side and this should be Type C so indeed a Type C cable that you’re having and this will be the power brick and this is supposed to be a 15 watt a charger that we are getting in the box so let me keep these things to the side let’s look at the handset itself and this has a six point three inch IPS LCD screen and the big thing is that this is supposed to have stereo speakers that’s would all be so that is something that we don’t find in this price range but anyways let’s look at it here we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone 3.5 mm headphone jack volume rockers up and down and again this is also made of of polycarbonate plastic guys even the buttons feel like that power button here bottom end for the one of the speakers I think of the year pieces also speak of a stereo type C port main microphone and this would be your sentry it comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of storage so let’s see how much do we have a dedicated slot no sad to say no dedicated the micro SD card slot they should have given that I frankly feel that’s what we get and back that triple camera setup so let me do one thing let me just power it on and it’s booting and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up let me give you a configuration overview this moto G 8 plus is having a 6.3 inch IPS LCD screen at smart with the Snapdragon 6:65 SOC it has four gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage moving to the rear facing camera it’s a triple camera setup the main camera it’s a 48 megapixel then we also have a 16 megapixel that’s ultra wide you also have a 5 megapixel that’s what Deb and I’m moving to the front facing camera up to twenty five megapixel it also has stereo speakers and a four thousand milliamp hour battery and Gaga finished setting up this device and as you can see this is typical Motorola anyways you even hear that sound and again the good thing is that we don’t have a lot of bloatware as you can see so I’m not stock Android except for some moto actions that I’ll use full apps for example if you click here the moto actions and stuff you can customize what you want the moto actions and all the things quick capture fast flashlight flip for DnB and all those things pick up to silence these are some of the good things that are specific to Motorola phones we have that on this one also and almost stock Android of left you have the Android or what do you say Google pane anyways over here it is just finishing up to setup and as you can see we have Dolby so that’s interesting let’s open also curious to see stereo speakers on this one let’s just go to our own YouTube channel I think so it’s updating that’s why it’s slow yes it generally updates all the apps when it’s neon you installing some library I’m just going to say no for now update let’s just search I think this is Ranjit and in this video let’s do the compass so definitely loud and I think that started that update of YouTube that’s right well but again the sound as you heard guys was very loud this is something that we generally don’t find in this mid-range segment that is something that is lacking so do you get that stereo speakers and it’s actually pretty loud so that’s actually a good thing but again in terms of processor it’s having the Snapdragon 665 SOC which is not bad but again sort of out there to go and many of the other smartphone vendors are giving that processor in phones costing about ten thousand rupees and they should have gone with the seven series like a seven ten or seven twelve it’s a decent processor but I would say if you’re sort of a heavy game app I would not recommend but yeah anyways that’s what we get and if you go over here it’s just still doing the updates if I go here to system and about as you can see my android 9 obviously they should get Android ten later on but again Motorola is a little bit slow these days in terms of updates secondary update as of September that we are getting hopefully we get even the latest one again as you can see we have some gestures on this on this and we also have a again typical stock Android experience are as I have mentioned again so we have almost dot digital well being is also there on this one so that’s actually nice and let’s check the fingerprint scanner this is actually the fingerprint scanner and it’s actually fast not bad so it takes half a second but again responsive one thing I am noticing is that at this power on/off button is slightly on the top hand side so I have to stretch my finger to press it it should have been over here I would say mark yeah that’s something I don’t notice now as you can see the fingerprint scanner is actually responder and you also get this moto display your notifications and stuff will be displayed and if you double tap you get that and fingerprint as you can see not an issue so that’s what you are getting again and that plastic build quality and I think so you’ve got to use it with the keys otherwise as you can see it gets that fingerprint but let’s look at the camera because I feel that’s the new USP of this one even in their marketing they were touting this as a camera centric smartphone that 48 megapixel but let’s see how what Motorola did with the same and I’m just going to hit a laugh and say swipe right to open the modes and again these are the photo modes portrayed more cutout and all just thing so you have quite a bit slow motion and also the night vision is also there but let’s shoot in the regular mode so as you can see this is the regular mode and that’s like so you can adjust the exposure while moving around here as you can see so that’s actually nice and if I click how do I go to the wide-angle mode again the UI is a little bit different – I pinch pinch out or something oh this is 1x this is zoom layout is a little bit different if I click over here panorama life filter so let’s go to the video Oh again they did the same thing with the right angle is only in the video which is very very strange stabilisation on as you can see this is shooting in the wide angle mode action camera okay tap to switch and this is the standard video as you can see and this is that wide-angle video shoots like GoPro so again very different take that they are doing they should have actually given that wide-angle mode even in this one which is surprising when you have that lens why not give it we have the portrait mode so that’s very weird I hope they fix it with the software upgrade because this is very weird and we have the portrait mode that blur effects you have multiple blur effects and all those things so that’s nice but again I’m still baffled that in the regular photo mode they aren’t providing us with the wide-angle mode that’s only in the video as you can see you shoot the video like this in the wide-angle and this is the regular so some of your choices that Motorola is doing I don’t get it why anyways let’s look at the front-facing camera and this is the front-facing camera so yeah we have that and there here we have that portrait mode even with the front-facing camera as you can see we do have that so that’s actually nice but anyways let me know one thing let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding that camera these are taken with the rear facing camera the 48 megapixel camera produces some very good results and the pictures look very natural it was just sort of overcast day and as you can see it felt like that also moving to close-up object it is fine Bart oggi and it’s not for macro if you go to close you notice this you have to back out again I’ve tried taking a close-up shot but again you gotta back out and also and semi indoor conditions I felt it did actually a pretty decent job but it was only contrast II these were taken in artificial lighting conditions and now go into outdoor conditions are ever the human subjects also as you can see it does a good job and even the portrait bouquet more surprisingly attached did a pretty good job as you can see now I’m going to endure lighting here the picture becomes a little bit soft as you can see but overall I would say it’s ok but I mean you have to be careful in artificial lighting now moving to front facing camera and outdoor conditions as you can see it’s very sharp the twenty five megapixel does a great job even the portrait became more and these are taken in indoor lighting conditions the picture the slightly on the softer side and you can also use the portrait bouquet more but again you have to be careful because there is a tendency of the camera shake in the portrait mode shooting this video with that ultra wide lens and it just can’t instantly move between the other lens and this one and this one and I’m just walking guys they’ll give you an idea how’s the stabilization and if I rotate it like this it can actually rotate it like this so yeah this is the video with that ultra wide-angle lens on this one just to give you an idea guys this is the standard length video that we are having this is not the ultra wide part this is what we have now I thought why not also shoot with the front-facing camera and this is the video footage over the front-facing camera of this moto G 8 plus so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this moto G a plus so what do you guys think about this one so weird choices I feel motorola has made regarding this one and I hope for the software update they fix it why not give that wide-angle mode even in the photo mode I just don’t get that yes in video it’s nice it’s like that GoPro more good for action stuff but why not in the photo mode I currently shoot the wide-angle lens because you have a 16 megapixel shooter the hardware is there so some of your choices and also considering the price point I would say snapdragon 665 is a questionable thing but a game and you don’t get any ads and stuff you get that motorola experience although stock Android but again you guys let me know what do you think about this one because I frankly feel I’m having sort of mixed feeling for this one anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for watching this is Ron G that if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button catch you guys later take care.

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