REVIEW: Umidigi Bison – Best Budget Rugged Android Smartphone? (48MP Camera, 6GB RAM)

Published on December 15, 2020
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Hey y’all here os reviews you’re watching our video review of the yuma digi bison this is an affordable budget rugged android smartphone that sells for around 150 bucks and for the money you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck it comes with six gigs of built-in ram along with 128 gigs of built-in storage which is further expandable via a micro sd card slot furthermore it has the octa-core helio p60 processor which is performing very well for this price segment we even get a 48 megapixel primary lens from sony that has some ai auto detection functions with a 16 megapixel wide angle lens and 5 megapixel depth sensor for bokeh effects along with a 5 megapixel macro lens for close close-up shots there’s of course a typical led flash as a rugged phone the device has a overall ip68 water resistance ratings you can even use it to take photos underwater without any additional casing retaining a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack always great to see and a pretty large 5 000 milliamp hour capacity battery which is impressive and the phone will definitely last you through at least a day or two use before you need to really recharge it again the fast charging also helps zip it up in around an hour and a half in our testing the one thing i will say though is that the fast charging seems to only work best with the supplied wall adapter that they give you which looks like this it is a little bit picky because i tried charging it with a different cable and wall charger and it seemed to only charge at standard speed now the rails of the phone are indeed constructed out of metal and aluminum like we pointed out earlier in our unboxing which do feel quite premium when you’re holding it but still for a rugged phone it doesn’t feel too thick or hefty for example contrasted with the conquest s16 pro which is another rugged phone we checked out earlier this year i can say that the yuma digi is still significantly thinner as well as lighter in the hands we do have a side mounted fingerprint scanner which is pretty responsive and easy to use it’s always on so you can tap to unlock it when the screen is turned off on the side here we have the push to talk walkie-talkie button which i’ll talk about later on in this video and on the other side of the phone there is a second multi-function key that you can program to do different things like tapping once for example to open a certain app versus tapping two times or holding for a few seconds we also have the power key and the volume rockers these keys are all constructed out of metal and have a nice texture to them so it feels very responsive and clicky now as touched on previously the last yuma digi phone we reviewed was the a7 pro just a few months back and i do think that the bison is a better deal overall unless you have to have the kind of beautiful aesthetics of the glass on the a7 pro that’s because again for around the same price point now the bison has longer battery life thanks to the 5 000 milliamp hours versus 4000 on the a7 pro in addition to a better camera 48 megapixels versus 16 in addition to having a faster processor this one here is the helio again p60 versus the p23 on the a7 pro so again if you can make do with a phone that has a slightly more utilitarian look it’s not as shiny or flashy i think that this is going to serve you better in terms of the real world performance the screen on the front here at 6.3 inches is a full hd 1080p ips panel which has pretty punchy colors and good viewing angles perhaps the visibility could be a tad brighter but all in all it’s a great quality panel i think for the price colors are also fairly accurate looking there isn’t really any color shifting or anything like that like most yuma digi phones perhaps one of the best things about the software experience is it’s very clean and unsolicited we have essentially a vanilla install of android 10.0 on this device aside from some of the google essentials the play store and also a handful of toolbox features which takes advantage of the extra sensors built into this rugged phone like the ability for you to check out the ambient noise level using the microphone as well as some other options the pressure sensor to measure the air pressure around you in addition to the compass which is built on in there’s all the typical functions by the way like built in gps 4g this is a dual sim phone by the way as well and there’s even built-in nfc so you can use this phone for mobile payment and you can use it for cashless payments at different registers and it works pretty well again nfc is a function that’s a little bit harder to find at this low price point so it’s great to see it here there’s even a built-in pedometer app that uses the motion sensor to track how many steps you’ve walked overall still has a clean attractive look i think especially for a rugged phone some of these other apps by the way i installed them myself some games just to test out the performance further but again pretty much everything else that you see here is just stock android so you have well over 100 gigs of free storage out of the 128 gigs from the box that you can use to program with your own apps and content as you can see there there’s even a face unlock feature if you want to use a front-facing camera however it’s not quite as secure as using the biometric sensor so i would stick to this if possible and the other function to take note of here is really the ability for you to customize the smart key which is the button on the side that again you can single click double tap or long press to open up certain applications that you can adjust yourself and overall it’s nice customization that i’m glad to see that you can find here what you won’t find however is a way to remap or program the second key on the left which again is the walkie-talkie key for some reason this button here is locked at least out of the box so that whenever you tap on it it opens up an application that’s called zello which is a free push-to-talk app that anyone else that installs this application you can use to communicate with simply by tapping on this key and broadcast it to other members in your same group or chat it’s a pretty neat feature if you’re say outdoors and camping and you want to quickly communicate to everyone all at once and it’s a nice little hardware feature but i did find myself sometimes accidentally pressing this key when i was searching around for the power button since there are so many buttons on the sides of the phones and i do think that having the ability for you to change the control here to do something else just like the other button would have been nice to have all right let’s jump into the performance of the camera as aforementioned this is a 48 megapixel main sensor at least at the highest resolution level of course if you don’t need up to 48 megapixels you can turn the resolution lower that will take up less space there’s other modes on here like an hdr for dynamic range there’s also the aforementioned ai mode although it’s not going to be perhaps the best in the world it can make some smart adjustments depending on what objects you’re pointing it at whether that’s food or if you’re outdoors in nature it will try to bump up the contrast of certain colors and make it look a bit more vibrant and does add a nice touch in the