Nokia 8.3 Review (James Bond’s Smartphone, First Nokia 5G Phone)

Published on December 11, 2020
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Hi guys this is json honda coin i’m here with the nokia 8.3 5g for a full review this device was unveiled in september 2020 and it’s supposed to be a super high mid-range phone basically a flagship replacement since there hasn’t been a nokia flagship this year now it’s got a pretty big design it’s got a big screen and a quad camera at the back side at the same time uh it’s got a famous cpu the qualcomm snapdragon 765 inside okay so the price tag is around seven hundred dollars although there have been some price reductions these days on account of black friday so first of all i’m going to address the design the hue you’re seeing here is called polar knight it’s inspired by the finnish knights and the phone is quite massive it’s nine millimeters in thickness and weighs a hefty 220 grams uh it’s a bit elegant and it’s got mysterious vibes that’s what the back exudes but it’s also huge and a bit slippery uh i would also say that it will barely fit the pocket of your pants that’s how big it is it doesn’t have ip60 certification just so you know so it won’t take water and dust very well the buttons are pretty comfy the volume ones on the right side and also the flat power button here which holds the fingerprint scanner and we also have an extra button here which is supposed to serve you with google assistant okay so there’s that the back side draws a lot of lint and especially around the camera area there will always be some small specks of dust here it’s a stylish phone for sure but it’s very very big now as far as the display is concerned what you’re seeing here is an ips lcd 6.81 inches possibly the biggest diagonal i’ve seen on a mid-range phone this year 2400 over 1080 pixels and no gimmick there is no high refresh rate there is no hdr nothing just full hd and that’s it now let’s put it to the test and watch a video and see what it can do okay so we have this test video here and here we go the good news is that we’re not bothered by the punch hole here in the uh left corner and as you can see the experience is rather immersive i would say that we have pretty well calibrated colors and pretty realistic colors at the same time pretty vivid there’s a bit of a chin here which may distract you from your viewing and i would say that the wide view angles are present which is rather typical for lcd and the contrast was only decent this time in the sun the brightness is i would say good indoors but not that good outdoors on a sunnier day we have a pixel arrangement which is of the rgb stripes variety we also did a brightness test with the lux meter and achieved only 413 lux units which places us on the 225th spot in our hierarchy it may beat the motorola one fusion plus and also the oneplus nord plus the nokia 8.1 but it stays below the hallway p40 light and build below the xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g and the motorola edge why i’m comparing these phones together well because they share the same cpu and the same allure of a super high mid-range phone okay so if you also want to tweak the screen experience you can go to the settings you have your display here and you got features like the dark team nightlight adaptive brightness white balance so you can play with the color temperature on your phone so overall i’m pretty underwhelmed by the brightness i would say it’s just okay just barely above the mark which we consider to be good but definitely not a memorable screen now if you want to talk about other stuff i suggest we start with the inerts the hardware inside the cpu is the already famous qualcomm snapdragon 765 g a seven nanometers cpu octa-core variety accompanied by six or eight gigs of ram and by the way we have the version with eight gigs of ram lpddr4x and also 120 gigabytes of storage plus a microsd card slot in the mix i would say that it may be the fact we have a clean android or the fact that it’s part of the android one initiative or we actually have good hardware there’s no lag here to complain about so there’s that it’s a pretty snappy phone now when it comes to the benchmarks we have the tests here and i’m going to start with untwo to eight here is the score just above the moto razer 5g we also beat lg velvet and moto g9 plus well also just below the real me six and the redmi note 9 pro excuse me rode me redmi note 8 pro and below the moto g 5g plus for motorola when it comes to geekbench 5 the multi-core subtest here we are with the 54th spot just above the motorola macro which is not exactly flat ring but also beating the sony xperia 10 mark ii and the motorola 1 zoom also the galaxy note 10 light in case you’re keeping track or below the moto g9 plus and below the oppo rino 4 pro 5g which is one of my favorite phones this year in the mid-range department gamers will be curious about the 3d mark result which we have here 3dmark slingshot extreme es 3.1 here we are just above the oppo rino 3 pro 5g and also the motorola edge which is not actually bad we also beat lg velvet but we’re standing below the oppo renault 4 pro 5g and the oneplus nord performance is pretty good but there are definitely no records here i expect this device to not be laggy for at least a year maybe more than that now if you’re wondering about the temperature we always have tests in that area so in benchmarks we have 31.3 degrees celsius which is actually one of the coolest phones out there very cold in spite of the stress of the benchmark and in games just 33.9 degrees celsius once again no trace of overheating on this big beast bigger phone mix means bigger areas to cool it down probably now such a large handset should have had a large battery it’s actually a moderately large one it’s a 4 500 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt charging and let’s keep straight to our results so when it comes to video playback things are hugely modest 9 hours and 52 minutes this is just poor as you can see from the placement here 230 spot we just placed above the moto g7 plus and huawei mate 20 light which are older phones we even got surpassed by the predecessor nokia 8.1 motorola h