Realme C3 Review : The New Ultra Budget “KING”

Published on February 23, 2020
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Hello everybody this is me johan here i’ve been using this realm c3 as my primary device over the past one week and i have been really impressed this is my full review of the real me c3 before we go ahead with this review if you guys haven’t subscribed to my channel yet go ahead and hit the subscribe button right out there and do hit the bell icon so that you’ll get notified with the latest videos the second they are uploading on youtube by me all right then i’ve gone ahead and unboxed and this is what comes inside the box of the real me c3 as far as the mrp goes it’s mentioned over here is 89.99 but i purchased this as low as 8 000 rupees on flipkart over here we get the instruction manuals and this is the handset in itself and this is the charging brick along with the uh charging cable the micro usb we don’t get type c with this all right i’m under direct sunlight right now and the phone’s brightness has been set to a hundred percent uh it needs to be at hundred percent brightness to view it directly under direct sunlight the one area in this realm c3 that has really impressed me has been with the quality of the display it’s an excellent display used on this phone it’s a 6.5 inch ips lcd display as you guys can see the viewing angles are really good on this display it gets quite bright enough real me claim it has a peak brightness of 480 nits under direct sunlight though you need to crank the display to 100 brightness but overall an excellent panel used in the real me c3 to just give you guys an idea of the quality of the display just have a look at it the colors are so punchy and so vibrant i mean i’m really shocked that this is an 8000 rupee phone this is an excellent display this uh clip you’re seeing has been played at its maximum resolution 720p and the brightness has been cranked all the way up to 100 media content on this phone was a really pleasurable experience as far as display protection is concerned it’s calling gorilla glass 3 use and the best part is it comes with a pre-applied screen protector so that keeps the display quite safe in terms of safety fortunately this phone is splash proof so if you splash water on top of the screen or even uh behind i don’t think you should have much of an issue as they have certified it as flash fruit the only thing is do not go swimming with it or do not go taking it to the beach and playing in the water uh things like that will definitely spoil the phone but it’s nice to see that the phone is at least splash proof regarding the speaker on the real me c3 does come with a single fairing speaker towards its right bottom chin [Music] all right then the speaker is being i’ve been set to 100 volume and as you guys can hear it’s sufficiently loud enough it’s a quiet environment right now but the best part is even in a sufficiently loud environment the speakers can be heard without any hassle the best part in all of this is the quality of the speaker i must say one thing the quality of the speaker is really good considering the price so the speaker is overall a thumbs up all right in terms of in hand feel keep in mind this phone comes with a 5 000 milliampere battery inside it’s not a lightest phone out day at the same time it’s not a very heavy phone in terms of weight distribution real me have done a really good job there’s a certain heft to the phone that makes it feel quite solid in the hand the power button and of course the volume rockers all feel clicky and well put together and in terms of construction the entire construction of the phone is made up of plastic the frame as well as the back is made up of plastic now there’s a nice texture to the back of the phone so this texture actually would avoid the phone from getting too many scratches so that’s a good job overall real me has done so in terms of build quality and construction and in hand feel the phone is overall a big thumbs up one area where i’ve not been too satisfied with the real me c3 has been with the camera bump as you guys can see it protrudes a little bit outside a little too much i would say so when you actually place it on the surface this wobbling tends to take place so my sincere advice is for you all to buy a case that covers that well so that uh this wobbling doesn’t take place so that it is evenly placed on a surface and uh the phone does not have any kind of damage in the long run unfortunately the charging port given for this phone is not type c it’s the old micro usb but then again considering the 8k price tag i’m not really complaining fortunately this phone does come with a headphone jack that’s placed right beneath its left bottom chin okay now actually analyzing the quality of audio that comes out of the headphone jack with a decent pair of earphones as you guys can see i did most of my testing with the real me butts 2 and the blue punk em10 the quality of audio is pretty good considering the price the volume at maximum is sufficiently loud enough it’s not too loud though it could have been a bit louder but yet again considering its 8k price tag it does a very respectable job most of the users will be satisfied with the quality of audio via its headphone jack moving to the side of call quality and reception how was the call quality and reception on this phone as you guys can see i’d use dual sim on this phone full time call quality and reception on this phone was good it’s not the best in class but never did i face any situation where i couldn’t hear what the other person on the other side was saying neither did the other person face any situation it’s been satisfactory overall this phone does come with dual sim along with micro sd card support so that’s a big thumbs up this realme c3 does come with a humongous 5000 milliampere battery and it needs to power a 6.5 inch ips lcd 720p screen it’s not 1080p but to keep in mind the helio g70 processor is a pretty powerful processor many batteries that they claim are 5 000 milliamp don’t really deliver in terms of real world usage but i’m glad to say one thing this real me c3 battery life has been nothing short of superb the heaviest of heavy users can easily get one full day out of this phone’s battery a medium user can get about one and a half days