Nokia 220 2019 4G Mobile Phone Cell Phone Review, New Latest Nokia, Games, Snake Xenzia, Camera.

Published on December 15, 2019
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Hi what’s up so today I’ll be reviewing the brand new Nokia 220 2019 mobile phone okay so let me tell you what’s in the box comes exactly like this what it says on the box cooking off your 220 details of it is available in this teal sort of teal blue or greenish sort of teal color and black okay this is a dual sim model its 4G okay Opera Mini browser Internet camera with flash 2.4 screen size FM radio but they don’t supply the headphones up to three up to six point three hours talktime and 17 17 days standby time games Facebook bluetooth 4.2 vo LTE ready for HD cause a video player okay it’s got a few other bits and bobs okay what’s in the box okay with the phone which is this the battery I’ve already put in which was inside here you’ve got the manual and you have the charger that’s it I don’t actually use the charger this the European Chad I just used on this link cable and put it straight to child so I don’t even have it use the charger but yeah there is another manual that I’ve had to order it from Europe it’s not available it’s not available in the UK yet it could be anytime they announced it about August it was released September according to them but it’s not been available in Europe for a while it has been for a few weeks now I mean local Europe like Germany and places like that but yeah okay so let’s get straight to the phone I’ll show you the back of it afterwards I’ve already opened it up so it’s easy for me afterwards yeah so you got the camera you’ve got the flash on this or you’ve got the torch you’ve got the camera you got the headphone where you put the headphone set you’ve got the sync cable to transfer music or charge the phone is nice it’s really nice it feels really nice on the hand he doesn’t leave any marks or anything except for the screen obviously but you can’t really tell it’s got nice buttons okay so let’s go straight through the phonons and I’ll open the phone up and then show you how to put the oh by the way this is the dual SIM so the sim one has got um nano SIM the sim 1 and the sim 2 is a standard sim but I’ll show you that in a bit also it’s a 0.3 megapixel camera with LED flash which is totally but like I said for emergency purposes it’s okay it’s also got video recording at 3 320p at 15 frames per second which is totally again but like I said for emergency use and for long long periods of time recording you can do it for emergency use than yet but if you looking for a good quality it’s not good quality ok is 16 MB RAM ok internal storage is 24 mb and it’s with a micro SD dedicated slot up to 32 GB with a microSD card but I’ll show you after at the end and that’s it for now so let’s go straight into the phone one thing about this phone be unusual though to unlocker you go do that wait but it is you press that and your unlock that’s unlocked but with this phone if you keep pressing this it just unlocks itself that’s just a new style of it press that it’s unlocked so I don’t like now that much it should be that in another bone to a lock because you could press that any time it’s just unlocks so you press that to unlock along with that and that’s unlocked unlock that’s it so you gotta press the top not that to go back press this dead press that otherwise you’ll keep locking yourself in but yeah anyway ok so let’s go straight to the menu umm there’s no second simony otherwise I wouldn’t notified that then you said sim once into okay squish it school history you got got contacts have got no contacts in this phone you got gallery whatever picture gallery this is all in my microsd card from the previous you got Internet you got messaging new mrs. s say well yeah new message let’s say did it please type message at the bottom click that with recipients will put the number and go down type the message okay also with the messaging the it continues the the conversation continues what I mean by that is this so you can see your previous call for the full conversation and the messages just so that you know so if you message somebody you’ll see on it on the same page so you just go up and down to view it which is good okay games I’ve not I’ve not actually tried this phone yet so this is the first time for me ninja up sky gift nitro racing air strike Tetris snake like I don’t know if these games are free this evening job yeah this is by four five pound or five three trials in order by so play five very free trial [Applause] [Applause] okay sky gift I can’t get out of it you know the chest over there okay nitro racing new game [Laughter] the enemy crush cause it’s gonna take to them [Laughter] okay airstrike [Music] they’re gonna get out of this okay Tetris I hate Tetris but yeah let’s get a quick show so you know what the game is like do you want some hell yes [Music] but yet you get the idea get out this tetra Sookie you got snake which is the last game on you that’s free obviously