Samsung Galaxy A71 Gaming Review (PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, & NBA 2K20)

Published on January 22, 2020
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I guess I’m here at the cart Indonesia and yesterday I just came from the awesome live event by Samsung black pink was there and they are amazing of course we were able to try out the latest smartphones from Samsung to like the Galaxy 851 and the galaxy a 71 in technology we got here the Samsung Galaxy a 71 it’s the latest v32 smartphone from Samsung and we we got you a quad camera lens in the back and of course an amazing six point seven inch Super AMOLED display it’s a flat display nothing wrong about that but the colors are really popping out and yeah it’s really good so um they focus on uh I think awesome screen awesome camera long-lasting bright line three things awesome screen awesome camera and a long lasting battery life but we’re gonna focus on just to the display of the smartphone and also the battery well the bad giving is a point Asif iconic adapter I’m part of battery and we’re using the pre-production you need we cannot benchmark this device unfortunately because again it’s a pre-production you need but we were able to install some games we’re allowed to play some games on this one however we’re not able we can do a game a game bench test on the galaxy a 71 but today I’m gonna show you some of the games that I was able to run on the galaxy a 71 including pop G mobile Call of Duty Mobile NBA 2k 20 and the latest one the black desert mobile so yeah first things first let’s focus on the essential things on gaming on this one first we got here an infinity o display it’s a Super AMOLED display I liked looking at it the colors are really nice it’s an infinity or display that’s why we do have a little punch hole at the top actually it doesn’t annoy me just like the Galaxy Note and bust in which we’ve reviewed before the displays massive it’s a six point seven inch display it’s a Super AMOLED panel the colors are really nice and yeah the viewing angles are fine it’s a twenty by nine display aspect ratio that’s why the smartphone is kinda narrow and it’s very tall but I preferred it when playing games such as call of duty mobile and also pop G mobile so what are we waiting for let’s do a gaming test on the smartphone let’s see the graphics settings and let’s play some games our first game is spot to mobile and let’s see the graphic settings that we’re using on the smartphone so yeah we’re learning it at balance settings with an ultra frame rates because of HD the maximum frame rate is already at high and yeah unfortunately you cannot use the HDR settings so we’re gonna focus on balance settings with ultra frame rate so we could have better frame rates on the smartphone also let’s enable the anti-aliasing and also the shadows of the smartphone and let’s try to play some game on the smartphone again we do not have a benchmarking tool but right now I think we’re getting above 30 frames per second which is already fine for me I mean I’m having a better frame rate on Babji mobile it’s more essential than having a better graphics because with better frame rates I could get more kills I could easily aim at my enemies and yes I could easily you know get that chicken dinner on the samsung galaxy a 71 overall we’re seeing I think it’s around 30 to 40 frames per second but I think this is around 40 frames per second so it’s the maximum frame rate that we can get are at the Ultra settings of pop Jamal bhaiyya all right so we’re in the plane right now and yes we’re doing fine just now so yeah I do not have a problem with it and I’m gonna follow so in the plane right now I’m still at 40 frames per second let’s see if we drop at the military base if first if we can get that you know that same frame rate that we can expect on a smartphone okay so far so good no noticeable frame lags or frame drops on the samsung galaxy a 71 but let’s see let’s see boys we’re dropping here at the military base and see if we could get some kills and of course get some decent frames on the smartphone overall as you can see we’re looking right now the military base and everything looks fine no there’s no frame drops and yeah I could easily kill some enemies with this one really fine now let’s find some enemies oh there we go oh so you can see there were no framedrops on the smartphone and everything was fine everything was fine we got some conscious over there I think we’re gonna end up dead in a few seconds so there we go overall the lot of renter’s in here but we’re still getting fine frames on the smart phone I think the Snapdragon 730 of the smart phone can handle the galaxy 70 just fine wait we’re dead okay we’re dead but as you can see we popped you mobile on the Samsung Galaxy 70 we can run into balance settings with anti-aliasing with shadows on and up ultra frame it and you will not have any problems running the smartphone will do just fine so we’re running NBA 2k 20 at the highest settings possible all ultra high all high so no problems when it comes to the descendants of the smartphone this smartphone will do just fine as you can see ok so as you can see were playing the game right now and I’m pretty sure that the galaxy 870 oh that’s a bad shot the galaxy a 71 is running the game at around more than 40 frames or probably 60 even 60 I think this one is very smooth that’s not block 30 frames per second so deserve an 30 processor or the chipset of the galaxy a 71 will do just fine on and go to the plane [Music] okay so as you can see there are no lags no framedrops and everything was fine on the smartphone oh we got a bad shot on that one but yeah I really get budgets on but as you can see no problems at all when it comes to gaming on a 71 like this one in the HOV 20 I don’t know why I did that one but it’s up there we go even a close-up shots it’s still very smooth there we go pass it on finally we were able to meet a field goal but yeah overall you can see here that NBA 2k 20 runs really fine on the a 71 no problems when it’s no problem when it comes to gaming so yeah let’s