Redmi 9 Review: Probably the Best Basic Smartphone from Xiaomi for 2020

Published on June 22, 2020
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Guys, when I came home from work today I just saw another package in front of my door and guess what it’s another nine probably nine, is my lucky number for this year probably I should use nine in the lottery who knows I might win from the redmi note 9s to the redmi note 9 Pro and to the redmi note 9 this ultra-budget phone does pack a lot of punch hi I’m mr. zero two of Shami review join me as I unveil the rebbe nine [Music] we can see the red Midnight’s package is almost like the ones from the redmi note 9 series very simple and at the sides you can see it’s read me 9 and nothing else at the back it’s pretty clean right now let’s call on our favorite blade so we just simply need to slice it on three corners there so right now all you need to do just to take off the box hmm there you go out of the box you can see that there’s another little box where it sports the sim ejector tool your warranty card and your user guide your smoke black jelly case Batman and of course the phone unit itself but before that but before that let’s see what’s left inside the box there’s your USB type-c cable and your 10 watts charger now let’s just simply peel the plastic off the phone and there we go mmm this is my favorite part taking the plastic out of the phone there you go you can see the phone it’s nice mars-1 looks nice from behind it just reminds me of the red meat Kate Ernie or the poco x2 look at the back here’s the ring that’s your here’s your four camera at the back looks nice or neither it’s not shiny at the bottom we have the loudspeaker USB type-c port microphone in and your audio jack am i right we can see the power button and your volume rocker on top we have the IR and your noise cancellation mic and on the left side we can see the SIM tray wearing you can host two nano Sims and one micro SD card the camera definitely is a big jump from that of the read me eight read me it used to have two cameras and it looks much much like the read me a a all I can say right now the read min nine is a major upgrade from the read me a let me show you why the four cameras here at the back is the major upgrade we can see that there’s the 13mp white sensor 8mp ultra light sensor 5mp macro lens and of course your two MP depth sensor coupled with the LED flash and your fingerprint scanner really this is one big step forward from the red v8 and up front there’s your teardrop notch eight megapixel front camera which completes the outer specs of the phone the screen is at six point P P three IPS LCD 1080 P take note it’s a 1080 P Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection which really I can say it’s a major major upgrade from the 720p of the Remmy eight and of course from the competitors 720p this proves to be the better choice to be honest with you the screen isn’t really that bad being an IPS LCD on this category I can say it’s pretty clear watching movies playing games I really don’t have much problem but of course under the direct sunlight I had a little bit difficulty taking a look at the screen except I take a shame swiping left and right on the screen is a breeze I don’t see any lags on this phone not even a bit which is quite surprising and this phone comes with a MediaTek g80 which is one cost friendly processor but it’s a performer take a quick look at and to do I was quite shocked with the score 186 thousand points really this should be something now breaking it down we have CPU has 74,000 GPU 33,000 memory 37,000 and UX is 40,000 taking a walk at I – – it just garnered at 26,000 points with an accuracy of 22,000 which will match any snapdragon 7 series now moving on to Geekbench we have a 340 single core points and in Evin thousand 30 for multi-core pour this phone has a five thousand and 20 milliampere arse battery which supports up to 18 watts charger out of the box will have at 10 watts charges so we borrowed the 30 watts charger from another xiaomi phone it does charge up to 17 watts based on our Omni watt meter and guess what we completed charging from 19 to a hundred in 2 hours and 27 minutes now running PC marks battery stress test we were able to notch a 13 hour screen on time which is not bad for a phone like this one now checking DRM info this one is interesting it has a level 1 security for white band which means you can watch HD movies on Netflix on this phone now let’s check the fingerprint scanner upon trying it out I can say it’s not that slow to be honest it’s quite responsive of course not as fast as the flagship from Xiaomi but this one is not that bad playing mobile legend I can unlock each fr mode using the high graphic settings which is not bad for entry-level phone like this one and gameplay I can say there is minimal lags I cannot say that completely there is no lag but I do feel that there’s a little bit of nag but frequency of occurrence is not really that high the gameplay is pretty good to be honest with you for a budget phone like this I was amazed I was able to enjoy mobile legend on this phone taking a quick look at call of duty I was able to use high frame rate and medium graphics quality on this game at some point I can say that the game is sluggish I cannot say that this phone is really built for heavy games like the Call of Duty but at the end I was able to finish on top thanks to my good skills I say the call of duty does eat up a lot of resources after playing call of duty I can see the phone becomes a little bit sluggish but it takes a few seconds for it to become normal again to the camera I can see the rear shooter 30 MP is just average I cannot say that it’s really something that packs a lot of punch but to be honest with you it’s just really really average sticking some outdoor shots I can see that it lacks some sharpness that I was looking inside a picture trying the macro lens I can say that it still needs improvement hopefully it could be corrected by a software update taking some indoor shot I can say the color is not bad to be honest with you the place is not really well lit it just uses some yellow lights and it’s a bit dim but to be able to take some photos like this it’s really not bad now let’s try the zoom lens on this phone here is the One X the 2x and the 10x I can say on the 10x the picture becomes a bit blurred well to be honest with you I don’t really expect too much from this phone now moving to the selfie camera I can see the selfie camera is really awesome to be able to take some good pictures for a budget phone like this I can say it’s really sharp there come a bit so so the front camera did bounce back with some awesome shots now let’s try the video camera taking photos out of the 1080p and 60fps setting I can say it’s quite shaky jittery I can say that you really need a gimbal to make the videos on this camera more more stable but the quality isn’t really that bad now taking a look at the video camera on front I can say this one is a lot more stable than the one from the rear I’m also using my bare hand on this one and yet it’s not so shaky which is quite surprising now guys I know that all of you wants to know the price of this phone but I can say is that it’s really really jaw-dropping sharpies show me official global store in the Philippines it’s just 6990 check the link below if you want to buy this phone it’s really really budget-friendly now with the budget phone this everybody can look good and professional during meeting unzoom and on Google Hangouts given its price and its specs I can say this for is really really one phone to have when you’re on budget now if you like my video subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don’t miss any of my future review here at Xiaomi review now don’t forget to check out solid tech review and pin Oh check that for the review on this budget series and I miss your zero to I hope to see you in my next video goodbye.
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