Red Magic 3S Review – Fan Cooled SD855+ 90hz Gaming Phone

Published on November 12, 2019
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Chris here and I’m taking a look today at the red magic 3s so I reviewed the red magic three is a good phone and the 3s here is a very very minor incremental change here it’s got a new paint job on the rear it now has the snare bearing at 8:55 plus with a 15% boost to the GPU performance and 4% on the CPU this is a large game of phone with dual front firing speakers that don’t sound bad at all we’ve got a status LED also next to the front-facing 16 megapixel camera the camera on the rear didn’t change so they didn’t add an extra one we don’t have an ultra-wide we’ve got a forty eight megapixel sensor they’re a 500 milliamp hour batteries in this so it’s not the largest when you take a look at for example the Republican gamers – phone that’s got six thousand million hours but it does feel quite well due to the more efficient AMOLED panel that’s in there so it’s a ninety Hertz full HD plus screen six point six five inches and we’ve got 128 gigabytes of ufs story stored storage and eight gigabytes of RAM so inside the box we’ve got an 18 watt charger that will fully charge the phone in one hour and 48 minutes in my testing we’ve got some red magic stickers and a Quick Start Guide and a red type-c cable so let’s have a look at the design of the phone this is a big phone with a 6.6 5-inch display and it weighs two hundred and 11 grams making it a little bit heavier than most phones which are normally around about 180 or 190 for this kind of size so the look of the phone now has changed a little bit they’ve got a different paint job here which I actually prefer the same RGB status LED strip here that you can set it for status LED for example for charging you can also set it for notifications and in gaming mode and in other media all through the settings the logo down here is well can also be backlit in fact I’ll use the fingerprint unlocking just unlock it’ll go straight into the gamer mode now you see that strip now is lighting up and the logo and right at the top here we’ve got a mic dual tone LED flash our camera and this right here above the fingerprint reader is the intake vent for that little fan that’s inside there exit vent is on the right-hand side and if I block this you can actually hear that fan working a little bit harder and when it’s in the high-speed mode you will hear it a little bit and you can actually feel a little tiny bit of warm air being pushed out through this so these buttons here in metal the overall build quality is very good the thickness of it the thickest point is 9.8 millimeters which is just in the middle here where the camera is and we’ve got these gaming triggers as well for the top of the phone you could say when you’re using it of course in landscape so these triggers can be customized I’ll show you more on that with the game modes and the gaming settings we have so the bezels on the front they are pretty big as you can see so the chin and the top they’re not the smallest no changes here from the rid magic 3/2 front-facing speakers they are stereo and there will be a sample later on in this video and then on the left-hand side we have a switch that is for the dedicated gaming mode you can see our antenna lines again and these Pogo port pens that’s for the game adop that you can get for optional display output with that and here we have two nano Sims that fit in the slot now this slot does not have a rubber gasket around it there’s no splash resistance with this and no micro SD card support either but up top we do at least have a 3.5 minute headphone jack that all gaming phones should have take note shall be and then down the bottom type C microphone and this is where some of the sound comes out from the loudspeaker now the screen is large six point six five inches the resolution is 23 40 by 1080 it’s 90 Hertz it’s not a bad AMOLED panel all the maximum brightness is 815 it’s which is very very good it’s decent you can make it out in direct sunlight it does come with a pre applied applied screen protector here now when we take a look at the gamma this is actually quite good it’s almost 2.2 it’s approximately somewhere between 2.2 and 2.3 here I’ll just load that brightness so you can see it now the touch response I found with this phone as you’d expect where the gaming phone is actually very very good and I’ll just quickly show some real-world images here that it’s an all-out nice AMOLED panel that’s in here and because of just how responsive it is to touch it’s well suited to being a gaming phone screen of course now any flicker that you’re seeing this is just something with AMOLED panels that happens with my camera so we get some typical settings in here under display but what is missing for me as a white balance control display preferences this is good so I keep it a natural mode which is srgb to me looks a little bit better a little bit more correct out of the box that’s in there colorful mode which is boosting the saturation regular mode there but what I would love to have of course as a white balance tweak so onto the ROM its performance and a few benchmarks I wanted to start out to say that just like the red magic three that we are missing some options within the settings here that I feel they could customize it a little better so we can have full screen gestures to start with we don’t