Samsung Galaxy 21 Review [Camera Test Photos] [8k Video] [Gaming Call of Duty Mobile + Minecraft]

Published on March 17, 2021
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This is the samsung galaxy s21 we’re doing a review we’re starting with an unboxing just to kind of open it up and let you see how things are kind of going because i know people really love that so you’ve got a really nice aesthetically pleasing case it opens up your device is readily available right there and you pick it up and you’re good to go that’s basically the gist of unboxing it it’s super easy it’s fast and then you just have your phone available for you on the inside you get like this little case thing here it’s got like your pamphlet your little information it’s got a usb type-c cord it’s got this little thingy here you might know what that tool is for and then the box is just empty it’s very straightforward there’s not a whole lot of packaging to it it’s very precise and it gets you right into your phone quite quickly so yes this is the s21 keep in mind that there are different models available and of course different colors i actually quite like the violet look on this i wasn’t sure it would be something that i would really enjoy for a phone but i was like yeah you know what i’ve kind of really warmed up to it the soft edges the back casing it looks really aesthetically pleasing so obviously for this review i’m a little bit behind the curve on what other people have done so we’re going to be focusing more on what i excel at and showing off this device because i’m sure you know most of the basics and of course the specs are going to vary based on what type of model of samsung galaxy you get obviously the base model all the way up to the maximum supreme version that’s almighty right like you get the different choices you can look through the specs or you’ve probably already seen them so we’re going to be mostly focusing on the different elements that i quite know well and want to talk about with this particular phone model so obviously to start a big thing for me is the 120 hertz display so that’s kind of the frame rate if you’re thinking from a game perspective or maybe even a film perspective it’s very smooth as you kind of move through the screen so we’ve got like just a beautiful amoled screen times two apparently is the naming they have for this one with hdr uh enabled visuals obviously right throughout the entire experience so you’ve got a very clean very smooth very swift sort of setup for your phone as you’re swiping through it accessing your camera playing your games everything looks beautiful and it’s very smooth to run through so at the lower end there’s a 4000 mah battery so that’s pretty standard fairly solid for what this is it does seem to get pretty good battery life so i’m definitely fine in that regard but the biggest thing for me is really the camera we’re going to talk about that more and show off the various features but i also want to talk about the case it’s very like i mentioned aesthetically pleasing it feels nice to the touch it has a decent quality weighting to it that i quite appreciate i remember trying out the old old models of the galaxy one of the very original ones from my friend and i’ve noticed that throughout the years they’ve definitely got a great increase in the material and the feeling of the material that’s present because this obviously is a flagship you know kind of camera slash phone right phone secondary almost these days uh device really and it’s really beautiful to look at it’s smooth to the touch it feels good in your hand and it feels you know steady i was always one that wanted the smaller phone sizes but once i’ve gotten used to the bigger ones i actually quite appreciate them and i know this isn’t even on the big end of the options at a present but you know what i mean it feels nice it’s really quite good obviously we’ve got android 11 and we’ve got all these apps you know the samsung apps we’ve got like bixby we’ve got all these voice assistants options you know everything like that and of course the benefit of running on android so you could do all the customization you want download all the apps you want and you know it’s pretty good in that regard so we’re gonna talk about gameplay i’m gonna be showing off call of duty mobile and dead by daylight with a little bit of xbox game streaming so you can see what that’s like so with that you know the games do look beautiful they run at their top settings they look well they perform well there’s not really a whole lot to dive into in that regard because you’ve got games that are running at their max settings and being pushed really as far as the mobile options are going to allow you the device is just running smoothly and looking very pleasing for what these games are and i chose call of duty mobile and did by daylight as options to kind of show this off because both of those games are kind of like high tier you know gaming options on the mobile and very popular ones as well and i think that’s quite well done in that regard i think i’ve actually lost my little there we go let’s fix it anyways like i was saying you know the games are pretty good i don’t have any real complaints with them even the game streaming is also really great to look at as well and it’s going to look even better through the xbox cloud gaming when they actually get the series x blades in because this is still running off the existing xbox one hardware so that’s going to look even better over time as well i hope you’ve been kind of enjoying