Oppo A53 Review | Still one of the best budget phones in 2021

Published on February 8, 2021
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There were a couple of budget smartphones that i didn’t quite get around to reviewing before we all dragged ourselves wearily into 2021 and one of them was this weeble lighter here the oppo a53 now the year 53 has already dropped in price to just 150 quid for 2021 so that means it’s already cheaper than the mortar or mortal g9 power and it’s stiff competition for the poco m3 stiff and while it’s far from perfect i actually preferred using the oppo e53 this last week when i had my sim slapped in there compared with those other two rivals so here’s my in-depth oppo a53 review at last and for more on the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so fair enough on the outside the oppo f53 isn’t the most exciting of designs it’s a fairly standard budget offering with glossy plastic construction which proves to be quite the fingerprint magnet seriously this thing loves picking up greasy fingerprints more than i love meat that is stuffed inside of all wrapped around other meat but at least because you’ve got that dark coloration that does help to hide the worst of it until it catches the light just so and then you kind of recoil with the small sounds that originates right in the back of your throat but this is the electric black model if that’s not quite your bag you can also pick it up in a mint cream version which sounds rather unappetizing but it’s there if you want a paler version and apparently the reflective design here is inspired by the shine and translucent glimmer of ocean waves now i actually shifted to the oppo a53 from the motorola moto g9 power which i only just reviewed and the transition certainly made this phone feel like it was really light and compact and easy to handle although at 186 grams and with a 6.5 inch screen that’s surrounded by not exactly teeny bezels it’s certainly about average as far as budget blows goes for the size and the weight the good news though is that the oppo a53 is certainly tough enough to handle every day life you’ve got some light scratching down here around the bottom edge but that’s not bad considering it’s been something knocking about textbook towers for a couple of months now and i’ve been using it full time for a week plastic bags they do tend to scratch up a little bit but that’s not too bad and around front you’ve got a gorilla glass three quarter across that display you’ve also got a pre-installed screen protector as well just for added protection if you actually turn the bugger on though you’ll find that like a lot of those cheapy moto and xiaomi phones the oppo a53 is still languishing on old android 10. the last update i saw from oppo did not include the a53 and its android 11 plans it should get that update at some point though because it is still a pretty fresh handset but to be honest i wouldn’t expect much love beyond android 11 if you know what i mean basically don’t hold your hopes up for a bit of android 12 on this come the end of the year 2022. for now though everything is fine the oppo f53 is still perfectly usable with that color os launcher as in bonus features like this nifty one-handed tool and some worthy face recognition to back up that rear fingerprint sensor again though it is the old color os version 7 which hopefully should get an upgrade to the latest color s as soon as you get updated to android 11. and as you can see it doesn’t mess too much of that stock android vibe you’ve still got an app straight thank god to tidy all your stuff away and you’ve still got that google feed if you like a bit of that action but of course the settings menu with color os is one of my major base it’s still an absolute state thankfully though all of the features that you’d hoped for and expect are present on the oppo a53 including dual wi-fi support and nfc for your google pay action you do only get 64 gigs of storage with the oppo f53 which is half the amount you’ll find in some rivals the likes of the motorola moto g9 power but thankfully it does take microsd memory cards to expand that by a further 256 gigs on the a53 rocks a 6.5 inch ips display similar to that moto g9 power in that it’s got an hd resolution 1600×720 the visuals are still absolutely fine they’re not grainy or fuzzy i was certainly happy enough streaming netflix with disney plushes but you can certainly notice the difference in detail levels compared with fullhd rivals like the poco m3 the real me seven and so on it might not be a full hd display but it does support 90hz refresh rates and it does run at that 90 hertz level full time as well unless you’re running an incompatible app i’ve got to say though even with that 90 hertz mode active it doesn’t feel as smooth as quite a lot of its other 90 or even 120 hertz rivals likes the poco x3 stuff like that as far as the screen brightness goes as well it’s absolutely fine on that maximum level it’s not exactly icier and though and sometimes the auto brightness like a lot of these budget phones it does act a bit of a full and does whatever its wonderful little heart desires basically that’s pretty much it for my complaints though the colors on this display are quite punchy for an ips screen you can control the color temperature to suit your preferences you’ve got nice wide viewing angles all that good stuff you’ve also got a stereo speaker set up here on the oppo a53 as well for your media doesn’t seem to work for the likes of skype though uh just stuff