and a very light user can get more than two days battery backup out of this phone’s battery battery life on this phone has been nothing short of excellent and it’s a huge thumbs up from my side with the supplied charger in the box this real me c3 takes exactly two hours and 50 minutes to charge its 5000 milliampere battery from 5 to 100 percent the one area where this real me c3 really surprised me was in terms of its performance i had to keep reminding myself again and again that this was an 8 000 rupee phone as you guys can see the variant i have with me has comes with 4gb of ram and 64gb of internal storage the processor used in the real me c3 is a very powerful processor it’s the new mediatek helio g70 processor used inside it and the power of this processor is equal in to the very powerful mid-range processor the snapdragon 675 octa-core processor as you guys can see i did run an antutu benchmark on this and the scores were really impressive one lakh ninety one thousand seven fifty four so these scores are equal into the snapdragon 675. most of the phones that come with the snapdragon 675 processor cost anywhere between 10 and 15 000 rupees which is anywhere between four and five thousand rupees more than this phone since this phone runs a 720p display the performance on this phone i gotta tell you guys one thing was really excellent as you guys can see i have a minimum of 15 apps open in the background i did not keep anything less than 15 or 20 apps in the background usually with these ultra budget phones i usually don’t keep more than 5 apps open in the background because it cannot take that kind of load but this phone really surprised me in this department as you guys can see the ram management has been done really really good on this phone as well i had no problems even with ram management it handled everything i threw at it without any issues even games surprisingly like pubg and call of duty played with not much fuss on this phone performance wise under 8 000 rupees right now this is the best performing smartphone in the market today pubg was played at hd graphics settings and high frame rates the gameplay was surprisingly good and never did i face any unwanted frame drops it was very enjoyable and quite smooth playing pubg on this phone call of duty was played at its low graphics settings but even over here the gameplay was very smooth i did not expect this from an ultra budget smartphone it surprisingly did not heat up all that much under 8k this is currently the best gaming smartphone i’ve tested till date in terms of software and security patch this phone is running on the latest android version 10. this is the real me ui version one and in terms of the security patches it’s 5th of december 2019 but right now in the month of february of 2020. so it’s a little behind but from the looks of it real me will be sending security patches bi-monthly on this phone as you guys know this phone does not come with a physical uh fingerprint scanner but it does come with face unlock the face unlock on this phone has worked really well all you guys need to be doing is hitting the power button placing it towards your face and as you guys can see the lock unlocks and all you need to do is swipe up and it unlocks in an instant all right then i’m under low light conditions right now but as you guys can see there’s sufficient amount of light if i just hit the power button and place it towards my face as you guys can see the face unlock works just fine even in low light but on the android side of things as you guys know things aren’t all that secure i’ll just showcase it to you guys right now i’ll just close my eyes hit the power button and as you guys see for yourself it’s unlocked all i need to do is swipe up and i’m inside it’s not the most secure out there all right then now regarding the cameras on the real me c3 the main sensor at the back is a 12 megapixel sensor and the second sensor is a 2 megapixel depth sensor the selfie camera in the front is a 5 megapixel sensor in idle daylight the red camera of this phone does a very good job in taking good and clean images the selfies in daylight came out quite good and very satisfactory considering the price of the phone portrait mode selfies came out okay but there were edge detection issues even in low light the images taken by the rear camera of this phone were surprisingly satisfactory the surface taken in low light also came out quite good all right then this video clip you’re seeing is being played using the rear cam of the real me c3 it’s at its maximum resolution right now at 1080p 30fps i just want to show you how stable it is this is a video footage shot using the selfie cam of the real me c3 this 2 is stopped at 1080p 30fps you guys can have a look at it and see for yourself all right then i’ll just run and just see how stable it is to conclude the real me c3 has class leading performance the cameras are really good the battery life is excellent and under 8k take my word for it this is the best gaming smartphone you can get right now both pubg and call of duty played with no fuss on this phone as of 2020 february this is the best smartphone under 8k right now there’s no smartphone that can beat this overall this is the most well balanced and rounded smartphone on the 8k right now i’d recommend you guys to buy the 4gb ram 64 gb variant that is 8 000 rupees uh the links to buying the phone are there in the description below all right most of you all want to know what is the sar value in the phone uh does the phone have an led notification light does it support dual sim 4g volte i’ve gone ahead and answered a few questions and answers and i’ll put it down in the description do check them out for your reference i’ve also gone ahead and done a camera review and also a battery life review of the real me c3 those videos will be out in a few days time either ways the links to those videos will be in the description below the second uh they uploaded on youtube by me do check them out for your reference as well so that’s it for me today guys i hope you guys liked the video give me a thumbs up if you liked the video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already what else can i say wishing all of you a tremendous day ahead of you ciao for now.
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