OPPO Reno5 5G Review – The content creator 5G phone?

Published on March 6, 2021
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A week back we unboxed the new oppo arena 54g and opportunified five these are the company’s newest style and camera focus handsets designed for mobile creators today we will be taking a look at the oppo arena 5 with 5g to recap we noted in our impressions article that we were pretty impressed with the design screen and good speed out of the box we also noted that due to its use of a 5g capable chip this is the more now and future ready device between the two to check the unboxing build and design and our impressions visit the link that we added in the description below now we will share with you our full review so hi this is peter of ghz.com and let’s see if the oppo arena 5g is the right phone for you out of the box we were very impressed with what we saw on the display of this device number one the bezels the vessels are super slim the top bezel is tiny the side bezel is tiny as well and the shin vessel is slightly thicker but it is slimmer than a lot of other 4g smartphones that we tested in the past for example there is a huge difference in the size of the bezel below coming from the renault 4 4g and this firino 5 and rena 5 ig phones this will provide a more immersive screen experience as the screen real estate is bigger than the competition and previous generation phones moreover oppo is using a nice type of display in particular this is a 6.4 inch 2.5 d curve amoled screen with 90 hertz refresh rate full hd resolution at 411 pixels per inch thanks to its use of a 1080p amoled display the images are crisp the colors are accurate yet still punchy at the same time and look at the contrast look at the blacks look at how these produce colors this is a pretty nice type of display even the viewing angles are very nice and thanks to its use of a 90 hertz refresh rate the transition when it comes to animation is so much smoother and let’s say for example you will play some games that supports higher refresh rates you will be able to have a smoother gaming experience compared to other phones with 6 different panels in its display settings you can even switch to the light mode or dark mode depending on what you want and it even has an auto switch the auto brightness works very well it has an eye comfort mode to prevent blue light from damaging your eyes especially when you’re reading in the dark and it has the auto screen off authoritate and you can adjust the color temperature it even has this natural tone display that kind of works like the true tone or apple my only concern here in its display settings is i can’t find the switch to turn off the 90hz mode that’s important for some apps that do not need to use the high refresh rate mode of this device and it will help in saving power as we all know the higher refresh rate mode it’s more power compared to the regular six degrees mode so i hope that oppa will be able to add that feature on the final software of this device and this can actually go pretty bright actually in terms of specs oppo said that it has up to 750 nits of brightness personally i find its display to be bright enough even for outdoor use it will only suffer a little when the sun directly hits its display as it will be a little bit more reflective than usual overall we find its display to be amazing for netflix youtube viewing photos gaming and more for gaming we even find its touch response to be accurate in particular this has a 180 hertz touch something rate so i think that helps with the accuracy of our touches when it comes to playing games for speakers it only has a single done firing speaker below and personally i would not like it better if it has stereo speaker setup as it will produce a wider sound stage and maybe an even louder output but fortunately the type of speaker that also use in this device is pretty loud in particular we find it to be loud enough to feel a quiet room with music and it isn’t distorted even if you craft the volume all the way up to 100 actually the audio from its speaker has a surprisingly wide sound stage and respectable separation even if this is just a single speaker setup however do not expect bass response to be strong but fortunately as i mentioned earlier clarity is okay overall audio quality is decent for a smartphone with a single speaker for bluetooth audio it works perfectly even with other brands let’s say for example this one plus uh dws earphones it is working pretty well with this device i would also like to highlight that it even shows some information regarding the battery of your favorite wireless earphones along with the type of codec it is using for playback this allowed us to confirm that the phone’s bluetooth connectivity supports ldac if your object gear has ldac as well this is great for high resolution audio listening for calls the ear speaker of this device performed really well actually i find it to be clear enough and loud enough for calls for cameras as you can see it has plenty of cameras at the back you will find 64 mp main shooter at f 1.7 with pitta focus mdis followed by an 8mp of 2.2 secondary shooter it is a 119 degree ultra wide angle camera and a 2 mp macro camera as well as 2 mp mono camera for depth sensing and of course it has an led flash located here in the camera island as well similar with other alpha devices that we tested in the past it has an ai mode for scene enhancement there is an auto hdr and i like that also has a flash mode and you get to see here plenty of filters also you can easily switch to the ultra wide angle you can easily switch to the 2x zoom mode and it even has a 5x digital zoom mode and the maximum zoom of this device is 20x and that’s nice even if this device doesn’t have a periscope camera for uh optical zooming and even if it is just a digital zoom the digital zoom that oppo used here is pretty respectable