like youtube and when you’re actually blasting music out of this thing the top speaker is actually fairly decent for a stereo speaker setup you know it’s not incredibly tinny or incredibly quiet like a lot of these budget blows with so-called stereo speakers that’s absolutely fine for you know a bit netflix but youtube or whatever but if you are going to be listening to music you’re going to want to plug in with a bit of the headphone jack action down below otherwise you’ve also got dependable bluetooth 5 support as well and absolutely no issues streaming music to the likes of speakers or headphones now i’ve got to say i wasn’t expecting particularly great performance from the oppo a53 as it uses qualcomm’s basic snapdragon 460 chipset backed by four gigs of ram but thankfully however i found that the everyday experience was pleasingly smooth you don’t see many jutters at all when you’re flicking between apps and such forth everything works as it should and i definitely prefer the performance here compared with the big rival the poko m3 you also get that dependable adreno 610 gpu so gaming in pubg or call of duty on those lower detail settings is an experience i rather liked aside from the parts where i got shot in the head by ass hats like this little goddamn oh you’ve got a 120 hertz touch response rate which helps the action to feel fluid and of course that color os game space feature which helps to keep your mind on killing wave after wave of these little bastards who should be doing their golden mats homework instead of playing games one of the other undeniable highlights here on the oppo a53 is that fantastic battery life as well it’s got a five thousand milliamps which is pretty standard uh for a budget blower and or some rivals the likes of the poco m3 and the mortal g9 power have a bigger capacity seller six thousand million but i found that this was just as good if not better to be perfectly honest i found i would easily get two full days of use between charges that’s even with pretty intensive use the likes of skyping and you know plenty of camera use the kind of stuff that usually drains those batteries pretty quick and that’s with bugger loads of screen on time as well and when you do finally manage to drain it it’s only got 18 watt fast charging so not the nippiest around but perfectly standard for this sort of price point so let’s finish up with a good old squint and that triple lens rear camera which is headed up by a 13 megapixel primary sensor don’t get too excited about the other lenses though you’ve basically got a simple depth sensor and a piece of 2 megapixel macro effort that you’ll find slapped on basically absolutely every budget smartphone for reasons everyday test shots taken by the oppo a53 are generally pretty good for this price point colors are occasionally a little faded but detail levels are respectable even if you try zooming in just to the three times level this is just a basic crop of your photo of course there’s no telephoto action here so you won’t want to push in anymore or else you just get some fuzzy blocky results moving subjects sometimes come out a little bit blurry so kids are naturally great fun to shoot maybe just nail their feet to the floor and you’ll probably do all right and the indoor shots are often grainy and warm but i’ve seen far worse performance at this price you’ve got the typical camera bonus modes like a portrait effort that usually works really well with little to no jank sadly there’s no night mode here however and that’s a shame because the oppo a53 definitely struggles in low light things get very soft and dark rather quick there is however a pro mode that you can use to try and fiddle around with like the iso levels and some of the other settings to correct some of the issues that you’re seeing it doesn’t always work particularly well but it is another option for your video needs you can only shoot full hd clips with the oppo a53 there’s no 4k option here but i found that the whole movies i grabbed with this thing were perfectly serviceable the focus coups well with moving subjects it just keeps things flat as you’d expect there is some saturation in stronger lighting but nothing too dramatic and audio pickup was good front and back it did the job nicely and last up that simple 8-megapixel selfie snapper struggles more than the rear camera when it comes to harsher conditions often [ __ ] in its pants entirely when bright backgrounds are involved although the impact is definitely worsened when using the portrait mode which otherwise does a good job and at night you’ve got a screen flash feature thing which i didn’t absolutely hate so right there’s my full final review of the oppo a53 got there eventually i have to use that as my full-time smartphone for a week and i’ve gotta say i enjoyed it more than some big rivals like the poco m3 and the mortal g9 power certainly as far as the camera and the performance scores i definitely thought it was a step up the fact that it’s dropped in price now as well means it’s a bit of a bargain so certainly if your budget is around that 150 pound mark i could see you could do far far worse than the oppo a53 it’s probably one of my favorites around right now anyhow that’s what i think what do you guys reckon if any of you actually been using the oppo a53 it’d be great to hear from you down below leave your own little mini reviews and please do poke subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week cheers everyone love.
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