Published on June 17, 2019
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Hey guys it’s me again Mary and welcome back to my channel for this video guys we’ll be unboxing one of the newest and most popular mid-range phone that me happy right now and this time guy said this from Samsung so we will be unboxing this Samsung Galaxy a 50 honestly Casey Tenaya thanks enough requested unboxing and a top and of course of common sexual even couple mega Holopaw a 50 per inning in an appeal finally it’s your guys Andy Lanning excited our end the Samsung Galaxy 850 case retails for seventeen thousand nine hundred ninety pathos and the holler that I have scholar white and it is also available in black and one of the reasons guys come back at AHA excited is because it is the most inexpensive smartphone that offers it triple chimera and even a end display fingerprint sensor and also guys most of the mid-range phones that Samsung released last year has a quite boring and outdated design and with a 15 this is a whole different story the does the reason why guys I am very eager to unbox this phone by the way guys Kenneth Oppel and each random box Nia Tama Papa’s engine signal Telugu Shah and the version that I have is um 128 gigabytes of internal storage and u6 nigga Frank I said I think my own pound 64 gigabytes of internal storage there a caesura comenzó alumina Delia pompa do Natasha and break a lemon for nothing no pre-order at matagalpa kaya at least Nuneaton again ending importante so I engaged but Baba step and mention some things a lot of so let’s see first yeah Mary Jean small box or LED and then and of course it’ll holiday young I think usually case so loved engagement item Quick Start Guide and be warranty card and honestly manifest show guys we have very deep on itself but before that oh my god MIDI the white guys maybe the circle getting the Manhattan getting us a lot so we have your detention earphones we have a USB type C chord so good job Sam soul and we also have this Samsung click charger and also they sniffing and apologizing or being i think sim ejector pin and it’s Asha well guys how is this even possible Ellen ‘i’m feeling naka muka como Hanyu since Samsung Galaxy S 10 or even young s 10 series grab a pug butter on budget to buy that flagship phone I think you should go for this so but um how big my impressive white actually goes along Yuba Samsung said that that the a 50 has so many features to offer could easily pass in fluxions offering but i think for a less premium one so let’s see guess and it set up another shot the biggest e they know it has the stream beau unique touch and grab I’m doing the aluminum of a local white lump allagash ah tapas meeting a polish on rainbow reflection really looks stunning guys and I think damage has a paint job Nia and if you guys didn’t know Samsung calls it a blast thick back it’s actually a combination of glass and plastic meaning guys the back feels premium as glass but of course it is made of plastic I was actually reading this back sheet of the samsung galaxy a 50 case in when a mnemonic on the bass I don’t know it has an extra scratch protection so I think guys guys gonna plug and laminate allegation stockpile angelicus but it does have the IP 68 ingress protection [Music] I’m not really done setting up the phone case and just look at that so drunken ledyba and actually gives the post Kundalini setup in adding CSUN love and young a team fingerprint and digna net income responsible in UI name also case maguro enter a number sign your husband arm since at the premium acting fingerprint mentioning here app and you fold in D column Cooper Cooper is testing the new nothing Shakuntala gong responsive shall add mobilis Yojana together now only tonight in case my reality discuss guy strain a minute in Japan young and display fingerprint so nice and nothing you can join you I guess and I think my job no per gallon time accounting log luminol 1.5 seconds now heating elements Alaska late-night and all your son young in the split fingerprint immense Aptos after long hidden even segurança be listed and pero hindi nia sharma boggle no guys be careful ok no overall twirls of all nestled in front guess we have a six point four inch Super AMOLED display and we have a notch here and actually great Samsung calls it a infinity you display and then for different chimera we have twenty five megapixel and then for its rear camera guys we have here subpoena have about five megapixel for the depths and soul under that we have a twenty five megapixel for the main camera and lastly guys LLM we have the 8 megapixel for the ultra wide and then we also have the LED flash here and just the usual Samsung logo on the right part of the phone amount of course we have your D volume rockers and B power and lock button and on the left part of the only have your the SIM card tray dual sim denture – and it is expandable up to 512 of gigabytes for the SD card guys and and then on the left part of the phone case I think there’s