Redmi 8A Dual Review: Asli Value!

Published on February 24, 2020
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What’s up guys I’m someone from phones team and this here is the red v8 a dual and in this video we will be doing the video review for this smartphone now before starting the review I just want to say that there are few people who compare a seven thousand rupee mobile with a fifteen thousand thirteen thousand rupee device and that is totally wrong so please don’t do that those are phones at different categories this here is aimed at a different category of people so please don’t mix them both with that said let’s start off with the build / design now when you compare the redmi 8 a dual to its predecessor the redmi 7 a I think this here is a huge upgrade now the design immediately feels like so enriched now I have personally given this phone to a few of my friends who take a look at and they were initially impressed by how well the four look and they definitely did not believe that this was a seven thousand rupee device because the build quality is like really solid even though the back is made out of plastic so as you can see here this is plastic but it is a very solid one and talking about design and Xiaomi calls it the aura X grip now I have to say this group design is amazing now I have been using this without the case ever since and I have been very confident about holding this device without any kind of protection and even the form factor so the overall size of the phone is not too big no I compared this with my 1 plus 5 and I have to say both are nearly similar in fact the red material is slightly narrower than the 1 + 5 so using it with one hand I mean I am NOT talking about the readability but one hand you say you can comfortably hold it in one hand made calls and things like that and that is amazing now the design and build of the read material is awesome but how about the display so this here is a 6.2 inch HD Plus display now this here is a 7000 repeat device and you definitely should not expect a full has a display that will come sometime in the near future but for now HD plus is the resolution that you are going to get with sub 8,000 rupees smartphones but I have to say even though this here is a HD + display it is a really nice LCD display and surprisingly Xiaomi has managed to put Corning Gorilla Glass fie for the display in terms of protection now that is a great thing so keys and all I’m not going to easily scratch the display when you put them in your pocket and that’s what the display this here is not nearly completely basilis but still the bezels are relatively thin and that too for a seven thousand rupee device I think it looks pretty damn good now yes you have kind of a bottom chin with the read me logo but I think that is fine and it has a very small notch on the top which is not too obtrusive now even though this here is a nice LCD display it definitely has few drawbacks number one is that you cannot to watch YouTube videos at 1080p so it is capped at 720p which is kind of a bummer and the second thing is that of course with 720p you lose quality yes you lose that resolution and that is evident when you watch youtube videos and especially play games but in day-to-day use I think that display was very good and I didn’t feel much of a difference compared to 1080p displays and of course you will definitely feel the difference but considering the price you really can’t argue so talking about the performance I have to say this here is a really smooth performing device but make sure you don’t put like heavy games and thrash it to its knees please don’t do that if you are not doing that then this here is a really small device why no means is the retina ATL meant for heavy Gaming and things like that but for day-to-day use like if you’re browsing web a lot you’re using social media apps a lot in fact any apps those work really well on this now this runs on Android nine pipe with the MIUI skin on top of it and surprisingly it has been very smooth now the specs are not that impressive it has a Snapdragon 439 with three gigs of RAM yes I have the three gig ram variant here which cost seven thousand rupees so it is not something spectacular but Xiaomi has managed to come up with a very stable device and kudos to Xiaomi for that but for those who still are like very concerned about will this be able to game I have made a dedicated gaming review for that so links to that will be in the card somewhere up here and it’ll also be in the description below so make sure you check it out because I’ve played pub G on this device so make sure you watch that to see how it performs so if you’re a person who wants this as a secondary device to do your day-to-day tasks or or your gifting this to someone who is going to use it for the very first time or going to use a smartphone for the very first time then you know it is going to be a really nice experience for them they are not going to experience any sort of lag or terrible user experience with this but make sure you disable ads and all those unwanted notifications before handing it over to them the camera now I told I’d make a dedicated review but I didn’t get a real me c3 in hand and that’s the reason I didn’t make a dedicated review because I really wanted to compare it to the c3 but I couldn’t so sorry for that but as a standalone camera I think this