Nokia 5.3 Review | Best New Budget Phone Champion?

Published on July 18, 2020
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So on the surface the Nokia 5.3 appears to be the perfect solution for anyone who’s got very little cash to splash on their next smartphone it only cost you 150 quid here in the UK and yet it packs some pretty meaty specs and tech now includes a quartet lens rear camera I love these stock version of list Android 10 and a reasonably beefy four thousand milliamp battery but of course as always with budget smartphones some sacrifices do have to be made now I’m not talking about murdering your firstborn or anything like that just putting up with the occasional bit of ropey performance or a camera that’s a little bit CAC so what actually all the limitations are the Nokia 5.3 and is it still worth that budget asking price well I’ve been using it as my full-time smartphone for the past week and here’s my fall Nokia 5.3 review and if one the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell says now first up yes the Nokia 5.3 makes do with a pretty perfunctory design at this budget price point that’s clearly not much cash to go on frills or Flair of any kind at all at the same time rival manufacturer really does usually manage to do something interesting with it’s cheaper handsets not such luck here though it is a very simple straightforward and admittedly boring kind of finish that said at least that composite polymer frame is surprisingly rugged icon spite a single little scratch or scuff anywhere on that back end and it’s the same story are on the front as well thanks for that Gorilla Glass 3 court and no blemishes at all even after I’ve been dumping the Nokia 5.3 facedown on desks and tables and all sorts but I’ve got to say I’m starting to get the sneaky suspicion that foreign manufacturers think that us Brits are a bunch of borin bastards because yea Gimli global who actually manufacture the Nokia handsets now are the latest in a long line of companies who have failed to bring the most excite and an interest in color option to the UK so forget about finding that glorious bright orange sand model of the Nokia 5.3 anywhere here in England you’ll just have to make do with either the black model or the scien model and sighin is exactly what I’m doing thanks to the lack of exciting colors boom and indeed tsch the Nokia 5.3 is quite the handful as well because that 6.5 5-inch display is surrounded on all sides by chunky bezels included one soft fat down below that AMD has even managed to fit in a proper bit of Nokia Brandon and suddenly there’s no dedicated one handed mode here on the Nokia 5.3 either although he can at least drugs on that notifications bar from anywhere on screen like so and even by using the mounted fingerprint sensitive and as I mentioned before the Nokia 5.3 rocks a lovely pure stock version of Android 10 and because this is an Android one phone that means you’re guaranteed an update to Android 11 later in 2020 and Android 12 or whatever ends up being called next year as well lungful of course the security updates and the other love these stuff along the way the aforementioned fingerprint sensor proves perfectly reliable for unlock in this phone plus yourself a tasty bit of face recognition as backup though it is super slow if your mug isn’t perfectly lit so you’re just as well off smushed in your PIN and if you’re extremely fond of the Google assistant then boy howdy is the Nokia 5.3 the next smartphone for you there are about a million ways of actually launching it from this thing from swiping up in those corners tapping the little microphone job’ down here because you can just say hey Google and sometimes I swear it just Lords itself up as well just to check in on you make sure you’re doing all right and because like clearly isn’t enough different options already you also have a dedicated Google Assistant button here on the left edge of the Nokia 5.3 as well quick tap of that and once again hello and before you ask nor you can’t remap that to any other feature or app and yes that is really bloody annoying although at least you do have the option of deactivating it which is great because I was constantly accidentally pressing it usually when yank and the Nokia 5.3 out of my pants and occasionally on the Nokia 5.3 Android will just kind of flip out and do something completely mental with no warning like this example here where the Google Home icon just completely disappeared and yeah what and I had a similar experience when I first tried to add the calendar widget to my desktop so as well I added it but it was completely invisible I was definitely there because I could move it around I could delete it it’s good to see the damn thing but usually when one these little quirks happens you just a case of stopping an app or reboots in the phone and then everything’s back to normal again in better news like some previous Nokia’s the lord of vacations light is currently housed in the nokia 5.3 spall button a neat little feature that I definitely still approve of and you’ve also got a full NFC support on here as well which is great use you bet Google peer action especially now that everything is going contactless now the Nokia 5.3 sports your typical six and a half inch HD display pretty much standard for this sort of price point and while it’s not full HD those visuals are still sharp enough for enjoying some YouTube Netflix crunch here or whatever when you can’t be bothered to roll out of bed colors look a reasonably natural if not particularly vibrant while contrast levels are all key – and that their nipple not up top as well didn’t find that was too intrusive at all whether I was gaming obviously