Redmi K20 Pro (Xiaomi Mi9T Pro) Full Review

Published on July 20, 2019
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Hi guys and here I’ve tried quite a lot of yummy devices normally to see what the hardware can do for the price that Jamie charged which normally isn’t a lot the software is usually quite a letdown if as his enormous a deal-breaker for me I’ve not yet had as yummy as a daily device but then something about this the redmi k20 pro comes along I kind of have to try it really to be honest it’s been called by some the pocke phone f2 now those of you in the note we remember the pocket of nf1 it generated a lot of hype having sort of flagship specs for about 300 pounds I did a review of that last year of Slee and it was a very capable phone but it had a few sort of flaws at the camera I think the screen wasn’t so great for me even the build quality was not quite as good as Jamie sometimes – anyway we’re not reviewing Anna so this the k20 pro came along I thought well I’ve got to try that it’s top-end specs I mean yes you could look at it and say well it’s basically the 1 + 7 Pro very similar even down to the pop-up front-facing camera but it’s only 410 pounds and you have to think what how does yeah me do that I mean 1 + ER considered sort of quite good at keeping the prices low but even then the oneplus 7 probably 7 inch pounds this is 410 pounds I’ve paid including shipping no import taxis or anything like that it is the International Version which will sort of come to in a little while but so if we look at the design of the device you’ll see straight away it’s car noise on screen will come to the screen shortly it’s quite distinctive shall we say apparently inspired by fire it comes in carbon black glacier blue and of course this is the flame red and it does look quite different I suppose I like how the sort of the black fades out into the sort of the bright color it is a very slippy device though probably the slippiest device I’ve ever had I mean I have to you get a case with it and I have actually been using this device with the case on place feels very nice very nice case actually there’s a slight lip at the edge I don’t know if you think that’s a good thing or not yeah noise me a little but I know a lot of people ask for it because they want it to protect the screen when it’s faced down I don’t want you put your phone facedown anyway different matter so it is quite a nice sort of soft touch but it’s a hard case and I just think it’s needed while that or a skin which is a shame because it looks beautiful but it’s so slippy this also the cert there’s a notification like we’re not going to see now there’s a notification right in the pop-up camera so I did notice it for the first time I mean if you can quite see it as a little circle over on the edge there I noticed for the first time last night I had the Vice Hamilton TV that it was glowing red we should telling me I had a notification but otherwise I haven’t really noticed it so yeah not great the hardware itself the chipset is the qualcomm snapdragon 855 the sun oven nanometer which you could argue is getting old now it’s been in devices for a little while but it’s still the fastest Snapdragon the Qualcomm do it’s got an octa-core CPU which from what I can see is the identical to the one that’s in the oneplus 7 pro it’s called the Adreno 640 GPU it’s got a gig of ram all that meant that I keep bench just over eleven thousand which was pretty much the same as the one plus seven pretty much I’m also scored on an two to three hundred and sixty thousand which again right up there I think better than anything else I’ve tested yet so it’s definitely got the raw power like the POC of onf wand enough this particular one has got a hundred twenty eight gig of storage I think you can go to actually I do wonder if I should have to 256 gig of storage for like 20 pound more thing I’ve got off at 4:13 I probably should off at 20 pound double of storage know that I need more than 128 but I guess resale value really it does have NFC it does have a 3.5 ml headphone jack there’s no card slot SD card slot there’s no waterproof rating easier but I don’t know like the 1 + 7 Pro doesn’t have waterproof rating OPD say oneplus did say we didn’t want to pay for the rating it’s waterproof don’t worry I don’t have that faith with this device so that’s one of the drawbacks another one being off there’s no u FS on no u FS 3.0 filesystem and they said that a benchmark just as well as the 1 / 7 pro so does it really matter there is one speaker 1:so low speaker down the bottom let’s give you a quick demo of that would do some music first I suppose / – it’s an interesting one it is just the solo speaker is actually very loud it’s called ninety three point four as an average on my test use my sound meter which is the third best anything has ever scored I think that one person probably and one of the devices as above it so it is really loud and actually on podcasts and things and phone calls it’s really nice loud and clear but listening to the music as you might have heard with old Robin Thicke it doesn’t sound great it is a bit tinny it is a bit it’s not as rounded as some and obviously it’s Naga the stereo so when you’re watching a YouTube video it is just blasting out one side of the phone but it’s actually it’s better than most I would say the speaker it depends how tired you how sort of tied into the stereo speaker that you are so the screen is super amoled 6.3 9 inches excuse me six point three nine