SAMSUNG A51 – Review, Gaming & Camera Test – Budget Smartphone with Flagship Features!

Published on January 13, 2020
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What’s up guys Valerie yeah now this is my first formal review for year 2020 we’re kicking it off with a bang ladies and gentlemen boys and girls our presents to you is Samsung a 51 [Music] it’s something a fifth one is a mid-range device with a flagship look and features right now you can get this one at fine tech for one hundred and four thousand or two hundred and eighty four dollars wait a minute Samsung 851 has been sold on Amazon for three hundred thirty two dollars that’s a fifty dollar difference anyways links in the description if you are interested in picking up this phone now let’s start with why the Samsung a fifth one is such a special device and that’s because it has the Infinity Oh display basically the front camera is in the display and it looks just like a samsung note 10 and it notes 10 plus I’m not going to lie the display on this phone looks amazing the rear of the Samsung a 51 has been upgraded as well we have a quad camera setup here and the camera takes good pictures more nuts to come this samsung a51 comes with bluetooth 5.0 NFC there isn’t wireless charge in here but us all right the rear of the Samsung a fifth one is made from plastic by the way this phone weighs in at 172 grams so yeah it’s a pretty light phone at the front of the device disappearance protector with Connor in Gorilla Glass 3 with other phone manufacturers protecting the phone with corner and Gorilla Glass five and six why Samsung decided to use color in Gorilla Glass 3 is probably to save costs the frame of this device is made from plastic which isn’t bad as well it helps to keep this phone lights by the way this samsung 851 isn’t water resistant so please don’t try this at all now let me take you around the Samsung 851 on the front of the device we have the massive 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display I had to measure the screen size because it doesn’t look like a 6.5 inch display as you can see this device has little bezels it has a screen to body ratio of 87% the display on this Samsung a 51 is a 1080p display it is Super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 405 you have it at the 2 megapixel EV 2.2 front-facing camera in the display you have the earpiece speaker and the proximity sensor just around that area at the top of the device you have a noise cancelling microphone at the bottom you have a trip point 5 mm audio jack Oh the 3.5 mm audio jack made it to 2020 Alan new year we have the USB type-c port that supports usb OTG they can connect a flash drive mouse keyboard and other devices you have a mic and a mono speaker on the left side you have a dual sim America tray by the way the memory card is expandable to one terabyte on the right side you have the power button and volume keys they are well spaced out and a tactile this phone feels well made and it isn’t going to bend because it doesn’t have any antenna band to weaken the frame now moving on to the row of this device you have a quad camera setup and a flash the camera setup looks a bit wet but it’s growing on me you have a forty eight megapixel F 2.0 main shooter a 12 megapixel F 2.2 ultra-white camera the 5 megapixel F 2.4 telephoto camera that doubles as the micro camera and the 5 megapixel F 2.2 depth and so for your portraits shots now you might be wondering why is the fingerprint scanner and that’s because it’s located on the screen you have an optical scanner yeah it’s very accurate 9 out of 10 times it’s going to unlock the phone but it’s kind of slow it isn’t the fastest in display scanner out there it takes about a second or a second and a half to unlock the phone you also have the face unlock feature available if you want a faster way to get into your phone although it is less secured now moving back to one of the main attraction of the Samsung a 51 and that’s the Super AMOLED display this alone is a very good reason to upgrade to the Samsung 851 if you’re coming from a device that has a 720p display the 1080p display on this device is simply gorgeous the 6.5 inch display makes watching content super massive the in display camera doesn’t get in your way and honestly you hardly notice it’s there watching YouTube to not be getting around the user interface to playing games and reading tags this display is model it’s just beautiful on this device the Samsung 851 has the always-on display feature you can add a clock a to-do lists a calendar widgets or more items to the galaxy team store for a device that cost one hundred four thousand error or 284 dollars this display is outright impressive I’m going to score it ten over ten now let’s move on to perform on the Samsung 851 comes with an X nose 96 11 chip it’s a 10 nanometer chipset with an octa-core CPU and male g72 GPU my variant of the Samsung a 51 comes with 4 gigs of ram multi taxing has been a breeze I experienced no issues whatsoever is Samsung a fifth one as