Motorola One Hyper “Real Review”

Published on December 15, 2019
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Yo what’s up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the Motorola one hyper now you can pick this up on Amazon I’ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 400 bucks now it comes in three different colors you got deep blue sea fresh orchard and dark amber alright so let’s go through a little specs now this is a gsm-only phone so if you got a TNT or t-mobile you’re good to go if you got Sprint or Verizon you asked out for the display you got a 6.5 inch IPS LCD panel with the resolution of 1080 by 2340 that is 396 for the PPI Patrol now the phone does have a splash proof and dust proof coating for the processor you got the qualcomm snapdragon 675 with the adrenal 612 GPU what does that mean mid-range specs bro mid-range specs now you got four gigs of RAM 128 gigs of storage and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to one terabyte now for the battery you got a four thousand milliamp battery that features 45 watt fast charging I repeat 45 watt fast charging so Motorola claims 10 minutes of charge will give you 12 hours worth of use now on the side note it comes with an 18 watt fast charging brick in the box the 45 watt charger is sold separately now here’s the biggest thing about this phone the cameras on the rear you got a dual setup so you got a 64 megapixel F 1.8 that’s your wide angle and you got an 8 megapixel ultra wide on the front you got a pop-up selfie camera that’s 32 megapixels F 2.0 now both of these cameras feature four times light sensitivity so both the main camera and the pop-up selfie camera feature quad pixel technology by combining four pixels into one it increases the camera light sensitivity which decreases vigil noise caused by low light conditions the results brighter more brilliant photos and a nice setting now you also got Bluetooth 4.0 NFC you got a fingerprint sensor with a notification LED around it and you got a headphone jack alright so all that for 400 bucks let’s see what it is first things first shout-out to white shoes she got the day off here we go Motorola 1 – 400 bucks now I went with the deep blue sea grab little boxes up white shoes is back in the building white shoes calm down now white shoes came in hot she almost got a free haircut night shoes gotta be careful alright let’s go rock here we go now we got the purple presentation let’s see what you get inside this is gonna be your phone oh what a case already installed I like that nice shoe scoot scoot let’s see inside got usual books and shit fuck him and follow there’s your sim ejection tool file that – this is gonna be a USB type-c charging cable let’s just make sure USB a USB type-c 18 watt fast charging brick Motorola logo again 45 watt charger sold separately I so let’s peel this case off now I love when they throw in a nice case into the presentation one less thing you gotta buy just a standard gel skin case got a little protection on the top and the bottom let’s check the rigidity one time a little bit of rigidity on this one just a basic day-to-day case now for the phone itself let’s get this plastic out of here rock it a little wipe down bum check this out now this looks pretty sick dual camera setup there’s your LED flash now the fingerprint sensors on the rear but there’s a notification light that goes around it you see that little stripe down the side that’s kind of dope Motorola one on the bottom let’s hit that power button okay no not all right shout out to the notch gang no notch there’s your volume up and down on one side another side is a SIM tray on the top headphone jack headphone jack let’s say one more top headphone jack Samsung Google you see what that is headphone jack let’s keep it alive does your pop-up selfie camera oh this is pretty sick now I know somebody’s gonna ask what’s the difference between the Motorola one hyper and the Motorola one zoom so let’s break it down real quick all right now look at the difference in the back though this one zoom this is this is one of the most underrated phones of the year I actually use this as a daily driver in Germany and this phone held me down so these Motorola phones they the king of the mid-range Department right now so here’s the differences number one the price for the hyper four hundred bucks for the zoom three hundred and fifty next with the hyper you got a six point five inch LCD display with the Motorola one zoom you got a six point three inch AMOLED display so it’s up to you now do you like AMOLED displays better or do you like IPS LCD personally I like AMOLED then they got the same processor same GPU same size battery but with the hyper this one features 45 watt fast charging the maximum charging on this one is 15 watts but the biggest difference is the cameras alright so with the high pull you got a 64 megapixel on the RAM 32 megapixels on the front with the zoom you got forty five forty eight megapixel on the RAM 25 on the front so theoretically the camera should be better on the motor roll of one height book but with the one zoom you got four cameras so you got telephoto and you got that extra zoom alright so we’ll put it to the test let me get one more wipe down so you can see this look at that shine matter of fact let me do the smell test on this this is that dr. Manhattan blue right here okay I am feeling this one alright so let me pause the video I’ll set everything up then what Bruce little OS talk amongst yourselves alright Josh we’ll be back in not just put my information on the phone got everything all set up so now let’s check it out first up the build quality and I know I gotta say it feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures now here’s another difference which