has doubled the battery life oneplus note has several more hours moto g9 plus has six more hours so it’s a huge letdown continuous usage is at 11 hours and 18 minutes it’s more palatable if you ask me it’s rather okay just above the redmi note 8t galaxy a80 and also the xperia 1 mark ii if you want a higher level device however it’s inferior to the galaxy a71 and the one plus north the charging is a bit on the long side almost two hours actually one hour and 56 minutes and after 30 minutes you’re 37 after one hour at 72 percent i definitely expected more from this battery especially in the video playback area and seeing how we actually do not have a higher refresh rate okay now it’s time to discuss the acoustics when it comes to acoustics uh rest assured we do have an audio jack it’s placed here and here we have the singular speaker sadly is just in the way so if you’re playing music you’re totally going to cover it with your hand like this in landscape when watching videos when playing games or listening to music very unfortunate placement of this speaker which i’m going to put to the test right now so when you’re holding the device like this you’re covering the speaker [Music] [Applause] as you can sadly tell from me showing you this okay so as usual we also have extra texts but before i show you the tests that we did upon this speaker i should probably mention a few things so my only impression of the experience is that they have a good voice i listen to some rock tunes the new killer be killed album from max cavalera so good voice good guitars uh pretty loud you can sadly cover it the bass is rather modest and the high notes were okay there’s a big difference between 50 volume and the full volume that’s something i noticed actually 50 is almost unhearable so as far as the volume is concerned with the typical acoustic sample were 86.3 decibels which is above the samsung galaxy a71 and the galaxy s20 fe which is not bad the fe 5g for that matter or below the samsung galaxy note 10 light the oneplus note and the huawei p40 light the real kicker is the gaming 104.4 decibels the 10th spot all time beats several phones for a p-40 light galaxy s10 light huawei nova 5t stays below the predecessor nokia 8.1 which is actually the second place and one of the loudest phones ever still 10 spot not that bad now we’re talking about the camera as you can already tell we have a pretty big cutout here for the selfie camera 24 megapixel in a punch hole with size optics and then we go to the back side where there’s a quad camera awaiting with a dual tone dual led flash there’s also size optics here and there is a main 64 megapixel shooter with f 1.9 aperture with face detection autofocus there’s a 12 megapixel ultra white camera with autofocus there’s a 2 megapixel micro camera and 2 megapixel bokeh camera you can do 4k filming here in 60 frames per second there also there is also 960 frames per second slow motion video and a gyroscope aided optical image stabilization one of the special features of the phone is that it has a macro video and a special type of cinema filming which reminds me of what sony offered us on the last few xperias okay so here we are time to show you some of the shots we’ve taken we’ve taken quite a few and i should probably mention that is an interesting feature here the front camera films in 2k not 4k not full hd 2k for some reason so i’m going to start with the daytime gallery here we go okay so these daytime photos share something they’re not constant some of them may be masterpieces where other ones will be let downs so i’m happy with the color calibration you can already tell this is the main camera which produces solid colors and details while poor attempts at macros are taken with a macro camera solid level of detail quite okay colors and pretty good focus but every once in a while the pics feel a bit washed out and lifeless they don’t have that intense color that some phones deliver regular shot and ultra wide shot this one kind of curves the object on the side and also it delivers much less details as you can see from the three leaves in that area the zoom is i would say fine if you’re going for 2x zoom or lacking a telephoto camera but you should be on par with the whole p40 light when it comes to texture you can see that the device totally delivers so once again as i’ve seen on many mid-range phones we’re heavily relying on the main camera to deliver the goods i struggled and struggled again to produce solid macros and i was disappointed by them stick to the main camera okay now wearing a mask and going outside is something rare nowadays i took a bunch of selfies and i’m pretty impressed with the texture and the clarity and the details and the way i’m focused compared to the background is fine but the face is a bit too white the contrast is a bit too intense for my liking and i’m actually not that white in real life okay we caught enough image in the frame so the texture is also fine when it comes to the hair and the eyes too bad for the intense contrast several more shots here in the shade things are pretty washed out but cars are kept realistic and these are the actual landscape shots some of them darker than others some tendency to work over exposed vegetation when the sun really is shining upon it and uh possibly one of the best things is that we captured one of these beautiful autumn trees and here the sun was actually shining powerfully into the branches could have caused overexposure but it actually didn’t so these are some of the best shots we captured and the camera can really deliver at times but it’s not constant each time you think you’re surprised by something amazing we have these washed out photos these ones have a layer of white on top of them for no apparent reason they just look washed out the bokeh shots are okay when it comes to these toys so bokeh will check out and check out the differences here regular shot and the ultra white shot which is very warm and totally messes up the colors this is what the colors are and this is how the ultrawide camera interprets them which is a bit off and here we have the bokeh shots with the selfie camera which accentuates the pores of your face so there’s that and a few