Motorola One Macro Review (Macro Camera Motorola Phone)

Published on January 10, 2020
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Hi guys this is Jason on the phone I’m here with the Motorola one macro for a full review he was launched in October so last month and it’s still a pretty fresh device and were already familiar with the Motorola One series having played with the Motorola one vision one action one zoom and of course the affordable Motorola one this is also on affordable phone with a mediatek helio CPU and a triple back camera which you can see here which includes a powerful an interesting macro camera the price tag should be around 150 to 200 dollars for the Motorola 1 macro and now it’s time for this full review now obviously at this price you’re expecting a plastic phone and plastic is what you get it’s a polycarbonate phone which has a pretty nice gradient at the backside which mimics glass it measures nine millimeters in thickness and weighs 186 grams it’s a 6.2 inch phone that comes with a bundled case which you can see in our unboxing and it’s a bit slippery the hands by itself so the case will help with the grip other than that I would say it’s pretty well built there is an aluminum skeleton behind all this plastic and it’s also rather wide and long so one hand usage may not be great if you have smaller hands this Hugh you’re seeing here is space blue and it’s pretty nice now on the screen front it’s a 6.2 inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1520 over 720 pixels and 19 to 9 aspect now what we also enjoy the typical test video that we always use let’s check it out and see how the notch will affect it okay so as you can see the notch bites into it a bit but doesn’t spoil the phone too much the colours are okay however I felt they’re a bit too white compared to what I saw when I last tested the phone so a bit white colours decent brightness ok hues of green wide view angles and contrast is so-so if there is a more powerful Sun outside okay that’s it in a nutshell with the screen experience was it a bunch of tests so let’s see how those panned out on the device yes so we have here some of the tests that we did and here you can find a screen brightness and we scored 385 Lux units with the Motorola one macro as you can see we’re not very high placed usually we take into account phones that are around 400 Lux as our base value and with this value achieved here 385 Lux were surpassing older phones like the honor 6 hue Nova the May 10 Pro the Motorola one and the nokia 6 and we scored below 200 other four that we tested including the LG q7 Nokia 6.1 many more moto G 5 plus and also Nokia 5.1 plus and even the old one plus one so definitely not the best brightness around but for indoor use is decent we go to other things now when when I sell things I mean other pieces of hardware we’re relying here on a mediatek helio P 70 CPU octa-core 12 nanometer accompanied by 4 gigabytes around 64 gigabytes storage in a micro SD card slot luckily there is no trace of lag and we even ran pop G and free fire with mid-level details now I will go back to our sister website because here we have a bunch of benchmarks here we go and we did the whole battery of tests and in antutu 7 we were placed above the xiaomi me a 2 and the zenfone max pro m2 but at the same time let’s see here we were below the home a 20 light and the redmi note 7 we kept gravitating around the may 20 light in the redmi note 7 keep that in mind ok this is the graphical test 3dmark sling shot here once again we scored about the Xiaomi me a 2 and zenfone max pro m2 and at the same time we score below the deluxe a 50 xiaomi redmi note 7 and motorola one vision and one action and if you want Basemark OS here were placed between the overview so x6 extreme and at the same time we are below the zenfone max pro m2 and the show meet me a 2 as i said before we are gravitating around below and above the redmi note 7 and the homemade 20 light decent performance in the lower tier of the mid-range Department now if you’re wondering about temperature we also measure that okay so I promised you a temperature test let’s see how that pans out so we go here and let’s maybe try and find some albums on the device okay so what we have here is thirty-three point four degrees Celsius this one what was achieved during our typical test this is achieved in benchmarks and there was no overheating here and also games fared out pretty fine we didn’t go past the 40 degrees Celsius benchmark levels so there’s no problem and here you can see the heat dissipation this is the thermal heat map of the phone not much of what heating only a hotter point at the center of the back nothing major now as far as the battery is concerned what we’re getting here is a four thousand milliamp per hour which one paper promises up to two days and once again we have our typical tests here the battery test shows us an incredible result when it comes to video playback 17 hours and 21 minutes you’re seeing it here this one is actually superior to some flagships we beat the whole p30 Pro and the zenfone 6 were also scoring below the xiaomi redmi k 20 and the galaxy ace 70 pretty impressive top 20 material and PC mark continuous usage is top 50 material 13 hours 56 minutes solid it beats the galaxy a 50 and a 70 scores below the xiaomi x’ me a tree and read me k 20 charging well it’s a bit of a bummer 2 hours and 13 minutes but i will take it in the low mid-range department after one hour of juicing up you’re at 57% so that’s that now moving on to other aspects we got a singular speaker here you may know that the Motorola MOTO G series uses earpiece while the Motorola One series uses the bottom speaker when there is only one so here we have one and we do not cover it when we’re using the phone in landscape we also have a