inches 1080 by 23 40 so that’s a 19 and a half by 9 ratio and about 403 pixels per inch as you can see there’s no not because of the camera which I am actually really now beginning to light having sort of full screen devices perhaps more impressively have reached 782 lumens on my light meter which is actually really quite bright brighter than a lot of more expensive devices a good hundred lumens or so bright to the one plus seven Pro obviously you’d be a brave person that claims a better screen with the one plus of braving the 90s refresh rate but it’s generally I think it’s a really nice-looking I get a little bit of a little bit of video so the screen I mean even just the background there the colors are good they’re strong they’re pop it’s clear I think it’s a really nice screen it is HDR and is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 there’s a in screen fingerprint sensor as you see kind of animation which generally it’s pretty good in fact this is behaving very well right now or I kind of missed it there I would probably say it’s about kind of 50 or 60 percent accurate though so just hit every single on that which yeah isn’t uncommon but there have been times I’ve been put on my thumb on three or four times and it’s not unlocked so it’s not amazing it’s okay there is a backup you’ve I’ve stored my face data and it will use that if the finger fails and obviously you’ve got a password to go in afterwards if that is needed let’s move on to talk about the cameras there’s three lenses a which you kind of need this day and age if you’re going to compete with the the top end phones the main lens is a 48 megapixel F 1.8 then obviously it doesn’t take 48 megapixel photos unless you tell it to otherwise it uses the pixels to produce a 12 megapixel image the telephoto 2 x lens is a megapixel that’s F 2.4 and then the ultra wide-angle lens is 13 megapixel just f/2 point three we’ve kind of mention already the pop up let’s have a look at that again though to pop up front-facing camera and and I do like that the LED illumination but the front-facing camera is a 20 megapixel F 2.2 so have a quick look at the software while we’re here I suppose it’s actually quite stock looking I think so we’re on photo lot you can either swipe through to the different modes or when you’re in one of the modes you can change the lens by tapping on them just there there’s the forty a megapixel mode portrayed night panorama and then pro mode where you can set a variety of things yourself manually which I know some people will love let’s come back to regular photo so you get options along the top look flash HDR a i-i-i-i lens motion pictures analyze I’m beautifying or last filter sorry I really want filters tap the three lines and we get a few more options including the settings as you can see so yeah it means the software actually it’s not too bad it’s not too bad if we move on to the results so the photos they’re generally they’re pretty good and they’re quite sharp I think generally the colors are quite strong they’re not necessarily all that consistent I was walking home from the gym today and I just thought I’d take a picture of the nice sort of leafy bushy little path I was making my way down the road you know took him portrait and then I turned it to landscape and they they seemed quite different to me the portrait one had quite strong color the landscape was a little bit washed out I’m not quite sure why I mean they’re literally seconds apart same area so I don’t know quite why I would do that but yet generally the pictures it’s a pretty good camera the Xiaomi often kind of cheap out and don’t really keep up with users when it comes to the cameras but it does a lot I’ve made a bit more effort here I mean does have a night mode but it kind of is like a budget night mode it’s not great but it is there the two times lens seems pretty good as well I know some phones the different lenses weren’t produce as good results but they seem to be pretty good as is the ultra wide-angle lens produces a sort of has good photos as well the risk portrait mode I took one or two using the front-facing lens and it seemed okay I mean I won’t go much further than okay and then I kind of managed to take one myself using the main lens so turn the phone around and pointing at myself and taking a picture so there’s a little bit in your face but it looks actually that was a pretty good portrait to be fair the video if you’ve got to 4k at 60 frames per second now i’m sure i’ve read the spec saying you’ve got electronic image stabilization but for me that’s the one area that i thought it really could do with so I took some film at me to kind of again walking back from a GM and I did it I did a little bit of a jog and it doesn’t really stabilize all that well I wouldn’t say also I’m not sure the colors pop quite as much as her phone but it’s a bad thing is perhaps a bit more realistic but then maybe just not quite as sort of vivid as something like ones having said all of that generally the video it looked pretty good I don’t really have any other complaints apart from the stabilization I would say so it’s tough for me I think it is better quality than Xiaomi have done in the past so I’m gonna move on now to the software which is usually where things start to fall apart but let’s have a look what we were running on this phone first so me my version ten point three point one five I did get an update a couple days ago so I think updates come you know quick and fast well they come let’s