Nokia 110 Mobile Phone Cell Phone Review, New Latest Nokia 2019, Games, Snake Xenzia, Camera

Published on November 30, 2019
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Hi what’s up so today I’ll be reviewing the brand new Nokia 110 it was released last month October 2019 in India is available in Russia and countries around their regional countries around they it’s not available in Europe yet or England should be within a month or so but I’m not sure when it is so I just thought it it from Russia it took two weeks to come so yeah here is so I ordered it in pink it’s available in sets Nakia 110 is available in in teal blue pink and black ok the features on the phone FM radio no headset headset were still required ok camera and video camera really bad quality but like I said for emergency uses it’s ok the camera is only a 0.3 megapixel which is really bad it’s very grainy but it’s ok for like I said emergency use ok up to 14 hours talktime and 18 and a half days standby time ok up to 7.5 hours video playback games 1.7 7 inch display micro USB connector LED torch micro you micro SD card support up to 32gb switch sold separately it’s got a internal memory of 4 MB where you can increase the memory by putting in a micro SD card and it goes up to you can you can take up to 32 GB which is good so you can record for hours and hours like video record most of whatever okay listen so what was in the box the girl ordered it in pink okay add the phone in the box had the battery which is all I’ve already put it inside there as the charger and the manual and that’s it just simple basic this is really a cheap phone but it’s got everything on it but it’s very badly like the camera stuff really is cheap okay I’m going to go through the phone inside it afterwards near the ending once I’ve gone through the phone software and stuff I’ll show you how to put in the SIM and everything I’ll show you at the end okay so okay to unlock a lock you do that unlock that locks it to unlock same thing press power and unlock the phone feels really nice it doesn’t leave any fingerprints or marks on it it’s a nice plastic very cheap but it is the only way it does leave marks on the actual screen a little and then as I said with all the lock isn’t on any phone to screen but there’s no fingerprints on the buttons buttons feel nice it’s got nice noise I think you can change that noise anyway so yeah that’s to speak the speaker’s up there that’s what you talking to camera 0.3 megapixel which is really you’ve got the flashlight you’ve got headphones and you got the sync cable and charger I actually never used the charger off the phone I just use a zinc cabled it’s just works the same so I never actually end up using the charger anyway but yeah okay let’s go straight through the phone okay this is a dual-sim so you want some is inside the few point to Sims and you’ll notify both of them so more handsome – okay you’ve got a quick go to menu where you can go to lock keypad settings alarm clock flashlight music radio file manager snake the game calculator left key or you can go straight to camera press that to the camera obviously I’ll go into the counter in a bit okay so go straight a menu got corn log missed calls received calls dialed calls delete recent call this call duration you’ve got contacts over your contact so this is just a normal set our new sensor there’s no contacts on this you got names search add contacts delete copy move settings voice mailbox number contacts view memory status speed dials no screening okay photos captured photo or collections call log oh they’re sorry let’s radio the radio is good picks up local stations so it is very clear as well so that’s okay messages create message inbox sent map sent items drafts distribution lists screamed messages delete messages message counter message settings service competitor music thank you you could also rewind by holding up the top okay clock set alarms you’ve got alarm one om two om three om four five alarm tone standard ringing tone time settings clock set the time this is just basic up and down setting 12 whatever 13 14 watch each other and then you move on two minutes up and down I said take setting same thing you’ve got the day month yeah I’ve already set it so it’s up and down setting the move on to the month up and down and then okay display the time and date you can display on the screen show clock or you don’t have to show auto update of date and time and that’s it for that so camera really bad camera like I said 0.3 megapixel but there is good things like for emergency uses okay let’s just say if you are having in the car and you had a accident and you want to take some his registration plate number a picture then it’s okay and you can record a quick video it’s going to be shitty but you can still see it so for emergency uses alright and the good thing when you put the microSD card up to 32gb you can record for hours and hours so it’s a quality but it’s okay for recording and pictures and also for the music and stuff for transferring you can transfer a load you can get a lot into the memory because of that soon yeah so for the camera up there you’ve got the camera there then program update you’ve got no camera though if you press bright it goes onto the video recording now you can video record line up press that video record for hours and hours whatever and then get out of there the shitty camera also has a zoom which is shocking so zoom in I don’t understand them logic of a zoom on such a shitty 0.3 camera bar I don’t know they should sort themselves out zero but I know I’ve I moan about two megapixel but 0.3 takes the piss but like I said still does the job and it is a cheap phone but come on at least sort yourself out 0.2 is really bad okay it’s a camera there you go snake new game look I’ve got on fast speed how miss you knit the button where you go up and down if you press in the middle that it pauses the game seems to be having low up so if you just watch me play it you’ll see what I mean see I accidentally press the middle and it keeps pausing so that’s a bit awkward so yeah that was a bit awkward you just go up and down right left but when you keep pressing that you sometimes you can press the middle and it keeps pausing it but yeah so let’s get out of that okay so you got music your snake videos I’m not recording videos but it’s just whatever you’ve recorded or you transferred recorded video or collections okay voice recorder let’s click this start okay so you just press start and say whatever you want hi please like the video and subscribe to my channel okay it’s quarter stop the actually I’ll pause it so I save now okay click on that play less recording that was actually very loud if you listen to it was very loud there’s a speaker just listen to again okay did you see how loud that was that’s very loud so it’s got really loud voice recording okay as opposed to like a calculator same thing as usual develop plus subtract you got Tiny’s – whatever this is say um 9 times 9 equals 81 times 9 equals 729 there is saya thank you okay then you