something missing we know more have the VEX be bought on we still have the Bixby guys have all along you I’m separate vote on Jana lagina and Gillan and then I’m the lowermost part of the phone we have the 3.5 millimeter audio port a USB type-c port again good job Sam soup and behavior the speaker views and another microphone now I know you guys are interested to know all the specs so my beliefs and long Navajo the Samsung Galaxy a 50 has 6.4 Super AMOLED with nineteen point five s tonight aspect ratio full HD plus with 1080 by twenty three forty pixels for its chipset we have the Exynos scientist expand octa it has the Android nine point zero five at Samsung 1 UI on top it also has 6 medium and 128 gigabytes of internal storage and lastly it has four thousand milliamp hour battery capacity with Samsung quick charge I know you guys are waiting for me to try its front camera on ok Michelle for logging of course so let’s try guys and again it has 25 megapixels using the Samsung Galaxy a 50 and so far no regrets I am loving it Oprah [Music] along kogas Nuneaton your home gonna agonda yachting front video and front camera definitely it produces the most natural color is not in a hand up custom on a mid-range phones now in unbox nothin and I really like how sharp my selfies are and even the video guys alone you are on being Rama hakushin Amanda neato but I swear the Samsung Galaxy a 50 super recommendable Kasia are vlogging and even for Instagram I will also be flashing a few photos that I took – using the rear camera [Music] also guys midnight more than rent is Samsung Galaxy a 50 all I do estimate i : in night mode search party bus for Brenda Liliana Lelaina Paganica a bank device like iOS and the big lummox is handsome debonair collecting settings so booting element search bar at i/o and guess knockin night mode the hoe and the reason why I must obey means ending night mode is because it prevents I stress and also it saves the battery chambray muscles abhi : sacrum area Newton a 50 guys la luna insular Camarena it was able to deliver crisp and vibrant images especially in the daylight condition dynamic range and contrast are also created when it comes to the low-light camera performance sampling is reasonable demands but we really can compare it still to be redmi note 7 eva peron noon low-light performance near as me but unlike other phones guys no Megaton pressure-washing specific night night modes and settings nighttime iranian actually gets unlike other phones not 11:00 at all with the same price segment young young management at all is well optimized and it can even hold multiple apps in the background now when it comes to gaming the man of the samsung galaxy a 50 this consistent and quite snappy for a day-to-day usage I’m not sure guys how this phone will perform gap at high settings now especially summer games like the pop G but since this phone has the Exynos 9610 Samaha article son of a bus AHA guys I think at this one step lower than this snapdragon 661 I’ll I’m sure Cola and I think it is good enough for our day-to-day usage also guys dinar don’t go you man to to benchmark 3 be in Iran attention and I will be sharing 13 smokes after this clip [Music] hi guys overall thoughts with the scone I will be telling you guys may pros and cons and if it is worth your money I couldn’t get anybody while you lay in Hana piace some fall against pros it has a superior design it also has a clean superior experience who all over your screen and superior pair of Primus last night it also has a good battery mileage I think the four thousand milliamp hour battery capacity is good enough for you to be able to use the whole day for social media and faculty content games it also has the one UI interface it supports HD streaming on Netflix so I’m missing a couple on Cassini I love Netflix Thank You counselor nemesis Abaco is it only has like average low light performance and and I think you long immense I become : Sonia with the display I love everything I love the holder single dimension of red lagoon dodge param champagne or tsunami on you’ll know notch but then against and new Basilica on camera and Sam so since it doesn’t have the back up camera but Tony guys I really do recommend this phone everything that I am looking for on a phone is here especially young price Nagar in vegan on Capella’s so I’ll on your acumen opinions vidi Samsung Galaxy a 50 by the way after this quick unboxing and review next demand is the 830 guys just a teaser of a long Nash and pretty baño and mug lock forward case and on the upcoming videos nothing can say sooo not suited Natur this infrared so that’s it for our video guys and Anik enjoy chaos adding unboxing and quick review I hope I was able to give enough justice subpoena ha I think requested with union if you do don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and of course click the subscribe button to join the hashtag family bye guys and see you on my next unboxing

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