play that way we’re Android version nine the security patch is from the 1st of June we’re halfway through July now it’s not bad to be fair I think there’s others that probably wouldn’t be as up-to-date as that got some other specs of the device so I think for me this funny thing is that actually I almost come even would say me what isn’t that bad these days it really isn’t there’s even I think there’s a launcher or there’s one maybe it just gives sort different control me using me you are notifications or as a me you are launcher that a lot people talk high love they put on their devices I think how different is that now to like a couple years ago so don’t get me wrong it’s not like amazing it’s not great but actually it’s quite nice looking it’s quite nice looking harassed now this particular was I think I mentioned earlier on this is a this is not a global version this I imported from China from wonder mobile and it doesn’t come with it or didn’t come with the Play Store you might see in the unboxing on Tony on it was already like everyone logged in so I reset it and then realized oh there’s no Play Store so con honestly I can be sure if they put the Play Store on for me but anyway it’s not actually that hard to do I searched how do I put Play Store on my K 20 Pro something like that and the first link was a was a forum post on me calm basically giving you four apks that you just installed on the device it sort of says something on the lines of everything’s actually down on the device you just gotta unlock it and then activities for apks so you go through install a so he’s kind of funny after go through has done all the Google stuff you want my maps hang out yeah you hang out photos oh you almost have a granted gmail none of its on it and it’s a little bit weird in that sometimes you you press to open whether you imagine typing the place don’t open some Chinese you know the Chinese version the me store wasn’t like that which is a little bit weird also we didn’t sync contacts properly so I manually exported them from my old phone to a cbs4 lucinda like that then manually import them back in that and the location history doesn’t turn on so I do use location history in that what you need that on to be able to share your location to family members for example so my family we do we were sure location just so we know each other ah and I can’t do that on this phone and I’ve not yet found a way of enabling that that’s quite a big pain in the bum for me personally for most people you probably call happy you don’t want the location history on but for me it was a bit of a bummer I don’t think there is a global ROM yet so I was looking to see do I need to just flash a global ROM and they looks like there might be kind of almost a hacked version XD a but not an official one so a bit of a pain now then the launch and again I mentioned this in the unboxing it is horrible and I don’t know if they’ve kind of tried to copy iOS in some way so there’s no app drawer and it’s just you install things they do just puts them on the end of your home screen so yeah just installed face-up that will make you look old yeah horrible and it just put that on that I guess because this space is full so instead I mean what about that space really weird now Ashley lead launch board save me because you press that and that’s how you find I did a different video on that somewhere else couple days ago scan I’ve looked that if interested but yeah I really saved me otherwise well are well obviously I can install Nova Launcher but I kind of wanted to stay true to what Jamie or read me I’ve given me and it’s a horrible entre it really is I mean I say sorry but it’s actually smooth its fast to smooth the whole ice I’m in the power in this device everything’s very quick and smooth I mean how fast does that open it is a nice smooth experience so you can’t kind of fault it there but the problem so you can get around the launcher the big pond for me are the notifications I just don’t trust it at the moment still so when I pick up my other phone by real regular 1 / 7 promo daily that seems to have loads of notifications that this one doesn’t even look at the same apps installed so if I get a message sent to me on Instagram I don’t know about it on this phone now it’s probably because I’ve not been in a said let this app run or something weird like that so I could probably if this was going to be my daily I can probably get around that let me know in the comments if you do wanna show me do you have that issue or do you just go through enabling everything and it’s all fine cuz that’s my big problem at the moment yeah like I wake up in the morning there’s no I don’t have any Gmail you know no emails in majima when I now have I have to open gmail awesome they start loading in oh well isn’t the kind of POD notifications that you tell me about these things and again maybe it’s got a enable it maybe it’s not enabled to run in the background or something so hard maybe I maybe should have made more effort to check all that but and I’m not used to I suppose I’m just yeah Gmail is stored the email should just come through so then you’ve got another problem you can’t actually expand notifications so normally I can to finger drag some advances either for one it won’t let me do that so I said bit of a it’s a bit of a pain nor can you sleep notifications so if I wanted to sleep one if I slice five slide over there’s nothing appears on this side I’ve got well I had settings or I’ve got this kind of don’t