OPPO FIND X3 PRO (REAL REVIEW) real flagship best camera everything you need to know

Published on March 29, 2021
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What’s going on everyone this is your boy kevin back again with another video for you guys today i got the new released by oppo this one is called oppo fine x3 pro this phone it is not a cheap phone guys when i say not cheap this is expensive the price range of this phone starts from thousand and it goes higher and higher but this phone it’s got every flagship specs that is up there it’s into this phone so pretty much what i mean by that you got the newest chipset you got four thousand million battery you got reverse charging you got a 65 watt supercharge and this phone has a microscope so you can take pictures in a microscope i’ve never seen that on a phone it’s the first time i’ve ever seen it and the display on this phone is 6.7 inch guy super amoled and it’s got 14 40 times 32 16 resolution so you’re gonna have a beautiful display to watch videos on and it gets very very bright before we start this video guys make sure you smash that subscribe button there’s a little bell at the bottom make sure you press that so every time i make a new video you’re going to get a reminder and make sure please give this video a thumbs up [Music] okay guys so pretty much you get a really big box fine x pro so what does that mean this is the pro version and 5g and you can get the non-pro version too see what’s in here so you got plastic manual book you got english my ebook shows you how to use it and you got it in chinese and i think there’s something else yes it is so you got an oppo card i really don’t know what that is pull this out first let’s see what’s inside so you get a case two guys and the case honestly i’ll tell you guys right now it’s a really nice case very strong really nice but they made it black why would they give me a black case when you have a such a beautiful phone so you can show off with the color on it makes no sense we’re going to try it in a minute headphones cable and you get a 65 watt supercharge and it’s pretty light isn’t that such a beautiful color honestly it looks like it’s actually made of mirror but it’s not it’s actually made of glass and it got aluminium frame all around and you get a little bit of curved display with a 6.7 inch full amoled display you got your camera right there you got your volume rockers right there on and off right there and you get your sim tray and this is chinese version it is not global version if you guys can see already fingerprint and i haven’t even touched it that much so every time you’re going to touch this phone you have to wipe it it’s going to drive you nuts if you ever need a mirror and you cannot find a mirror you can use this as a mirror and if you guys can see the camera so you got the two bigger cameras right there they have a little bit of pop-up and you got the camera right here and a camera right there and these ones are flushed in and you got your flash right there honestly i really like the camera setup on this phone it’s kind of unique it is different and the phone is really really light for having a 4500mah battery feels really good in my hand it is very smooth the back of the camera does not even bother you it feels like it’s flushed into the phone so if you’re playing a game you’re not gonna actually feel them there but look at this look at all these fingerprints honestly for me a phone like this it would drive me nuts so i came up with the solution we got a clear case as well too we’re gonna try the clear case if you guys can see you can see the color on it so this is the case that actually comes with the phone look at this you got a big pop-ups on each corner that’s gonna really protect your phone if you drop it you are good and actually it does protect the camera too look at that so anywhere you put this phone you move it around you are good to go you don’t have to worry about it and you get beautiful on display guys look at this it’s got beautiful images you can just go through them so you get a flagship phone here and you’re paying a lot of money for this phone and this phone should have every spec as a flagship phone should have let’s go look at the specs guys so you guys can see better what kind of specs this phone has before you guys going to go buy it you got 6.7 inch amoled display hdr 10 120 hertz refresh straight you got 14 40 x 32 16 pixels you got gorilla glass 5 front and you got a glass back platform you got android 11 color os one 1.2 quantum snapdragon triple 8 adreno 660 camera you got 50 mp wide you got 13 fp telephoto you got 50 mp ultra wide 3 mp micro and the phone can record 4k 60. selfie camera you got 32 mp wide and the phone can record 1080p third battery you got 4 500 milliamp you got fast charge of 65 odd 40 percent in 10 minutes you got fast charge of 30 watt you got a reverse charge of 10 watts phone has on display fingerprint scanner and face sock lock it does have nfc but the nfc does not work with google pay for memory you can get this phone in 256 gigabyte eight gigabyte 256 gigabyte 128 gigabyte and there is no card slot for color glossy black blue white so right now it is 120 hertz refresh rate guys or you can put it at 60. that’s 60 that’s 120. let me show you guys 120 this is 120. very nice and smooth look at that let’s try it at 60. honestly you can tell the difference is a little bit slower on display fingerprint scanner guys and it comes with face unlock and they both work so fast this is the fastest face unlock i’ve ever seen on the phone is this and the fingerprint scanner on this phone works fast as well let me show you guys let’s try the face unlock let’s see what it’s got guys for apps come on so you got wi-fi mobile data silent mode bluetooth flashlight location airplane mode auto rotate natural tones provision dark mode eye protection power saving personal hotspot screen record go left and you got do not disturb opal share screenshot nfc remember guys the nfc on this phone does not work with google pay because this is not the global version and you got switch data and reverse wireless charging okay so for main settings i’m going to show you guys a little bit what this phone has got let’s go all the way up so you got your bluetooth and connections you got your