Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review | Poco F3 Rival?

Published on March 28, 2021
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So samsung’s fresh new galaxy a52 5g mid-range mobile has wandered into frame at a kind of awkward time for 400 quid you get some very respectable specs indeed including a punchy amoled screen you’ve got a quad camera setup and of course that 5g support all wrapped up in a water-resistant frame unfortunately for samsung the rather bloody wonderful poco f3 was unleashed on the world mere days after the launch of samsung’s mighty mid-ranger serving up a big performance boost for 70 quid less than the galaxy a52 5g so yeah poco may well have taken a huge steam and elephant dump all over samsung’s parade but is the galaxy a52 5g still a worthy alternative to that poco f3 well i’ve had my sims slapped inside this motor for the last few days testing it out as my full-time smartphone so here’s my in-depth galaxy a52 5g review and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and in that notifications bell cheers now like that aforementioned poco phone the galaxy a52 5g’s design is a simple affair focused more on functionality than dazzling you with iridescent effects admittedly there’s very little here to excite or arouse but at least you can pick up the galaxy a52 5g in samsung slightly over enthusiastically described awesome blue or awesome violet colors as well as the bog standard white and black this is a 6.5 inch smartphone and thankfully those bezels aren’t too chunky but you would still struggle with one-handed play if samsung hadn’t mercifully added in some gesture tools to help out gord bless them and i definitely approve of that ip67 water resistance which is a rare treat at this price this allows you to fully submerge the galaxy a52 5g for a short period so for instance you can sink into a nice hot bath and relax with some anime of your choosing no stress at all about accidentally dropping the bugger in and yeah the arse end and those edges are completely constructed from plastic but so far touchwood after a week of rough handling not a single scratch or chip or anything like that aesthetically it is boring but it is in one piece now samsung fans will already know what to expect from the software as you once again have that one ui launcher smothering android 11. and the exciting part of this all is that samsung has promised owners of the a52 smartphones that you will get at least three guaranteed os updates and four years of security updates on top of that as well which sure beats the heck and most manufacturers update promises and yeah sure i’m guessing that those security updates might well drop in frequency quite dramatically after sort of two or three years but that sort of lifespan is fantastic and especially when other manufacturers such as motorola are rather blase about updating their existing smartphones it’s just an extra bit of peace of mind the galaxy a52 5g comes packing 128 gigs of storage with microsd support up to one terabyte in that second sim slot so you can install a bugger load of apps and as usual with samy phones you’ll get plenty pre-installed as well including stuff you never asked for like facebook and tick tock and yeah as usual samsung has doubled down on all of these android services as well so the galaxy a52 5g for instance comes with two app stores comes with two contactless payment methods two voice assistants two smart home hubs two pawn finders or internet browsers as normal people call them it’s kind of a ball lick if you’re not balls deep in that samsung eco system but i can understand why it’s now a necessity and it’s good to see that samsung has thrown on that knock security suite on here as well just to help keep your privates private speaking of security though it ain’t all great news as the face recognition usually takes an age to recognize you like some kind of drunken school friend you haven’t seen in decades and if you’re working with less than perfect light then just forget it that fingerprint sensor built into the display isn’t the swiftest either and occasionally bulks up so you’ll definitely need some patience at times when you’re unlocking this thing gotta say though with the exception of that built-in fingerprint sensor i’ve got zero complaints for that 6.5 inch super amoled display now full hd plus 2400 by 1080 pixel resolution means sharp images will greet your peepers every time complete with samsung’s trademark colors that positively pop although you can opt for a more natural output in the display settings if you prefer definitely a gun for your netflix and your disney plus and all that good stuff although there is no hdr streaming support here that’s another area where sadly the poko f3 has the advantage but at least for this 5g model samsung has bumped up the refresh rate from the 90 hertz found on the standard galaxy a52 to a full billy big bollocks 120 hertz effort and as usual because this is an oled panel you got full always on display smarts on there as well and it’s completely customizable now the galaxy a52 5g may technically sport a stereo speaker setup but that earpiece ain’t exactly pulling its weight here and on top volume the clarity definitely takes a hit but hey at least you actually get a headphone jack on the a505g unlike most of samsung’s premium smartphones so what you’re complaining about hey you’ve also got a bit of dolby atmos fine tuning on this thing just to tickle those highs and lows depending on what you’re actually up to boost the audio experience and i had no issues whatsoever with the bluetooth 5.0 connectivity this thing’s got great range on it to produce some great sound and audio in fact the only audio issue i had here on the galaxy a52 5g was people complaining they couldn’t really hear me clearly when i was speaking with them on skype but i did test out the mics using the built-in recorder app and