One UI 2.0: Full Review

Published on December 29, 2019
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So what is up guys Nick here helping you to master your technology welcome to my 1ui 2.0 for review now in this video we’re gonna take a look at the official software launched here for my galaxy s 10 I’m gonna go ahead and just boot this phone up and show you the first thing you notice right away so you’ll see this android logo at the bottom this is kind of seen on all of the android 10 devices so you know you got a Android 10 when you see that right there now this is the t-mobile motto I haven’t seen the 1 UI update the 2.0 for the note 10 unlocked yet but some note 10 users already have it alright guys so we are now in the phone and let’s go ahead and confirm that software so I already have it loaded up here you can see Android 10 and this is the one UI 2.0 so you can move these guys around in here and let’s go over here and show you one UI 2.0 so that’s a confirmation right there now one of the first things I noticed right away when seeing this new software is that Samsung decided to call the night mode now the dark mode and let’s go into those dark mode settings you can see that there’s also now an adaptive color filter I didn’t see this on my note 10 plus turn to blue light filter on automatically between a sunrise and sunset to reduce eyestrain so you no longer have to turn on the blue light filter yourself I constantly was turning that on manually every time on my note 10 plus for example so it’s nice to see this here for one UI 2.0 yes so goes from night mode to dark mode now there’s one neat thing about the 1ui 2.0 in the dark mode and that is that you can apply this dark mode now to the wallpaper so you can see right there if I hit that on and off it will turn the wallpaper different colors so let’s turn it off and show you what it looks like normally now let’s go ahead and turn it back on here in dark mode and we’ll see right here applied to a wallpaper you’ll see that the wallpaper gets a little bit darker so yeah when you have that on it does apply to the wallpaper so that’s pretty neat it’s a little bit more dynamic and a little bit less bright in your face and if we go ahead and turn off the dark mode here altogether the wallpaper does get a little bit lighter for you so can help your eyes at night just making the 1ui experience a little bit more comfortable to use already and another thing in one UI 2.0 that you’ll notice is that when you do raise the brightness you’ll see it’s a little bit thicker of a bar there also when you are in your volume menu and you’re going through your different volumes each one does get a little bit thicker as you do go through your system volumes Bixby voice notifications and the like so it’s just a little bit easier to read here and 1ui a little bit cleaned up here in the 2.0 version okay guys so the next thing we should take a look at is just the general look of when you set up wallpaper it looks a little bit different so you can see right here a little bit cleaner looking a lockscreen wallpaper if we go to my wallpapers you’re gonna see we still have the same stock wallpapers no new ones here for the one UI to point out at least on this galaxy s10 but one thing I will say that is pretty neat about this new phone is the new navigation gestures let’s showcase those right here so let’s go into settings we’re gonna search up the navigation bar right here and let’s click navigation bar right there now you can see it did give me a little prompt where it is on the screen that’s also pretty neat here in the one UI if we go into navigation bar you can see we now have the full screen gestures with a little bar at the bottom we know what that kind of looks similar to but it’s pretty useful to go back here now you can just swipe back just like you would do on a google pixel phone hold up to get to your recent applications now if we go to more options you can also see that we can change the sensitivity of that back gesture in addition if you just want to have the allow back on the keyboard you can do that as well but if you like the older swipe up from the bottom you could just click up here and you’ll have that older style if you were already used to it and you just like the way that worked more Samsung didn’t get rid of it at least here on the Galaxy S 10 or probably the phones that already supported that it might not be on the S 11 I don’t think it will but for this phone you can still do that also within here you can hide the gesture hint so you don’t even have to see it it could be a full screen experience and not only that the animations are a little bit different so you can see just the way it flies in and flies out it’s a little bit smoother than before and I really do like this for the 1ui 2.0 the first thing I noticed right away is just the way the phone feels is smoother and this makes me really excited for the Galaxy S 11 because it’s gonna have a more of like a 90 Hertz display and with this smoother 1ui 2.0 and with the smoother a1 UI 2 pointing on the combination of the new animations plus a 90 Hertz display on the next phone the Samsung Galaxy is gonna be super silky smooth next year I’m really excited about this so yeah you have plenty of new animations and plenty of new ways to navigate this phone and let me know your guys thoughts on this new setup so far you liking it are you not liking it are you just kind of sticking with the old navigation buttons let me know how you’re using the 1ui 2.0 another new feature with the 1ui 2.0 is Samsung has said to improve the clarity of text over wallpaper so seeing like the text and the icons are also supposed to be a little bit more crystal clear on this software than before so other phones might have a little bit of a blurry icon dpi now here for