Samsung Galaxy A52 review: Better than the OnePlus Nord?

Published on March 28, 2021
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Hello everyone my name is aman rashid you’re watching mr phone and this is my full review of the samsung galaxy a52 a quick note before we start so if you’re looking to purchase a smartphone around the 25 000 to 30 000 rupees mark and if you really care about 5g then this phone is not for you you can skip this video but for all the others who are still interested watch this video until the very end to know all the good and bad about the galaxy a52 of course if you’re new to the channel then please hit the red subscribe button and the bell icon so that you don’t miss out on any of our future videos with everything out of the way let’s get started now i’ve been getting a lot of questions from people that why did samsung even go for a snapdragon 720 g chipset inside the smartphone instead of a snapdragon 750g or even the snapdragon 765g that also powers the oneplus nord apart from this what about this plastic back panel of the galaxy a52 so here are my thoughts these are the antutu scores of the galaxy a52 and the oneplus note which clearly shows that the node is about 15 faster than the galaxy a52 but these are just numbers what about the real world performance see of course for the price the oneplus note is a very good smartphone without a doubt and it offers the snapdragon 765 g chipset which is also superior to the snapdragon 720 g but is the soc the only thing that you should care about when you’re purchasing a new smartphone because while the node offers a slightly better processor the snapdragon 720g inside the galaxy a52 is a competent processor in its own right by the way both the phones feature ois in their main camera which is a good thing but their resolution differs that is you get a 48 megapixel main camera on the oneplus nord versus the 64 megapixel main camera found on the galaxy a52 apart from this the a52 has ip67 the nord doesn’t the a52 has stereo speakers versus the single speaker on the oneplus note and yeah two more things that i know a lot of people still care about a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot both of which are found on the galaxy a52 and are missing on the oneplus nord now the oneplus nord is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best phones that money can buy still but does the snapdragon 765g alone make the nord a better pick over the galaxy a52 i don’t think so okay one more thing that could be considered better by many is the fact that the oneplus nord comes with a glass rear panel versus the plastic pack found on the galaxy a52 and of course i understand that a glass rear panel adds to the premium touch but the build quality of the galaxy a52 is no slouch either this plastic rear actually gives me s20 fe vibes and i feel if plastic is done right then what’s the harm on top of that it is durable and features a soft matte finish it does a good job of hiding fingerprints and smudges and as i pointed out in my first impressions video as well i absolutely love the new shades and this awesome blue and even the awesome purple color that i have on the galaxy a72 i think these colors look so nice okay now enough talk about the build let’s now focus on the other things about the smartphone like this gorgeous display up front without a doubt samsung is the master in making some really beautiful displays and this one right here is no different the 6.5 inch super amoled panel exhibits vibrant colors deep blacks wide viewing angles and all the goodness that you can think of of course the 90 hertz refresh rate ensures that scrolling through menus or in general operation things are smooth i started watching this show called vincenzo on netflix and to be honest it has been a pleasant experience by the way you are also getting stereo speakers on the smartphone which is also a first for the galaxy a lineup and their support for dolby atmos as well and i think they sound amazing here’s a sample in terms of software you’re getting the full one ui 3.1 experience atop android 11 and if you guys have been watching my videos you know how much i enjoy using one ui see no second thoughts one ui is good comes loaded with features it is pretty neat and responsive and we’re also getting google now by default when we swipe towards the right the only things that i wish could be fixed is the ad situation and spam notifications not to mention you also get a lot of bloat apps pre-installed such as mod daily hunt share chat etc now a quick fix would be to disable notifications whenever you see an ad or a general notification and as for the bloat apps well most of them can be uninstalled so at least that’s a sign of relief and trust me as a whole one ui is not an android skin that just looks visually appealing but it is very functional as well okay now let’s come back to the snapdragon 720g chipset and talk about performance but first the variants you can get the galaxy a52 in two ram and storage options the base version has 6gb of lpddr4x ram coupled with 128gb of ufs 2.1 storage this is priced at about 26 500 rupees the top end variant has 8 gb of ram coupled with 128gb of inbuilt storage which is priced at about 28 000 rupees two things i would want to flag here is that one the snapdragon 720 g chipset only supports up to 8gb of ram in comparison to up to 12 gb of ram support on the snapdragon 765g second is that a 256gb storage option wouldn’t have hurt samsung with that being said you can expand the storage via the hybrid slot so at least that’s sorted and as for the performance after using the phone for a few days i think that the snapdragon 720 g chipset has been optimized really well for the smartphone apps open fast and despite having 6gb of ram on my review unit ram management has been fairly decent for the most part the chipset is also able to handle games such as call of duty mobile and asphalt 9 legends without a doubt of course don’t expect this one to run gentian impact flawlessly but otherwise speaking i played a lot of call of duty on the galaxy a52 and my longest session in one go was about one and a half hours trust me during that time the phone did not heat at all and the battery life also for that matter only dropped