Motorola Moto G8 Power Review (Quad Camera Battery Phone)

Published on June 21, 2020
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Hi guys this is Jason aluminum here with a review of the motorola moto G 8 power a battery phone this is pretty much a dying breed nowadays that most phones have started receiving 5000 million per hour batteries or even 6000 million per hours batteries at least in the mid-range Department okay so this is a 5000 million per hour battery phone the successor to the Moto G 7 power from last year and the biggest upgrade is probably the fact that it jumps from one camera to four cameras at the back side it was unveiled in April 2020 and it’s priced at around $200 it comes in smoked black and this beautiful Capri blue let’s talk about the design obviously this is the phone which is made of plastic considering the price tag the camera doesn’t protrude very much and it may feel a little bit slippery but it’s a did a lot by it’s bundled case which by the way you saw in our unboxing of the machine it’s pretty beefy at nine point six millimeters but not that heavy but 197 grams for a battery phone to keep things in perspective it’s basically four grams heavier than the predecessor and around 0.3 millimeters thicker I would say that the slight curve of the backside makes it fit better in the hand the buttons feel a bit more pricey so to say compared to the deluxe a fixed one and 80-71 so that’s nice and the backside to draw some lint and the fingerprints and the lint comes especially around the camera area okay so it’s got a solid build that’s what I wanted to mention and let’s go to the display now what we’re dealing with here is the screen it’s an IPS LCD six point four inch resolution of 2,300 pixels over 1080 pixels it’s a pretty narrow bezels for its price tag and price range and segment it’s an upgrade of 0.2 inches from the predecessor now the viewing experience will go something like this we’ve got a test video here and check it out we’re filling the screen and as you can see there’s a small punch hole here for the selfie camera now the colors are reasonably vivid nowhere near as vivid as on mullet but still pretty okay for IPS LCD the view angles are decent they’re not very wide not the widest I’ve seen and I would say that the brightness is okay the contrast was also decent in the sunlight the colors do feel a bit white compared to what I’ve seen recently the pixel array part of the screen is of the RGB stripes variety and let’s go now straight to our brightness test so this is a test done with a Lux meter and we achieved 419 Lux units which beats the Motorola one action ok 6.1 and the overview Sol x7 Pro it’s court below phones like this xiaomi redmi note 9 pro also the nokia 6.2 and galaxy 51 plus several other phones here now if you want to tweak the settings of the screen further you go here and you get your field there’s display section right or pick this play but your adaptive brightness you got your night light and the most important thing you can choose between natural boosted or saturated colors and as you can see saturated seems to be the default option for some reason okay there’s that I’m reasonably satisfied with the screen even though I expected the colors to be a bit less white now when it comes to the other innards I’m talking about the CPU it’s actually a familiar face you’ve seen it before Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and 6511 nanometers octa-core seen on the Nokia 5.3 and Xperia 10 – the phone doesn’t suffer from lag or anything like that it sure helped that it has a pretty stock Android 10 experience it also bundles four gigs of RAM 64 gigabyte storage as well as a micro SD which shares the slot with a nano SIM now as far as benchmarks are concerned I’ll get back to our sister site right here and go straight to the benchmark Department so let’s start off let’s start off with an two to eight where as you can see we surpassed the Motorola one macro and also do not get 6.2 and he already stole x7 pro we stayed below the Nokia 7.0 and the xiaomi redmi note 80 plus the motorola 1 action so when it comes to Geekbench 5 in the multi-core department we managed to beat surprising hit the galaxy note analyte and the galaxy a 51 plus the nokia 6.2 would still below the Motorola 1 zoom and Nokia 7.2 but these results aren’t half bad and when it comes to the GPU and gaming were about on the same level with the Xiaomi me III were actually beating it and also beating the xiaomi redmi note 8t but at the same time we stay below the Motorola 1 macro and Galaxy a 50 which is definitely not flattering because there weren’t powerhouses so to say when it comes to the temperature we have a separate field for that but rest assured that we definitely did not encounter any trace of overheating thirty five point four degrees Celsius in games and the three point five degrees Celsius in benchmarks so absolutely no overheating here and here we are the battery phone has reached the point of the battery analysis 5000 million per hour on board just like the predecessor with the promise of 18 watt charging of course the results are obviously going to be high in video playback 18 hours and 11 minutes which goes above the galaxy is 71 galaxy stem plus and zenfone max pro m2 now here we are in the continuous usage department in PC Mark we scored a pretty good 15 hours and 53 minutes and it means we just beat the motorola edge and the Xiaomi me note 10 at the same time the predecessor bests us yet again the Moto G 7 power is still pretty impressive with a premium of a few more hours two hours to be more precise we also scored below the showman me 90 just so you know so it’s impressive but not as impressive or the last year model and the charging is on the long side two hours and 26 minutes and after one hour you would have reached 53 percent battery charge 30 minutes 29% so should charge faster especially since the charger bundle here from Easter a lot of stuff ok we’re done with the battery let’s talk about the speakers there is some good news here we’re getting stereo speakers there’s one at the bottom and one of the top is actually the earpiece here then we also have an audio jack here so there’s that and there’s something extra added an extra app it’s called moto audio and I was actually surprised by the options