Samsung Galaxy A80 Unboxing & Review: Rotation At Its Best

Published on July 13, 2019
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Now since I’ve done the first impressions video of the Samsung Galaxy AAT way back in the month of April during the global launch and since I just got a phone I’ve asked you guys for Instagram and said on exactly what you guys would like to know about the phone so here’s your answer hey wassup guys Adam Lobo here and you’re watching Adam Lobo TV if you guys are new hello and welcome do consider subscribing to this channel as a released videos at least twice a week and if you’re returning as a subscriber welcome back my friends it’s always nice to see you back here let’s first unbox the fourth now the Samsung Galaxy AAT comes in a white box with the visuals or the phone in the middle and a 80 in front then looking at the back there are some of the specs on the phone over there now similar like other newer Samsung phones you’ll find another box at the back of the cover where you’ll find that sim ejector tool and also leave user guide and you’ll immediately see the phone inside now underneath the phone there’s two little white boxes where on top there’s the USBC earphones which was a really nice touch from Samsung since the phone does not have a headphone jack so that’s your answer arms are official and then similar like the 870 comes with a USB c2 USBC cable and a 25 watt USB C charging brick which ensures the fast charging speed since this device supports it now going over to the phone specs the Samsung Galaxy AAT comes in the octa-core 2.2 gigahertz chipset with the Adreno 6 1/8 GPU it comes with a single variant of a huge 8 gigs of ram with hundred and twenty eight gigs of storage and he comes shipped with Android 9pi with some songs 1ui skin and yes there is NFC on the device so that’s your answer mr. Han foody now there are total of three colors frege’s to choose from where the one which I have is the really nice classy looking phantom black and then there’s also ghost white as tag my love and also angel gold now as for the phone’s designed and built when I held the phone for the very first time I did feel that the phone had a heavier weight to it and that could be due to the mechanical parts inside of the phone and then the phone had a really nice flat design in front similar to what you see on the e7 t and at the back is curved and it’s made of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is nice to know now even though it is made of glass and since the phone had a really nice weight to it it wasn’t slippery at all then the cameras at the back is arranged on a horizontal position with a medium sized camera bump right in the middle of the phone and the phone comes to the optical in display fingerprint sensor where although it is optical it did unlock pretty fast but sometimes it could be a hit or miss depending if your fingers are wet or even greasy now looking at a parts and buttons looking on below there is the USB C port with a single mono firing speaker and then it’s also a dual SIM card slot on the left hand side with no micro SD card slot expansion where I mentioned before that I can see that it will be extent in every smartphones really soon and then there’s also the power button on the right then the volume rockers are placed on the left now as where the phone screen has a really nice 6.7 inch Super AMOLED display and it brings a huge smile to my face since it is still the best display or any smart phone in my personal opinion and I’m sure you guys would agree with that is and what super awesome is affected this is another phone which has absolutely no not at all and the phone comes in a screen resolution of 1080 by 24 40 pixels we’re watching videos on YouTube was nice with the almost basilis video viewing experience and watching Netflix was also great as well so that covers your questions such as very 18 now as for the phone’s camera specs there are three cameras one is a huge 48 megapixel with 26 mm wide F 2.0 aperture lens and 8 megapixel 12 mm ultra white 123 degrees F 2.2 Epsilon’s and a tof 3d camera of an aperture value of F 1 point 2 30 mm lens and as predicted the huge sensor in the camera did play a huge role in giving the camera some really nice pictures during the day and again the current image processing for samsung devices has vastly improved where it’s not too saturated as before which gives you more dynamic range to work with when you’re editing the photos after you’ve taken a photo and of course thanks to the tof camera the live focus shots was really good with really nice edge detection and it was perfect in every shot now as for the phone’s ultra wide lens it also had a really good quality with no distortion on the sides unlike some other phones which had the ultra wide-angle lenses and then looking at the night shots for the night mode since the addition of a dedicated night mode on samsung devices the night shots was also improved with just the right exposure saturation especially when the right amount of brightness under the bright areas and also these shadows as well and there’s her answer i’ma try Zula alright usually I will now talk about the front camera but guess what all the three cameras are back