in the hyper in the zone the zoom has just brushed aluminium look to it and it’s a lot heavier with no fingerprints now with the hypo it is super shiny you will get smudges you will get fingerprints but it looks beautiful I had no complaints with that and like I said it is splash proof and dust proof next that is a couple of different ways you can open up the device you can swipe up put any pattern on your pin and you got your fingerprint sensor in the rear now the fingerprint sensor is super fast and responsive works 100% of the time look at this I’m just going to tap it opens right up now if you notice no notch so this is all screen display nice and smooth no lagg stock Android experience let’s take it over to the toggles all right so you got two basic stuff you got a little selfie button now you press that now to open up your front-facing camera let’s do that one more time has a little sound on the mechanism I like that let’s get back to the toggles let’s see anything else okay so you got screencast take it over to settings I don’t try to do this quick let’s go to our Wi-Fi let’s check for private DNS on deck and you got VPNs connected devices you’ve got Bluetooth and NFC I no need to check out apps and notifications battery now you could turn on battery saver if you want you got adaptive battery and let’s add the battery percentage 4000 milliamps this should last you all day and if you get a 45 watt fast charging brick like I said 10 minutes will give you 12 hours worth of use take it over to display now of course this is on max brightness not the brightest display in the world but you will be able to see it you have a nightlight you got adaptive brightness you got your peak displayed I’ll show you that in a second wallpapers take it over to advance let’s turn on the dark theme can’t keep everything blacked out go to colors so you got natural boost it and saturate it I don’t like mines nice it moist giggity got your font size display size screensaver lock screen blah blah blah let’s take it over to sound and lights now one fire uh one bottom fireman speaker so no dual speakers on this but it is pretty loud I’ll do a sound test in a second that’s the maximum volume okay so you got lights now check this out this light on the back actually lights up so you can have it light up when you’re intercal for notifications for Wireless emergency alerts for charging now you can also change the brightness level of the light of course I’m gonna leave mine on high okay once you do not behind let me say that one with job when Do Not Disturb is on I can have them in court notifications and charging now let me show you what that light looks like let’s plug it in watch this there it is now it doesn’t change colors it just lights up so if you get a notification you light up like that simple all right where was we let’s go to back to settings okay now this one is using the swipe gestures which I hate using but I promised I was going to try to start using them for the new years okay so you got advanced so you got Dolby audio you can have smart audio music movie or game or your basic sound settings let’s see anything on storage now this is 128 gigs alright so I only use 14 let’s go to privacy no need to check that location no need to check that security alright no face unlock on this I said you got to screen lock fingerprints and you have smart lock let me put my code in real quick alright so here’s your smart lock you got one body detection in trusted places cluster devices and voice match let’s go to advanced get your trusted Adrian’s and your screen pinning let’s go to moto experiences and so now here’s all your actions I see you got your quick capture now this is gonna be your worldstar gesture so you pull your phone out your pocket nice something going down to twist now to open up the front facing camera to twist that’ll take it to the rear camera okay let’s open that back up let’s see you also got your fast flashlight I saw two chops I turned your flashlight on to karate chops turn it off all right now you got three fingers screen shot I see you want to take a screen shot just like that let’s see you got a got your screen editor alright so after you take the screenshot if you want to crop it post it on the ground turn that on you got flip foot Do Not Disturb pick up the silence got your media controls and you got swipe to shrink now this is a big six point five inch display so if it’s too big for your hands turn on swipe the shrink you got your moto display now peak display let’s see if I got any notifications I said when you got your phone in the table III do now do you see it got YouTube all I got to do is hold the button down let me do that again okay you see I hold it down you see it shows you my notification peak display so I was watching a YouTube video watching a Mortal Kombat peak on that one I my insurances do i shouldn’ta peaked on that one and I got some more notifications I said I should peek display let’s exit out of that let’s see anything else okay so you got location services accounts accessibility so if you’re hearing or visually impaired or the accessibility settings on deck let’s see anything else blah blah blah that’s pretty much it alright so now let’s try the web browsing speeds go to opening web page I don’t let these mid-range phones fool you they’re just as fast as the flagships right now they won’t perform exactly the same but it’s not like you got a flagship phone and this is trash mid-range phones or just as good you see how fast that was let’s do this on split screen multitasking so we split that let’s uh let’s see do we got YouTube open open up YouTube on the bottom the bottom apple on the top now let’s take a look at this display and listen to that speaker don’t screen one speaker on the