is pretty decent now if you want to take quick shots like you can just open the camera click yes it takes some time to process but other than that I think you are pretty much good to go now if you want to capture any still image under very good lighting I mean like very good lighting then the pictures are not good now of course please don’t expect any kind of high details or high dynamic range or amazing features like this on a seven thousand rupee device that is unrealistic expectations for seven thousand rupee I think the camera is like pretty good the video quality is okay now the front-facing camera is an 8 megapixel camera so give it more light to take a photo then the photos that you take so mostly selfies are gonna be good now they’re not going to be very sharp or ultra detailed but they are going to be really good and this camera you can definitely use for taking selfies and posting it on social media so overall in terms of the camera I am going to be considering the fact that this year is a seven thousand rupee device which has a dual camera setup with the 13 megapixel camera and 2 megapixel depth sensor where the depth sensor actually doesn’t do justice I mean that much but having that is still good and for that price I think this here is a pretty decent or as I say you can also say good camera you can use it of course you can post on social media but don’t expect anything more than that so Xiaomi focused a lot on the battery life and I have to say this here has one of the best battery labs on any smartphone 110 thousand rupee price range yes this has a 5000 mAh battery and the battery life was pretty good and I could easily get two days but consider that you are somehow playing games on this you can still end the day with juice left for say nearly quarter or half of the next day so that’s how good the battery life on the xiaomi redmi atul is and especially MIUI surprisingly doesn’t drain a lot of battery and I have done intensive tests like I’ve run you know synthetic benchmarks again and again and the battery drain was very minimal since this here is a 720p display the battery doesn’t need to work as much – you know power all these pixels in terms of the battery life the xiaomi redmi a tidwell is amazing and fun fact you get USBC so when you compare this with the real me c3 i think this here I mean might be one of the biggest advantages that me eighty dual has because the real me c3 has a micro USB charging port and it has only a what fast charger whereas this has USB C and an 18 watt fast charger and I think Xiaomi has killed it especially in terms of you know small things so attention to detail things like these you know make users more happy so last but not least there are few things that I wanted to say now it has a headphone jack bonus points there the speakers are loud but definitely not that clear but they are definitely loud the placements of the buttons are actually quite nice I mean the power button is exactly located where your finger you can reach things like that and they are really tactile now as for security this doesn’t have anything up in sensor but rather it has face unlock this is not of course not the 3d kind where it scans if he is nothing like that it just takes an image of yourself and that is used to unlock your device so the face unlock in this works quite well it is accurate most of the times but it is not as quick as you want Plus devices but still it is nice to have now we’ve come to the conclusion the redmi 8:8 dual is an amazing device now I have the three gigabyte we read and that costs around 7000 rupees and for that price I have to say this here is an amazing deal now even when compared to the real machine 3 I have to say based just on specs this here is a much better device but who is this device for so let me explain now if you want to gift your parents and your parents are coming from a feature phone like you know your old keypad phones and they are moving to a smart phone for the very first time I think there is no other better device than the redmi a dual to buy them now the main reason why this year is a much better option when compared to the competition is that it has a much better build and design it has a very good battery life the performance is smooth and MIUI is much more refined now but again make sure you disable the ads and for bigness this camera is a sweet point to begin from and it also has other features like face unlock it has 18 watt fast charging things like that which also spices up the appeal factor of the read me 18 do it now the read me ATL also has another use case for those who want a second device which will perform well an amazing battery life for those people the read me hated well is one good option to go from yes it is a seven thousand rupee device and I think for that price it is a pretty good bill so please don’t compare it with other devices which cost ten thousand twelve thousand rupees it makes no sense now the purchase link for the read me eighty dual is in the description below so make sure you check it out and I’ve started our Instagram page as you know and also have a new tutor page so make sure you follow me there because once we hit 10,000 subscribers it is going to be double the market time so trying for watching and this here is someone sending off once again catch you later.
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