ai mode just like other cameras we’ve seen though the resolution is changed down to about 12 megapixels take a look at switching into the micro lens so you can get really close up within three centimeters and objects will be really sharp and in focus so you’re able to kind of explore kind of a microscopic world around you and leaves things like that it’s kind of a fun camera to play around with although perhaps not the most practical that everyone will always use but still is a neat little feature and the other function that we have here is the opposite which is a wide angle lens it’s very useful when you want to capture more within one shot has a 120 degree field of view capture video up to 4k resolution the portrait using the depth sensor you can also adjust the level of the artificial depth that you want to add to your image and under extra there is even a night mode which can slightly improve the performance if you’re in pitch darkness as well as a pro mode that you can use to further adjust things like the iso the white balance by using this wheel system that is reminiscent of some nokia phones back in the day just a closer look at some sample shots and good lighting environments i would say the camera performance is quite good it’s above average i’d say especially at this budget price point since with the 48 megapixel sony lens you get plenty of detail as you’re zooming in the artificial bokeh also works nicely in terms of recognizing objects and people’s faces here is the ai mode for capturing food colors to look pretty warm and overall still quite pleasing to the eye although it doesn’t have an optical image stabilization the digital stabilization is working quite well i would say and also some other objects here captured at night this is a leaf and you can see the colors here are actually reproduced quite well we have a nice natural bouquet in this particular shot where the leaves in the background are kind of slightly fading out and overall you can definitely get some good enough shots as you are playing around with the camera i also want to point out a pro tip if you’re trying to record video or take images underwater of course the touchscreen won’t be very responsive to your fingers as water is going to be surrounding it so you can launch into the camera in the water mode just by tapping once on the multi-function key here and afterwards it will say in underwater mode you basically tap on the hardware keys to take an image instead so for example if i want to capture a shot here of this particular box i can wait for it to snap into focus and then just tap on the shutter key once again and that will save the shot but the screen itself is locked since you don’t really need any accidental touches from the water that’s pouring around it just tap on the key basically to take images and then tap on the power key once to exit out of the interface let’s take a closer look at the speaker quality next by jumping into youtube [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so turn the volume down a little bit some takeaways is the speaker does get relatively loud at higher volume levels which is good because you can also use it as a siren uh if you’re in an emergency however the placement isn’t the most ideal it can get covered up a little bit easily if you set it onto a table it sounds fine because it’s slightly elevated by this lanyard bump however i do wish that maybe it would be on the side or maybe even the front of the phone it certainly isn’t a stereo speaker to be honest so not the best in the world but the volume itself output is decent it doesn’t sound too tinny so if you’re just using it for watching some quick clips it will work all right you can also connect to of course wireless headphones or bluetooth speakers with built-in bluetooth 5.0 or you can use your own with a 3.5 millimeter jack the screen quality again really is quite immersive and popping you can full screen the experience the colors again look great the sensitivity of the screen is also quite high in terms of responding to the touch it is using corning gorilla glass 3 that further adds a bit of durability so overall very impressive and great experience for watching media with the 6.3 inch display again is quite large and beautiful general system navigation is fairly snappy and responsive generally encounter too much notable hints of lag or delay so for the price point again you’re talking about fairly decent performance if we do a quick demo here of web browsing it will also load up pages again in a reasonable speed uh the overall reception quality of the phone i would say is also good i was consistently getting around three to four bars that certainly helps with loading back pages relatively quickly again the six gigs of built-in ram really enables you to do more multitasking than most of the other phones in this price range which will still be using say three or four gigs of ram at most and that even used to be really the high-end flagship just a year or two ago having just four gigs of ram so it’s crazy to see now a budget 150 dollar phone that has six gigabytes built on in so plenty that you can use you can even juggle i would say 10 tabs which are open in the browser and still keep them open and go back and forth between them and not really encounter too much delays there call quality here in the seattle region using atn t and t-mobile also both seem to work really without too much hiccups the microphone picked up my voice without any issues and the earpiece also can pick up your voice fairly loudly and clearly i guess the really last thing to talk about here would be just the gaming performance although it’s not going to be as powerful as say the latest iphone or pixel device overall you can play back most of the games that you would want to from the play store again there’s plenty of storage here so you’ll be able to really download anything you want including titles like pubg asphalt some of the more intensive apps will also run on this phone it may just take a little bit longer for them to open up but afterwards you can still play it back really without any problems the phone does get a little bit warm as you are gaming for more than an hour but never gets too hot doesn’t really seem to thermal throttle in my testing so the performance was quite stable although it’s definitely not a gaming phone per se it’s still neat to see that they’ve paid some attention to detail here on those other parts and trying to make the phone perform as good as i can after the games do open up and load everything is pretty smooth and responsive as you’re navigating along graphics also do look pretty good again the screen quality is nice and the long battery life here at 5 000 milliamp hours doesn’t mean you can kind of play the game for quite a while before even the power trains so that’s more or less it as far as a review of the yuma digi bison overall again a pretty great value i have to say for the money considering it’s a fully waterproof dustproof phone that has a headphone jack a long battery life a processor that will more than hold up for daily tasks a camera system which is slightly above average although not industry leading giving us plenty of sharpness some extra sensors and even fast charging at 18 watts with the type c port so again if you’re interested you can check out more details in the links down below a great value rugged android smartphone overall thanks for watching here.
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