rotates in front so yes this was a very unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy II ATS since it was introduced now there were a lot of people questioning on the durability of the rotation mechanism of the camera well firstly there’s no official word from Samsung and how many rotations that the phone can last but what I know is that there is the safety feature if the phone sensors are dropped where it does close the camera just to make sure there’s no full damage on the camera but then again if you are a kind of person who always drops your phone while taking selfies you should be extra careful when using the phone and now to the selfie picture quality is like the rear camera it was really good as well and yes this also means that you can take regular wide and ultra wide selfie shots which no other phones can do right now and then the portrait selfie was also great since that tof camera is used for the front as well so there’s your overall picture quality for the cameras fara sneezin and Edison Bend and yes amar Anwar on the white selfie now as for video both the front and also at the back records up to UHD 4k up to 30 frames per second very quality of the image was really great on both sides but to my surprise the email civilization for the 4k footage was not stabilized but it was perfectly stabilized at 1080p and there’s no auto focus for the 4k video mode so you’ll need to touch to focus to really focus on your subject or even yourself so that’s your answer eClass I knew it now also something worth mentioning is the fact that you can’t use the ultra wide-angle lens for video mode on 4k but it is available for 1080p with a super steady mode so keep that in mind but the light focus video feature look really nice it’s as though that you have a high-end DSLR camera when taking this great shallow depth-of-field table of shots and as your answer Alif Akmal 98 now I saw the phone sound quality listening to the USBC earphones which comes inside of the Box sounded great and you can even toggle the Dolby Surround mode through the earphones as well and in terms of speakers there is a single speaker grille down below and the other speaker is built-in inside of the screamer in the middle since the phone has no gap on top for its Rica and here’s a quick sound test now as for the phone software it is shipped with Android 9pi with some songs really nice one UI skin which is one of the most stable skins since it was out and the stock icon packs and also the navigation is still one of my top three Android skills and it can also feel the difference of snappiness of the eight gigs of ram on the phone now as for the phone’s battery it comes in three thousand seven hundred milliamps of battery and with a heavy usage and the screen brightness – automatic I got five hours and six minutes of screen on time at ten percent battery which was quite good for battery below 4000 milliamps and what’s great is that the phone does come in a 25 watt fast charger which got me from 0 to 50 percent at close to 28 minutes which was great so there’s your answer pan Frank xx now as per usual my gaming test is usually on asphalt 9 also pop G where the overall gaming was great and smooth without any issues and the device deep run cool throughout the whole entire gameplay and yes you can play pot night on a device so there’s your answer probably Dragonite on fortnight rhyme Dragonite fortnight and as your answer novice it r + 0 h 1 0 1 2 on the gaming graphics and intro ban on the gaming experience now in conclusion this Samsung Galaxy a 80 is a very solid phone which I feel Samsung has created this particular phone for people who absolutely love taking selfie photos a lot and it’s also for someone who loves to enjoy watching videos on your phone with a really nice notch less Super AMOLED display which is still some songs best so it totally depends on what your needs are in a phone and that’s the reason why the 870 was also introduced during a launch to give you this two options for you guys to choose from now in terms of the availability here in Malaysia it is available right now at the Samsung experience stores with a price of 2499 million and Samsung is running an exclusive promotion where the first 1000 customers to purchase the galaxy a 80 will receive a complimentary black pink a special edition package that includes the galaxy a 80 case a stand and also a photo card together with the Galaxy fit all together with 818 ringing and for more information on that I will leave links down below so there’s your answer against this is very on the pricing and also that’s your answer on the availability well easier way alright guys hope you guys found this video helpful and thank you so much for all the questions that you asked me on Instagram but if you guys have any other questions to ask do let me know at the comment section below aside from that thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit the thumbs up button like share and subscribe to Adam Lobo TV if you have a none so don’t forget to hit the bell icon just next to it to get notified for my future videos thank you so much for watching this is Adam Lobo and I’ll catch you guys in my next video

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