bottom not supposed to have Dolby Atmos but this thing it just sounds okay it’s not extra loud doesn’t have extra bass but it’s loud enough and I love the fact that there’s no notch to get in a way of watching your videos this is a body right here but as midget killer I hold on this um let’s see let’s get some better quality on this I did is all right now just locked in alright I’ll tell my homie ninja kill the two one two busting ass as usual [Applause] there it is I said a video on this pretty good all right so let’s run through these swipe gestures real quick say you go to youtube if you want to go home you just swipe up now you swipe up there’s all your recently used apps and look how fast that is you can clear those if you want now say let’s go to let’s go to YouTube just pick on a video now if you want to go back this white back I shout out to Doug and if you want to get rid of one just swipe right up now let’s take it over to the camera okay now of course you can do your chops if you want I did it the easy way let’s go through the different modes you got portrait you got cutout spot color night vision cinemagraph panorama ultra rinse right that’s gonna use your 64 megapixels you got a live filter slow-motion and time lapse got HDR Flash time up motion photos and of course you can put it in manual mode change the ISO change the white balance do your thing take it over to settings alright so the maximum ratio is making by 5 by 9 I’ll leave it on for about 3 video size 4k uhd all the way down to HD I said we’ll leave 4k let’s do a but in fact will do 60 frames per second I like it a little bit smoothly slow motion 120 frames let’s see Oh 244 HD 124 Full HD quick capture shutter sound turn that off all right for your clandestine photos watermarks leave that off too I said that’s pretty much it for that let’s go to video take it over to settings okay same sentence I know alright so let me show you some test footage [Music] all right just in case y’all want to see that pop-up selfie cam one more time say it is alright I’ll do it from the bottom I love that sound but I like the WorldStarHipHop gesture alright so one more question which one should you get the zoom or the hyper now it’s up to you and what features you find more important but just remember with the zoom you’re paying 350 bucks with the hyper you’re paying 400 bucks same processor same GPU same size battery same display but you’re getting 45 watt fast charging versus 15 watt fast charging plastic build versus aluminium on-screen fingerprint sensor what I’m not trying to display versus rare fingerprint sensor no not both of these line up on the back both of these take great pictures and videos but if you’re a scumbag and you’re gonna be taking your scumbag zoom bitches then you need to zoom but pound for pound if it was me and my money I would go with the hypo alright so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 the Motorola 1 hyper is a major go this is the definition of a good mid-range phone now of course you have dual speakers you don’t have wireless charging you don’t have a quad HD display you don’t have an IP rate in there’s no always-on display you don’t got all of the bells and whistles but one thing that you do have is a lot more money in your pocket for 400 bucks as Bob Barker would say the price is right you’re getting a great build quality definitely doesn’t feel cheap you got a headphone jack and expandable memory got a beautiful display with no knotch a smooth lag free stock Android 10 experience a four thousand milliamp battery with 45 watt fast charging and on a side note I’ll throw the link up in the description for the one I use 30 bucks for 45 watt fast charging and on top of that you got a pretty good camera this is the classic definition of a good mid-range phone this will be perfect for the kids perfect for your parents perfect for your work phone your trap phone your scumbag phone and perfect if you already got an iPhone and you just want to play around with an Android phone why spend a thousand bucks get something like this anyway motorola one hike book hit me up in the comments let me know what y’all think about this one shout out to everybody rockin with me on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to Lagoon gangsters I see how holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up all boxer and a special shout-out to everybody liking will be on Instagram now I know that square on that full-time on a percent full throttle and a special shout-out to everybody blocking with the news stream on Sundays they’ll already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys a lap oh yeah special shout out to everybody follow me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that’s where i’m at and a special shout out to the notification squad i see how in the comment section early hashtag salute [Music] oh yeah one more thing almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters all y’all trolls close your eyes a picture me rollin shut boy floss at Mountain Dew please spot one to beam up [Music] what a situation where everybody in the world is versus technology and if you’re gonna buy some of that technology you don’t understand certain things subscribe the 4c card it does reviews of all the latest technology the iPhones the iPads the galaxies the Samsung’s whatever the fuck the beats by that doctor guy he puts his kitty cat in the video still for you something I look at you know I’m an animal lover so I like that shit so make sure you hit the subscribe button the force you caught on the YouTube the follow button on the interface and the like button on the face look because if you don’t we’re gonna have a fucking problem here a bad 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