cats which we zoomed onto and we noticed quite a bit of noise the three sleeping brothers are here lovely texture of the fur but the details are definitely pale since we do not have a zoom camera okay so i would rather put it on par with the huawei p40 light and p40 light 5g or even the motorola moto g5 plus it’s definitely inferior to the oppo renault 4 pro 5g maybe also inferior to the oneplus north but at its best times it shines on par with the other mid-range phones uh the worst things about it is that the colors aren’t constant the ultrawide camera messes up the colors a bit and deforms them we don’t have actual zoom and the macro camera is for nothing the selfies are fine but the contrast is too intense now let’s see the low-light pictures okay so we’re done with daytime pictures let’s go to the low-light one we’re changing cities and the date and here we go now something i should probably mention here uh i know the fact that this street lights seem pretty big and uh i perceive the camera as capturing well not enough light as you can see here things are kept pretty dark but luckily we have a night mode which fixes that and some of the shots i’ve taken during the night are blurry you have to be patient and let it properly focus and clean up the image so you can get a proper shot in general much darker than i’ve seen lately even for mid-range phones but the shocking part was that you can actually apply night mode on the ultra wide shots and they look amazing in general ultrawide shots are pretty poor on all phones even flagships well this one actually seems to handle them like a champ when the night mode is activated but every once in a while every fifth or tenth photo you’ll get a moved shot if you hurry too much and don’t let it take the shot as it should so i would say we have some surprises in the low-light capture which is actually not that bad but it’s not constant something i said for the daytime photo as well it doesn’t deliver all the time it just shines in the most unexpected situations okay so here for example it handles the light sources pretty well but when it comes to the ultra wide as you can see this is too powerful of a light for it luckily we also have things like this so you can fix lighting just a single press and the magic of ai can do things for you okay so we have several more shots here when you can see the camera once again shining in ultra wide mode even though i’ll say it again if you’re not patient enough you’ll blur things uh also i noticed that some of the shots i’ve taken are a bit red for some reason they’re a bit more orange red and warm than i’m used to seeing this one for example has a bit of a red hue this is okay and this is actually with huge halos which happen when you’re taking an ultra white shot which is not using the night mode sound good some bad but overall i would say just above the galaxy a71 and a51 enough said about the photos let’s talk about the videos and we can go here because we have i think i filmed too much i have 20 video samples here so let’s take them one by one this is actually one of my favorite this is one of the best slow motions i’ve taken all year believe it or not the way the drops are falling here is pretty convincing finally a slow motion a super slow motion where the quality the image is pretty crisp we don’t have quality loss something i attempted multiple times was the stabilization test i wasn’t convinced at first so this is the i should probably mention something the microphones on this device are crazy they’re able to capture separate voices on top of a moving car on top of screaming birds children in the park now this on this small screen may look like an okay filming when it comes to stabilization but if you look closely at the ground you’ll see it vibrates when we’re moving don’t get me wrong it’s not the worst stabilization in the world but i expected just a bit more from the powerhouse that nokia was and the trees as you can see are a bit vibrating in the background okay so uh we also have a full hd sample here most of the videos were 4k this is full hd it’s definitely overexposed not many details so you want to stick to 4k for sure i actually noticed some refocus here and there nothing major but i actually did see it this is the selfie video which is actually not bad especially if you’re shooting in 2k i have the same complaint i have the galaxy a71 and a51 everything is pitch perfect clarity color stabilization texture focus however the contrast is too intense my face is too white and that’s basically my only complaint you can do some vlogging with it provided that this is fixed i did multiple attempts at macro videos wasn’t very impressed so let’s leave that aside and i loved i totally love the cinematic videos this is full hd 60 frames per second quite a bit of a letdown this is one of those cinematic videos one of the special features of the phone and possibly its best aspect it also applies a sort of filter it makes it feel like one of those old-timey movies and it’s actually getting to my heart in the best way possible so the areas where it’s shine are the selfie video and the cinema video and there’s that enough details in the 4k videos stick to 4k don’t use the full hd stabilization is just okay just passable now we’re going to the low light and before that i want to highlight that the oppo renault 4 pro 5g film is better than this phone it has godly stabilization i think we can fight in the area of the motorola edge motorola moto g5g plus the huawei p40 light 5g so there’s that but i would say higher than the huawei’s and this is the low light capture as you can see it’s totally red it should be yellow thanks to the street lights so definitely not good shaky big light sources and weirdly sounded we probably covered the microphones that’s why we have the weird sound at time but in general i was very happy with the microphone so basically stick to 4k videos and don’t expect too much from the stabilization as a constant as far as connectivity is concerned this baby has 4g also 5g has dual sim slots and it also comes with wi-fi dual band it offers you bluetooth 5.0 there’s also gps nfc wi-fi direct and the bottom port is the usbc 2.0 the calls were pretty