we have smart audio music movie game custom and you can actually customize this experience with the treble boost vocal boost and manual sliders so there’s quite a bit to enjoy here now speaking of enjoying let’s actually turn up the volume and start listening to some tunes okay so definitely not images but rather audio here we go [Music] okay impressions the audio is very believe me very very loud and you will not cover the speaker here as it in the right side and there’s no way of covering it in landscape mode now the highs are also discerned the body doesn’t vibrate but the bass was very modest towards a non-existent maybe the customization may help you with that so back to the website and we have volume power test with a decibel meter the bottom speaker reaches eighty seven point five decibels with an acoustic sample and the top speaker eighty two point seven so about five decibels difference using the lower value we managed to beat phones like let’s see Motorola one macro and xiaomi redmi note 8 pro at the same time we stayed below phones like the nokia six point two and hue p40 light the more relevant test was actually the gaming one check out this result one hundred two point six decibel is actually excellent almost top dating material above hue nova five t xiaomi me 9000 way at the same time below hue p40 light and galaxy a fifty one okay we’re done with the tests let’s talk about the cameras in a punch hole here in the left side top corner 16 megapixel shooter for the selfies at the backside quite the evolution from the single camera predecessor quad camera setup 16 16 megapixel main camera f1 points have an aperture phase detection autofocus checks out then there is an 8 megapixel is surprising telephoto camera with 2 X optical zoom you don’t see cameras like this on phones like this another 8 megapixel camera with an ultra-wide lens and finally 2 megapixel macro camera because it’s trendy LED flash 4k video captured by the predecessor also have 4k so not that big of an evolution other than that the options are pretty straightforward you’re getting your typical portrait cutout macro spot color cinema Drive video macro and something new even though I’ve seen it on phones from Motorola before it’s actually the 120 frames per second foolish the slo-mo selfie video ok so here we are in the camera Department let’s talk about photo we have quite a few of them and I’m going to start with these very beautiful close-ups of flowers provided that I actually turn it try this okay so these are excellent but they’re definitely not looking like that in real life so the colors were a bit buffed by the artificial intelligence still they make pretty good shots so if you want to get in close and take close-ups of flowers you’ll be happy and surprise the results but you’re taking macros the low resolution of the macro camera definitely reveals quite a bit of noise so you should be better off taking macros with the main camera okay so another thing I noticed is that the colors are a bit intense on this handset and that happens in quite a few of these shots so let’s get those with more colors here the sky will be white sometimes the Blues will be electric blues and the red will be too intense but the thing that I like is the texture here you can see the light glistening on this toys and that’s pretty cool and the details I would say they’re decent for a 16 megapixel camera the thing that blew me away was the zoom still we have a 2 X optical zoom and this is actually better than 90% of the room lacking mid-range phones selfies we have that girl over here make sure you remove the beautify effects and you should be happy with the results one thing I didn’t like here was the texture of the eyes I always look at that I wanted it to be more human I mean I liked the texture of the skin and the hair but the eyes they don’t look very natural to me so there may be some customization there pretty good cut out during the Bakke as you can see my head is perfectly cut from the background so that’s a plus ok and we have several more shots here for extra color now if you’re planning on taking a this is a regular shot this is the ultra wide shot the details are definitely lower here the colors are a bit more intense but image is also a bit darker I noticed at times trying some macros things are working out fine so I would say that it’s a jump from the predecessor by about 30 to 40 percent and I do mean it I said from the colors and even that’s up for debate there’s no draw back here actually the zoom surprised me a lot even the macros were decent and if you tone down the AI you maybe get some satisfying colors and for $200 phones this actually can hold its own I would say it can fight maybe something like the redmi note 9 the ATT excuse me maybe the redmi note 9 and even the redmi note 9 probe even though i’m getting a bit ahead of myself okay so those are data and pics let’s see the night time was once which aren’t half bad as well even the zoom was decent surprisingly for low-light pictures now this is not a very constant cameras we saw have some excellent shots and we have some blurry shots those that do make it are very clear and they’re pretty well lit up so there’s that forget about the ultra wide shots that definitely disappointing they have huge lights they’re blurry but if you have a decent light source in your area and you’re taking nighttime pics you may end up with a bit of a surprise so if even the zoom is okay at night imagine what this phone can do and i actually have a great shot of a flower here you wouldn’t guess it was taken during the nighttime this is it and an extra one this is actually a wallpaper worthy which shows you what this cheap phone can do okay i guess we’re pretty much done with the photos let’s talk about the video so we have an app for that okay so first of all we got the focus test right here for you not as fast as the flagship obviously but really decent as you can well see now let’s get to more underwhelming things we also have video in motion were walking around and the stabilization is lacking were actually having to dodge people because they were walking outside the park and on the small screen things may look okay but on a bigger screen you’re definitely going to notice a bit of shakiness and the results are pretty underwhelming okay and the