Red Magic 3S vs ROG Phone 2 | Which gaming phone is best for me?

Published on November 11, 2019
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A lot there you rubbish in people this is Christian text Burton I’m here with two of the biggest and best game in smartphones of 2019 here on the left you’ve got the wrong phone – it’ll cost you 800 quid but it was some of the most premium specs and features of any smartphone born on launched in 2019 here on the right you’ve got the Nubia red magic 3s it’ll cost you almost half the amount of the rogue phone – it just four hundred twenty quid here in the UK yet all the same it is highly competitive when it comes to those specs and the gamin prowess basically so the question is should you spoke out 800 quid on the wrong phone – or should you save yourself a bit of cash and make do with the red magic 3s well here’s a full side-by-side comparisons you know which one might be best for you and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe editing that notifications Bell cheers so let’s start with the design and good news if you’ve got absolutely enormous hands because both the rod phone – and the red magic 3s off rip in huge this is a rogue phone – is actually more compact over the pair with a 6.5 9 inch display come over the 6.6 5 inch display on the red magic 3 or somebody very little between them on the terms of that but actually for the half the rogue form – definitely weighs the most it’s 240 grams sort of having build your biceps with plenty of pubsey action red magic 3 us in exactly much lighter though at 215 grams we flip things around to the back it looks like the rogue phone – has a metal backing just like the red magic 3s but it’s actually matte and glasses just nicely smooth off to give that sort of metallic style at Sheen metallic is that word it is now because these two bonds are unmistakeably gaming devices and as if there wasn’t enough evidence check out the funky LED action here on backs pretty much obligatory for a game and smartphone of course you can fully customize them they can be used as notification lights and of course they are very active when you are doing a very game and as well if you like that is firstly I prefer the bit of light of logo action here on the wrong phone – but you know it’s a very personal taste kind of thing so far both these smartphones seem perfectly rugged they can definitely deal with a little bit of abuse here and there shall we see an either fallen is water resistant law because of course they’ve got many open ports and vents and all the rest so yeah definitely do not go getting the moist let’s move on to the front end of these smartphones only both sport and AMOLED display as this is slightly bigger on the red magic 3s but not much difference at all between them as you can see of course you’ve got full customization of the actual output and everything right here through the display settings so the rokform – you’ve got optimal color mode I prefer this because it basically adjusts the display output depend on exactly what you’re doing you don’t have anything like that here on the red magic 3s however you basically can choose well and I have a vibrant output or regular mode which kind of flattens down the image a bit and makes things are slightly less interesting you’ve also got natural mode as well which comes in quite handy if you’re gonna be editing any images stuff like that so you see exactly what kind of output you’re gonna get you’ve got full itch to your 10:00 support here on the azouz frog font oh you’ve got standard itch to your support you’re on the red magic 3s but if you dive in the likes of Netflix you’ll see that only the rock phone actually offers HDR playback you’ll see you get nice crisp visuals with either of these smartphones though a nice strong contrast as well you get a nice inky blacks on both of them the color output seems a little bit stronger here on the rogue phone – boy because you’ve got that HDR playback of course you get those really nice rich tones coming through the wrong phone – is actually capable of upscale and STR content to itch to your levels as well so no matter what you’re watching basically chances are it’s gonna look pretty damn slick that’s for the resolution both of these smartphones pack a full HD plus resolution Polydor get a quad HD plus support anything here on the rock phone – even though it’s a much more expensive device still everything looks nice and crisp on both of these smartphones no worries whatsoever even when you put them right up to your face during an intensive gaming session the speaking of game and of course as you would imagine both of these smartphones Rock a display that is well-suited for more about gaming the red magic 3s supports a 90 Hertz refresh rate to keep the action silky smooth for all of your supported titles on the rock phone – it’s actually next level it’s a 120 Hertz refresh rate so even smoother and you’re going to turn it in 40 Hertz touch sampling rate and both these devices as well that’s absolutely essential for games like punchy more about anything where fast