RealMe 5 Pro Review and First Impressions! ??? – My First Phone Review! ?

Published on November 30, 2019
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Hey guys how’s it going welcome back to the channel my name is Sean and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the real me five pro this is a phone that retails for 399 dollars in Australia which is hard to comprehend it’s got four cameras I went to the event that really had a few weeks ago for their Australian launch I was really actually quite impressed and now they’ve sent me the phone for review and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and today I’m going to give you my full thoughts and impressions on this particular model so if you like this video it’s my first mobile phone review let me know how I did check it alight get subscribed and let’s begin [Music] so the phone that real me has sent over is the real me five Pro this one comes in sparkling blue and I’m going to quickly go through the technical specifications as I know some of you I do really care about that stuff so this particular model has a gig of ram 128 gig of internal storage you can expand that there is a microSD expansion or as well as a dual sim expansion as well so you can put two SIM cards in here for the CPU you’ve actually got a Snapdragon 712 CPU and an Adreno six one six GPU on the actual front of the screen you’ve got a 6.3 inch full HD screen with a pixel density of 409 and then the actual peak brightness is 450 nits of brightness as well on the front you’ve got a 16 megapixel front-facing camera which works as a face ID unlock all those no infrared sensor included so at nighttime it might be a bit tricky but on the rear of the phone you’ve actually got a touch ID fingerprint sensor as well a lot of touch IDs patented by Apple but I’m gonna call it touch ID on the back of the phone as well down the bottom here you’ve got a USB type-c connection for charging the battery and for doing data transfer it does support vogue fast charge 3.0 and they give you the 20 watt fast charge adapter in the box as well which is absolutely awesome again when you consider this phone is only 399 dollars the battery inside is 4035 milliamp so it’s going to give you about 14 hours of battery life and a standby time of up to a hundred hours but the battery is not removable so you can’t actually take that out and service it yourself you can take to one of the roomies service centers and they can do that for you and then obviously I guess the main feature here at the back of the phone is the quad camera so you’ve got a 48 megapixel camera a 16 megapixel standard shooter which you can also do portrait mode you’ve got a wide-angle lens and also a macro lens as well so for the fact that you get all this technology for cameras USB type-c fast charging face ID and touch ID on the back is absolutely insane and you can expand this up to again you can put an SD card or a micro SD card in there so up to another 256 gig on top of the 128 that you’ve already got on this phone so that’s all of the technical specifications if you have any questions let me know what we’re going to do now though is take this phone outside do some test footage of the cameras so you can see how they all work and then we’ll come back and I’ll give you my I guess final thoughts an opinion hey guys so we’re outside at the moment and this is me just doing a quick test recording using the front-facing 16 megapixel camera and hopefully you can get an idea of the video quality and also the audio quality from the built-in microphone on this device I think the colors are a little bit washed out but I think for you know doing video calls face calls FaceTime calls whether they call it on the Android version or you know just simply wanting to make videos for Instagram or snapchat this camera is perfectly fine alrighty guys so right now we’re just doing a quick little walking test just me hand holding the phone this is a video recording at the full 4k resolution let me know what you think it’s not too bad there is definitely a little bit of starter there’s no optical image stabilization it’s just all digital stabilization and you know the audio that you’re hearing is from the dual team microphone so let me know what you think alrighty so right now we’re just doing another video test this time this is 1080p at 30 frames per second it can also do 60 frames per second as well if that’s something you prefer but as the 4k video is 60 frames sorry 4k video is 30 frames this is 1080p at 30 frames as a comparison okay and now we’re recording 1080p at 60 frames per second so again just reminder no optical image stabilization the audio you’re hearing is just from the built-in microphone it’s kind of breezy up here but this is 1080p at 60 frames per second alright so this is you know just one more video using the wide-angle lens this is recording at 1080p you can’t unfortunately record what angle using sorry you can’t record 4k using the wide-angle lens you can only do 1080p so this is 1080p using the wide-angle lens [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so now that you’ve seen the sample video footage and photo footage now we’re at the point of the video where I’m just going to give you my thoughts and opinions on the product and maybe whether or not you should consider picking this phone up maybe at Christmas time as a gift or maybe for yourself so I’ll talk about the things that matter for me I know it’s going to be different for everybody