Samsung Galaxy A80 “All Screen Phone” – Unboxing, First Time Setup and Review

Published on July 20, 2019
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Hey guys sock here from sake check it in today’s video what we gonna do is we are going to be doing an unboxing and initial setup and a quick overview of the Samsung Galaxy a 80 now this is Samsung’s all screen display smartphone with the new infinity display that does not have any notches or cutouts on the screen so let’s dive in and unbox this beautiful baby all right so I’m gonna lift up the box real quick and in the box right away you’re gonna see the samsung galaxy a8 II and on the front side it does give you a quick snapshot of its main feature so you do have the new infinity display no notches you do have a rotating camera now this camera were here actually rotates and becomes the front and the rear camera as needed I’m gonna show you that as well in a second and of course at the bottom you do have super fast charging this phone does support 25 watts super fast charging and finally it does also have an N display fingerprint sensor so let me put this aside for a second and let’s take a look at what’s in the box so over here we do have the 25 watt fast charger right here okay just us a basic charger but has super fast charging and over here what we have is we have in fact the USB cable that connects to the phone to charge it and then over here we do have a bunch of earbuds that come with all Galaxy smartphones so I’m not gonna unbox these that’s what you get in the box now there’s one more thing in the box over here that’s actually the case for the actual smartphone case that actually fits this smartphone and of course it’s designed in such a way that when this camera pops up and rotates it doesn’t block okay so that’s gonna be the case I’m gonna show you how it looks when you put it in the actual case as well but now let’s divert our attention and focus on the actual smartphone now this is the ghost white color it’s an absolutely gorgeous little design and look so I’m going to turn on this device in a second and show you everything with the screen but real quick let’s take a look at the camera and I do own let you know that over here we have three cameras on the main camera is a forty eight megabits camera the secondary camera over here is a super wide angle eight megapixel camera and of course this one over here is a 3d depth camera so we have total three cameras and the flash is right over here okay but here’s the phone from the back side it is a naturally gorgeous little device now let’s flipped it over and turn off the act turn on the actual phone now I do want to show at the bottom real quick we do not have a headphone jack on this phone we do not have wireless charging as well we do have a speaker grille right over there we do have the USB type-c charging port and of course over here we have the sim adapter tray on the side we have the volume rockers volume up and down on the other side we have the power button that we got then we have the rotating camera on the top we don’t have anything other than a little microphone or so let you know really quickly if you look at the top oh you’re not gonna see an earpiece or a speaker grill here so when you actually talk on the phone the sound of the other person comes right through the display so the display does have sound on display technology sound is in fact emitted right through the display all right phone has been turned on and look at that beautiful gorgeous Super AMOLED display as you can see it has barely any bezels real nice and thin a small chin bezels on the side nothing at all okay now real quick I do want to let you know that this is a gorgeous screen it is in fact a Super AMOLED display technology with the new infinity setup meaning no notches or holes and that display is six point seven inches in size with a resolution of 2,400 by 1800 which gives you 393 pixels per inch –is now let’s move on with the initial set up and also I do want to show you that flip up camera really quickly in a second let’s dive in alright so here we have the phone I’m gonna really quickly show you guys the case that came with the actual box so that’s the case that you get so it’s designed so this camera is able to easily flip up and rotate no problem and like I mentioned we are gonna be talking about that a little bit first let’s finish the initial setup process alright so let’s click on let’s go and then we get excepts of these terms I’m gonna undo the optional ones and click on next and as you can see she’s talking as I’m setting this phone up so I’m gonna turn off the volume so it doesn’t talk and then that was Bigsby bottom it just gives you voice instructions on what to do next so what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna skip this for now as well and we are gonna click on next and then we’re gonna pick a Wi-Fi network on the tap on this one here I’m gonna dump in my password and we’re good to go click Next again is checking for updates installing the updates okay now I’m gonna log in to my Google account so let me do that real quick as well alright so all that’s done I’m logging right in with my Google account it’s saying just a second do I want to restore a backup now I’m gonna click on don’t restore so we’re gonna go right up ok so it wants me to use a fingerprint sensor a pattern or a pin so let’s just pick up a fingerprint let’s just set this up using the fingerprint sensor that’s built-in right here so I’m gonna click on continue and we do need a backup so I’m gonna keep up just pick 0 0 0 0 0 for now keep it simple and nice alright so it wants me to scan my fingerprints I’m gonna do my index finger so let’s do that right now okay alright now I do want to let you know this is an optical in display fingerprint sensor this is not an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor this is the cheaper version that you would get on the oneplus 7 pro so it’s not the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that you will find on the samsung galaxy s 10 + S 10 and the upcoming Note 10 alright alright so we’re good to go I’m gonna click continue it wants me to get a full scan so I’m gonna scan the edges of my fingers as you just saw ok so just the edges there we go alright so let’s click on next and then we’re good to go we do have the Google assistant I’m going to click on continue with that one go all the way down except everything