have that we cannot adjust the navigation keys if you wanted them the other way around that’s not possible now free space you do get quite a bit you get about a hundred and 11 or 13 gigabytes free on first boot which is good out of that hundred and twenty eight of course it’s not expandable so the theme to it I’ve kept it on the default is to show you what it’s like out of the box and it’s alright okay this isn’t an amazing-looking ROM that they’ve got here we do have an apps drawer and I feel the performance though is very good I’m not seeing micro status or any problems with lag within this ROM it’s just customization I want to see a little bit more I feel that it is just lacking a bit there so multitasking very good it keeps all your apps in memory the task manager is not killing things off too soon and I will demonstrate to you face unlocking so just tap the power button look at it it unlocks that is very very quick now the fingerprint reader I will touch that now it’s about a second capacitive always-on it’s not the fastest fingerprint reader I have used but overall I think that their performance is OK it’s not bad so let’s get on to a few benchmarks so these are some 4G speeds right here not really amazing now this is from the other side of the studio decent good performance actually from the wireless good ping rates and times as well noticed in gaming so they’ve done a little bit of work with the antennas maximum speeds will top out about 500 meters per second from my 600 mega bit line here so that is good good speeds GPS accuracy is your typical Qualcomm flagship 3-4 meters of accuracy normally when walking around and whatnot it’s not supporting dual band frequency GPS however so carrier frequency is just showing all level one frequencies no level five so we’ve got your FS three storage and as you can see here from these speeds that it is very quick a good random reads and writes there as well and I’ll just show you that we’ve got camera API – sorry API level 3 support so that means find yourself a Google can port if you want better photos especially in terms of low-light as you see later on when I show you the camera with some samples so this was to be expected so many Chinese phones and tablets have this problem here wide vine level cert 3 level okay so we need level 1 if you want Netflix Amazon Prime in full definition high definition you only got standard definition unfortunately with this current level so that’s got so there was an update which was 168 megabytes and that fixed a few little bugs here as you can see and of course I am running that right there in terms of bloatware free space a 117 gigabytes sorry and bloat where you don’t really get much it’s just some of the google apps that all come pre-installed so that’s one good positive thing too about the ROM is it’s not crammed full of bloatware and there’s no adverts or anything like that notifications are all working as well I’m – audio now so these front-facing dual Ludd stereo speakers they’re good they loud they’ve got a tiny bit of bass to them you’re getting a bit more bass I found under this speaker and I think it’s because it’s got that port at the bottom as well with that grillers now 3.5 millimeter output I found is good but it’s not the best I’ve heard I think most people will be happier with it a maximum volume output isn’t amazing either but the speaker’s themselves are loud though now call quality good no complaints I have made some calls when I first got it and I found it to be just like any other flagship phone and your tws wireless range bluetooth and no problems here but here is a sample now as a quick terminator to clip at a hunt of a certain volume just to give you an idea of how these speakers do sound [Applause] [Applause] this brings me on to the battery now which it’s okay five thousand milliamp hours and a large screen a bright screen its Emily which had more efficient than IPS it’s actually pretty good okay so here’s my battery stats and I just show you now I’m about fifty percent forty nine percent now and I’ve got five hours of screen on time this is about thirty to forty percent on wireless and the rest has been on data so it’s holding up quite well now he did test out this standby drain so overnight I lift it and I lost approximately I think was seven to eight percent so the standby drain isn’t actually the best so I’ll quickly show you the gaming space they have so when you flip the switch up which is on this brings us into our red magic gaming area now will automatically detect most of the games out there but some it won’t and so you get this menu here you’ve got controls for that RGB lighting on the back to manually turn the fan on and off now I have seen a difference with that fan that if you keep it on it will lower temperatures around four degrees maximum which might not seem a lot but that will mean that it would actually hold higher clocks here the most interesting though is this so when you’re in a game only when you’re in a game you swipe here from the right hand side and it brings up this menu so you got touch but an overlay control for the triggers at the top so you reach Garrett will save a profile there so what I’m actually in the game we’re just in the lobby at the moment you can configure that to look down the sights and then a fire which I find is the best one here so I’ll also show you that depending on the game 4d shock which for example in