but I’m gonna go through I mean my five or six things that matter and what I think about each particular one so starting off was the CPU and GPU performance for me that always has to be really really good I play some pub G I play some fortnight play some jetpack joyride I do a bit of everything on my phone as well as you know default things like texting calling video chat all that kind of stuff and the CPU and GPU hold up pretty well on some of the games I couldn’t play them at the highest settings I did get the occasional stutter I didn’t even feel though the phone was getting so hot that the phone started to thermal throttle so overall the CPU and GPU worked really well and there is some software I think it’s called like game boost which is part of the Android operating system where essentially it will basically give more resources to the particular game that you’re playing when you’re you know having a game of pubsey and it might go for for a while so you sort of don’t get any stuttering or any lag during of gaming sessions the battery life again was really really good I charged this phone once and was only using it sort of on and off for about a week and it lasted the whole time if you’re obviously a more demanding user 14 hours of battery life I think is gonna be good enough that you’re gonna be able to get through a day or a day and a half without having to recharge it but a highlight for me was the fact they included the fast charge as the 20 watt charger which connects by a USB see in the box and they’re not making you go out and have to buy that somewhere else afterwards I think that would be a bit sucky I hate it how Apple doesn’t do that I mean even on their iPhone 11 Pro they only give it like an 18 water filter in the box this particular model they’re giving you the 20 watt adapter in the box at $399 so to compare that to Apple’s $1400 phone it’s pretty awesome the security and software so this is running color OS which is a version of Android it’s color OS 6.0 and in terms of security face ID works for me really well is nice and quick so it was touch ID you can put on your different launcher if you want to put a different launcher on to change how the apps appear and look on the screen and how you know you slide up or get to your application menu so that’s really good that it’s still running Android and go to the Google Play Store and you get all that full access to all those all those particular features the speakers could be better I mean it’s a bit of a disappointment now that in 2019 that you have to worry about cupping and covering your speaker on most phones now the speakers work in sort of like a stereo mode so if you do cut one you still do get sound coming from the top speaker here but on this model unfortunately you do need to be mindful of you know if you’re playing a game and you cup it with your hand it’s going to block all the sound coming out so something to be maybe a little bit mindful of and you do get a headphone jack though so I mean I guess you lose out on one feature but you still retain a headphone jack which is nice on their website they do mention the fact that this phone is splash proof or splash resistant they don’t actually give an IP X rating though so there’s no guarantee that if you take to one meter for 30 minutes or five meters for five minutes that you’re going to get any sort of protection they just say it’s splash-proof so you still need to be mindful that you don’t chalk this in your pool or take it in your pocket when you’re going into the beach or anything like that or even knocking it into the kitchen and sink it we’ll handle a little splash from you know maybe something that’s coming from your sink or from a drink or something like that but definitely not don’t take this under water any time soon they do say that they have seal it up a lot of the phone but I mean it’s up to you how far you want to push it there’s no guarantee there’s no IPX rating so just take that into consideration as well now the cameras the cameras you would have seen again in the sample footage and in the video quality and the photo quality that you can get a lot done at this particular price point these phones 399 those you’ve got four cameras on the back of one at the front and all of them are really good low-light photography at nighttime is probably its only opportunity but again you need to remember this phone only cost three hundred and ninety nine dollars and I guess this leaves me out my final point this phone is rock-solid you get the charger you get the phone they include a screen protector on it you even get in the box a clear case which is really nice the only thing you don’t get with this phone is a pair of headphones which for some people they probably would get the headphones that are in the box and chuck them in the bin use what they already have already so would I recommend this phone for someone who’s starting off or wanting to give it as a gift or maybe for themselves 100% yes would I give this phone to somebody who has already been using maybe like an iPhone age or an iPhone 10 or one of the latest Samsung or Google phones probably not because I think that they’ve chosen those phones for the better cameras so all that being said let me know what you think down in the comment section if you like this video and you enjoy my review and my thoughts and opinions chuck of the like get subscribed and I’ll see you in the next video Cheers.

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