proceed to our next game first of all my character at black desert mobile looks pretty good yes we’re playing black desert mobile one of the best games on mobile right now due to its graphics as you can see here really nice liking really nice details and the colors are really firing on the smartphone as you can see I love the colors on this one of the galaxy 71 alright now let’s proceed to the graphic setting so let’s see here so I was able to pump it up at high settings with a maximum frame limit so if we’ve set this one out at the maximum settings you can see here that oh actually no okay we’re getting good frame rates on the smartphone as you can see really nice graphics all max settings unfortunately we cannot benchmark this one but the black desert mobile runs really well on the smartphone as you can see now let’s do some action and some damage on these monsters and wow us you can see I think there were no framedrops on this one I’m not sure if this one is getting around 40 frames per second but overall this one has a pretty good frame rates it’s more than 30 frames per second the action is really fine the effects are really good and despite that c71 doesn’t have a problem running block that’s it mobile and yeah so there we go ITV let’s do some skills in here so now let’s gather some mobs so you can see no framedrops and everything was really fine all right everything was really fine on this mark okay Wow okay so I didn’t know I I have already another skill right now but yeah you can see here that no problems at all when it comes to the skills everything is really fine and there we go riding on my horse right now and as you can see no lags at all no framedrops everything was really fine on black tested mobile on the Galaxy II 71 and oh my God look at that oh there we go look at the graphics look at the graphics on this one really nice light being max at maximum settings on the galaxy 71 and I didn’t have a single problem running the smartphone look at that Wow the galaxy a 71 runs just fine on the galaxy a 71 the I’m sorry I’m sorry the black test is mobile once really finally got a c7 still amazed with the graphics and this one I loved playing this game now let’s proceed to another gaming let’s see how called Judy mobile will do with the Samsung Galaxy a7 right now we’re playing call of duty mobile graphics settings as you can see here we cannot set it at very high because the maximum frame it’s only available at high settings the depth of field is on there’s no bloom there’s real-time shadows there’s rock dull and there’s anti-aliasing on this game so let’s do some what to play your match on the galaxy 7 you want let’s see what we can experience on the smartphone ok so right now I think ok so this is more than 30 frames per second we got max frame rates I think this one is even 60 frames per second so I won’t have any problems with this one and since we got here a wide display because of the 20 by 9 display aspect ratio I have more viewing I have I can view the display even more I mean look at that one the fingers doesn’t block too much of the display I can see the enemy’s better than most smartphones now let’s wait for the match to start the match has started and let’s see if we can we can get some really nice experience on Call of Duty mobile on galaxy a 71 so let’s hear let’s throw some grenades over here oh that’s a terrible throw oh there we go oh wow this is really nice it’s actually fine oh wow I just made a triple kill and look at the oh there we go there we go there we go to really find some art phone for a Call of Duty mobile the frames are really fast and the display is really responsive okay the display is really responsive on the galaxy II 71 oh my god they’re terrible oh my god man amis are terrible so yeah over else you can see here the galaxy a 71 ECD decimates Call of Duty mobile it’s a pretty optimize the game the graphics are really nice and yeah I do not have any problems playing this game at all alright didn’t have problems playing this game at all imagine I could easily kill my enemies with this one since we got a Y display I can see them easily I have an advantage actually and I’m playing Call of Duty mobile on the smartphone so yeah I guess um cold duty mobile will do just fine on the galaxy a 71 so you can see really nice frames no problems at all so yeah I guess that’s it all right you know battalion gangabai playing games like all duty mobile and the Samsung Galaxy D 71 but overall our experience with the galaxy 71 was fine Snapdragon 730 along with that the EXIF Ram will do just fine on this smartphone however in like games like pop do mobile need to tone down the settings in able to you know get that photo frame nice unfortunately there’s no extra frame rates on pop t-mobile and also at Call of Duty mobile we weren’t able to max out the settings and get the maximum frame rate but I think having you know the high settings maximum frame rate and also in pub your mobile balance settings with anti-aliasing on the shadows on and get that ultra framing I think it will do just fine me I’m actually surprised that this one can handle black dancers mobile without any problems so if you’re playing any games on the samsung galaxy 71 I think this one wouldn’t have a problem this future-proof however don’t expect the maximum settings on these games on these future games but again the a 71 will do just fine and the thing with Snapdragon processor is that they’re compatible with most games and applications most of the time they do not have problems with emulators and also games I haven’t tried PSD emulators on this one but I think this will do just fine when you’re playing games such as PSP emulator the ppsspp and other games I think this will do just fine so yeah I guess that’s it for our video of the samsung galaxy a 71 so if you like this video don’t forget to give a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet well now’s the time to subscribe so once again I am jump gamma lined up peach thank you for watching and see you guys again on my next video.
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