Samsung Galaxy A80 review: Biggest smartphone for selfies and vlogging?

Published on July 10, 2019
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Something has been doing big things with a new galaxy a series for 2019 if you’re looking for something different the Korean smartphone maker is tripping things around with the new Galaxy AAT is this the perfect smartphone for vloggers here’s a full review the new Samsung Galaxy a series is all about the era of life they are targeting a new generation of digital natives that are capturing and sharing their moments in real time for the first time on a Samsung device the galaxy a8 II features a triple camera setup that slides up and rotate to the front that means you’re using the best cameras for selfies and vlogging in terms of design the AAT comes with an all screen front while the real gets a clean and clutter appearance we have the black unit and it doesn’t come with that fancy reflective effect that you get on a more affordable a 50 and a 70 models the AAT has a nice heft to it it feels quite premium you get a slim metal frame there’s antenna bands on it the device comes with a six point seven inch Super AMOLED display that pushes a full HD plus resolution it’s the same size as a galaxy a 70 by getting a full edge to edge display there has no notches of punch holes being an AMOLED panel you get a vibrant display that’s great for watching video content on top that the display also gets an in display a fingerprint sensor which personally I think is more reliable than the a 70 which we have revealed recently if you prefer to use your face to unlock too bad that it isn’t supported on the AAT the galaxy a8 II comes with a single down firing speaker which is pretty loud and I still wish that he had stereo speakers to complement the awesome screen unfortunately there’s no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack this means you have to use a dongle or you can go completely wireless we have Samsung’s Galaxy buds interesting is that there’s no AP speaker for voice calls instead it has an embedded speaker underneath to display surprisingly you can even put your ear on a binary device you can still hear the other person quite clearly of course the optimal position is to place your ear on the top half of the screen despite being the most premium Galaxy S series it still does not come with any water or dust resistance the galaxy aat comes to for a triple camera setup it has a forty eight megapixel main camera from Sony an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter and a 3d depth camera for Bakke effects the main camera is much better than a 70 and images turn out to be pretty good in normal daytime shots he also looks quite decent in less ideal lighting situation since it doesn’t count with optical image stabilization you really need to keep your hand still I constantly get a warning from the app that my last shot is blurred there’s also night mode which enhances the low-light scene slightly but don’t expect it to deliver insane night shots like the whole AP series the utter wanker lens offer greater versatility before 123 degree viewing angle like the galaxy s7 t is OK in bright situations but it can get really smudgy in your life with a 3d depth camera you can get impressive vodka shots and the AAT even comes with life for this video this allows you to flop with a blurred background in real time so these are tests of the light focus video taken from the galaxy AAT so as you can see the background is blurred when it comes to the rotating camera mechanism I think Samsung has missed the opportunity here as he only works in two modes back and front unlike the Oppo entry or the issue then from 6 you can adjust the angle of the rotation when we try out the AAT during the original launch we noticed that the camera was limited to 1080p in selfie mode now he appears that Samsung has removed this limitation on our review device and we can now record 4k resolution for both front and back there’s digital image stabilization for video but do note that if you turn it on it’s just a video resolution to 1080p for selfies apart from our normal mode there’s also an ultra wide-angle mode as well as a crop mode which provides a close-up of your face despite using the sim for the 8 megapixel autofocus camera the selfie mode doesn’t allow you to tap to focus if you need flash for your selfie picture it uses a screen to illuminate your face instead of using the LED flash if I have one major complaint about a camera is its position the triple cameras place too close to the edges and sometimes my fingers tend to get in a way especially in what angular mode and six point seven inches the AAT is definitely a two-handed device it is tough to shoot mere a single hand I can make it easier by dragging the shutter button to another location the grekes EAD runs on a Snapdragon 730 processor which is a closest thing to a flexure class processor from Qualcomm everything runs smoothly with no issues in terms of performance I like some songs one UI interface which is more refined than other Chinese skins the AAT for Malaysia has eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage strangely there is no microSD card expansion slot and what you get here is a double-sided glass entry another nice feature which Samsung has included is Samsung pay this is the only device in the current galaxy a lineup to support it and it works with any card terminal there ourselves NSE payments paying with your phone is just convenient and all you need to do is to wrap up and authenticate with your fingerprint pairing the galaxy a 80 is a modest 3700 milliamp hour battery which is quite small considering the a 70 came with a larger 4500 milliamp hour battery on a full charge it lasts a full day three five to six hours of screen on time which is pretty good fortunately it comes with a 25 watt super fast charger which is more powerful than what you get on the current Galaxy S 10 a full charge from 1% took around one hour and 35 minutes and nope you don’t get one less charging I know I know some of you don’t really fancy a phone with moving parts they might think that this mechanism might put some durability issues in the long run we’ve seen sliders pop-up mechanisms and flip phones but unlike other manufacturers something really share any durability figures for the a 80s rotating mechanism it does feel a bit flimsy any wobbles a bit when you tap the module with your fingers you try to push and pull the camera module once a while and so far he has been holding up pretty well the galaxy a8 II is a unique device and at the time this video was shot Samsung hasn’t revealed is official price tag a couple of retailers have indicated that the AAT will be going for 2499 Ringgit which is quite expensive you can almost get a fresher class smartphone like the galaxy s 10 e you just want a big screen and a big battery smart phone from Samsung you can always go for the a 70 that’s now going for as flow as 1699 ringgit I’m told that the a 70 still has a headphone jack I’m at USD cut a special slot and a huge battery that pushes close to eight hours of screen on time it’s hard to recommend the Galaxy a 80 unless of course if you’re someone who wants a big screen smartphone with no not just and if you’re into blogging and likes to take a lot of selfies let us know anything in the comments down below if you like this video give us a thumbs up like us on Facebook and subscribe to us on your YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the notification bear icon so that you’ll be informed of our next videos don’t forget to check out like this video here and also another awesome video right here thank you so much for watching and we’ll see in the next one bye

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