New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus | Unboxing And First Impressions

Published on August 17, 2019
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Hi everyone I’m June Scott – this is my dog and we’re gonna take a look at the galaxy note template unboxing let’s check it out I’m gonna need both hands for this so the box is pretty similar to last year’s Galaxy Note 9 you have the S Pen Stylus on the front other than that it’s pretty boring so let’s just get that front part out of the way there is a little thing hidden here and this is obviously gonna have your papers and documents warranty information and all of that not fun stuff I guess yep that’s correct yep the Quick Start Guide bunch of those papers and as you can see the sim card tool is right over there as well so we’re just gonna put that over on this side as well and there you have it well no actually it’s upside down so let’s flip that over but that is the note 10 plus in it’s boxed estate I’m just gonna put that out and put that to the side and let’s check out what else is in the box first and you have this other little flap of cardboard or paper I should say so now you can immediately see there is a adapter for your plug and it is a USB C port which is a nice change of pace and over here we have a USB CTS ba adapter that’s Tiff’s case you want to plug in other items and looks like in here we’re gonna have our cable and that is the USB CT USB see finally feel like we’ve been stuck on USB a to us PC for a while now so it’s nice to see that changed and as you can see the final item in the box is this AKG earbuds now you might be wondering something in my hands-on video I said that there was a dongle included in the box because the note 10 plus does not have a headphone jack and it’s after the Galaxy fold it’s the first Samsung phone without a headphone jack so Samsung at the briefing said that there would be a adapter included in the box a USBC adapter included into the box so turns out no there is no adapter so I went back and listened to my recordings from the original briefing and the guy said there is a USBC adapter in the box but he was referring to AKG earbuds traditionally the AKG earbuds that come in the Box are 3.5 millimeter headphone jack supported but these are not these are actually USB see AKG earbuds which is why yeah so there’s so he basically meant that there is USB see earbuds included in the box not a dongle so yeah we were wrong there is no dongle included in the Box just these USB C earbuds so if you have your favorite headphones if you have your favorite earbuds that our 3.5 milimeter had using that 3.5 millimeter headphone port you’re gonna have to get a separate dongle yourself but otherwise you know the AKG buds look pretty much like the other AKG bugs that come with a previous Samsung phones other than the fact that it’s USB see now and then you also get a set of ear tips that you can customize it to perfect for your ear and that’s kind of it that’s all that’s included in the box pretty standard nothing crazy here I’m kind of upset there’s no dongle included it is a very expensive phone and you would think that they’d just throw that in there because it is also their first mainstream sort of consumer phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack I mean yeah you can save the galaxy fold didn’t have one either but but it’s still not out yet and also definitely not a mainstream phone so would have been nice for them to finally at what they did this remove the headphone jack which I find is pretty inevitable at this point they should have at least included a novel so this is the aura glow model it’s one of the prettier designs that I think Samsung has come out with not just with that color but also just overall the design of the back is a lot more interesting and nicer looking than some of the previous note phones and so let’s just get rid of this ugly plastic that’s always nice to see and there’s a little square here that didn’t count it so it looks a little smudged so we’ll clean that in a second but I first wanted to also make sure there’s no other plastic over on the front it does look like it comes with a pre-installed screen protector so I’m going to peel that off it’s not really a screen protectors or something that cover up the screen and there are no plastic pieces on the edges so now we are plastic free and let’s turn this on so here we have it I haven’t set it up yet off obviously because I just turn it on but that’s what the display looks like with the new infinity ODIs play and that means that basic basically they’re calling out that hole-punch camera it’s much smaller than the one on the Galaxy S series devices that’s ten devices for example and it’s also centered you’re getting a centered look over there with that symmetrical design smaller I had a whole bunch of camera so it looks a little nicer it is still a little bit noticeable and obvious but I kind of like the way it looks it just looks very sleek I’m gonna go set this phone up but I did want to quickly point out some of the other things there is the USB see at the bottom that’s where you also get the s-pen let’s pull that out quickly and this is the new S Pen it’s slightly redesigned and it feels a little more beveled around the edges the buttons still there the Samsung logo is kind of gone and it feels a little more streamlined and slimmer I’d say definitely a little more comfortable to hold because it’s a little curvier let’s put that back in there is nothing on the right side of the phone the power button is gone at the top there’s just your SIM card tray and your micro SD card slot and over on the left of the only two buttons this is the power button but technically it’s the bixby button thing that’s something that you can customize in the settings and then that’s the volume rocker at the top so just set up the phone but I’ve also cleaned the back and I just want to show off what that looks like as you can see it is changing a lot in the colors than lights that it catches or there’s a lot of colors going on so any light that’s refracted notic just gives off that rainbow like color it’s very attractive and definitely it looks even better when it’s outdoor lighting every time I feel like there’s some other different color that’s popping up on it so it really looks really attractive and definitely my opinion that you should buy this color over all the other options well so one of the first features I wanted to give you guys a look at were than us pen gestures and