Oppo Reno 2z Review and Unboxing – Better than a Samsung?

Published on June 24, 2020
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Hi ole, thank you for joining us back here at Mr. Yoo Hoo great to have you back today so today mister you who are going to be looking at the Opera know – Zed mobile phone we’re going to be doing an unboxing a bit of a short review of it and also putting the phone and the camera interaction now the reason why I purchased this phone is I’ve had the samsung galaxy for years now and didn’t want to quite pay the very very high price they wanted so thought I’d go for something for the similar features to Samsung Galaxy but much cheaper price so I bought the Oppo rhino to Z so very she didn’t have a look at it compare how it films against the samsung galaxy s a plus no no it’s an older phone but give you an idea about how it compares to some of the high spec phones on the marketplace they will do a bit of run around do some videos do some photos so you can have a look at it and always wait always make sure you let me know what you think of the video to go any suggestions and please like and subscribe so I’m let’s dive into it at mr. Yu [Music] [Music] here we’ll start by looking at the Renault – unboxing so as you can see it comes in a really lovely box straight away and I love how it kind of shines off there as we take the box lid off and remove that so that’s obviously the instruction booklet that comes out and then there’s the the phone which I need to sleep pop out so it comes in its own plastic clear case and as you open that up straight away you can see how nice the phone looks it’s a beautiful design I think this is one of the things that really stood out about the phone that came with is how pretty it looks now those the cameras you’ve got the 48 megapixel main camera you’ve got the 8 megapixel wide lens and the 2 megapixel mono lens and you’ve also got the selfie camera at the front that pops up so and we’ll just have a quick quick look at the phone so as you can see you turn on and there are the it’s very vivid vivid colors and details in place we’ll look at that again shortly as well so if you go into the box and have a look it’s open up now another thing is it comes with a Patrol which looks a bit heavier they Patrol as I’m used to the past comes with your charging lead as well it also comes with a case which i think is a nice touch as well not sure how this would work in regards to break ability of the phone but then it’s fit straight over it sorry with my phone making little noises then it wants to talk to me and then we have obviously the pin and the headphones as well which I know about you guys that was very similar to why the headphones I’ve used in the past and that beeping is a phone trying to talk to me hello phone so that’s the unboxing of the phone okay so I’m going to start by first using the Oppo camera to see help films when I’m talking to it then we’ll do a comparison against the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus now on where the comparison is just while the galaxy is in an older phone I want to kind of show that the Paris between a cheaper phone and one of the older flagship phones in place as you can see the image quality is very very good you can see me quite clearly the sounds very good as well and you can see the background of the river and you might have seen the the Brisbane River City Cape just go past as well yeah very very good camera and I can actually use this for filming my YouTube channels as well so let me out the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus and after this will go for a bit of a walk and I’ll take some photos and types of videos and kind of show you how this camera looks in action the IE so here I am filming with the samsung galaxy s a plus which i’ve used to filming in the past and as you could probably see it gives a bit of a faded look in the background sometimes the actual background is not too defined so I kind of I caught like a Jewish foul goes you Jewish like that I probably see if I step out and then I step back in that’s the impact of it and take like the view of the Brisbane River here in Australia’s third-largest City so there you go now here we are doing it for action shots as we’re walking around and having a look see how it compares and here’s the pop-up selfie camera with the video as you could see quite good video quality as well as I move it around it seems to hold quite well actually she’s good [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you like that bit of video recording and photo taking adventure that we went on what is that thoughts about the Opera Renault 2z what does this to you who think but we see it as a top notch mid-range Android phone if your value design and screen quality highly some of the pros about is it’s very very good value it’s a big movie loving screen it’s got a high quality glass build looks really good it’s got a great little mechanical camera that pops up as well the downside is the quad camera Pro doesn’t work as well as it should and it could do a little bit more GP power now probably wouldn’t purchase this phone if you like to play lots of games as it can be a bit slow with that and the camera can be slightly consistent at times for example if you’re running around and a move in trying to film like this it doesn’t catch up that being said though it’s got a big beautiful color screen the cameras still really good and it sounds really good when you record I’m recording on at the moment and before I found in this price range it can’t be beat as you can see filming at the mode with the Brisbane River behind me it’s holding quite good and it’s a very inexpensive phone and hopefully soon we’ll be able to stream Netflix HD on the phone as well because the screen looks really really good when you’re watching it and as you compared to say the Samsung Galaxy 8 plus as well there’s been a lot of issues with that camera in the past now this one is really in its own so yeah I hope you enjoyed the review it’s a great little phone let me know if you up but do any more reviews in the future of mobiles or technology like this as it were here to help you know men’s lifestyle and men’s channels so let us know so make sure you like the video subscribe the channel and thank you for joining us on this opera no 2z unboxing review at mr you.
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