Samsung you should have a little bit more clear icons and when you change different color wallpapers you know sometimes the text could be a little bit hard to see this is not gonna be a problem on one UI 2.0 now the next one pertains to the one handed mode now we used to swipe from the corner now you just get the Google assistant like you would see on the pixel from those corners but for one handed mode you’re just gonna swipe down with your thumb and it’ll bring down the one handed mode I find that sometimes it does trigger that feature instead so you kind of got to get used to it there but that’s not the only way if that’s just a little bit finicky for you you don’t really like that let’s go back to our navigation bar settings here for the Samsung we’ll click navigation bar and we’ll go into here and we’ll put on the navigation buttons and to access the one handed mode here we’re gonna do a double tap but first of all we have to go into our one handed mode settings here so let’s go to one handed mode and you’re gonna see advanced features and you’ll see right here one handed mode right now I currently have it set to gesture but I’m gonna change it to the button since I’m on the navigation buttons so now all you’re gonna do is double tap and you’ll bring it down I find that a little bit easier than the gesture and that works pretty well as well so you have two different ways to use one handed mode it’s really up to you but I think it’s a little bit simpler and easier to use here for 2.0 now I also noticed here in 1ui 2.0 that when I do a screen recording on this phone let me back it out just a little bit if I go over here and do a screen recording it’s gonna prompt me pretty much every time to start this recording what media and sounds media sounds in mic or you know I can also go ahead and click in let’s go over here I can click in here to go ahead and do like the original settings like I seen on my Galaxy Note 10 but it doesn’t prompt me every time on android 9 whereas now it seems to prompt me basically every time when I do a screen recording so that’s pretty nice cuz then you kind of know exactly what you’re gonna set when you do your screen recording here for 1ui 2.0 that’s a thumbs up for me okay so now in fingerprint settings here you can go ahead and tap to show this fingerprint settings even with the OS on display not triggered so when it’s a dark screen you can just tap right here and it will show the fingerprint right there and we’ll go ahead and click it so you can kind of see where it’s at and you can get into the phone so that’s a pretty neat feature here for 1ui 2.0 before you would have to just tap the screen turn on then find your fingerprint or it would not show and you would have to kind of like find word is on the phone you might have got used to it but it’s just a little neat thing that cleans up the on display fingerprint experience here for the Galaxy S 10 and other one UI 2.0 devices with on display fingerprint sensors okay guys so device care has been updated for a more useful look so let’s scroll down here and get into device care and you could see just a new UI giving you a more simple and clean readout of your battery setting so we can hit optimize now right there or we can click the battery and you could see even more information and a clean layout I really do like this you can also manage your wireless power sharing with new battery limits that allow you to stop the charge at a certain limit so you don’t use all your phone’s charge when sharing that power with another user in addition we have this little light bulb right here that will tell you kind of some tips about charging your battery lifespan you could turn on auto restart I recommended that before in saving battery life and iPhones you can show this icon on the app screens as well so we’ll go over here and we’ll find that device care right there so you can also go ahead and hide that if it’s in your way you don’t want it on your home screen so this is a lot better here I think in terms of the device care settings it’s just really cleaned up I would still like to see maybe the ability to turn on and off the battery health kind of like what we see on the Apple to see where that battery actually stands that would be pretty nice but for now I do like the improvements we’re seeing to the 1ui 2.0 in device care so what the constant usage of smartphones these days it seems like they can get in the way of your life quite a bit if you’re not disciplined enough to control the phone and the phone starts controlling you so we now have digital well-being and personal controls that are gonna give you more of an enhanced experience and telling you exactly how long you’ve been using your phone when you could put it down you also have new ways to disconnect in the form of focus mode I seen this on the pixel first but you have work time me time right here which you can spend some mean time I really recommend you do this to get more focus and productivity in your life you can wind down here as well so definitely a lot of great things going on here for digital wellbeing you also have parental controls if you want to set up your own parental controls if you’re giving this phone off to a child or something like that but you can see that when it comes to getting focus on your phone samsung finally is offering a great suite of features here and 1ui 2.0 and is finally catching up with the other offerings from phones like the Apple iPhone with screen time for example can also access that focus mode right up here in the quick controls up there so work time or me time so thumbs up I really love this okay guys so let’s go on to the camera section I’m gonna try to go through this pretty quickly because there’s a lot to cover here you kind of see that it did get updated in terms of the