whistling afternoon with far too much enemy action and sure the screen isn’t crazy bright but when I was outdoors are still had no trouble message in web browsing yada yada Jana that’s for the OREA it’s a single bottom fire and a model speaker just about do the job for video that’s not particularly great but thankfully you do have a dedicated headphone jack if you want to get some wired headphones on the girl unfortunately the wireless connectivity isn’t quite as good you’ve got bluetooth 4.2 on here on the latest five and I did find that when I was connected to a speaker occasionally things did get a little bit stuttering even if I didn’t stir it particularly far away thankfully touch one it seems a lot better with wide headphones as long as I had the phone in my pocket somewhere on my person it would generally do it alright without any stammers everyday performance is covered off by a snapdragon 665 chipset which is very popular among budget smartphones and even more expensive handsets like the Moto G 8 plus and the fresh new Sony Xperia 10 mach 2 and you’ve got four gigs around stuffed in there as well to help keep the everyday experience smooth and smooth it certainly is as well absolutely no worries whatsoever helped along by some smart hibernation of apps in the background but is good news for gamers on a tight budget because the Nokia 5.3 has no trouble handling latest action-packed titles like Call of Duty but it isn’t through them with a reliably high frame rate and likewise I had no issues with connectivity or anything when I was given online and no problems with the steam power either thanks to the Nokia 5.3 is 4000 milliamp battery that can keep you gone for two full days between charges as long as you keep things simple I’m talking basically messaging web browsers and that’s about it but even if you absolutely punish this thing beyond all belief it’ll still generally last till bedtime nor worries at all I’m talking full-on using that as a sat-nav for a couple of hours zoom chatting for another hour or two using the camera game and all sorts of stuff even then I only managed to kill it one time before was all tucked up with Teddy and it still lasted till about 10:00 p.m. and definitely no qualms with the 64 gigs of storage either especially as it’s expandable by microSD up to a further 512 gigabytes and that microSD slot is actually separate from the dual Sims as well so you can Ram in a micro SD memory card and two SIM cards into the Nokia 5.3 all at the same time so let’s finish up as usual with the camera tech and the Nokia 5.3 actually sports a quarter lens setup impressive stuff for sure though most budget smartphones tend to pack at three lenses these days and it quite often is a case of quantity over quality but 13 megapixel primary lens capture good-looking photos as long as you’re careful with the lighten even with the HDR more active I found that high-contrast scenes definitely came out rather murky while indoor snaps are often super grainy still color capture is quite reliable with vivid subjects standing out in my test photos and you get a pleasing level of detail for a budget blower – as long as the lighting is just right the camera app can be quite slow however moving subjects often end up as a blur so it’s definitely not ideal for shooting kids or pits or anything with free will and you also have a 5 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens which can capture a broader view at all be warned this does a terrible job with color reproduction often vastly over such various scene even when the line is quite good and you’ve got 2 megapixel macro lens on there which again is mostly pointless and will probably go and used by the vast majority of users while that final lens is a basic depth sensor this is an alright job of keeping your subjects shot for those portrait shots as long as they’re actually keep them pretty still again although crazy hair does tend to be lost in translation you can add some mental effects like this as well so it looks like your bestie or your family member is being attacked by killer butterflies as for the other bonus mods well the Nokia 5.3 also serves up a dedicated night mode to help out when things get proper darken this is actually surprisingly good how about–nah brighten up those darker elements and temper the light of its now as for a video you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage again with respectable colour reproduction and plenty of finer detail audio capture is good too even if things are a bit blustery and kitchen aliyou do get a little bit of focal pop but beyond that it’s alright you will however definitely want to keep still while recording and that ultra HD level because the stabilization is rather pants and lasts up for your selfies there is a basic get megapixel front face and lens which is fine ish you always end up looking a little bit soft and brighter back runs always blown out but hey-ho stop ting so many selfies you’ve in bugger and that way there is my final verdict on the Nokia 5.3 definitely a decent budget handset the camera is of course the weak point you get better results from real newer me handsets around this same sort of price point but overall does the job nicely and there is a solid orang smartphone as well as long as you’re willing to accept the old little quirk certainly as far as the performance the battery life goes absolutely no worries whatsoever apps he adored it so have you been using the Nokia 5.3 is your full-time smartphone will be great to hear your on mini review down in the comments below but yeah have yourselves a lovely week people Jess I want Lobby.
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