pub G if someone’s shooting next to you will feel the vibrations come true with it and this is the most interesting part here so you’ve got controls you know I just need to get out of this as to save those touch buttons but your controls here for basically forcing and then maximum performance here so it’s in super mode at the moment you’ve got GPU turbo an auto mode and what it’s doing is using the governor controlling the CPU cause just to force it for maximum clock speeds and of course maximum performance in frames per second so let’s have a look at gaming performance with the most demanding game here this Shadowgun Legends I’m gonna force it on to super mode and we’ll see if it has any of those little micro status that can often happen when it’s in the ultra high settings so as expected the performance is very good it’s very smooth but I’m still seeing even with this high performance mode selected some tiny little micro stutters and just frame dips here and there with this game which I see on a lot of Snapdragon 855 plus mobiles now you wouldn’t really expect that it but it seems to be down to optimization with this game now it doesn’t run at 90 frames per second only 60 so it really depends on what games are supported with this particular phone where you can actually run it at 90 frames per second or not so it is a shame we’re seeing those tiny little micro stutters so overall mean the performance is very good the same goes for poverty and all those android games out there it’s just not quite as smooth as the azouz republic of gamers – phone that one is still for me the absolute gaming King for 2019 because it is really really smooth but you can see this gameplay this is still really good as expected and you can hear that fan a little bit if I was to turn the volume down we might be able to actually make it out maybe you can hear that it’s just running and if you find that annoying you can turn it off of course but your thermals will be about 4 degrees higher so for a flagship phone I find the cameras on the red magic 3s they’re pretty average okay they aren’t that amazing you can get some decent photos out of it sure but it’s not going to be the same as other Snapdragon 855 flagships out there they could have added an ultra wide camera I think would have been nice and perhaps have one dedicated for portrait modes as well would have been good so in the pro mode you can see we’ve got some control there for our shutter rate and just quickly show you that and this is the maximum it goes up to which is 60 seconds which it’s very long if you’ve got a tripod that could be great for those tricky photos at night now the night mode is not really that great you can see it does make a difference you’ll see with my samples and the video quality as well it is definitely lacking form of image stabilization so there’s no optical image stabilization with this particular phone or electronic which is really disappointing but here are their samples [Music] [Music] see the top over the front facing camera so we’ve got 1080p max and we don’t have any electronic image stabilization unfortunately it’s very windy at the moment so you will hear a bit of wind noise coming through in these videos so we have 8k as our maximum resolution we can shoot now I won’t give you a sample because really it’s not usable at all it’s only 15 to 10 frames per second really choppy and this image you can see right now the quality is okay but we are lacking our electronic image stabilization or optical image stabilization here the audio bitrate is just 96 kilobytes per second so the audio could also be improved upon so there we go guys the red magic 3s is just a minor tweak a minor update and in performance there I like the new paint job I think just looks a little better and we’re good of course the LED strip on the back which is nice the glowing logo but they haven’t really changed anything on the software side from before so still no Widevine level one suits are no Netflix Amazon Prime video in Full HD it’s just an standard definition lacking customization I would love to see fullscreen gestures dark mode on there would be welcomed of course as well and a white balance for the screen I mean we can change the color profile over to say srgb and the other modes they give us but note white balance tweak which I think would be ideal or there so it’s lacking on the software side the ROM is where the weaknesses camera is well no ultra wide if you wanted that the photos it can take a good photo but low-light performance isn’t amazing but it’s got camera2 api level 3 support which is the maximum so g/km ports will be out there for this to get the maximum out of that 48 megapixel sensor so really it depends on what you want if you’re definitely into your games and you find this for a good price I mean it is priced quite aggressively compared to the rest of market it is a decent price I feel and you want the immersive dual front-facing loudspeakers you don’t want a knotch good screen great gaming performance then it is worth a look there are other phones out there too as well that do offer very very similar so make sure you check out what’s on offer for example like the azuz Republic of gamers 2 phone that it also reviewed you can catch my review that one right up here and I do hope to catch you back in the channel with more up-and-coming videos bye for now.

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