loud and clear if you ask me and we also did a bunch of speed tests so let’s see what came out of those we go here we have the screenshots and here we go these are the results we achieved so as far as the wi-fi is concerned we scored 432 mega per second downloads 24.8 mega per second uploads and on 4g 252 over 30.5 mega per seconds i would say actually 31.1 was the highest value in upload actually i would say that uh these results are pretty solid so we achieved something that flagships can do so on a connectivity front i have actually no complaints okay enough about that let’s talk about the software software wise this device runs on android 10 with a pretty clean and stock interface and also with the fact that it’s part of the android one initiative meaning it will get the software updates pretty fast and for a pretty long time especially the security ones the leftmost home screen is the one that packs your google news and your most useful information you can keep pressed on the screen in order to trigger the widgets which are of course stock android as you can see we’re navigating using gestures we don’t have the usual buttons here it’s an option and uh let’s see what else for multitasking you do the semi swipe and you’ve got this carousel here and you can also apply the option of having split screen windows for security sake we have the site placed fingerprint scanner here in the power button and it works like this pretty fast and accurate and if you swipe down you’ll get to notifications and quick settings once again in a stock affair now if you go here you got your typical settings i won’t say the word stock again but you already guessed it everything is ordinary as you’d see on another clean vanilla android device we also have digital wellbeing and parental controls and a slew of other features including those related to the sound display battery apps and notifications okay so this is pretty much it we also have a dedicated google assistant button here which is a trend i’ve been seeing on lg and nokia phones lately uh let’s see what else we have here okay so we cover everything as far as the pre-installed apps are concerned just the typical google package we got your assistant we got your chrome we also have files there is drive there’s also gmail google google one lens maps and measure which is actually new haven’t seen on another android device before with measure you can actually measure distances and well i think you can also measure objects and areas so you should aim it at the surface with more texture or color i think i’m going to have to get used to this in the near future aside from that we also have netflix pre-installed here and photos and of course youtube youtube music and spotify plus podcasts okay this is pretty much it and just as we proceed towards the verdict i should probably show you some games on this handset i have already installed the most recent shadow fight if you’re into fighters it’s not just mortal kombat or injustice out there there’s also shadowfight arena okay so i think i’m going to have to select my character unless i already have okay and since this is the verdict i think it’s time to talk about the pros and cons now on the pro side we obviously have a beautiful looking back side we have a large screen which is always welcome when you’re dealing with persons who are to watch videos on the device and uh want to play games like this one here where i’m getting uh beaten up pretty much and uh other things we’re mentioning in the pro section well the device is pretty powerful you already know what this cpu can do the snapdragon 765 g and we also have 5g connectivity there’s no overheating we have a pretty loud speaker at the bottom side and i should probably also mention that the brightness is okay for the screen and we have an audio jack we have a micro sd card slot those are all pros and the main camera actually delivers pretty okay in the high mid range department the 4k videos have enough details for me and the selfie videos were satisfying us were the selfie photos i love the slow motion i love the clean os and the fast connectivity and those are the pros uh you may think by now that i’m actually impressed by this phone well i’m actually not that much because we have a lot of cons on the con side the phone is too big and too heavy doesn’t have ip60 certification it’s quite slippery and it draws a lot of fingerprints on its backside especially around the camera area it doesn’t have 90hz it doesn’t have hdr it has a rather poor battery considering its size and the expectations it charges in a pretty long time it doesn’t have stereo speakers the speaker the bottom is easy to cover the macro capture is definitely underwhelming and the camera overall is not constant so that’s a bummer even though you may succeed in taking some impressive shots there will be some times where we will be let down by the experience okay so aside from that uh i would say the stabilization wasn’t as good as expected and this will end the list of cons which i have for this handset so the conclusion as i seem to be getting totally beat up here the conclusion about this phone is that uh it feels like a seven if i’m being generous it may be a 7.5 that’s the conclusion you get here it should have been an excellent phone for watching netflix you got a big screen you should have a big battery but sadly the battery life is not enough in the end you’re left with a phone that has a very high performance it could work for gaming 4k video capture pretty good selfies pretty good main camera pictures but overall i expected so much more i was actually more impressed by the predecessor by the nokia 8.1 and this one has some very solid rivals in a similar price range some of them with a snapdragon 865 cpu like the xiaomi me 10 t and the mi 10 t pro which are definitely a better choice than this model so sadly nokia or better said hmd global hasn’t managed to deliver a proper super high mid-range phone i would actually go ahead and buy the oppo reno 4 pro 5g or one of those xiaomi mi 20. so this is it there you have it this is the verdict from a 7 7.5 tops for this nokia 8.3 5g sadly bye bye.
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