Redmi 10x Pro 5G Review: The Cheapest 5G Smartphone + Debut of the Mediatek Dimensity 820 5G Chipset

Published on June 19, 2020
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Guys Xiaomi has been on a roll lately not even the pandemic and stop them while many business are trying to recover thinking of what’s their strategy on the next phase on the new norm Xiaomi is not stopping after the note 9 series comes the red midnight now the read me 10x hi I’m Mitch 0:02 of Xiaomi review join me as we unveil the all-new red meat panics Pro let’s roll as you can see the box is very very simple it’s just a little bit size down box from the K 30 which I have here and do you know that this hole already is equipped with high res audio amazing at the side it’s just a red meat and ex-pro and right now we need to call on our trusty blade let’s cut it so let’s just simply cut it on the side then hey just need to take off the plastic and here we go there we can see that it’s a little box here designed by red me then I’m pulling it out we can see immediately the sim ejector tool then we have the user guide and warranty card and the slim jelly case it’s translucent not transparent now we have the food itself looks so nice this is the color purple and it’s really probably a descendant of the Cape Verde just look at the color it’s nice but before all that let’s check what’s inside the box we have here the 33 watts wall charger as well as your USB type-c cable taking a quick look around the phone we have underneath the audio jack the USB type-c microphone in and your loudspeaker on the right side you have a red power button since it’s a pro than your volume rocker on top we have your IR blaster and your noise cancellation mic on the other side we have the sim ejector tray and it can host either two nano SIM or 1 micro SD plus one amateur it’s called highbreed now this phone is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass five back and also according to real glass five front it also has an aluminum frame which make this phone more durable we can see at the back the camera placement is quite similar from that of the note 9s and of course the note line pro but we have checked the dimension it’s not exactly the same as that from the note 9s now checking at the quad camera we have first the 40mp white sensor the 8 MP telephoto lens the 8 MP ultra-wide lens and the 5 MP macro lens underneath we have the LED flash and of course your read me logo down here it’s very very simple and up front we have the 20 every teardrop notch selfie camera and that completes the outer specs of the phone next on your redmi series at sports and AMOLED screen display which is probably one of them and it has a 6 point 57 inch AMOLED screen coupled with the HDR 10 and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front protection not to mention it’s at 1080p and it really looks nice under the Sun it’s just like a very very upgraded redmi note 9s and redmi note 9 pro i can say that the in screen fingerprint is very very responsive look at this definitely swiping left and right it’s a breeze and there’s not much problem no screen lags while using this phone and did you know that this fourth new core from Media Tech it’s called the media tech diamond city 820 and it’s 5g ready problem is the 5g series from media tech company and I’ve compared this to the Snapdragon 765 it is a bit better compared to that Snapdragon Series but comparing to the Snapdragon 8:6 5 it’s still far away it can even put a dent on the 8 6 5 that’s how powerful the 8 6 5 is now checking antutu benchmark I was really blown away by this one it’s gave it a four hundred and three thousand points out of the box and Snapdragon 765 series only can score three hundred-plus around channel 10 and channel 20 but this one just far exceeded it but of course it’s still far far away from the 580 plus off the Snapdragon 86 5 taking the breakdown you have 125 for the CPU 124 for the GPU memory is 84 and UX is 68 looking at the GPU it should be a good gaming GPU taking a look at I – – it was able to match 160,000 points to the accuracy of 22,000 knocking on 3d mark now you’re talking it was able to notch a four thousand ten and 95 points from the slingshot extreme which is good score for something to be considered a gaming phone now taking a look at Geekbench it was able to notch 476 single core points in 2229 multi-core points asking the arm info it has a security level for Widevine at level 1 meaning hello HD or Netflix guys you are able to drain the phone down to 18% charge it back up to 100% and of course with close monitoring using the meaning digital power reader from Omni we were able to match turning watts reading actually to be exact 30.9 at the most which means xiaomi caps its promise of giving us 30 watts fast charging for this phone to be able to monitor your gadget at home to check how much electricity is consumed me I suggest you buy this one the only mini digital power reader it comes in handy so you know how much you’re spending on a certain gadget we were able to finish charging from 18 to 100 in one hour and three minutes even the 4500 milliampere our sub battery inside we were able to notch a near 10 hour screen on time from PC mark and of course we all know the media tech is not really power efficient now now to put this phone to a test let’s open mobile legends now we can see that we can turn on a chip arm mode with the high settings and I can see playing this game I really don’t have any much problem didn’t really see any scream spring drops or screen lags I was able to finish a couple of rounds having a problem with this just only need a good Wi-Fi connection at home now moving on the Call of Duty I can unlock EGFR and highs graphic settings on this game not able to unlock the maximum probably it’s not yet supported by this chipset so gameplay was good have not much complained about it and was able to last around and are playing just this game yeah and it’s really nice didn’t really see any screen drops framedrops or whatever drops you can see it’s good now guys let’s check the camera the 14th MP shooter really packs a lot of punch to be honest with you I was surprised with the output from this phone the greens are green very very natural outdoor shots and taking some macro shot it was able to perform to be honest with you I was really really with its camera now it also has 30 times zoom and I was able to capture some good zoom photos from this one check it out this is the 1 X 2 X 10 X and 30 X let’s try it again 1 X 2 X 5 X and 30 X you can see the clarity of the picture after 30 times zoom which makes it a good good zooming phone now checking some selfie considered 20 MP camera up front is really nice this photo I can say it’s really really natural take it from me looking at the beach of cam the rear camera is a good one but I can say it’s really quite shaky you see in just your bare hand of course I can just only suggest that you use a gimbal to make it more stable since the image stabilization isn’t available on the 4k 30fps setting guys I’ve already covered that read me 10x Pro 5 g and I can say this foot is a performer though I’m quite new to the media tech diamond city 820 but playing games on this phone is nice taking the pictures is also very very enjoyable now if you like my video give me a like and of course click that Bell icon so you don’t miss any of my future content don’t forget to check out solid tech review and Pinoy tech net for their awesome awesome reviews and I miss 0:02 of Sharma review see you my next video.
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