overall i also find that it has the portrait mode although you cannot adjust the level of blur here and for the other modes it has time lapse extra hd macro for super close up shots slo-mo it can record 1080p and 720p slo-mo pro mode the pro mode is the pro camera mode and it has shutter speed up to 32 seconds white balance adjustments manual focus exposure adjustments and of course the iso you can adjust it up to 6400 that’s actually higher than the usual 32 000 from other camera phones and here it has a film mode and a dual view mode panorama and sticker the film mode this is actually a new one and this will allow you to shoot pro videos and you can even enable the stabilization here you can have a grid you can easily switch to the ultra wide angle mode and overall i think that this film mode is a nice to have feature especially for those content creators that knows how to use the pro camera mode of their devices especially when it comes to taking videos here you can adjust the white balance you can adjust the exposure you can adjust the shutter speed and you can adjust the iso i just don’t know why you can’t access the manual focus on the ultra wide angle mode but the manual focus it is working for the main camera of this device you can adjust it especially you can adjust it to your liking for selfies it has a single 32 mp up 2.4 shooter to recap the oppo arena for last year has two cameras in front and the other one is for gesture controls but this time it only has a single camera and that single camera as i mentioned earlier is these 32 mpf 2.4 sensor this selfie camera also has the auto hdr several filters portrait mode and it even has a night mode the night mode of this selfie cam really helps especially when it comes to taking photos in the dark now let’s take a look at the camera samples we took using the back and front cameras of this phone including videos let’s expect that the cameras of this phone perform very well in daylight colors are consistent across all the cameras even the ultra wide camera is impressive and detailed as well also as you saw earlier this can zoom nicely up to 10x even the 20x zoom is decent and it will enable its users read text from afar that even our naked eye can’t see this phone also has a macro mode and that macro mode will enable its users to take close up images actually super close up images however it will only work on areas with bright lighting this phone also has a portrait mode but it is just decent for me it is far from being the best around and occasionally it fails it isn’t that impressive in terms of background to subject separation hopefully oppo can do something about its portrait mode on future updates the inter performance using the 64 mp shooter is impressive quality degrades when you use the ultra wide angle camera though same with low light the 64 mp camera is decent the ultra wide camera will produce softer and grainier photos the solution use the night mode and mind you guys this device has one of the nicest type of night modes that you will see and this price point for me it shoots faster and better night modes compared to older iterations of oppo phones the night mode of this device is not perfect but it is not cartoonish compared to older types of night modes as well for selfies the overall quality is good even for inner shots but expect to have an extra smooth looking skin tone using the phone’s ai face beauty technology in low light will suffer on auto mode fortunately even if there are artifacts the night mode the screen flash combination of this device will help you take better selfies in the dark for videos impressive this records up to 4k videos using its main camera with stabilization up to 30 frames per second and of course it has plenty of details but ultra right video at 1080p is a bit distorted though hdr is decent as well if you want to further increase its stabilization the ultra steady mode for both the main and white camera works the ultra steady mode will just scrap the frame a little to ensure better stabilization and because of that the ultra steady pro even lessened the distortion of its wide cameras for videos it also shoots smooth looking 1080p 120 fps slow motions and 720p to 40fps slow motion videos in daylight for selfies it has 1080p ultra steady selfies but if you want a wider selfie with lesser stabilization switch to the normal mode also take a look at this oppo now has a dual view video mode so hi this is speedrupjusguy.com and today we are trying oporino 5 5g’s dual video mode so here as you can see my face is on the left side and on the other side you can see the shot being taken by the main cameras of this phone you can even zoom zoom like up to five times then switch back to the regular one x of its video this is a pretty nice one for the specs this device is equipped with a seven nanometer euv snapdragon 765g octa-core bronzer with a maximum flap speed of 2.4 gigahertz this one is paired with the adreno 620 gpu 8 gigabytes of ram lpddr4x 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage it is not expandable sadly on paper that type of specs is decent and it will be good enough for most and in terms of actual performance no problem this is a pretty fast phone a very responsive one it can multitask very well and it runs all of the apps that i know with ease of course it won’t be faster than high-end smartphones but for the price this is pretty fast enough and it is as fast as the oneplus nord 5g and the vivo v20 pro 5g those are two of the similarly priced phones that you will find in this price point for benchmarks only those with a flagship chipset will perform better than this device and overall social media users and those who just like to multitask on their phones will never have an issue with this to need pick i would have liked it better if oppo included a micro sd slot and so some people the 128 gigabytes of storage is already not enough but oppo didn’t