stock equalizer with a few options in google play music and since I mentioned play music let’s actually go ahead and play a tune [Music] okay several impressions now I have to say that the base is rather solid maybe even drowning out some of the other notes there is some vibration of the case the highs are so-so the voice is decent the volume isn’t exactly huge and luckily we still have an audio jack at the top no bundle headphones but at least we do get FM radio now here you can see the first audio test eighty 7.1 decibels with our typical acoustic sample it beats the huawei mate 20 Pro and the Galaxy 50 scores below the Xiaomi me 90 and the galaxy 870 just as a landmark not bad I would call it top 20 top 30 material and when it comes to video games 101 point 8 decibels is the equal of the galaxy a 92018 it beats flagship like the 1 + 7 Pro scores past the galaxy a 50 and a 80 not bad overall and finally we’re in the camera department so I’m going to start with the front here in the north here the teardrop notch there’s an 8 megapixel selfie camera and at the backside shaped like an exclamation mark we actually have four sensors now this one at the top is the macro camera it’s a 2 megapixel shooter macrovision takes close-ups up to 2 centimeters followed by the main 13 megapixel camera here f 2.0 aperture phase detection autofocus and then the third camera 2 megapixel depth camera and then the fourth sensor is a special laser focused time-of-flight center so one would say we have four cameras one we say we have three cameras we have three cameras cameras and laser focus mechanism plus the LED flash okay that’s done and now it’s time to go to the gallery and see how we did ok so let’s go straight to the gallery what we’re dealing with here is a set of examples of macro photos taken during a special workshop and the small things and the ultra small things will become bigger or at least they will seem bigger in this set of photographs which are very nifty taken and having played with one two phones that brag about having macro cameras I have to say that this macro camera feels superior the one of the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and in part superior to the one on the under-20 pro from many months ago now we’re going past the macro shots and now we’re going outside and have to say that we didn’t catch a lot of details with this camera even though the zoom was decent at 2x but not more than that afterwards you can start to see quite a bit of noise selfies aren’t bad honestly considering how much you pay for the phone and the resolution of the selfie camera not bad at all so pretty decent selfies in color and texture and clarity and appeared very humor that don’t create a door face effect okay some more shots here in general I was happy with the color calibration of the phone and especially the Reds those were pretty nice okay now I think it’s time to talk about several other shots here pretty nice clarity all around I didn’t find any defect just so you know this is superior to the first Motorola one and still below the Motorola one action and one vision but not by huge margin especially compared to the one action these are bokeh shots taken with objects and there’s a tendency here to make better bouquet with human faces as you can see here I have a pretty solid separation of the foreground and the background and a pretty solid body overall so far the highlights are the macros the red hues box and the selfies of course we have several more shots here we try to take photos of flowers and every once in a while we notice the dynamic range was a bit off in the background and we also have a photo which is taking during the sunset and it’s totally lit up when you activate the HDR okay we also play with the flowers and trigger the macro effect in true close-ups which look pretty amazing if you ask me and several other shots here where we play with a spot color and option that we see know so many Motorola phones I would say it’s a typical mid-range phone 10% below the Motorola one action and one vision and above the Motorola one you know the first one it can maybe fight ADIZ xiaomi redmi note 7 and the galaxy a 40 but that’s about it these are daytime shots let’s go to the night time the low-light shots and see what we got here okay so first things first things are pretty noisy and pretty dark but the cars are decent to be honest considering how much you’re paying for the phone in some countries is now around 120 euros which is not bad the one thing to remember about the low-light shots is that they’re not constant you may notice that some of the night shots are excellent while some are rather poor so the lack of constants seems like a trait of the photos taken by this Motorola phone during the night time in general they may look good but every once in a while you’ll come across one that’s a bit of a letdown some are good some are not sometimes they’re show me me a three-level and sometimes they’re basically galaxy a 20 or galaxy a 40 or a 50 which were pretty poor when there is truly dark darkness the phone will reveal its true colors meaning doesn’t capture all that much light anyways we’re done with the photographs remember that ten percent below the Motorola one action and you should be properly calibrated for what your expectations are as far as the videos are concerned we have eight of them here things are pretty straightforward first of all a bit of a letdown in zoom I would call it so so in the zoom department it’s okay 2x but more than that it’s total noise details are pretty weak here in general the cars are okay but you’ll notice some changes of exposure when you’re panning around and let’s see another video with extra colors here in the background you may see that the details are lost and that there is are some problems the dynamic