show which I quite like we’re going to show you that on it sure on this one so I tap if I tap this it says is it unimportant yeah it is so I got it and all the apps that I’ve set that to and now in this sort of separate little small bar I actually really like that that’s really clever so when I’m using my jumper earphones as a service running that allows the jumpers to do whatever they need to do so they’ll have that going if I’m in the gym it’s got the timer 1 for the till my next set I’ve got another probably that google fit there’s a local basically about 8 notifications that are non dismissible but with this I can just hit them on those and it puts me into these this unimportant are actually will be he live acts they sort of me about me you are there’s some really good features in it I mean to be honest I’m not going to go through now but there’s loads of stuff in the settings for changing it is very customizable so it don’t they really are getting there if they can just make these last few changes for me hey there’s another where and it’s easily done cute enough but I was getting data warnings for an app that was 18 Mexico you sure you want to download this over you cell do you want to click to Wi-Fi then I think I can cope with 18 Mac and actually when I found the setting it was sad so anything bigger than two Meg it was gonna warn me which seems a bit sort of year 2007 perhaps but like I say you can turn that off in its contents fine so yes a really mixed bag in that me white it’s getting there it really is if they can fit fix me you I that’s gonna be pretty massive I could see myself you know this device is not that far off something I could use as a daily the camera could do with being better but the software is no longer the massive drawback that it used to be but we’ll come to the actual conclusion in a moment I suppose so the battery is a 4000 million power li-po battery it’s got quick charge for Plus which is 27 watts there’s no wireless charging I guess kind of obviously it’s scored 94% in my battery tester that’s like tied for top with a six thousand milliamp hour battery phone that’s really good really good let’s have a look at well the Acura stats are saying now because no really just leave me alone so if we look at the bottom there I reckon I could survive eight hours with the screen on permanently and with a screen off 67 hours what’s that almost that’s what five hours short of three days so combined use and this would vary depending how much you use your device mister screen is on he says come on you state one else now actually I think is probably more than that I have gone two days so I’ll come off charge that’s probably quite like maybe about 10 in the morning but it’s worth finally through to the next day evening and I think I don’t even think I’ll blow about 30 percent so really quite impressive battery really impressive battery so what do we think what’s the final conclusion I actually really like it it’s probably of all that so to pakka phone f1 as powerful as it was it still felt a bit like a budget phone and while this doesn’t feel necessarily top-end like the camera is not quite good enough to be top-end most of the rest of it you wouldn’t really know you could give the I think you could give this to somebody tell them it was 70 pounds 800 pounds even and they’re kinda go okay and it’s 410 pounds perhaps of feedback is not as good as others it’s not as strong but excuse me but the whole device is fast and responsive the camera which I just said it’s not top-end it’s okay maybe verging on good maybe you’ve seen that kinda like you decide that I suppose the battery life is amazing me why it’s actually quite nice now the deal-breaker for me at the moment is the whole notification issue but again I could perhaps if I was if someone’s around II that’s gonna be your daily now for the next year I would hope there’s a way around again someone please leave a comment down below if you do use one as a daily and you kind of find your way around it I think for 410 pounds it’s a really good option it’s a really good option it’s probably the best kind of mid-range if you say that one pluses up into the kind of upper range now probably the better of mid-range dropped another is so I don’t yeah I won’t lie was a little surprised how good I felt the foam was so there we go who knows in a year or so maybe I’ll be rocking a jammy as my daily that’s kind of a odd thought to be honest for me anyway they men are your thoughts on a video please do subscribe if you haven’t as loads really Jebus I know annoys people that hit their bowels so that when I racing to veer you get notified it helps me out hopefully if you’ve enjoyed this of you know in the lightened you a bit about things and entertained you slightly and then you don’t might try to help me out share the video as well as another great one good mind anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments down below but for now my name’s Andy I can’t you all again soon hold them and thank you for making it into the video hope you enjoyed it if you did you monica the little fellow that should hopefully appear about here to subscribe you may also want to check out some of my other videos which are going to appear somewhere there also come have a look at my website android andy dot uk’ there is also a forum come say hello on the forum if you have any questions about things or request me to review things or anything else just 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