by about 15 percent speaking of battery life the 4500 mah cell on this phone should easily be able to last you about a day and a half with medium to heavy usage as for charging times the 15 watt charger in the box was able to get the phone from 0 to 100 in about 1 hour 45 minutes and that is very long could have done better for sure however the phone also supports up to 25 watt charging and using the 25 watt brick that i got with the galaxy a72 then i was able to charge the galaxy a52 from 0-100 in a relatively quicker time of about 75 minutes still not the fastest but never mind okay before moving to the camera let’s focus on the ports buttons connectivity and haptics of course since i know a lot of you watching do care about these smaller details so the buttons on the smartphone offer good tactile feedback they are very clicky and no complaints overall the in-display fingerprint sensor which is an optical one is very accurate but as i said in my first impressions video as well it is not the fastest around besides this most of the wi-fi bands are supported nfc is there bluetooth 5.0 and of course support for 4g carrier aggregation phone calls and internet connectivity were rock solid on the jio4g network and i faced no major problems finally the haptics on this phone are not that great actually i remember when i first turned on this phone i realized that the system haptics were disabled by default and only after enabling them i realized okay i get it why the company did not enable them in the first place so long story short that if you’re purchasing the smartphone then i suggest keeping the haptics disabled okay now that most of the things have been covered about the galaxy a52 let’s now focus on the camera but first the specs so you get a quad camera setup at the back the main camera is a 64 megapixel sensor which comes with optical image stabilization this is coupled with a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera and a couple of 5 megapixel depth and macro cameras at the front there’s a 32 megapixel camera for selfies the main camera on the galaxy a52 clicks some amazing photos that are color rich and details are also on point even the ultra wide angle camera for that matter captures vibrant images and i love the dynamic range on both the lenses although i did notice barrel distortion in a few photos taken from the ultra white camera and a slight color disparity between the primary and ultra wide lenses now even in low light scenarios the phone does not try to over brighten images and instead takes a more balanced approach resulting in a natural looking output of course not everything has to be perfect and so the macro camera on this phone despite being a 5 megapixel snapper is plain average i recently tested the redmi note 10 pro max and i think that phone has an amazing macro camera sadly the same can’t be said for the galaxy a52 anyway coming back to the good bits and selfies on this phone turned out nice and detailed skin textures are handled well and the end result looks quite natural even while taking selfies against a light source and the camera was able to handle those kinds of scenes as well okay in terms of video recording the galaxy a52 can shoot up to 4k 30fps from both the front and rear camera this sample shot on the galaxy a52 in 4k 30fps looks vibrant without a doubt dynamic range is great colors look punchy and thanks to optical image stabilization everything looks good for that matter there’s also an option to shoot 60fps videos that is you can shoot them in 1080p once again ois plays a big part here as well and stabilization is definitely pretty decent now you do get a super steady mode that shoots using the ultra wide angle camera and if you want the most stable videos i would say go for this mode however in terms of detail and overall quality the end result is just satisfactory nothing special finally here’s showing your selfie video samples so please take a look at it and let me know what you guys think hello everyone welcome to a bright and sunny day here in new delhi i’m on my terrace testing the front-facing video camera performance of the galaxy a52 uh it was uh quite noisy also up until now just a minute ago and i thought it’s a good way to test the uh mic quality of the phone as well so i thought uh maybe you guys can get uh get a good idea about the audio quality but yeah it’s quite it’s quite silent right now but nonetheless uh tell me how uh does my voice sound right now what do you think about the audio quality and uh especially what do you think about the video quality because i think the phone does a very good job as you can see behind me uh you can see the buildings so details and exposure uh the camera is doing a very good job and even when it comes to you know dealing with exposure highlights of on my forehead so right now the sun is falling right on my forehead and i think the camera is doing a very good job but overall you guys tell me what do you think about what do you think about uh the overall uh video quality from the front camera of the galaxy a52 cheers long story short the galaxy a52 is a dependable mid-range smartphone and i strongly suggest not to overlook this phone just because of the snapdragon 720g chipset because the chipset is definitely capable of handling all the daily needs of an average consumer with ease other than that if 5g is a deciding factor for you then please don’t buy the smartphone however if you can look past 5g 5g that we don’t even know when is it even rolling out in india then what you have for yourself is a superb smartphone with a gorgeous display a good camera system ip67 protection and of course one ui 3.1 based on android 11. not to mention you also get a three years of a main android software support plus four years offer security patch updates and that was my review of the samsung galaxy a52 hit the like button if you agree with me and just in case if you don’t then please reach out to me in the comments section i’m always open for questions you can also reach out to me on my social media all the links will be available in the description as always thanks for watching and for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone see you guys in the next one.
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