range no is the object in the distance if you go past something like 20 30 meters you’ll see quite a bit of noise and a white sky in some areas if you’re walking and filming not expect any stabilization things are very shaky each step you take causes the flicker of the that’s underwhelming and the grass you’re saying here isn’t amorphous mass we cannot tell the leaves or the you know each plant it’s just an amorphous mass of green okay and finally the selfie feels a bit too white and also not very crisp compared to my expectations if you catch proper lighting like I did at the end you may be satisfied but I’ve seen much better phones out there even with a lower resolution selfie cameras overall only the colors are okay other than that unimpressive stabilization and not very impressive as far as the dynamic range and the zoom are concerned now low-light conditions obviously this one is a cheap phone and it remains cheap during the night dark shaky ghostly maybe the microphone would be ok if the wind weren’t that strong now that we’re done with that it’s a mid mid-range phone camera that’s the conclusion with only the macro camera setting it apart on the connectivity front things are pretty straightforward we look at the bottom and we find the USB type-c port we look at the top and we find the audio jack microphone here and a microphone here as well two microphones onboard FM radio dual SIM slots which are of the nano-sim variety there is no NFC but there’s Bluetooth 4.0 we also have Wi-Fi b/g/n GPS a-gps GLONASS in Galileo and the calls were pretty loud and clear and now it’s that time again where we can show you the result of the speed test that we did we did quite a few of them should have them all here so we started off with the Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi result was a 39 point 2 mega per second download and 23.6 mega per second uploads which is ok but nowhere near flagships and all 4G up to 108 mega per second downloads and 48.2 megacorps second uploads here I would say we’re doing fine now as far as the software department is concerned you probably figured out by now that we’re running on a clean and pretty stock Android Pi experience and it’s been something typical for the Motorola One series the leftmost homescreen is all about that Google experience while at the same time if one multitasking is the typical horizontal scroll and the option of split-screen is also there keep the home screen press utility to home settings including notification dots it also treated two widgets which are once again I’m going to say that word stock then there is the clean area for notifications and quick settings which have the typical green hue associated with Motorola and let’s see what else the fingerprint scanner it’s placed on the back I’ve been using it throughout the review you just press it like this and you wanna lock the device you can see here just to press doesn’t feel very fast but it’s always accurate that’s something to remember okay other than that motorola offers us it’s typical customizations of the experience like moto actions which you can see here quick capture fast tort one-button navigation three finger screenshot and all that and also the special moto display features which is the pic display and attentive display with some of them replacing the always-on display feature and one of them keeping the screen on when you’re looking at it well that’s it in a nutshell otherwise you can go to the Settings Department find interesting stuff options for connectivity apps battery display sound security also face unlock moto experiences and digital well being and parental controls so the pre-installed apps there aren’t many of them somewhere between 20 and 30 and no bloatware here just a typical files FM radio to drive Gmail also Maps News Google Play Store sheets slides YouTube and that’s about it I think we have come to the verdict and while we talk about the verdict let’s also access our website DSM Montcalm so the verdict on the pro side the phone has a pretty cute design and especially love the hue of the backside it was a pretty well built for a plastic phone for a polycarbonate phone it doesn’t suffer from lag you’ve got a pretty clean software the screen is OK in doors solid battery all around a pretty nice acoustics cute macro shots nice selfies and bokeh and that’s where the pros are ending and also a decent day time photographs now on the cons the part one it’s still a bit slippery but you can use the bundle case at the same time the screen to be honest it’s not that bright compared to other phones have played with recently doesn’t crack the 400 Lux mark the video capture overall felt a bit poor compared to the photo capture and compared to my expectations and also now we’re lacking a white camera the ultra wide camera details are poor overall when it comes to the photographs and the zoom was a bit underwhelming as well so that’s about it those are the drawbacks as you can see some of them are regular camera but people are going to buy this phone as a budget Android phone with a clean experience solid battery solid macro bokeh and selfie so I have this vision of this phone people who travel a lot we’ll take ultra wide shots this one doesn’t have withdrawal shots people who travel less with people who like to travel close to their house will take macro shots this is for the traveler who travels short distances and focuses on the small things like a flower a bug a pet things like that so close to the home Globetrotters go with ultra wide and local trotters use the Motorola 1 macro that’s about it this is video review from Jason Calm keep in mind my impression that the macro camera here beats the one from the xiaomi redmi note a pro this is from Jason Oh calm bye bye.
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