Published on December 25, 2019
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Hey YouTube Carter here what would the log this is the channel where we thought about sneakers life and tech and for this episode I have a very special pre-christmas unboxing for all of you this is the cherry mobile flare s7 Rafi tool for in action version otherwise known as the tool phone you will be unboxing it checking the features out and at the very end of the video I’ll share with you if it is worth buying at the retail price of three thousand nine hundred ninety-nine pesos let’s go if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet please make sure that you do so why because we are giving a bunch of items away including this Rafi tool phone in action tool phone cherry mobile flare s7 smartphone all you guys have to do subscribe to the channel follow me on Instagram wait until the very end of the video where I share with you the mechanics on how we will be giving this smartphone away so let’s kick things off with the unboxing and then we’ll take a closer look at the phone go over the specifications as well as me sharing with you my initial impressions after using it for a little over a day so as you can see over here it comes in this custom Rafi tool for an action box you have the picture of Rafi tool so over here you have the details or the special features of the phone you have the idol ringtone the idol wallpapers and the tool fee app which we will see in a while it says over here tool phone tool phone also over here along the side cartoon picture of rapid to info on the other end and then you have the specifications of the device here at the back if you slide this top cover open it reveals the actual flare at 7 bucks so this is your typical cherry mobile flare s7 box and if you slide this one open you get to the phone now please do take note that I already tinkered with the phone so it doesn’t come anymore with the wrapper and I have turned it on and am playing around with it but to give you guys an idea the pace your typical Flair s7 there’s nothing too different about it the only big difference is that the BAP they put some sort of like decal which says Rafi tool for inaction so it’s like some sort of a textured sticker over here so it’s not engraved it’s not like a special color edition it’s just this sticker at the map that says Rafi dunno in action and then you have the cherry Mumbai logo here at the top now we’ll set aside the phone first so we can go over what else is inside the box then we’ll get into the details of the smartphone if you take a look at what else is here we remove the top cover of the box you have well this used to be where the battery was this is like earphones so a wired earphones you have the charger over here you have the USBC cable by the way that is a USBC cable phone which is awesome you have the manual and then you have the rest of the Quick Start Guide over here so let’s take a closer look at the Cherry Mobile Flair s7 tool phone so what are the specifications it pass immediate a quad-core processor it’s the MP six seven three nine quad-core processor it comes paired with three gigabytes of RAM it also has a 5.5 inch HD Plus display over here you have 16 internal gigabytes of storage which is expandable to 128 gigabytes its dual SIM one slot is LTE one slot is 3G you have a dual camera setup for both the front-facing and the back camera the back camera has a 13 megapixel mean shooter and then a 2 megapixel back up shooter with LED flash as well a few advanced features that you see in premium devices it has a fingerprint scanner at the back it has USB see like what I mentioned earlier and it also has face and lock with the two camera setup at the front that’s 2400 milli amperes of battery and it runs on Android or you 8.1 I’m just by looking at those specs you can already tell that they pace outdated for example a lot of the smart phones that you buy today have 4 gigabytes of RAM minimum the processor at quad-core MediaTek 679 is definitely outdated even the internal storage of 16 Jacob 16 gigabyte is not acceptable anymore considering the amount of space a lot of applications sneak up on your so that is the biggest like drawback of the tool phone you are paying current budget price for last year’s budget smartphone wherein you can buy today’s budget smartphone at much better specifications with the same price now let’s go over the Rafi tool for features inside the smartphone the most important one is the tool fee which is basically well a selfie with an image of Rafi tool for superimposed on your picture so what’s the funny is they didn’t even put it at the mean you know screen you have to go deep into the applications and then look for it which you can find at the bottom beside YouTube and if you click it this is what the application looks like so you have that initial cartoon of Rafi tool for you can pick between portrait or landscape to be able to pick the photo let’s for example tick portrait over here and as you can see it has that picture of Rafi tools for at the front and whatever photo that you take it has his picture there at the foreground so if you think like a quick selfie it’s like having a picture with Rafi tools for with idol in front which is kinda weird so that is what a tool fee looks like just for everybody’s information now apart from the toll free app you also have the Rafi tool for wallpaper which is just one wallpaper that you see over here there are no other Rafi tools for wallpapers you think that is a big missed opportunity because they could have put in more wallpapers of Rafi tool for that you can only find in this smartphone so that’s definitely a letdown and lastly you have the ringtone which apparently is like some sort of song for Rafi tool for so I’ll play it for you guys so you have an idea what it sounds like so it’s called draft eyeball roughly and this is its outside so it has some sort of like reggae vibe to it and it just keeps on saying Idol Rafi which is again a cute song for the Rafi tool or smartphone that I think it’s another missed opportunity because they could have put in so much more in terms of audio featuring Rafi tool for I mean they could have put in like an alarm of him waking you up or him like giving you inspirational words or some of his most memorable lines could have been put inside the phone to give it more of that graphic tool for fan but vibe that a lot of people are looking for because that’s the main reason why they’re buying this phone in the first place now how is the overall performance of the device when it is last year’s budget smartphone so it is last year’s budget performance what does that mean there is a noticeable lag when you are using the smartphone it’s not smooth in any way and you can get that feeling right off the bat as you are checking out different applications app loads kind apps load kind of slow including games such as mobile legends the camera is a bit slow when taking photos the front-facing camera is next unusable because it is super pixelated the front-facing camera is unusable when it is low light it kinda works when there is decent light but when it is low light you don’t get a lot of love from the photos that you take so should you buy the cherry mobile s7 tool phone ultimately it is for people who are massive fans of rafi proof or who just want a souvenir or merchandise from their iBook if this kind of novelty item more than anything else because ultimately it is last year’s budget smartphone you cannot go around the fact that the specifications are outdated the camera is not as good as you would want it to be it is kind of slow and sluggish but it does have rapid tool host name it has like novelty features like the tool fee as well as the wallpaper and the song which makes it that kind of device however for pure performance purposes for bang for your buck there are better budget smartphones you don’t even have to look far because you can just buy the cherry mobile as it which is this year’s cherry MOBAs budget smartphone offering which retails for the same price of three thousand 999 pesos so if you are a massive fan of rappy tool phone and you want you know his first phone in your cabinet in your collection then go ahead knock yourselves out and buy it however don’t think for a second that this is the best budget smartphone that you can buy this year 2019 moving into 2020 especially since this is 28 pins budget smartphone said let’s get to the mechanics on how you can win this cherry mobile flare s7 Rafi tool for an action tool phone special edition smartphone that is a mouthful what are the mechanics number one you have to subscribe to this channel hit the subscribe button down below hit the thumbs up button to like this video share it on Facebook and then after that a follow me on Instagram join our Facebook community all of the links can be found in the description box and then leave a comment down below on what is your favorite moment of watching Rafi to equal whatever episode whatever memory that you have of him whatever story fascinating story that you have of him just leave it down below and include your IG handle we will be drawing the winner on January the 1st with that said I hope you guys enjoyed our short video for today advanced Merry Christmas I am uploading this December 24 I have a special Christmas unboxing the morning of December 25 so make sure that you guys watch that one because I also will be announcing another major giveaway come December 25th in the morning that says peace god bless what’s up boom.

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