edge panels with this you have quick access to your apps you also have shot scores like taking screenshots making a gif you have other useful features like a ruler to measure things you have the whether you have reminder you have clipboard I ended up using the edge planner to access my frequently used apps instead of going to the app drawer mr. sessemann time it under split-screen mode without any lag or you are limited to just two applications playing pop G on is Samsung a fifth one runs like a dream graphic setting shows that is Samsung a fifth one can run pop G on HDR and ultra frame rates I honestly wasn’t expecting it to do that plain asphalt 9 which is pre installed on your phone was pretty easy for this device there was no lag at all if you’re a gamer you should really consider getting this device the 6.5 inch display is puffit from playing games the tiny camera doesn’t get in your way and the performance is impressive guys I’m really liking this device now moving to the user interface the samsung a51 comes with under 10 straight out of the box wait samsung one UI version 2.0 moving across the interface is smooth I didn’t experience any lag and I have no complaints here call quality is top-notch I mean it’s the Samsung device of course you’re not going to have any issues here the speaker is decent it’s not the loudest but it’s clear and also because it has one speaker you can easily block the mono speaker when playing games or consuming video now let’s move on to another area that you guys are interested in and that’s the camera department the front camera is attached to megapixel F 2.2 sense so it takes decent pictures here are some of the samples taken with the front-facing camera of this Samsung a 51 hello guys he has a bigger common from the camera of this Samsung a51 as you can see they may just pop in I really like what I’m saying so what do you guys think about image quality coming up on the Samsung a big one it takes four pictures could be [Music] so right now using the front-facing camera of the Samsung if if you want to record this video on my studio and I have a studio light over there this is what to expect if you’re thinking of using the Samsung if you want to make videos in those and of course with lighting another feature the Samsung a51 has is they are the door am I good at this by the way so you can’t draw and when you move around it sticks [Music] if we have fun of taking selfies in the dark this samsung 851 doesn’t have a dedicated front-facing flash its uses the screen as its light sauce and it takes decent pictures in the dark now moving to the red camera I personally don’t like the arrangement of the cameras it looks a bit way to me but it’s growing on me this Samsung a fifth one comes with a quad camera setup it has a forty eight megapixel F 2.0 main shooter a 12 megapixel F 2.2 wide-angle camera a 5 megapixel F 2.4 telephoto camera that doubles as the macro camera and a 5 megapixel EV 2.2 depth sensor for your portrait shots as you can see the pictures are well detailed the pictures our social media already and they pop the main camera does take good pictures the 12 megapixel white camera takes the sent pictures as well yes some of the samples the Samsung a fixed one doesn’t have a telephoto lens it uses digital zoom which goes as far as it acts using the main camera so right now I’m using the red camera of the Samsung a 51 this is how it’s going to look like if you’re thinking of using this phone camera to do videos I’m in my studio and I’m using my lights to do light and this is what you’re going to get if you’re thinking of using the Samsung if you want to make videos indoors with light of course for the camera modes you have the light focus mode photo on video mode when you select more you have a pro mode that allows you to change the ISO the white balance and exposure settings you can take panorama shots you can also take macro shots you have nice mode for taking pictures in the dark at the top you have Bigsby vision and AR emoji now this Samsung a fifth one is a 4000 Williams battery the battery is more than enough to last you throughout the whole day it takes about 90 minutes to charge from zero to 100% using the 15 watts fast charger so guys the pros of the Samsung a fifth one is the for the cons well um it doesn’t have wireless charging which doesn’t really matter it has fast charging the optical fingerprint scanner is a little bit slow for my liking and that’s about it this is pretty much a fantastic project mid-range device honestly guys for yet 2020 I am scared for other smartphone manufacturers the Samsung if you are right now is almost the perfect budget smartphone and we have the Samsung a seventh one coming soon Wow I honestly won’t be surprised if Samsung 8:51 takes the crown for the highest selling device for 2020 it’s really impressive thank you for watching to the end please like leave a comment or subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys soon valo signing out.
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