Redmi Note 8 Unboxing & Overview Ideal Phone for Rs 10K or Not

Published on October 26, 2019
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Video Script:

Hi there this is Ranji than in this video let’s do the unboxing of this redmi note 8 and let’s have a first look and this is the younger brother to the redmi note 8 pro who’s gaming review and unboxing had posted earlier so let’s look at this one plan I feel this time xiaomi has priced it really aggressively as you can see this is the 6 gb medium that comes with 128 gigabytes of storage but there is also one more base variant that comes with 4 gigabytes of ram and that’s for that comes with 64 GB of internal storage that starts for about 10,000 rupees again this is sold in India why Amazon and leave the links so I feel the base variant is actually priced very well at 10000 rupees considering the specs as you can see it says that sparked by the snapdragon 665 SOC and it also has a quad camera setup but the main camera is a forty eight megapixel and also it has 18 what fast charging it says it has Gorilla Glass it says or 6.3 in screen but it’s a fully HD plus screen I believe not at 720 another spec so let’s quickly open this up and have a look so I mean some I think so this is a sim ejector tool you also get a case the plastic case some paperwork here as you can see so the standard TPU plastic flexible case that you are getting in the box so I will keep that to the side and what else let’s see here we have the device itself here it is in this blue gradient color these days most of the Xiaomi phones are coming with this gradient color so let’s just peel this off and say is the SAR rating some of you asked its body is one ahead is 0.255 so yeah that’s what it is just and we have that quad camera set up and you’ll also peel this off so here is the device it has the great me logo over here also many of the redmi phones don’t have anything here but here it’s even over here anyways standard stuff not much USB type-c cable yes type-c really nice to see type see and surprisingly this time they are actually giving a fast charger this is 18 what fast charger that you are getting in the box guys so that’s what we get that’s it so let me heat this to the side and let’s look at this handset itself and as you can see it’s having a 6.3 inch screen monitor by Gorilla Glass and on the top we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone we even have IR blaster this is actually nice and this feels like plastic polycarbonate the body chases guys back looks like glass but the body chases is polycarbonate and a volume rocker gives a good feel power on/off button bottom vent will be the speaker type C port the main microphone actually two we have that’s surprising we also have a headphone jack and here we have this SIM tray let’s just open it up so here I have this image actor too let’s just plop this out I hope it’s a triple slot yes nice to see that they are giving a triple slot on this one so that’s nice and backed that triple camera setup physical body is a fingerprint scanner over here and again we have the trade me logo and I mean as you can see this is that gradient finish we have let me know one thing nice let me actually boot this up so guys by the time it actually boots up and I set it up let me give you a configuration overview this redmi note 8 is having a 6.3 inch full HD plus screen it’s by Gorilla Glass 5 it’s 5 by the snapdragon 616 core processor that has the Adreno 16 GPU it comes with 4 or 6 q bytes of ram storage will be 64 or 128 moving to the camera the rear facing camera has a quad camera setup the main camera is a 48 megapixel we also have an 8 megapixel that’s ultra wide and then we have a 2 megapixel that’s macro and 2 megapixels for depth moving to the front facing camera is a 13 megapixel and it has a four thousand milliamp hour battery so guys I was setting up and I’ve seen this there is stays included so some chunk here is included and we don’t can we remove it no we can uncheck so forced install of these apps some of those it says and again as it’s a xiaomi phone you got to be careful otherwise that add situation is there because of me why 10 so guys again as it’s a charming phone got to be careful with this don’t sign into the me account otherwise you’ll see a lot of don’t use to make cloud because of the privacy reasons and again yeah you can set up the fingerprint and stuff I’ll just do that and there are other settings also I’ll show you that in a minute so again guys these are the things again disable is user experience program even remove this personalized ad recommendation definitely remove this also this last option wallpaper remove it I also don’t like to give location access to every app here so I’m just going to disable that so again do this otherwise you will see a lot of ads and I’ll just use this and again guys this is not the end of ads you will see some ads on xiaomi specific apps and even in notifications they do come for example if you use mean video and me specific apps you will see at but that’s how it is and here as you can see again here it gives us a lot of options and again uncheck everything I would say don’t install these apps from here install it from the Google Play Store if you really want so again as you can see a lot of junk we’re here again you can install these apps via the Play Store so yeah I’m just going to skip this OH again it is forcing is this chunk still let’s just go back Oh see so that’s the problem with Xiaomi I wanted to disable that but it forces us that’s the big problem I have that them why do they force this shit but anyways the setup is done and this takes a couple of minutes so once it’s finished we continue so guys finished the setup and as you can see some of the apps for example UC Browser etc of what we actually didn’t want to install it forcefully install and let’s see if we can uninstall it yes you can uninstall it but I find it silly that when I disabled it also uncheck it got installed and again as you can see some other app so yes some bloatware is there so you got to be careful just check and try to remove it for example these were also installed so some junk where is there but yeah this is me UI it’s downloading some stuff as of now as you can see like he Foreman like PD I don’t know some it’s so we just careful what extra junk caps are there just an uninstall that and if you could apart the phone as you can see this is redmi note 8 and running on me why 10 it says and this is the 6 GB