got calendar it’s the basic current calendar okay flashlight like I said um I know I haven’t said so far you can either put it on from here you click on there and the flashlight is on if you can see and you can off it from there or you can just get out of this or just press up once and it goes off or up twice one two and it goes on up once or twice back goes on oh.why twice up on and once it goes off that’s it I don’t know yeah I’m just you know this buttons here it’s very bloody sensitive because I keep pressing it once and the middle keeps pressing a lot you can also end enter it’s a select button as well so it’s very like if you press down you could accidentally press it select a lot you did you notice I’ve made a lot of mistakes by pressing select accidently okay so that’s a flashlight okay but circularity settings okay you’ve got dual SIM settings click on that sim name sim one where you if you had another sim you’ve let well notify that one you can give that name as well turn settings ringing tone let’s see all the turians now see I I meant to press down and I’ll press down and it was actually select see it’s very um awkward this bone if you press sometimes you’d actually in the press in the center where it selects the thing so it takes the piss that I last one thing so far Suppan a lot so okay [Music] so that’s all there is there’s one two three four five six six toes that’s quite shitty actually floating because in the other two phones are reviewed this year they had lots more tunes but it is a cheap phone any old fogey the ringing volume up and down select vibrating alert on message alert tone standard order ringing tone or beat ones [Music] or no tone or you don’t want any turn ok keypad turns are a bit louder warning tones all off ok that’s for that okay then you go just did today you’ve got display settings standby screen on/off or timer to allow notifications on or off wallpaper default so you’ve got one but you can obviously put those more wallpaper with even with pictures you can choose that in as an image as your wallpaper photos you can choose photos ok back light intensity if you can see it low as it gets brighter I’ll put it away low because of this video recording so leave how that then you go on back like then you’ve got timeout after 10 seconds or whatever standby screen on notifications on will listen a girl’s display settings profiles general silent discreet loud my style that’s it time settings clock dates setting display of time and date Tori showed you all that auto update of date and time call settings Cordova automatically dial call waiting service send my polar ID no screening fixed dialing call recording phone settings language English we call other European languages and Russian and so far and polish and things because this is a European version but it still does English ok key guard settings or try to keep guard off or on keeper keypad code off on network selection automatic or manual startup tone on or off you don’t need to start to infinite one welcome note you can have that one confirm SIM service actions yes or no language key guard or security settings pin code requires call barring service close user user group phone security change access codes go to settings go to settings is that you can select which options you want you know for that easy access or there’s a left button making why I showed you go to you can choose whatever you can organize in select which one you want to restore factory back to factory settings settings restored well that was quick normally ask you to put code in about yeah whatever file manager member from the memory card or the phone ninja up that’s another game let’s give that well you’ve got you can buy for five pound or five free trials no don’t buy that what the hell is that new king [Music] [Applause] okay who doodle jump I don’t think I’m playing that before doodle I think you’ve got three free trials or two or is it buy you buy for two pound must be a game if it’s buy for to power stir it again yeah actually jump squad car Kenny yeah actually when you go left and right to move the dude he actually goes quite far so it’s not as easy as it looks but it’s quite it seems to quite a good game dude all jump okay football Cup let’s click on that play that you’ve got that’s two pounds to game or three free trials select that [Music] or you can choose where you want that when you watch the goal to go where watch it kick it into there and then you can choose when you want to press it boom do it to the left this time go for it [Music] okay let’s get out of this that’s all right air strike see what’s up with this buy the game for five pound for three five five three trials [Music] [Music] like I’m gonna stop I complete this all down okay so that’s everything so in total you got on 23 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 times 3 equals 18 19 20 you got 20 icons on the menu screen so yeah and that’s everything the loud speakers put it on the output it’s very good anyway and the call quality is very good like I said it’s nice and loud so okay and that’s everything the phone value is valued I’d say that I don’t know what the price is going to be by any paid about forty pound but it’s from another country and I have to pay obviously a bit more to get in here I think when it comes out it will be around 25 to 40 pound it won’t be any more than 40 a hundred percent I doubt it this is a very low cheap phone but it’s got everything on it so yeah okay um I’ll just show you how to open it up now we do you see that thing that is holding you know it’s word I always cut my nails just before I do a review so yeah you just do that it’s quite easy it’s come straight off okay and then actually pull it out that’s the battery okay you got the first SIM card there you can put the SIM card – it’s just ordinary synthesised it ain’t the micro similar no similar things just ordinary you got one this is just unless it’s got another option the micro SD card slots into there you just push it in and that’s it put the salmon and then battery on and then to put the cover on it’s very easy just slowly push it on make sure you get it right around let’s say you just clip it on and let’s say this is clipped on job done there it is so I’ll be reviewing the new Nokia 220 2019 for G when that comes out but it’s supposed to have come out a while ago but it’s still not come out yet so there is who’s this phone for it could be for anyone it’s very cheap like I said it’s got everything on it but it’s not very good the flood the cool quality is nice and clear and allowed all the tones are nice and loud everything is good except for the camera and the video recording but like I said because they said low quality you can record for hours and hours and hours put thousands of pictures on with the 32 gigabyte GP micro SD card so yeah there is and that’s it that’s it for this time please like and subscribe like I said we were reviewing the new Nokia 220 as soon as that comes out thank you very much for watching.

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