you actually this is a bit easy and let’s put it on a different level put on the hardest level for a laugh the pause is the middle burn you actually end up pressing that accidentally a lot of suppose this good job pause if something comes up and you’re halfway through a good score well yeah you got the idea damn my hands got clumps had a cramp on my hand okay so yeah those are all the games just get out of that camera camera like I said 1.3 megapixel no not 1.3 0.3 megapixel you can see how grainy is just by looking at it okay last video recordings if you want a video record just do it all and press the button there I’ve put on micro SD cards you can record for hours but yeah like I said it’s signing out 320p a ton 15 frames per second which is totally but it’s alright like I said just for a month so you’ll see a grainy sort of video recording and that’s about it but like I said for emergency it’s perfect and you’ve got hours of use so yeah okay it’s good out of that Facebook radio it doesn’t come with the headset but it picks up clear arm signals locally videos we share were videos that you’ve shot or anything to playback or even the videos that you’ve synced into here from your computer you’ve got Twitter your settings click on settings okay system settings okay you just okay call settings call forwarding call waiting send my caller ID blocklist voicemail number messages text messages MMS Wireless emergency alerts backlight you never like brighter this little dark as you can see tell you about low otherwise you ever seen the camera okay notifications news for cash detail messages call voicemail offline software update about okay the system connectivity flight mode Bluetooth dual sim forward calls sim numbers same settings preferred SIM phone calls preferred simple messages mobile data connection access points the Internet ee MMS EE IMS network type sim 1 or sim 2 for G to G Auto for G to G even on both sims data roaming you can have no on/off personalization welcome note that’s when you first start your switch on sounds ringtone okay here’s the tones the sifter volumes on you put a bit louder volume is not as good as other Mobile’s I don’t know why they’ve the sound on this is very low for some strange reason I don’t know why they’ve done that because all the other Nokia’s I’ve always reviewed I’ve got a really nice loud output this is a bit not that loud I don’t know why okay message alert tone vibration notification of that warning he looks like a ringtone let’s check [Music] [Music] so there’s 14 ringtones and then you’ve got one option to choose from music so you can obviously have a music whatever you got on your phone as a ringtone okay message alert so you’ve got five tones and you’ve got you can choose from music again vibration on/off notification alert warning sort of volume lock screen background and keypad let’s move on speed dial lock screen shortcuts okay that was person there’s a timing language I’ve got it on it’s a timing day I’ve got it on auto update so if you put on auto update you don’t need to say automatically does it for you’ve got 24-hour 12-hour option phone language this is from Europe so you just got European languages like French Italian Turkish Deutsch Netherlands whatever whatever whatever have English obviously as the main one security keycard call bearing St Karen authorized he’s not going in storage create backup restore backup preferred storage and that’s it okay alarm clock a semi alarm new alarm you can add whatever long set time repeat you can repeat if you want alarm name or clock alarm tone whichever or you can have a snooze way over time you want which is good okay calendar just a basic calendar calculator basic calculator okay extras oh yeah countdown timer which is good you’re doing exercise something stopwatch again if it’s good start/stop torch on or off converter which is good if you’re at school or something and you need to know the difference temperature Fahrenheit weight pound kilo carrot 2 gram ounce 2 gram which is all good stone 2 kilo stone tequila so let’s just say if I weighed 9 stone he’ll tell you is 57 kilos which is quite good so yeah I like all these things this is good for school and you just general if you like to convert things different things but yet you got land my article on kilometer area foot squared 2 meter square inch square 2 centimeter squared square centimeter yard 2 meter square mile to get whatever acre to or volume inch 2 centimeter foot to me of currency okay that was convertor okay this is the torch press it on automatic this on right now I think no it’s not turn on so you get the options you just turn it on as a normal switch on a torch they press it on his son Oh so ah I like that actually this is better it’s like it’s made it into a proper torch just by going on to that so you can just press it whenever you want on it’s got really nice powerful torch and off again that’s I do like this torch the way they’ve done it on this because it feels like it’s just a proper button torch just like normal torch