reactions are what keep you alive so as soon as you touch that display swipe it pocket whatever you will see your actions replicated in game definitely not troublesome lag or anything like that which could mean a premature or death but of course it’s not just about the visuals thankfully the audio is super solid on both these game and smart phones as well as a stereo speaker set up on both the red magic 3s and the rogue phone – so you’ll be able to tell exactly what is going on in game even if you’re not using headphones for DTS X surround sound support and everything and the good news is that both these Vons do support a bit of headphone jack action as well so you can actually slap in your 3.5 millimeter wide pair of headphones if you don’t to be using bluetooth because of you are actually communicating with your fellow players as well the Raghavan 2 slightly stronger with its quad mic setup definitely good at so cancel an exterior noise while also making sure that you are coming through loud and clear that’s it on the road magic 3s the mic situation is absolutely fine no problems there either on the software front you’ve got Android 9 Android Pi on both of these devices is not the latest Android temp the good news is it’s a fairly stock version of Android so you’ve got your felt apps draw all of you google shenanigans in there very little in the way of third-party stuff beyond the gaming UI and game and features stuff which I’ll touch on in a sec there on the road for you’ve actually got a choice of you guys you’re gonna have a standard Zen UI which is very much stock just like the red magic 3s UI right here otherwise you can have that this funky rock phone UI which busy just add some very game errific icon design nice bit of theme and stuff like that you’ve also got a dedicated UI and both these smartphones which gives you fast access to all of your games and a whole bunch of features you can tweak the performance levels all that can–it shenanigans I won’t go too in depth in this stuff go check out my in-depth reviews about these four smartphones to see exactly what you get on board it’s a simple icon to tap here on the rock phone two rows are the red magic forces bit more satisfying there’s an actual physical switch here on the side when you actually jump into a game of course you’ve got a pull-out toolbar on both of these phones as well which again gives you access to pretty much all the features that you had back in that mean gaming menu so you’ve got resource management you can boost the performance when needed you’ve got screen recording tools you’ve got notification blockers screen brightness access all kinds of stuff do a bit of a stats monkey you can even see exactly how much of your CPU and GPU resource is being used up and the inner core temperature of these devices as well so let’s move on to the performance and of course both these devices Rock a Snapdragon 855 plus chipset the most powerful Qualcomm chips that you can get right now in 2019 that’s backed by either 8 or 12 gigs of ram here on the red magic 3s you also get two rows of up to 12 gigs of RAM on the azusa rogue phone – so as you’d expect the performance is out of this world bug do mobile can play in a blistering 60 frames per second on the top each dr/dt levels on either these devices at solutely silky-smooth not a single stutter in sight Freddie benchmark junkies out there I did do the fold kike bench benchmark and as you can see they’re pretty much identical results on these two devices as you’d expect considering they basically have the same specs and just for completeness sake I also run the 3d mark benchmarking test as well just to test out the GPUs and of course they’ve got the same adrenal GPU so unsurprisingly the results are basically identical once again no problems on the coolant front either you’ve got nice bit liquid coolant on both of these devices you actually got a proper via chamber here on the rogue phone too as you can see a bit event action just to help that hot air to move out as well on the red magic 3s it uses the liquid coolant it’s also got an built-in fan as well just to help keep things extra cool as you can see a bit more vent action there can actually hear that fan whirl away inside when you are doing an intense bit again on the likes of pokey more well the good news is that they still matingcall even during very intense gaming sessions lasted several hours with the phones plugged in and charging at the time as well neither of them get above that sort of thirty seven to thirty seven point five degree mark unfortunately the red magic 3s and does have a bit of an impact on the battery life having that internal fan so even though it’s got a five thousand milliamp cell I tended to only get around four I was just over four hours of gaming on the likes of pokey mobile before the battery needed a recharge here on the rockfall until you’ve got a six thousand milliamp cell and that tends to almost double the battery life of the red magic 3s the rock phone 2 will also charge faster as well it’s got full support for 30 watt charging compared with the 18 