taking a look at the gameplay kind of seeing you know how they look how they perform getting an idea of how everything is running now for me a big part of what i like on phones these days is the camera options and they continue to advance things further and further i personally use my xs my iphone xs for my video type work so it was fun to experiment with this one and see just what it could do because it’s supporting 8k at 24 fps so it’s a little bit slower than what i usually shoot at frame rate wise but i know a lot of people if you’re using this for more of like a cinematic perspective maybe you’re shooting like film or movie or something like that you want to use your phone or this type of phone you know that that option for that frame rate at 8k is really quite beautiful it looks fantastic i’m hoping to include 8k footage here i don’t know how that will show up in the editing process but i hope you kind of get a sense of that oh this is some 8k footage it’s like 24 frames per second on the galaxy s21 just to test it out and see how i look in 8k and also of course 4k 60 on the front and on the back when it comes to video quality you can of course change it lower if you’d like to get higher frames at like 1080 those choices are available as well it’s got a beautiful front camera and great back cameras so on the front 10 megapixels excellent for selfies and i’m going to be showing off some different photos throughout this just so you get an idea of the quality of the picture that you’re getting from it because if you don’t know on the channel on the community tab we like to do a daily photo we typically take that with the google pixel 4 but recently while we’ve had the s28 21 we’ve been taking photos using that to show off just what it can do we’re going to be including some of those including like a panorama and just kind of areas around the city that we go to on during walks in order to kind of get a you know balance of photos so obviously on the back we get a triple lens with the top option being the 64 megapixel camera which is quite nice it takes really gorgeous photos and then on top of that it’s very you know kind of easy to kind of move through it’s hard for me to show the camera options but you know you’ve got the triple lens thing so you can do a really wide shot or you can do like a a standard shot right they’ve got the standard option and then you can pull out for wide and then you can go in really close and these are different lenses that are going to offer different situations and then of course you can zoom in and the picture quality seems to be quite clear throughout is very happy with the photo options but they’ve got more than that they’ve got single tank and then they’ve got a whole host of options you can like there’s a food setting there’s a panorama there’s a pro there’s ar doodle you know this slo-mo they’ve got all these different options and i mean again if you’re coming from the previous model of samsung devices you’re going to appreciate the iterations and the iterative changes in this particular model because it’s really quite nice and very pleasant i should also mention that this does have the 5g capability so that’s kind of great if you want that i guess technically next generation of bandwidth depending on the plans in your area and the services that are available to you wherever you’re buying your phone so just keep that in mind and it will take more of an impact on your battery life using 5g but they kind of counteract that with this one with some of the features so anyways it’s kind of got a little bit of everything you know it’s got the impressive features you would expect it’s got great technology it looks gorgeous it’s smooth it plays all your apps proficiently it’s great i really don’t have too many complaints i mean it does the mark of what a phone is supposed to do in the modern era it’s impressive technology wise it’s got great software it’s got great hardware it looks good it plays well it’s smooth you know it’s great for video work it’s great for photography it’s great for just playing games and of course you know your calls and everything like that i don’t know how many people really do that these days so i guess if you’re coming in here for the first time looking at getting like a samsung galaxy i think you’d be generally pleased with the model lineup that’s available as i’m speaking for this particular option in that lineup if you’re upgrading you really need to look at the specs and the changes between the two models to really get an idea if this is something you’d like personally i’m very happy with it you know i use the i believe the s10 or something like that was the last one i reviewed not in a video sense but i did a written write-up for it and i’ve done some of their tablets and that so i’m generally quite pleased with this one i liked what it provided and what it did for the various work that i needed to do and i think you might as well you know feel similar in that regard so with that i’d give it a nine out of ten you can read my full review in the description below and that will go into some of the more technical details and some of the smaller things for this particular model of course if you have certain questions about the model let me know but i do have this only from a limited or for a limited time because this is a loner model from samsung and then i’ve got a shipper back so i only have limited experience in regards to the timeline and then the post timeline with this particular model.
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