on-off on-off I like that but this is one thing they’ve done good it’s really bright torch okay let’s get out of that ask for extras this is the memory card whatever you got on you stored in your memory card your phone memory memory card okay voice recorder okay obviously press this and speak hi please subscribe to my channel thank you okay stop recording then you can save it okay then if you gone here I think you can play it back now I don’t know if you heard that’s the maximum volume this is alright okay this is the one I just recorded today if you’d listen to it it’s not as loud as my other previous of reviews of the other phones it’s not got that real loud Nakia output that is supposed to have it’s okay but it’s not got that real loud output that should that should have but that’s just today you know counters sim1 but if the other sim was in there without come on counter period data call SMS mms and torch a separate torch again press it on go straight onto torch again it’s go yes I own I confirm which is good the torch is excellent I can’t mine about the torch on this one like I said it’s just like using a proper torch oh okay that’s it that’s all for all the icons let’s have a look 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 times 3 equals 18 19 20 so you’ve got 20 icons in total it’s definitely better than the last one I reviewed the Nokia 105 but it’s got the same things like the 0.3 megapixel and all that which I don’t like I don’t know but then again you know the last spanner I reviewed had it more out loud output this one is not as good so there’s downs downside to this phone but this phone does feel better and it looks better in the buttons are better I do like it overall the software options the way it is is better on this phone than it was a last phone but the last phone had more louder output but that’s the that’s the only thing that’s pissing me off now pond it’s just not as you can hear it okay see that was not as loud it’s just not as aloud is normal not clear for some reason they’ve lowered output for some strange reason but yeah okay so okay that’s all done for the phone let me just open up and show you how to get things done okay so it’s just put your nail in today just put it open art okay that she just comes out like that okay that’s the same one no sorry that’s the same two option where you slots into there this is just a standard size SIM this is the singer’s nano SIM dusters for the same one and this is the SD card micro SD card storage for storage okay to open this up you sort of you pull it upwards no sorry I think you can pull it down back or down to open it but then what happens this flips open like that you just take the card out and just block it back in there it’s locks in to open this up you do the same thing you pull it back this opens up I don’t like the way they’ve done this and the microsd card sits into it I don’t like it’s not my particular I like the ones where it’s watching they could have made this better but it is my opinion after all and that’s it push it in and lock it that’s it and that’s how you push it in and put it out so I said that’s it that’s for the whole review it is a good phone it’s definitely better than the last one but the output is the output is very bad the volume output well let’s say very bad I don’t want to put you off from buying the phone but it’s it’s it’s okay but it ain’t as good as knocking normally to it so there is that’s the whole review of the phone I paid 50 pound for it it’s been stupid because I need it for the review when it comes out I’m not sure where it’s coming it might be out this month hopefully in the UK but I’m glad I got out of the way before the new year so that’s all done so yeah if it when it comes out the Mac side pay is about 35 to 40 pound for the phone overall sometimes I wouldn’t pay any more than that so yeah everything else I’ve said I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything but the phone could be for anyone it’s a good phone as for the output and the loudspeaker wasn’t that clear but when you put the phone when you take it off a loudspeaker and you put it near your ear and you’re in a conversation then it is loud like normal nokia phone so that’s all right so if you’re if you’re worried about if you see if you’re talking to somebody without loud speaker that’s very good that’s excellent just like all Nokia but mainly I was just talking about the output of the sounds and the loudspeaker and stuff and I had on the highest volume and it wasn’t that loud as Nokia normally is so yes there is okay thank you very much for watching the phone um thank you to subsume some subscribers who let me know when the phone is coming up please let me know there’s one in particular I forgot your name soup or something but yeah thanks for always letting me know that there’s a new knock here out and that’s it thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe video however Happy New Year and Merry Christmas thank you.

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