Realme X7 Pro vs OnePlus 8 SPEEDTEST – Snapdragon 865 or Mediatek Dimensity 1000+?!

Published on February 15, 2021
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Before making videos on mobile devices you have to clean those devices nobody ever tells you about that right but this this is really this is really a pain in the ass especially if the device has a glossy back has the oneplus 8 which is just a fingerprint magnet all right with that said let’s get started what’s up guys i’m here welcome back to a brand new video here on the channel today we’re doing something that i have never really done before so go a little easy on me if you think there are things that could be added that are missing from this video but with that said today we are pairing the mighty snapdragon 865 on the oneplus 8 versus the demand city 1000 plus processor on the brand new real me x7 pro i did buy both of these devices and i honestly feel like a speed test between them should be really cool depending on the prices that this phone is available for and the price that this phone retails for without any further ado let’s not waste any time get right into the speed test and yeah let me know how you guys like the video drop a like subscribe you know do all of that and yeah fingers crossed this video goes well let’s get to it [Music] before we start i would just like to go to the settings and show you guys what kind of specs we’re running on both the phones now the oneplus device over here is obviously running on the snapdragon 865 with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gb rom now i know a lot of you might say that this has 12 gigs of ram and this over here has 8 gigs of ram and that is not really fair but then again this phone is not about whether this phone is better than that it’s just to see how the media attack stacks up against the snapdragon and obviously the oneplus is a way more expensive phone compared to the real me x7 pro in the first place so you know just to see how things rack up and how much is this worth now again going over to the settings let’s go to about phone and i’ll show you guys about this phone as well this is running on eight gigs of ram it has the demancity 1000 plus octa core processor and yeah 128 gigs of storage both the phones have no apps running in the background and let me just show you that there is no nothing running here and there’s nothing running here as well both of them are sufficiently charged the oneplus has a 96 percent battery whereas the realme has somewhere around 87 so with that said i have created a list of applications on both the phones arrange them exactly the same way the way i would like to try them out so yeah let’s get started now obviously keep in mind that these applications are not in you know a particular order say productivity games because that’s not the real world scenario and even though these tests are not at all similar to how a phone would perform in the day-to-day usage this is just for bragging rights but then again without any further ado let’s get started all right so the first application is chrome let’s go three two one and go okay so clearly i think the one plus beat it just by a second so okay one plus is ahead by one let’s go back now we’re going to open lightroom three two one go okay this was very close i think both of them performed you know similarly let’s move on uh to the next one now we’re talking about instagram three two one and go okay one plus clearly was the winner here however they both refreshed at the same time so yeah let’s go back and let’s check out the other one now we’re talking about twitter three two one go okay that was extremely close and i feel like both of them performed very similarly so that’s good to see next up app number five is going to be the stock camera app three two one and go okay so uh realme did a little oopsy there it showed the viewfinder the endpoint bank something like that but again very similar performance all right let’s let’s go back now we’ll start from messages three two one and go okay i think oneplus was faster by a little bit but then again very very close so yeah because i guess we could call that both of them did very well next we have youtube music and okay wow so both of them are connected to the same wi-fi and real me actually loaded up a second faster than one plus one plus was you know still uh looking for the tracks and stuff all right so real me next reddit three two one go okay so it’s clearly clearly one plus so all right one plus got it now let’s move on now we go to the google app three two one go okay so this was way faster than this the stock google app all right pretty interesting results even though both of them are pretty similar now let’s play a little among us because imposters are a part of this world three two one go okay let’s see all right so i feel like it was pretty similar but oneplus was just just a little bit faster so yeah that’s that and let’s let’s go let’s go home let’s go home okay all right now we’re going coming to the final tray uh we’ll start from call of duty because i want to see how it performs when it’s in the background test which we’ll do after this three two one and go okay all right let’s see so we already have this screen over here it’s loading this is also loading oh wow oneplus did it a little faster but i honestly think it doesn’t matter uh clearly you know oneplus was the winner but both of them perform very very similar so that’s that okay next up we’ve got google drive three two one go oh wow all right reel me for the win once again real me is is doing really well with google applications it seems like all right let’s go back youtube three two one go also while we’re talking about youtube like and subscribe because hey do it cool that’s before three two one go all right youtube three two one go wow okay all right reel me for the win once again google maps three two one go very similar but i think realme opened the map view just a little bit quicker all right last but definitely not the least let’s talk about the phone three two one and go okay once again realme takes the cake here so that was that was pretty interesting the results i wasn’t really expecting the competition to be so stiff really really cool to see all right now it’s time for the other test as you guys can see all the apps are still running in the background what we are going to do is obviously not remove these applications we will just go back and then open all of these apps again and again to see which one of them are still in memory so we’ll start again from google chrome three two one and go all right so both of them had it in the background this is also opened some article which i might have missed clicked on so that’s that both of them were open in the background let’s go to lightroom three two one go all right once again both of them are in the background let’s go back let’s check how instagram is doing three two one go okay instagram directly opened up reels which means that it was still in the background and so was this i think again it was just a misclick so far so good on both the phones let’s go to twitter now three two one and go all right clearly both of them are having this in the memory no problems all right camera three two one and go all right i feel like oneplus was a bit slower but then again both of them have it in the memory so not an issue next we’ve got messages three two one go all right again not an issue both of them have got it no problems youtube music and let’s go youtube music also no issues not a problem both these phones are performing really well let’s go to reddit three two one and go alright once again no issues both of them are running really really well let’s go to google three two one and go and yep both of them are here this has directly taken into the search bar which is what happened last time as well so not a problem let’s go back let’s do among us three to one we went on the title page and go okay once again a little bit of stutter here on the real me but both of them are taking it directly from this page so yeah both of them had it in memory so not a problem all right let’s just go back again next up we’ve got call of duty big one here three two one and go alright so as you guys can see uh oneplus wasn’t actually faster the thing was that i actually have logged in call of duty on this phone and not on this phone so this was supposed to go to the login page and this was supposed to go to this page so both of them had it in memory not an issue no problems so far all right let’s go back once again now google drive three two one go again no issues both of them had it in memory now we come to youtube three two one and go no issues no problems all right google maps three two one go no issues no problem don’t come to my house by the way last but not least we’ve got phone three two one go no issues all of the apps were in memory so this feels like a great great comparison because the competition is very very stiff i mean right out of the box a phone this one the one with 12 gigs of ram costs somewhere around 45 to 46 000 and i’m pretty sure you can get this even the 8 gig version for somewhere close to 40k and this one this this bad boy costs 30 000 indian rupees it’s launched right now with a brand new processor also has a 120 hertz display and it’s it’s very close and i i feel like real me for the price to performance ratio has to be declared the winner here even though oneplus had you know a quick luck when it came to certain applications but honestly as ash says that you know speed tests at this point are just about bragging rights they they don’t really denote your real life experience because these phones are already so fast that you are not going to find that much of a difference so i really feel like the real me x7 pro is a really great device i’m going to be doing a camera review as well as a dedicated review for this phone so be sure to stay subscribed for that and yeah hope you guys liked this speed test uh if i you know did a couple of mistakes or you found this was not quite up to the mark that was because this was one of my very first ever speed tests on this channel so go a little easy on me drop a like subscribe to the channel if you liked this video with that said this is anubhav signing out i’ll catch you guys next time you guys have a great day stay safe peace.
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