variant that comes with 128 gigabytes of storage and out of that 128 you get about 110 degree bytes of space as you can see I don’t want this like here know why it’s installing see that’s the problem trust tries to install unnecessary chunk that’s no problem I have it show me show me you really need to stop this because it creates privacy issues security issues when a user it’s not wanting and I’ve disabled then also you’re installing for since also I don’t like that but yeah that’s what me why is we all know that so that’s there on this one can I think so it’s a lot more forced on this redmi note 8 it was not forcing me that much on the redmi note 8 pro surprised to see that but anyways let’s just go to this me UI that you’re getting on this one and even if you go up with the base variant again it shouldn’t be a problem because 64gb of storage and the snapdragon 665 SOC should be able to handle everything apart from i don’t know a very heavy games at the highest graphics setting it might not be able to do it because of the Adreno 610 GPU but apart from that if you don’t play a very heavy games at the highest setting it should be fine as you can see so again left you have some stuff over here really they are adding a lot of stuff now as you can see here and notice a minor hiccups while scrolling maybe the first OTA i would have fixed it anyway so that’s what we have and now let’s also look at the fingerprint scanners here as you can see took a second yeah so yeah it’s good enough but takes about half a second I would say not as fast as some of the other Xiaomi phones for example the redmi note 8 pro even the redmi note 7 for exact track had a slightly faster fingerprint scanner again this won’t be a deal-breaker I would say as you can see you’ll get used to it for weighting that half a second as you can see yeah so that’s regarding the fingerprint scanner now let’s also look at the camera on this one because again it has that quad camera setup at this price point but I feel that 2 megapixels for macro I don’t know how good it will be it was even in the redmi note 8 probe that 2 megapixel macro was not taking that great shot the only macro phone that took great shot was the Motorola one macro again so let’s see let’s see how’s the interface and stuff on this and I’m just going to allow so it sees that we have the macro mode on this one and this is the regular interface that you see 1x if you just tap it again this is 2x but again this is not digital zoom this digital zoom not optical zoom guys and if you just press a key and it goes to the wide-angle lens so nice to see we are having a wide-angle lens at this price point but again the 2x again it’s digital zoom guys so be careful if you just shake your hand a little bit it will come out to be blurry but I getting that 48 megapixel mode is also there so if you really want to take directly in the 48 megapixel we have that we also have the portrait mode over here again I think so it will require human subject so I’ll take some samples later it’s doing that background got no it was if this came out blurry as you saw that so let me I’ll actually take some samples later on and show you guys as you see this came out a little bit blurry but we’ll take some sample shots and we also have the night mode panorama and even the pro mode so let’s just go back to the regular mode and look at the front-facing which is a 13 megapixel and as you can see it also by default it has the beauty mode always always it’s like that so here and just disable that so we have that and we also should have portrait mode here it has does have that and here also again you Ramona’s enabled so disable letting it so let me do one thing guys let’s just go back and let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera so these are the samples taken with the rear facing camera and as you can see it they’re actually a pretty good job even the color reproduction was actually good and now moving to some close-up shots that I took as you can see these also came out actually it really could moving again to the color reproduction was very natural not more saturated and here I moved to that macro mode and again as you can see it’s surprising did a good job now moving to semi indoor conditions here also I felt it actually did a pretty good job yes the pictures are slightly on the softer side but again considering the price point I will not complain now as you can see these are some outdoor shots that I have taken and I gave the skin tones for produce really well as you can see this was the portrait mode portrait mode and when I zoomed in as you can see the portrait mode was good right angle the colors are a little bit weird but you would go into indoor shots and completely artificial lighting as you can see it surprised me actually the performance was really good and these are again wide-angle shots now moving to the front-facing camera these are the samples taken with the front-facing camera again as you can see in red a pretty good job but with the portrait bouquet mode you got to be a little bit careful now I’m going to endure our conditions I felt the image was a little bit soft as you can see but again can’t complain too much considering the price part of 10,000 rupees so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this redmi note 8 so what do you guys think about this redmi note 8 at cookies 10,000 i feel you’re getting a lot of this yes the camera can slightly be improved I hope with one more OTA update it can be improved I was actually checking out what do you say assume that that is technologies chopped video he actually installed G cam on this redmi note 8 and with that it was producing some really really good results so again that is also an interesting thing that you can check out anyways what do you guys think about this let me note it at 10,000 rupees I feel that’s the best with medium because the other variant is at 13,000 rupees the 6 GB 128 and I feel if you’re just pushing your budget till that amount why not go over the let me note eighth row that is available at 15,000 because that is a much better and advice so I would say if you are opting for this go for the base variant that is for 10,000 rupees so what do you guys think about this redmi note 8 type rupees 10,000 I would love to know your thoughts anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for watching this is raunchy and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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