OnePlus 7 Pro 90 Day Review

Published on August 18, 2019
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Hey how’s it going everybody now this is my 90-day review the 1 plus 7 Pro now this is the 12 gigabyte of RAM 256 gigabyte variant the blue alright now first off let me say this device has run terrific it has not done anything to warrant me – huh make a video explaining the things that have gone wrong because nothing’s gone wrong for those of you been watching my videos for a while you all know whenever a device starts screwing up or does something kind of weird I immediately make a video and I and I talk about it alright but the 1 + 7 Pro has not done that now let’s talk about how I’ve been using my 1 plus 7 Pro so I stay in touch with the you know – the what’s it called I keep my finger on the pulse of 1 + I installed the 1 + community app so I can see what’s going on in there I’m using the 1 + photo gallery I enjoy doing that it’s great I’m using the 1 + messaging app using G board this one + messaging app is nice it has a lot of cool features inside of it I also have Android messages installed on here come over here and have a look and then I’ll switch back and forth periodically there it is right there it runs terrific as well now as far as everything else goes you know that the standard themes on here and I’m saying the phone is running terrific no problem at all the 12 gigs of ram definitely does make a difference Qualcomm 855 it has the u FS 3.0 storage 90 Hertz refresh rate yes the phone feels extremely fast I know you all have heard a lot of people talk about this but I’m telling you this okay after 90 days of using this phone in every way shape and form whether I’m using it as a daily driver or whether I’m reviewing another device and using this as a backup you know I love watching movies on this is because straight up I mean look at that display that display there that’s the champ no not no hole punches there’s no shenanigans going on with this display it is beautiful alright and speaking of the display in the 90 herds in the 1440 my battery life a lot of people say battery life is a subjective and it can be but this is where battery life is not subjective if you follow my advice and you say you run your display at 70 or 75 percent and you don’t you know you don’t set it to automatic just put it at 75 percent throughout the entire day and night and you will easily get four to five hours screen on time the device will last you all day long I have no problems with this now the time is where it does go through the battery say you start playing some games and then you’re playing that’s felt 9 into it and when I play games I I turn my display I kind of brightness up I want to see what’s going on alright and yeah but other than that that when you are playing games or doing other intensive things the phone it’ll get a tiny bit warm but it doesn’t get hot like some of the devices well this doesn’t do that alright now as far as charging goes right over here you got the fast charger yes it works they call it warped charge yes it works it does all that anyway so that’s enough of that so we talked about the battery we talked about the display we’ve even talked about some performance right let’s jump into the camera now this is where I start thinking that you know this game become subjective now I’ve posted a lot of photos on Twitter regarding the oneplus 7 pro photography and I’m happy with this camera now the one thing I have noticed the dynamic range can be a little funny in our dynamic range ok I can try to explain that say you take let’s say you’re outside during the day and you have trees you let the sky you take a photo and say the shadow under the tree is like really really really dark but everything else is good right or reverse that say the shadow under the tree is like a you can see everything under the shadow but everything like in the sky and everything else is kind of blown out occasionally I have that issue on there all right not always now I love the way the 1 plus 7 Pro records video I recorded some of my YouTube videos with it I’ve gone around town just recording some video it’s a lot of fun it’s a great camera I’m happy with the quality so there’s no problems there no it’s not a pixel no it’s not a s 10 plus but at the same time it’s right there with it it’s close okay and if it wasn’t trust me I would say I wouldn’t mention it okay y’all know how I am already if something isn’t up to speed I bring it up alright so there we go and speaking of that since I mentioned those other devices I want to say this isn’t necessarily actually this is not a budget device those days are gone no more budget device $753 and this is running with the big boys all right this is running with the Samsung’s with the pixels and all the other ones and – it’s running with alright straight up what else can we talk about here as far as everything else goes I’ve mentioned the performance I talked about all that I talked about the storage basically the connectivity the connectivity on this device is great I have no problems I have no problems talking with people or they hear me I hear them I receive all my messages when I’m supposed to whenever people call me I received a calls on and on and on now no headphone jack y’all know how I am I’m hard-headed about it I’m moving on I’m doing my best to move on but it’s not easy okay we’ll just say that but you know what if you have a that comes to the with the dongle no it doesn’t you can connect a dongle it does not come with one you can connect the dongle thing in there plug in your headphones and you’d be good to go but it does not come include it in the Box anyway so no headphone chap so if you’re one of those people that’s a die-hard this could be an issue okay it’s been a bit of an issue for me but y’all know that I recently went and purchased some extra bass Sony headphones I call them the sport ones and I guess that’s what they are the sport Wireless and I use those at the gym so I’m not having an issue there so it does do that I’m by the way this does not have an IP rating and now I’m in the gym I usually get soaking wet with sweat and stuff and hopefully there’s a gross some people up but whatever when you work out you’re supposed to get sweaty but I haven’t had any issues with that this phone is a tall phone so if you’re using it as a gym phone and you’re sticking this in your pocket be careful because you could bend it especially if you’re like doing some deep things like you’re bending at the knee really really deep when you’re stretching your shorts and I really don’t know if we can take an arm band case that you can put this in so just be careful maybe your workout t-shirt as a has a pocket that you could put it in you can switch back and forth but I recommend that because I have noticed whenever I’m doing certain exercises and do to this phone’s length I have been worried about possibly bending the phone but I mean it’s not like it’s not like the phone is bendable I’m just saying if you’re playing of pressure to anything it will Bend okay so just be careful if you’re using this as your gym phone it is kind of big and when it comes to gym phones you know and in a perfect world I would prefer a smaller device but yeah the the pros outweigh any of the cons somebody might have with us and as the far as the cons go the only the only negative I could mention or even say about this is is no headphone it slipped out of my hand I don’t about the case on it all right so it’s all slippery geez everything’s falling apart right now that’s it though the only con is no headphone jack then again even the the the so called flagships of the day of the year they don’t have the headphone jack either so I think you know I know I’m not one of those tech reviewers that that enjoys or I don’t what’s it called I’m not going to stick up for companies we’re removing the headphone jack I don’t agree with any of them doing it the Samsungs or the googles or whoever no it’s not they shouldn’t be doing it and I think one-plus should have left it in themselves all right well that being said though yes wired your phones get in the way it’s been happening to me you know cuz I’ve been using my wired headphones on some other devices and yeah the damn uh the headphones get yanked out of my ear and all that other stuff so you can go on one plot on the oneplus website they got the oneplus wireless headphones you know boo through Oliver you go on there and get those probably like they’re 90 bucks or something like that but anyway don’t quote me just go on the website have a look and there you go but for the most part scale of one to ten this is getting a solid nine the only reason is getting a nine is I’m still gonna throw a little fit over the lap the lack of headphone jack right if it had a headphone jack I would give it a 10 this is a phone that I’m not going to be trading in it cuz it runs great alright this is a fast phone this is the Need for Speed phone and oxygen OS it’s not it’s not a uh what’s it it doesn’t like Bob down you know the resources it doesn’t Bob the phone down oxygen OS is amazing alright it’s always up to date right now as we make this video it’s all gonna stop well duh it’s it’s August 17th and I’m on the August security update I’m on the August update so that’s good to go right there all right but anyway that’s sort of it for this video I really appreciate all your watching but I said those Skilling with the tan solid solid 9 I’d recommend this phone right now best phone of 2018 plain and simple that’s gonna be it for this video thank all you for watching y’all are amazing and I will catch all of you on the next one.

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