of course there’s a lot of things that you can do with that pen over the years its Samsung it’s just add it to it for example you can translate text by hovering the S Pen over it you can send live messages which are like gifts but written text that act out and you send a message one of the new ones here is a our doodle which we’ll take a look at but also a s-pen gestures it’s not really an app that you can see but you can do things like open the camera app for example by pressing and holding the button on the s-pen and of course that’s also customizable but I spend gestures is essentially something that lets you use the s-pen to make gestures in the air and to control the modes in say for example the camera app now this look work in other different apps like the gallery app and third-party developers can add support so hopefully a lot of them well and it’ll give you more use out of the s-pen but how it works is essentially I’m making gestures with the s-pen the by pressing and holding the button and the camera mode is switching as you can see right now I just switched my hair switched my hand to the left like a wand and the camera mode switch from night to food now if I go the other way it’s gonna switch the other way as well and of course I can do what I just did by doing an up or downward motion that will switch the camera to the front camera or the real lens and of course if you press and hold the if you just press and tap the button not a person hold if you just press and tap the button it take a photo now of course if I go to live video for example or live video folk life focus video I can also just tap the button and it’ll start recording and so you can see this really is helpful for the camera app more so than many other apps because you can put your Note 10 plus on a tripod for example and step away from and just use this as your control device but also there are things there are new sensors in here that long term I think Samsung is hoping that developers can add things like game support so that you can control a character through a game with that spend so there’s a lot of unique things that the s-pen can do with a lot of potential hopefully just is utilized so one of the features I also want to show is that new AR doodle mode basically it lets you use the S Pen to draw in augmented reality without the mess of actual drawing in real life the perk of that is that basically you were able to just draw on people’s faces for example without actually leaving any marks on their real face now the issue that we’re having right now is that I’m trying to draw everywhere which sort of just lets you actually draw anywhere in the room for example but it keeps just saying Pan the camera around before doodling and I’ve been panning for a while and nothing is happening so I’m gonna have to ask some song exactly what’s going on there just so I can figure out if I’m just being an idiot and spent some time there to figure that out properly but we can draw on someone’s face and you can see there’s a little box because it recognizes this person’s face this is my brother he’s a videographer and basically there’s different little pens that you can use and the point is that say if I drew a little party hat on top of his head this is probably the worst looking party hat ever actually let me just redo that because I was literally terrible let’s do it again great so now it’s on his head and now joel if you don’t mind moving a round up okay alright well it just deleted my drawing that’s nice let’s try that again let’s draw that party hat make it pretty simple and now Joel if you don’t mind moving your head you can see it’s trying to stay to his head doing a decent job it said it’s just like floats over a bit extra and it also does look a bit awkward because it keeps sort of shifting but you can’t see it looks very 3d esque sort of I mean it’s still kind of flat but it does have some 3d dimensions to it it looks it looks kind of fun it is definitely having a lot more trouble with finding the face but probably because he’s looking at an angle if he looks straight at the camera you can see it it actually actually moves it around and I think I can just keep drawing there although I think now I just kind of ruined it and made it a something weird but anyway you get the idea I can draw things on his eyes and his nose his mouth and of course as long as he’s looking at the camera I think it’ll do a pretty good job of trying to stay on his face for example let’s try and look at the camera roll let’s try and black out one of the eyes for example like sort of an eye patch and out look around yeah it seems to just the blue disappeared when he looks profile but it stays on mostly if he tries and keeps his face relatively in the shot and towards the camera just doing a pretty good job actually of keeping that in the accurate position that his eye is in but obviously the Hat is just doing doing things but you can see how much fun this could be and of course you can hit that record button to record things that are going on and and then you can obviously share that clip and that’s the whole idea you make these fun little drawings now if he went out of frame for a second and now he came back quickly you can see it immediately just pops back in and that’s kind of fun I think people will have some creative ideas here to throw in and make some fun pieces of content but it is at the end of the day a fun feature kind of like something like well I think apples an emoji is kind of is it’s a fun feature I don’t know how many people will use it all the time some people will definitely use it all the time other people might not but that’s the idea it’s just a fun little feature and especially you can’t wait to get that everywhere feature working so I can just draw like a house and make it come to life in the room all night in the real world but in the augmented world that’s a quick look at the Galaxy Note 10.1 which is smaller and cheaper as well as the note 10 + 5 G which is just 2 grams heavier than the note 10 plus but also has that 5g support all three are going to be available August 23rd this one costs $1100 thanks for watching everyone if you like that content while stay tuned because we’ll have a lot more note 10 + content coming along the pipeline as we lead up to our final review video but of course it won’t end there so stay tuned but otherwise from now like subscribe hit that Bell for notifications and head to digital trends comm for more.

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