Poco F2 Pro full review

Published on June 13, 2020
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Hey what’s up guys will here for GSM marina 2 years after the value-packed poco f1 made a name for itself by offering a flagship chipset on a budget the next model the poco f2 pro has finally come out it’s going for a considerably higher price so is it as good of a deal let’s find out in our poco f2 pro review [Music] despite is considerably lower price than the true flagship the poco f2 pro boasts a premium build is made from Gorilla Glass 5 with a solid aluminum frame and smooth frosted matte finish the phone is overall a bit thick and hefty but I like the feel of our cyber gray finish it gives the phone a bit of a metallic look despite the glass I also like the rather unusual back design with its X shape arrangement for the four cameras although the poco f2 pro has some slick looks its build isn’t totally premium it doesn’t have any IP rated waterproofing but this isn’t really expected for anything less than a flagship and actually it’s pretty hard to waterproof something that has moving parts like the f2 pro is pop-up selfie can the mechanism is fast and besides its flashy colors the main advantage is that you don’t have to house the camera and a notch or cut out so the display can be as bezel as as possible it’s a six point six seven inch OLED with a 1080p resolution a significant upgrade over the IPS LCD on the original poco f1 you get of course deeper blacks and an LCD can provide and brightness is impressive here around 500 nits normally and a boost of up to 850 nits in auto mode colours are decently accurate too if you opt for that in settings and their support for HDR tan content as well you don’t get a trendy high refresh rate just a regular 60 Hertz but there is a fast 180 Hertz touch sampling rate for increased responsiveness to input like many phones with OLED screens the poco f2 pro makes use of an honor display fingerprint reader to save space on the body this one is reliable and fast it’s just the unlock animation that’s a bit on the slow side in addition to an always-on display the poco f2 pro makes use of the LEDs on the pop-up selfie cam which glow if you have a notification or when the phone is charging for audio the f2 Pro has a single bottom firing loudspeaker it’s quite loud but quality wise is no match for phones with a stereo setup vocals do sound okay while the songs in general sound flat with no real bass [Music] however you do get a 3.5 millimeter audio jack up at the top convenient if you want to plug in traditional headphones the f2 pros interface is the poco launcher – based on Xiaomi Samia Y 11 and Android 10 the interface is not much different from regular me uy visually except for the fact that there’s an app drawer here by default the app drawer has a search bar at the bottom for easier reach and it’s super customizable – you can group apps by color alphabetically or even some custom groupings gesture navigation is pretty standard issue here that one like some other solutions we’ve seen this one lacks a quick switch between recent apps one thing that is missing on the poco f2 pro is expandable storage but there are options for 128 or 256 gigs onboard so you shouldn’t run out of space anytime soon and there is a game turbo feature basically a space where you can control game performance and settings you can get pretty in-depth with it with an individual profile for each game as you’d expect from a flagship killer the poco f2 pro has the latest chipset onboard a top-of-the-line snapdragon 865 CPU and GPU performance is awesome on par with the best out there and you also get support for 5g network speeds gaming is a breeze and the f2 pro handles everyday tasks without a hiccup great battery life on phones is usually reserved to those that don’t run such a high powered chipset but the f2 Pro managed to surprise us with this 47 hundred million power power pack it scored an endurance rating of a hundred and twenty hours in our proprietary tests it’s the best score we’ve seen from a snapdragon 865 phone yet and the charging capabilities are no less impressive the poco f2 Pro comes with a 33 watt power delivery charger and with it we were able to charge the phone from 0 to 60 percent in half an hour a full charge took just over an hour on the back of this phone is a 64 megapixel quad bear main camera a 5 megapixel macro cam a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle cam and a depth sensor without a telephoto camera the poco f/2 Pro is a bit behind the con addition and we were hoping you could make up for that in quality let’s have a look the main camera outputs 16 megapixel photos and in daylight the overall performance of the camera is very good but inconsistent the photos generally have nice color reproduction great sharpness and high detail dynamic range is decent too but about 20% of the photos came out looking just off softer and lacking in detail we couldn’t put our finger on what was causing that but we hope it can be addressed in a future update portrait shots are taken with the main camera and they come out pretty nice with natural skin tones and competent edge detection if the background isn’t too complex there is a two time zoom toggle in the viewfinder but these are just a crop from the main camp that’s not to say that these are bad in fact we’re quite happy with the level of detail though sharpness could use some boost the ultra wide camera offers similar renditions to the main one in terms of colors contrast and exposure as you’d expect though these are a little softer and dynamic range is a bit more narrow but distortion correction is spot-on now onto the macro cam which really stands out in the sea of poor macro cams that we’ve been seeing this past year this one has a native 2 times zoom due to the 50 millimeter lens plus autofocus so you can afford to be a bit further away from the subject the shots are sharp with Pleasant colors and nice fine detail at night the poco f/2 pro’s main cam is nothing to write home about the contrasts and colors are nice in the dynamic range is adequate but the shadows are a bit too dark and the worst about these photos is the general softness switching over to night mode fixes most of these issues all the noise is gone and you get much more detail and sharpness it does a good job with the shadows and highlights as well and even light sources shots from the ultra wide-angle camera at night aren’t very good they’re smudgy noisy and lacking in detail and there’s no night mode here that could help things out night mode isn’t available for the zoomed photos either so as you can guess the image quality there is hardly a winner let’s talk selfies the 20 megapixel pop-up selfie camera snaps some nice-looking photos with plenty of detail and nice skin tones even in more challenging light situations now onto video recording the poco f2 Pro actually supports shooting an 8k at 30fps which is the current trend although truly enjoying the benefits of such footage is difficult without a similarly high res display as far as 4k video goes footage from the main cam at 30fps is pretty good it’s sharp and contrasting with punchy colors barely visible noise and wide dynamic range the ultra wide camera is capable of doing 4k videos as well and has similar processing with just a little drop in sharpness these are definitely some of the better ultra wide videos around you can shoot videos with a macro camera as well in 1080p resolution these are detailed and sharp though there’s no stabilization here so although you might find an artistic way to use this kind of footage you’ll require a tripod or a gimbal speaking of stabilization you get eis on both the main and ultra wide cams even in 4k and it works quite well and if you want to go even smoother you can use the gimbal like steady video mode though resolution is capped at 1080p so just like most flagship killers that poco phones cameras are competent but not quite a flagship level they do a decent job though and even bring something unique to the table with a dedicated macro cam with longer lens so that’s the Xiaomi poco f2 pro just like its predecessor attack some great features for the money you get a bright and Nacho’s OLED screen with an a snazzy and premium looking design there’s a flagship grade chipset competitive fast charging and chart-topping battery life and they’re not perfect but the cameras are pretty versatile except for the lack of a telephoto besides that there are a few things missing here compared to a true flagship like a high refresh rate screen waterproofing or stereo speakers but these are probably not deal-breakers for most people especially at this price now the poco f2 pro isn’t exactly a cheap phone that was a lot of what made the poco f1 so popular but at 500 euros it’s able to compete with devices going for over a thousand if that’s not bang for your buck I don’t know what is and the poco f2 Pro deserves our recommendation thanks for watching guys stay safe and see you on the next one.
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