Nokia 105 2019 Mobile Phone Cell Phone Review, New Nokia 2019. Games, Snake, Classic Nokia.

Published on October 2, 2019
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Hi so this is the review of the brand new Nokia 105 2019 edition it was released September that’s this month 2019 um it’s not available in the UK yet by 2 or drienne from Russia it’s available from Asia and Russia around there I’m not sure when it’s going to be available in the UK so okay just get describe the phone quickly nice plastic oh it’s very cheap phone so I wouldn’t pay more than ten twenty to thirty pound for it okay that’s preserve headphones just for the charger that’s the flashlight there’s no camera on this phone buttons are okay so cheap plastic material it doesn’t leave any marking fingerprint marks good buttons are okay okay there was no hidden if there’s no headphones in the box this time so here it is if the phone wasn’t just there come to the battery was already in the phone and a charger this is European charge of somewhere using that one so that’s it and the manual manual charger battery and the page that’s always me unless I prefer quickly okay it’s available in it’s available in this dark blue color which I’ve got a dark sort of pink color and black so just it’s only available in these three colors okay up to fourteen point four hours or eighteen point two I’m sorry up to fourteen point four hours talktime and 18 point two days standby time there’s LED torch one point seven seven inch display storage for up to two thousand contacts micro USB connector FM radio headset required doesn’t come with the phone and free game which is snake then you got to buy the other games explain later there’s no store you can’t have expandable storage on this so you can’t um there’s no microSD card option for extra memory or storage it’s already built into the phone what’s built in is for four megabyte ram internal storage for megabyte and expandable storage you know there is no option for expandable storage so it’s only four megabytes internal storage and that’s already built in I think that’s exactly the same as the last one a couple years ago the first Nokia 105 which is the 2017 edition so yeah so that’s for the box and the details okay let’s get straight down to the phone so I’ve explained the photo app and it helped you put the sim card in you just pull this there it’s very easy to do all this once because it’s a cheap phone okay that’s the battery I’ve already put one sim in but while I do this time I’m going to put two sim in into the phone I’ve already put one in so I’m going to put another one in as well because it’s a Dueling version so that’s it and then you just put the battery did you put the back cover on just push it on till it clicks and there you go okay to start it you just hold and push that bone [Music] sim one sim two dual sim so some notified that both sim is on at the moment okay so you got someone’s into anyway so I’ll just go straight through the phone as quickly as possible okay got menu click my menu call log missed calls received cause dialed numbers delete recent call lists call duration contacts the names search contact add contact delete contact copy move settings speed-dials new screening go to settings on that voicemail box number contacts view memory status okay in total there’s 15 icons by the way okay this is clock set alarms you got one two three four five one two three four five alarm alarm turn standard listen you got the standard turn you’ve got ringing turn [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s all you got five for that one okay time settings clock set the time do anything I’ve noticed about this phone though is when you set the time or anything like this it’s very slow to pick up so if I want to go really fast like 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 it’s very slow see it’s ending at 16 and I’ve already pressed it about six times so I’ll press it five upwards it should go down to 11 1 2 3 4 5 and there you goes to 13 I suppose what I’m saying is it’s not very the response is not as quick on this phone so you’ve got to go along with it 12 11 10 if you want to go quick like up to 6 1 you just won’t allow it you can’t keep up with the speed of the buttons if that makes sense but yeah okay that was clock time settings and the same okay flashlight press flashlight off or on that’s an option or you can just simply turn the phone there and you can press the UP button twice and it comes on it in an UP button once it goes off so two times up one two it’s on and one again off a sit okay radio the headsets not connected I’ll connect to the headset it’s very good it picks up your local radio station local nearby radio station is quite clear it is very clear out so we’re not not that clear but it does clear on your local ones anyway messages create message inbox sent messages drafts distribution lists screen messages delete messages message counter message settings service comm editor and I said back to top create message inbox whatever okay without calculator just basic calculator you want to go into that calendar standard calendar snake game Mysore level days let’s go to the hardest level Olivia this fast lady held us fast I think it’s because I’m recording this is really difficult to because I’m looking through the screen of the video of the camera not the actual screen of the well yeah that was super fast but yeah that’s Nate let’s see what a game a strike now all these games are play five free trials or Buy It Now four five pound are they really think I’d waste money buying games because that’s a lot of money [Music] quite quite good game make sure this is far enough is worth a fiver but it’s whatever tickles your fancy if you know me [Music] anyway let’s say say yeah that’s lacking as a strike sky gift same thing for a five pound or plate five three trials nicking I’ve not played any of these games [Music] Tetris same thing five pound or five free trials do you want sound hell yes [Music] anyway I was never good at Tetris but yeah nitro racing same thing five pound will play five three trials [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here’s so good idea ninja up settings you got your same settings let’s click on that settings choose some settings okay defaults same for calls ask every time default simple messages standby mode same name that’s it turn settings ringing turn on the same one or the center gives you the options of which which turn you on Ani sim which is good ringing turn cheering it’s the highest vibrating alert on message of our tone keypad turn on it louder warning tones on that’s it display settings wallpaper one’s got three you’ve really got three options on this put that one on you can fit two display or whatever Center rotate left rotate life right back light intensity you can have it higher or lower it I’ll leave it low so you can see through the camera otherwise you could timeout within seconds standby screen on notifications on display says profiles general silent discreet loud my style time settings I’ve already done this clock date settings display of time and date show show clock on auto update of date and time which is off you can put on on call settings call divert automatically I’ll call waiting service send my caller ID no screening fixed dialing phone settings language I’ve put on if she’s British from Russia so you can have load of like Russian polish writing so I left on English key card settings automatic key guard off on key guard code off on security settings pin code request call barring service closed we use a group phone security change access codes go to settings select options that’s that button there you can have it which you can go directly to right now sanal armed clock you can have a service button go straight on to calendar crepe reminder contacts call settings create message you can go by pressing this just but but at the moment it’s ticked on an alarm clock organized lock keypad settings alarm clock flashlight on radio snake calculator restore factory settings settings restored all that just directly just does it ok and that’s it that’s everything of the phone the sound is not bad actually it’s not it’s not as good as normal nokia you know the loudspeaker for some strange reason me just preston spoof put it on you wanna ring someone this is good actually you can actually directly change which is really good okay so that’s the loudspeaker I mean it’s actually the same quality as all the other Nokia’s it’s not that it’s not that great I’m actually surprised on and it hasn’t got many you know Kia ringtones only five but they’ve done that for the past few not Kia’s anyway so but yeah at the end of day it’s just a basic sync of a simple phone there’s no camera it’s got a flashlight it’s got calculator it’s got all that on it so sorry for kids or even adults and that’s it it’s just a simple basic phone I think the main feature of this phone is the fact that the games mainly that you can buy different different games I think is some sort of gimmick so they can sell these extra games to make five five pound each time you buy the game that’s all I think it’s for because this is exactly the same song okay it feels great it’s nice and feeling on the phone nice hole feels nice on your hand that doesn’t leave marks or anything it’s a nice plastic buttons are quite nice and yeah that’s everything so I give this some eight out of ten it’s simply for the price of it and I wouldn’t pay more than ten to twenty one twenty to thirty pound don’t pay any more than any more than 30 because this is this is one of the cheaper phones of the Nokia range there’s a Nokia to 220 near 220 which can be coming out this year 2019 edition thanks to a subscriber you told me about it if you can keep it if you look and tell me when the new phones are coming I’d be really helpful because I haven’t got a clue so yeah and that’s everything so please like and subscribe and thank you very much for watching thank you.

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