Redmi K20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Comparison Review

Published on June 16, 2019
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Whats up guys Miguel here of Yucatec so we’ve seen how to read McKay 20 pro fares against the likes of its cousins but I can’t help but wonder how it stacks up against one of the top smartphones released this year the Samsung Galaxy S 10 starting off with design the redmi k20 pro sports a 3d curved glass mac which makes it quite comfortable to hold the galaxy s 10 on the other hand also supports a curved glass back but not only that it’s glass back is protected with Gorilla Glass 5 our unit of the K 20 pro is in its flame red color option and it does look our Galaxy S 10 on the other hand is in the prison white color which I like very much in terms of design language the key to any pro looks a little bit more wild while the S 10 keeps it clean and simple without any cases on I immediately noticed that the S 10 thought thinner leaving a sleeker impression in mind I do want to mention that the K 20 pro is only 4.1 millimeters thicker so take that earlier note with a grain of salt moving on at the back of both devices you can find the rear camera modules the K 20 pros module is placed in the center of the back stack vertically with the holographic extent and telephoto lens above it the galaxy s 10 also gets a triple camera setup it’s found on the top Center horizontally stacked providing no wobble at all when laid flat on a surface in front you get a true all screen display on the K 24 oh thanks to that pop-up selfie camera that doubles as a notification light the galaxy s 10 gets the punch whole treatment found on the upper right and it’s honestly turned into one of the most defining design traits of the device thanks to a majority of users embracing the cutout for buttons and ports on the right side you can find both devices power button and volume rocker for the K 20 pro on top you can find the K 20 pros 3.5 millimeter audio jack noise cancelling mic for speakerphone and the before-mentioned pop-up selfie camera for the s 10 you can find the hybrid dual SIM card tray and a noise cancelling mic for speakerphone up here on the left side you can find the galaxy s tens volume rocker as well as a dedicated Bigsby button which you can kinda remap nothing here for the redmi k20 pro at the bottom exclusive to the K xx pro you can find a dual SIM card tray and singled firing speaker for the s10 you can find a 3.5 millimeter audio jack here as well as one of the stereo speakers that handles the lows you can find both devices noise cancelling mic for regular calls and USB type-c port here as well okay so for design I must admit that the k20 Pro is quite the head turner with its fiery back true all screen display and light the pop-up selfie camera but when I have the s10 in my other hand it feels like saying less is more if you catch my drift so yeah I’m giving this one to the galaxy s 10 do keep in mind that design is subjective after all now moving on to display the K 20 Pro gets a six point thirty nine inch full HD plus Super AMOLED panel and the s10 utilizes a 6.1 inch wqhd + dynamic AMOLED 1 both displays also have Corning Gorilla Glass protection on board the K 20 pro uses Gorilla Glass 5 while the STM utilizes Gorilla Glass 6 which means both displays are equivalent in scratch resistance but the S 10 can handle more drops from greater heights when it comes to media consumption they both look really really good but the s tense panel is just a little bit more I mean it is a Samsung device after all and they do make the best panels for their devices at the end of the day but then we should all know by now that display is only half the story when it comes to media consumption the sound coming from the device is just as important and well I’m pretty sure some of you guys already know it’s gonna be the s10 in the subcategory as well you get a single downward firing speaker on the K 20 pro and it truly does not compare to having a stereo experience on the s10 although I do want to mention that the K 20 pro single speaker does produce a fitty good quality audio experience for what it is separation is very excellent but the lows do lack in comparison to the s10 it is good to know that both devices come with a headphone jacks so if you really want to immerse yourself you can totally use that too so yeah for display I’m gonna have to give it to the Galaxy S 10 moving on to performance for hardware the K 20 pro is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 7 an ohmmeter chipset and an Adreno 640 GPU the K 20 pro gets a handful of RAM and storage configurations you can get a 6 gigs of RAM for 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage or 88 Ram plus 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage our galaxy s10 uses the Exynos 98 28 nanometer chipset and a Mallee g76 MP 12 GPU locally you get eight gigs of ram plus 128 gigs of internal storage plus expandable storage of up to 512 gigs for software you get Android 9pi out of the box for both devices and me UI 10 skinned on top for decay 20 Pro and 1 UI for the s10 now I’ve made it pretty clear in previous videos that one UI is my favorite Android skin now for its minimalistic design and well-thought-out approach to its interface with one UI the moment I jump into it I never found myself lost and I can’t really say the same for me UI although I am a fan of the interfaces design and simplicity as well when it comes to navigating through the interface both devices handled everything as they should from jumping between a bunch of opened apps the zooming in and out on a browser to even gaming these phones are pretty much beasts if you guys were interested in some benchmark scores I’ll have them flash on screen now when it comes to battery powering the redmi k20 perot is a four thousand milliamp power cell that utilizes Qualcomm quick charge 4 plus for