mention if this device has some sort of cooling system but based on our daily experience especially when it comes to browsing videos uh checking the internet viewing photos and playing games occasionally it never heats up to an alarming rate it gets warm at times but just warm not hot speaking of gaming this is a pretty capable gaming device especially for the price we were able to run the call of duty mobile on high settings and mobile legends on high settings without any issues it even has this game space assistant that will automatically adjust the solution has the brightness lock it can block notifications it can even reject calls and you can even switch to the low power mode balance mode and competition mode when you switch to competition mode frame drops will be lesser however it will heat up a little bit more compared to the normal mode but if you are in an air conditioned area no problem just use the operation mode and this phone will help you win some games now check this call of duty gameplay that we will show now [Music] [Applause] [Music] for connectivity it has dual band wi-fi 5g 4g lte bluetooth 5.1 otg a gps glonass beidou qcss galileo and dual sim slots that’s a new complete connectivity experience that you don’t normally see on mid-range smartphones speaking of 5g this device has a nice type of 5g connectivity it is really fast way faster than 4g and pretty stable all you need is just an area where you can try this next generation 5g technology we use it to stream netflix video seamlessly watch youtube videos without any lag play online games without buffering and download files faster and just enjoy browsing in a very very fast way for security it has a fast and accurate in-display fingerprint scanning technology and a face unlock technology that works even in low light for battery this device is equipped with 4 300 milliamperes of juice that is not the biggest around but it isn’t the smallest either actually anything above 4000 mah is considered as quite large at this price point in our pc mark work 2.0 battery like this this recorded 7 hours and 49 minutes of usage this score is lower compared to other phones we tested with same or even lower battery capacities that is likely due to its use of a 90 hertz panel which its battery faster compared to other 64 screens as our secondary phone it lasted for one day 17 hours and 50 minutes and the total screen on time since last full charge is 7 hours and 12 minutes and guys that type of screen on time is considered as decent in general you can still use this phone for around a day on a single charge even under heavy usage for charging this is the fastest in the country yet for the price it has a 65 watt super voc power brick out of the box yes guys it is included in the box unlike other brands and this type of charger is considered as small for its output that’s very impressive however you have to remember these things number one you should use this charger to charge this phone number two you use an oppo voc cable other cables are not working with the super vo oc 65 watts charging i only tested a few from other brands that works with this but to be sure use the stock charger in the box on this phone and based on our experience using the super vo oc flash charge technology the super voc 2.0 technology it can fully charge the phone from zero to 100 under 40 minutes that’s super fast for software this device runs with android 11 that android 11 os is paired with the color os 11.1 skin and unlike before color os is no joke anymore this type of android skin is now considered as clean looking it is quite fast the dark mode works the screen gestures are just okay and the only noticeable caveat of the color or skin this time is the few noticeable load wears like for example some apps like the soluble operators music party but a lot of them are useful for oppo users so i don’t really mind it that much i also like that it has gesture screen controls aside from the usual android keys although my only concern is this i cannot swipe right to go back you need to swipe left first before you switch back to whatever you are browsing or looking at other than that this is a clean android skin it is fast and i don’t have major issues with it now here’s a summary of the things that i like and dislike about this device number one i like its stylish and slim build number two the great display number three it has good cameras number four it has respectable performance number five it has super fast charging speeds and number six it has 5g connectivity the cons number one battery life would be better we noticed that its battery drains faster compared to other oppo smartphones in the past that we tested and the storage is not expandable it is just clear that the battery of this phone drains faster than what we expected hopefully when the final software of this phone is already out the consumer ready software that problem won’t exist anymore our verdict at 23 999 pesos this is a solid all-around smartphone it is slim handy stylish and quite fast at the same time this also has a great display and the fastest charging speed among all sub 25 000 peso smartphones also like what oppo advertise we find this phone to be good for taking photos and videos it isn’t perfect and it doesn’t have the speediest chip for the price but this could be a good choice for those who are looking for a 5g ready smartphone with a great display decent performance super fast charging and good cameras without shelling top money if content creation in a mobile phone is your priority this is arguably the best class overall it is a pretty good one so what do you guys think do you agree with our review do you like this one please let us know in the comments and thank you so much for watching if you like this video please like and subscribe and i’ll see you guys on the next one stay safe and bye bye you.
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