personalized let’s go here so you can personalize your temps your wallpaper is always on display your icon icon layout your fingerprint style is one of my favorites so if you want to use your fingerprint in the front you can go through any of these styles that you like then you got your front display size your colors notifications it’s got much more guys and you got your edge lighting so if someone calls you you can have the edge light up you got your ringtone maker and video ringtones then you got always on display display brightness this phone gets really bright guys you got color modes for color modes i recommend you guys to leave it at vivid brings the colors out more and one thing about this phone guys when you get it right out of the box make sure right away you come to screen resolution because they have it at 24 12 times 1080 f hd plus you can put it at 32 16 times 1440qhd then you got your sounds let’s go to ringtones [Music] notification status box fingerprint face unlock privacy security bruno bruno is like a samsung having a big c but this one is in chinese you got your uh tools battery app management storage additional settings school language so these are the languages that come in this phone does not have much that’s it you got your otg connection user account software update about phone here pretty much tells you quick how about the specs of the phone like it’s running on android 11 how much ram you got then etc and this phone is snappy guys if you want to open something it is fast it is quick no lag so if you guys can see i download google assistant let’s see how quick there’s a response open camera opening out that’s fast try it again facebook instagram honestly for geekbench i think this phone should have a lot of scores let’s go do a geekbench on this phone so we can actually see the scores on it so if you guys can see single score is 904 multiple score is 3 honestly guys beautiful display and it gets very very bright and the speakers on this thing are loud let me show you guys a video so you guys can see better how the display looks like and we’re gonna do a sound check on this phone that’s max [Music] [Music] yes this phone snapdragon 820 hertz refresh rate if you want to see i want to see how quick does this phone download i have a 5g internet in my house we should do a quick download test on this phone then play a game and see how’s the gaming performance on this phone wow this is the fastest download i’ve seen yet guys honestly guys look at this camera set up beautiful camera setup and you get 50 mp times two and you get a 32 mp selfie camera and this phone can take beautiful beautiful pictures guys and this one does microscope pictures i’ve never seen that on the phone guys and this phone has it let me show you guys the camera settings on this phone then i’m going to take some pictures and some videos for you guys so you guys can see the pictures and videos this one takes so you got your nightmare for nightbot you can go ultra one zoom two times three times for video same thing ultra one zoom two time three times and you can play around with your beauty let’s pull this down so you can record 4k 60 and you got a video stabilizer you can turn on the ai if you turn on the ai it’s going to make your videos more nicer and more brighter colors photo photo same thing ultra white one zoom two zoom five times zoom hold it up like this you can go 20 times zoom you got your hdr your ai same thing turn it on you’ll make the colors come out more you got your filters and you got your face beauty portrait same thing you got your face beauty and you can go two times zoom you got your filters your timer for more you got your dual video slow motion time lapse movie for movie you can make your own movie stop videos customize it and you got a video stabilizer right there too export panel tech scanner ai photo microscope stickers and bruno scan and one thing about these flagship phones obviously you pay a lot of money to have a good camera so the camera should not have a delay when you’re taking pictures so if you want to take five pictures at the same time you should not have no delays between let me show you guys what i mean by that so my camera right now say i want to take a picture of this let me put it right there so i want to take one picture but if i want to take two three times picture you should not have no delay so let’s go so it does have a little bit of delay and you got your micro lens right there too so yeah that’s pretty much it for the camera guys now let me show you guys some pictures and videos that i took with this phone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thousand dollar phone you got beautiful camera setup that takes beautiful pictures beautiful video and the video stabilized on this phone does amazing job guys like honestly the pictures that this phone takes i took a lot of pictures with a lot of flagship phone honestly tell you guys the truth i think this one was the best out of all of them so far that i reviewed they are so crazy they are so um detailed and you got a 4 000 million battery obviously it’s going to last you for a whole day you got 65 watts supercharged honestly you plug it in it’s like a supercharged like the phone charge is like right away and you got a beautiful display 6.7 inch honestly if you want to watch 4k videos in this phone you’re gonna enjoy it and if you want to play games in this phone you have no problem it’s very nice very spoon 120 hertz actually makes it more smoother and you have loud speakers to listen to even music the only thing that i just don’t like about this phone honestly like i really don’t like it let me show you guys honestly a phone like this you want to show off with it you want to go everywhere with it honestly i usually don’t put cases on my phones i really don’t like cases because when i’m paying 1000 to 1100 for a phone i want to show it up with this one i cannot do that because every five minutes i have to wipe it that’s what i don’t like about it it could be good for a girl to use it because you can use it as a mirror because honestly it is pretty much a mirror so yeah you guys let me know in the comments what do you guys think about this phone and i’m going to catch you guys on my next video.
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