charging the galaxy s 10 on the other hand packs an ok three thousand four hundred million power battery and you also get 15 watt fast charging support for wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging quick charge for plus a squad comes 27 watt charging standard sadly a twenty seven watch charging adapter is all included in the box of the K 20 pro in our standard video loop test the K 20 pro yielded 27 hours and 36 minutes while the S 10 got us a respectable 16 hours now that isn’t surprising considering the smaller battery capacity I guess I don’t really notice as well because I usually have a power bank with me when it comes to biometrics the K 20 Pro comes with face unlock through a software update and I guess it’s alright what’s weird about it is you have to first swipe up so the pop up camera activates which can make the whole unlocking experience slower I mean it’s already slower than the usual face unlock on devices because the front facing camera has to pop up now we have to first swipe up on the display come on read me the st. amateur hour hence optical facial recognition works really snappy but as seen on unbox therapy it is very possible of tricking this form of security especially if you’re someone who has your face out there a lot at the end of the day though it’s fine because both devices get an in display fingerprint scanner the k20 pros is of the optical variety making it less secure compared to the ultrasonic one found on the s10 one thing it’s got going is it is faster than the s10 scanner so yeah for overall performance I’m giving it to the res McKee 20 pro for having better scores and the battery that can subjectively last you up to two days lastly let’s take a look at the cameras starting with the rear the redmi k20 pro gets a triple camera setup composed of a 48 megapixel main shooter an 8 megapixel telephoto and a 13 megapixel ultra wide the galaxy s 10 on the other hand also gets the triple camera treatment that consists of a 12 megapixel main shooter a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 16 megapixel ultra wide on the front facing side of things you get a 20 megapixel selfie shooter for the k20 pro the s 10 gets a 10 megapixel shooter alright before we check out them samples quick disclaimer the g-20 pro samples are at a different aspect ratio are bad now in this first photo both shots look great in my opinion I also think that dynamic range is superb on both of them the K 20 pro does have darker shadows compared to the s 10 but I know that the S 10 does tend to put its shadows up in post-processing either way I really do think both devices did a good job here in this shot at first glance I found the K 20 pros photo more appealing and this is thanks to an up in contrast in post-processing for the S 10 it did provide a sharper image in this shot of AJ with the s 10 you can immediately notice the up in saturation and sharpening here overall I do like the s 10 shot more here though it’s got the K 20 Pro beat in dynamic range and because of that there appears to be a haze of light coming from the window in the background and same thing for this shot checking out ultra wide real quick as you can see you get a wider field of view on the s10 and dynamic range is still on point I wish I could say the same for the K 20 Pro but it seems up overexposed the clouds on the top left this is the case here as well I do want to add that because of the difference in color reproduction you get a more dramatic vibe with the k20 Pro which you can achieve with the s10 by editing the photo of course so yeah okay so that’s delve into night mode this is what the shot looks like in the default photo mode and sorry it just kind of looks like a movie still and the k20 pro shot looks like a kamcord copy so yeah whatever my humors done this is what it looks like with night mode on I mean the K 20 pro did its best but it’s shot just looks way more smudgy compared to the s 10 sharp clear and bright image not to mention dynamic range is on point for portrait mode we have IRA here ready to steal your lunch money both shots actually look really good for me if you zoom in to the fork the K 20 Pro seem to have a harder time separating it from the background I do ultimately prefer iris skin tone on the s10 here’s a quick look at the selfie camera in these photos we can see that again dynamic range is better on the s10 but since this is a selfie the most important thing is well the subject so it comes to a preference and skin tone I think they both look pretty good either way so for cameras I think you all know I’m giving it to the galaxy s 10 for its subjectively better color reproduction it’s better dynamic range and sharper images not to mention you get much better night mode and a wider field of view for the ultra wide all right we’re heading at the conclusion territory now starting with price the most expensive variant of the red Miki 20 Pro is priced at 2999 Chinese yuan and that’s around 22,000 pesos when converted the samsung galaxy s 10 is priced at 49,999 so at retail so that’s pretty much it 27,000 difference and honestly I do think you get what you pay for here so yes the K 20 pro gets better benchmark numbers a better battery and a great price but really none of those things matters so much to me when compared to a great user interface amazing cameras and the ultimate display and speaker combination for media consumption sorry K 20 Pro this is the big leagues but again that is just my opinion tell me what you guys think read me k20 pro or the Samsung Galaxy S 10 let us know in the comment section below and if you found this video helpful be sure to smack that like button subscribe to our YouTube channel hit that Bell icon so you get notified of our future uploads be sure to visit you can take not confidently Aztek news and reviews again this has been miguel and i’ll see you in the next one

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