colors are by the way very intense and image is overexposed that’s something i noticed as well another down was the selfie video you can see it here it’s shaky my face is a bit too white and I feel that the lighting is too intense there is too big of a contrast okay I may be a bit hard on this phone in this regard it’s probably because the previous capture was actually very good the photo capture and here you can obviously see that as overexposure galore and in some videos there’s an alternation of overexposure and under exposure in the sky always remains a bit too white the focus is okay and there’s plenty of details to be had in the four key captures however inferior to what we saw on the Galaxy a 51 or a 71 if you’re really talking about 4k we also have a peacock here to demonstrate with really beautiful colors but the grass is I would say fluorescent green it’s too intense so I’m not very impressed by this I think that it can well maybe get bitten by the xiaomi phone of $200 this year maybe like the redmi note 9 when I get to test it could get bitten remains to be seen it’s still a bump in quality from the predecessor by about 15% or maybe 20 nice time well you can forget about filming things get shaky they get blurry if you start moving around and there’s also very dark which is to be expected from a phone with this price tag to be really honest let’s see another video quickly this one here now the green of the vegetation is good but the quality looks 480p at times not full HD or 4k so stick to photos stick to pretty good selfies do a 4k filming every once in a while and definitely don’t use the ultra wide at night but the zoom camera is possibly the thing that impressed me the most okay so we’re done in the camera time to talk about other things this is a dual SIM phone which uses one of these slots for microSD and SIM it’s got two nano SIM cards it’s got 4G connectivity it’s got Wi-Fi only 2.4 gigahertz there is no five gigahertz here which is one of the drawbacks of the phone if asked me at the least there’s Bluetooth 5.0 there is 2 yes GLONASS they do a GPS and galino and a new SBC 2.0 port the bottom side the calls were pretty decently loud and clear in my book and let’s see how we did in the speed test because we did a bunch of those ok so unsurprisingly the Wi-Fi was on the low side so we only got to forty six point four mega per second downloads on Wi-Fi and 24.8% uploads truly truly low 4G on the other hand quite good 151 over sixty four point nine 4G pretty pretty good now on the software side if you’ve seen an Android 10 phone from Motorola once before you’ve seen them all got the left side for Google news stories and information you can pinch the screen or keep it pressed to trigger the widget which are all stock so basically this is a stock Android ten experience with some extra Motorola sprinkled on it like like salt Bay with his steaks what Motorola put here is a bunch of tips they also put the motor actions a series of gestures if you have it quick capture fast flashlight the moto display pic display a tenth a display and also Motorola gametime which is basically a toolbar you can pull from here with a bunch of things which will let you game easily on the security side there’s a fingerprint scanner here in the center and let’s see it in action I mean it looks pretty fast I actually customized it for two fingers but sometimes it can miss if you don’t place the finger properly anyways that’s it’s security wise let’s see what else for multitasking you got this continuous carousel of Windows and you also have split screen if you really need to the printout apps don’t include any bloatware so there’s that we have Motorola with those features affirm that the typical Google Play Suite photos sheets slides YouTube and you get the gist of it if you want other Beatles here so you swipe down and you see the quick settings and notifications pretty straightforward and clean and in the settings area typical options battery storage privacy location and of course digital well-being and parental control okay so what about done this is the end of the review and I guess it’s time to access our good old website so here we go yes and I’m calm now the pros and cons on the pro side this is definitely a cute looking phone at the back side on this hue and it’s got a pretty okay display in my view you can watch movies on it of course the battery is the selling point it’s a pretty impressive battery it doesn’t have lag doesn’t have a word heating the stereo speakers are solid and quite loud excellent battery once again the pictures are definitely superior to the Motorola g7 entire series not just the Moto G 7 power there is okay low-light capture overall and nice zoom fast 4G and stock Android 10 is definitely always a plus on the con side no 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi the generic design so basically this looks very much like the Motorola one macro bit like the one action and you get the idea the charging is too long to properly make it a viable battery phone the battery is to be honest below the Moto G 7 power buy a few hours video capture overall left me wanting more so maybe upgrade that the cars were a bit too vivid in photos and the ultra wide capture was inferior to the main camera caption capture so in the end there’s this conclusion the battery phone segment is basically dead keep that in mind there are many phones with 5000 or 6000 million per hours battery out there so there is no longer a need for battery phones we’re going to have to launch seven thousand milliamp hour battery phones and that’s crazy that’s too much that’s too heavy and too thick unless they make a breakthrough so this may be one of the last phones and if you want battery strictly you should buy the Moto G 7 power if you want battery and a pretty good mid-range phone camera you can buy the Moto G 8 power for around $200 you can do some meat or minor level gaming you can take pretty good selfies and you can also well watch videos and listen to powerful music on it truly powerful stereo speakers so there is that the upgrade from the Moto G seven powers comes in the form of the speaker and the camera that is from Jason at home hope you enjoyed the review is it in the presentation of the Moto G 8 power.
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