for now click on except it’s adding the finishing touches and we should be at the home screen very very quickly very soon so I am gonna skip the sign-in to your Samsung Account part for now so I’m gonna click on skip we’ll skip that as well alright I do want to see that home screen now again this is gonna be running samsung one UI so it’s not gonna look too much different than what you would see only as stand on the s10 plus or the note nine or any other Samsung smartphone running one UI now it is downloading some of the updates on the top as you can see but that’s the home screen guys so again if you are familiar with the Samsung smartphones in the one UI interface basically it’s the same exact thing you got the wallpaper themes widgets function settings and of course you have the settings by going here it’s gonna look exactly as any other Samsung smartphone it’s nice and smooth it’s running the Snapdragon 730 processor so obviously this is not a flagship smartphone even though it has an all screen gorgeous display and then if you look at around the settings it’s all the same so you got the one hand in design that we have when you pull things it comes towards you and then you have all these lockscreen customization tactics of course and you can also go into your advanced features and all these advanced features are available on other Samsung smartphones such as the s10 and the s10 plus so let’s quickly test that fingerprint sensor see how it works so I’m going to turn it off real quick tap tap on the screen to wake it up and let’s log right in I did change the wallpaper real quick so let’s log right in boom that’s beautiful now pinch the screen go to wallpapers you’ll see some new stock wallpapers with this phone that you don’t see on the s10 so that’s one of them right here okay that’s a nice wallpaper but let me pick this one here the the white one is uh looks better okay but that fingerprint sensor is pretty good okay so let’s do that one more time let me turn off the phone boom boom wake up and then log right in okay not as fast as the one on the oneplus 7 pro that’s also an optical fingerprint sensor but it works flawlessly no problem alright so that’s that and again if I pinch the screen you know it’s it’s nice and smooth okay you’re not gonna get snapdragon 855 performance out of this but it’s it’s doing a good job so far it’s not laggy it’s smooth and of course those things are only we are able to tell if those things are gonna last after some time has passed but for now the phone seems to be working perfectly let’s launch this one here boom we’ve got the phone got the messages alright if you go in here to the app or you can launch the calculator and all that good stuff now let’s take a look at that camera real quick so what I’m gonna do is I am going to launch the camera okay and after I launch the camera I’m going to click that button that’s gonna bring the front-facing camera but if you look at this interface this interface is all the same as you would find on the samsung galaxy s 10 s 10 plus with one difference it does have something that the S 10 Plus doesn’t have remember on the back over here we do have a depth sensing camera that allows you to take live focus video so I can actually come over here and do live focus video as you saw and if I swipe over you have the regular life focus photos that all the other phones have as well but the live focus video is something that gives you the bokeh effect even as you’re recording video but anyway I’m gonna lift this camera up right now I’m gonna click on the flood camera button and as you saw this camera just came up so if I flip it over that camera is now gone but if I have it like this it’s on the top alright so that’s what the phone looks like with the camera mechanism actually pulled up so let me push it back inside and I’m lifting this up like this so it doesn’t hit the table when it’s flipping over so there we go okay it goes right in again let me flip it out comes right out that’s absolutely amazing little thing that’s happening flip it right down it it is from a different angle so as you can see boom comes right up that’s absolutely fantastic goes in comes up and here it is from the different angle there we go that is just crazy but yet that’s basically what this phone is all about you’ve got this all screen display with no notches no holes it’s six point seven inches it’s a very large display it’s even larger than the s10 plus okay so it’s six point seven inches full high-definition plus it is an AMOLED display and of course other highlights you do have fast wired charging up to 25 watts with the rotating camera design that I just showed you and of course the optical fingerprint sensor that’s built into this plate now this is not a flagship smartphone it is a mid-range smartphone so when you buy it just keep that in mind it’s gonna be approximately in the range of 500 to 600 dollars and of course with as as usual with Samsung phones the prices are gonna go down drastically after a while so if this is something that you want you can buy it right now it actually is an amazing product that the build quality the design the technology it’s all amazing but if you wait a little bit the price will go down and you’ll be able to get this in your hands now I use a samsung galaxy s 10 plus as my daily driver which is right here but I’m not gonna switch over to this one just because it has all screen display because the Samsung Galaxy S 10 just has way more as far as specs and power is concerned than this phone over here okay but if you do have a budget you can buy this phone no problem you are going to be satisfied from what I have seen so far one good thing I can tell you is when you take a picture with the front-facing camera it is much better than the Samsung S 10 the reason being is because the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has a lower capacity front camera this one has is using the rear cameras as the front cameras okay but that’s it let me know if you have any questions comments or concerns this was just an initial video with unboxing first time setup and a quick review so we’ll be releasing more videos to give you more experience with this smart phone all right guys for now have a fantastic day alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at sake tech online to get the latest updates as well alright have a fantastic day

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