watt charge I’m here on the red magic 3s as for the storage you get choice of 128 or 256 gigabytes here on the red magic 3s whereas the rogue phone – actually goes all the way up to one terabyte start at two five six of plenty of storage on there but again you’re not gonna be struggling with their own magic three has to be fair they both support ufs three-point offers super fast game Lordan now runs and off the game and features the rogue phone – is definitely the better of the pair they both support haptic touch sensitive shoulder buttons which is really really great for likes of pub G more well for now means you can aim and shoot using those physical almost physical buttons instead of having to rely on the touch controls for absolutely everything definitely really helps out so that’s something better on the rogue phone – they’re both really really sponsored very Magic 3s does not disappoint but the haptic feedback is just stronger on the rogue does like if you make it feel more like your press and physical buttons in terms of actual accessories Rock fun – is the much stronger of the pair both of them support a clip-on attachment which shifts the type-c USB port and the headphone jack to a different edge so they don’t get in your way while you’re gamers you can keep the phone charging up keep your headphones in and they won’t interfere with your play you’ve also got a form of clip-on controller with both these devices as well but the rock form twos is much stronger you can actually clip them onto the sides of the device to turn it into an almost Nintendo switch style setup very comfortable and good to play with they are on the rocks until you’ve got all kinds of other accessories you can show on there as well you’ve got a dual display device you can actually browse the Internet’s watch a play through as you’re playing your game do whatever you want you’ve got all kinds of streaming devices so you can actually connect it up to your PC monitor use a keyboard and mouse all kinds of stuff go check out my phone wrong phone to accessories guide for an in-depth look at all of these bad boys and then quickly let’s finish off with a look at the camera tech around back now of course I’m game and smartphones the camera tech is often neglected in favor of the performance the battery life all that kind of shenanigans but here on the rock phone – it’s actually a really good camera setup it’s basically the same as the azuz zenfone 6 except it doesn’t flip out so really really strong via Everyday photos and your video as well it’s fully a megapixel primary lens F 1.8 aperture pretty much the same as what you get on the red magic 3s using Sarris mx-5 it’s six sensor as well but despite the fact the hardware’s more or less the salient definite found that the rogue front who produces the better-looking every day for a stronger HDR and just good looking in pretty much any situation you throw it in myself long by the fact the rogue phone – also has a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens for changing up the viewpoint given very dramatic results whereas here on the road magic 3s it is just a single lens snapper which is pretty much unheard of in smartphones and 2019 even really budget blowers tend to offer at least two or three lenses for the video results as well I prefer the rogue form – even though the red magic 3s can shoot in apparently 8k resolution of course I’ve no way of actually testing out the video quality of that gig here footage because I don’t have an ear care TV so what is the point it’s just a gimmick basically and all these shoots at 15 frames per second so frankly it looks a bit kak on any normal telly and around the front you’ve got a 24 megapixel so if you come here on the rod phone to definitely great if you’re going to be doing a bit of commentary action while you shoot your game and video and it’s a 16-megapixel here in the red magic 3s as well so both from absolutely fine and then wait there’s how the rogue font – and the red magic 3s stack up now of the pair obviously my preference is the wrong phone – the display is that a little bit nice you’ve got that full itch to your 10 support 120 Hertz as well which is super super nice it’s got the better camera taking much better battery life because doesn’t actually have a physical fan or anything like that but I said the red magic 3s definitely more than does the job for any modern day a gaming session you’ve got the same Snapdragon at 55 plus chipset backed by a generous amount of RAM and I really like the stock Android experience and the gamin features on there as well very very solid and deeds basically if you’re not going to be thrown a bunch of cash it is used for all of the extra gear and accessories and the like the red magic 3s will definitely do the job as a great lot of standalone products but which one are you most tempted by and definitely grittier thought so make sure you smash them down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications well for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone.

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