look and feel also this new more tab allows you to kind of drag and drop the icons where you want you can make your photo experience a little bit more simple I’m not seeing the Instagram mode anymore which I’m a little bit disappointed by but let’s go ahead and see what we can do we’ll hit this edit icon and we’ll hold down my focus and I could bring that up there and I could just have photo and video in there if that’s all I want in my photo and video experience super simple now I can also grab and put them back inside of here and I could kind of move them around where I want them you’re also gonna see that you have the night mode right there and you’ll also see that if we go ahead and pull this shutter key out that remains here I also find that if you go into settings of the camera that a lot of this stuff got cleaned up there’s just not as many features in here Samsung is making their phones more simple and simple by each software update so yeah we’re getting pretty simple on the Samsung device fix revision ar emoji so yes you have plenty to play around with here for this Camry you can go out and flip to the selfie just like that and you have this motion photos feature up here as well kind of like live photos for the iPhone so yeah really nice stuff here I’m really feeling it what you get here with the camera updates I’m just kind of missing that Instagram mode and still there’s no pro video mode which is still kind of annoying but seeing as samsung is going for more of a simple feel with their phones and they’re reaching more of the consumer market I can understand why they don’t have a full pro video mode in their own application but I still would like to see it on the next phone okay guys so we’re gonna go to contacts really quickly here just something small you now have trash you can delete contacts and it will save to the trash and they will permanently delete after 15 days so if you accidentally delete a contact and you’re like oh what did I do you’re not gonna lose it because you now have a trash mode so I think that’s a pretty good thumbs up it’s just something that can make the experience better if you make a mistake on your Samsung phone the next one is in calendar so let’s say I want to book an event right here you now have this little sticker icon that appears in the calendar if I click this sticker I can now add stickers let’s say I’m gonna play basketball on the 17th it’ll add the basketball to the calendar I just really like this is pretty cool and in addition you can now use ringtones for alerts in your calendar application ok guys so in reminders for the Samsung Galaxy S 10 1 UI you now have a little bit of a cleaner experience you have a better shared reminders section where you can share your reminders with family and friends in addition you can do location-based reminders on here it’s just a little bit of a better experience when making reminders for the 1ui 2.0 not huge but still enough to make it a little bit of a cleaner look now a big one comes in the way of file so we talked about trash in context but samsung has cleverly added trash here and files this is huge because it’s very easy to delete files and forget what you just deleted and be like oh no I did not want to delete that and now you can recover that here in the files application this won’t be super you sort of people who don’t really download much on their phone but if you’re the type of person who does a lot of management on your Samsung phone in the files app you’re gonna love this 4-1 UI 2.0 and I also seen this and this was mentioned as well but I also seen this in like the note 10 foam but tips and help is here so if you need to get some tips and help about your Samsung devices your wearables your camera you got that here for the device and also if we do go into calculator and the unit’s converter we do have speed and time over here so just a new little thing you could do here and the calculator again I seen that on the note 10 plus as well but it’s here for the Galaxy S 10 and the last thing I want to talk about is just kind of my opinion on the speed and stability I think it’s smoother and actually a better experience and Android 9 actually my note 10 plus unlocked hasn’t got this software just yet it’s coming around the corner but I’m a little bit like not wanting to use that because I like this software more the animations look better the software smoother and I’m super excited about how this is gonna perform when we get like a 90 Hertz display on a Samsung they are cleaning house not to mention this is kind of the fastest they’ve been ever and updating their Samsung devices but in terms of longevity I don’t know if it’s gonna be there still so last thing I want to discuss is the battery performance it actually hasn’t been to much different than what I had on Android 9 so I’m pretty happy so far with the battery it’s pretty good it’s not draining like horribly like oh I just download the software I’m getting horrible performance I’ve noticed the phone get a little bit warm from time to time but not any warmer than it did on 9 so yeah overall 1ui 2.0 is it worth your time to update absolutely do this update it’s a stable software and I think you’re gonna love the new features it’s not a huge major rehaul it’s just kind of a refinement that makes the one UI experience just that much better and it’s so super feature packed with everything you love about your Samsung device so if you guys found this video helpful entertaining and forming do me a favor click that like button for me if you’re new here consider subscribing for more you won’t want to miss the next upcoming video I got coming to the channel I will catch you all in the next episode thank you very much for watching be sure to be well in peace.

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