that picked up my voice absolutely fine even over a bit of a distance so i’m guessing that’s more down to software issues than hardware so on to the performance then and while the cheaper pocket phone bought a fresh snapdragon 870 chipset here you get the oldest snapdragon 750 g platform which also powered last year’s xiaomi mi 10t lite and in the year 52 5g that’s backed by six gigs of ram and yeah sure i did see the occasional little pauses and judders when i was using the likes of the camera app but overall the samsung galaxy a52 5g can handle everyday life without collapsing in an asthmatic heap and gaming is perfectly possible as well as long as you don’t get too carried away the likes of call of duty mobile and pubg will run just fine with a strong frame rate on higher detail settings but do not expect the same returns for more demanding titles like gentian impact even on those default medium settings with samsung’s priority gaming mode active i saw plenty of jettison stumbles from the galaxy a52 5g if you want a future-proof phone for gaming on whatever you like then check out that poco f3 and i’ll tell you what sami’s blower does at least bost sub 6 gigahertz 5g support which is something that the poko f3 doesn’t have so yaboo sucks to you paco and when samsung introduced the galaxy a52 5g it reckons that you’d be able to get two full days of battery life between charges which i admittedly dismissed as being about as likely as pulling in a nunnery but to be fair i’ve been impressed by the battery returns here on the a52 it will give you two days just about if you stick to the bare basics i’m talking about messaging web browsing and not very much screen on time but the main thing is that even if you absolutely hammer this smartphone with lots of gaming media streaming you know at play all of that good stuff lots of screen on time you should still be absolutely fine you should still have some gas left in the tank by the time you crawl into bed at night now the choice of having a snapdragon run on the short instead of some god-awful piece of exodus the good times do stop rolling when it comes to the charging though it’s only 25 watts fast charging here on the galaxy a52 5g not particularly impressive and even where samsung while it has actually bundled a charger in the box it’s only a 15 watt charger which is proper limb another area where i expected the galaxy a52 5g to beat that poco f3 is the optics with a flexible quad camera setup slapped on that awesome blue arse the 64 megapixel primary sensor serves up 16 megapixel photos courtesy of the four in one pixel binning complete with some nice optical image stabilization to keep things sharp even if your hands are about as still as the average haribo stuffed five-year-old which unfortunately the ear 525g doesn’t do a great job of capturing by the way you’ll certainly see some motion blur even at a distance still if you can actually convince your subject to not move about which is much easier if they happen to be something like a banana then your quids in you can expect plenty of detail packed into each shot and low noise even when lighting is ambient while manual brightness tweaking comes in handy with high contrast scenes plus the five megapixel depth sensor contributes to gorgeous looking portrait shots with a lovely spot of bocky action other bonus features include a night shot feature that does definitely help to brighten up your subjects quite considerably and i do still like samsung’s single take feature although it’s less reliable here compared with those s21 flagships some of these rip stills are surprisingly out of focus at times and others are just i mean what the hell is this samsung come on you’re not even trying this is some 4 am high on coffee and bob which right here the galaxy year 52 5g also packs in a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and this spaffs out average looking picks with the usual edge distortion while detail levels and color accuracy definitely take a hit although nothing too dramatic and not as bad as some rivals and yeah you’ve got a 5 megapixel macro lens because that’s still apparently a thing on the video front you can switch between those primary and ultra wide angle shooters at 4k resolution although it’s not exactly a seamless transition and you could also crop in two times which keeps things pretty sharp still my test clips looked rather good on the hull with decent audio pickup and you’ve got samsung’s pro video mode on hand if you want to tweak the visuals although you are missing tools like that smooth pan zoom as for the 32 megapixel selfie camera that’s a solid enough snapper even in those ambient indoor environments you’ve got samsung’s usual wide-angle mode which makes a massive difference as you can see here plus those portrait smarts for a lovely bucky effect once again so that in a nutshell is my review of samsung’s galaxy a52 5g smartphone and overall quite an enjoyable quite a likable little blow it’s just a shame that it came along at the same time as that poco f3 which i’ve got to say i am more drawn to especially with that performance boost but at least on samsung’s boy you got likes the 5g support for a bit of future proof in there and of course you’ve got that water resistant design which again is a rare treat at this price point so in the end as usual it does come down to personal preferences and priorities but what are your thoughts on the galaxy a52 5g and especially if you’ve been using it as your full-time smartphone be great to hear your own mini review down in the comments below and which color did you go for did you go for the awesome blue like me maybe a bit of awesome violet whichever you opted for i hope you think it’s suitably awesome and from one the latest greatest deck please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week cheers everyone love you.
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