Samsung Galaxy A90 5G “Real Review”

Published on December 25, 2019
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Yo what’s up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the Samsung Galaxy a 95 G now you can pick this up on Amazon I’ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 650 bucks now comes in two different colors you got white shoes white and Wesley Snipes black alright so let’s go through all the specs now this is a gsm-only phone so if you got AT&T; or t-mobile you’re good to go if you got Sprint or Verizon you asked out for the display you got a six point seven inch Super AMOLED panel with the resolution of 1080 by 2400 now that’s 393 for the PPI Patrol you got Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and on the back with an aluminium frame for the processor you got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with the adrenal 640 GPU what does that mean flagship specs bro flagship specs now it’s running Android 9 VIP with Samsung 1 UI skin on top you got either 6 or 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 512 gigs now that’s on the 6 gig version you got a 4500 million battery that features 25 watt fast charging for the cameras on the rear you got a triple setup so you got a 48 megapixel F 2.0 that’s your wide angle you got an 8 megapixel F 2.2 that’s your ultra wide-angle and you’ve got a 5 megapixel depth sensor on the front you got a 32 megapixel F 2.0 wide-angle lens now you also got Bluetooth 5.0 you got NFC USB type-c charging you got a no it’s on display face unlock and an on-screen fingerprint sensor so what’s missing from my flagship checklist there’s no IP rating no wireless charge no dual speakers no quad HD display and no headphone jack that shit’s whack hashtag boss now before I get started let me just answer one quick question what’s the difference between the 850 the 870 and the AAT well the easiest way to explain this is the a 90 has 5g has the best build quality and the latest processor and GPU all right they all pretty much got the same display and the same features but this is the best out of the eight series all right to a 95 G and the G stands for Kingston first things first shout out to white shoes back in the building [Music] calm down now here we go Samsung 895 G G stands for gangster this is my second time making this video I just in case y’all seen anything looks a little bit funny the first time I made this video I forgot to turn my mic on so I put everything back in the box for the dramatic effect but let’s do it one more time alright so inside the box I know you got your sim ejection tool are you gonna need that you get an actual case now this is just a gel skin case with a little textured feel on the inside but it’ll definitely protect your phone top bottom back and the sides you also got to use your books that shit pluck him follow them to the side now one thing I forgot to show ya that came in the package it was wrapped up in this little love bubble wrap but it clearly says will not work on Sprint and Verizon okay and there’s one more thing that came in the box and hide it from shoes that’s a USA charger alright now this is an international phone so it came with the adapter so you can plug it in in the States alright so here’s your device now we gonna talk about this in a second 25 watt fast charging brick international status you got some wired headphones now since there’s no headphone jack USB type-c to plug them in these are not the AKG ones just your classic Samsung earbuds real nice and a half the plain pause volume up and down control I shoes I know you waiting for that and of course you got your USB type-c charging cable and this and I could prove that this is my second time doing this video look at the cable alright the first time I pull these out shoes went crazy yeah I didn’t need to see that though now for the device itself let me do the smell sets on this this one smells like that cocaina alright this is that white white now I want to show you something real quick take a look at the a 70 and a 50 both of these can have what Samsung is calling a glass stick build you see that rainbow effect these are called glass stick so it’s basically plastic and glass combined when you hold these phones in your hand they do kind of feel premium but they feel a little bit too lightweight so if you have the Samsung Galaxy Note then you have one of these you would immediately feel the difference with the drastic build what the 890 you don’t have that this is 100% glass glass with the aluminium frame and you could feel that weight all right now this one feels like the AAT if you I see my AAT video that was one of the things that I loved about this phone it’s big and it’s heavy and it has that premium feel to it same thing on this one now I don’t know if you I can see this on video but you can see those rainbow effects and you see it’s white and then like like an off-white and on the bottom same thing see pseudo squiz this phone feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures alright this one has a great build quality triple camera set up on the rear let’s hit that power button now you do have a screen protector already pre and pre-installed I’m gonna peel that off why not little teardrop notch I sort of not just still alive on this one on the top there’s your SIM tray you got a mic this side is nice and clean on the bottom USB type-c another mic did your speaker grill 5g alright we got a new five gangster in the building let’s get a little wipe down all right check this out I see she got a little notch on the front that’s pretty much it but the build quality on this I am impressed I’m definitely impressed you hold this one you hold a galaxy note galaxy s 10 plus galaxy s 10 5g they all feel the same I this is a heavyweight right here so if you’re looking for a premium eight series the a 95 G is it now I’m gonna pause the video let me drop my information in and then we’ll breeze through the OS talk amongst yourselves alright Jos we’ll be back in not just for my information in the phone been playing around with it for a few minutes and I gotta be honest with job for 650 bucks as Bob Barker would say The Price is Right alright the Samsung Galaxy a 95 G is a major major major go now look I’ve said this before I’m gonna say it again and I’m gonna keep saying it in 2019 you don’t have to spend over a thousand bucks to get a quality flagship level phone and this is a perfect example of it now look when you buy your flagship phone for over a thousand bucks yeah you’re getting the quad HD display you’re getting IP rate in you’re getting Wireless charge reverse Wireless charge top-of-the-line camera all of the bells and whistles but if you don’t care about that are you just gonna save some money you want a quality phone that has the latest processor latest GPU has a pretty good camera and everything works on it nice and smooth you need to check out the 895 G and on a side note if you live in a 5g area this is the phone that you want alright this is gonna be the cheapest 5g phone that you’re gonna find right now with these kind of flagship level specs let’s break it down first things first the build quality now yeah I know I gotta say it again feel so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures this one has the best feel out of all of the a series phones not an AAT the second place but the camera is a little bit wobbly on this one the a 90 has the best build quality look at that pattern on the back you see that light reflecting all over the place just like your Galaxy Note 1000 or plus I like the aura glow this one has that same shimmer eNOS to it I choose I’m about the for you to decide let me put up my safety shields I shoes calm down to tone pattern in the bank and the weight now I can’t stress this enough the weight on this phone makes it feel ultra premium if you had your eyes closed and you picked up this and the Galaxy Note templates you wouldn’t know which one is which both of them have that cold aluminium field around the trim Gorilla Glass six everything is official tissue next since this is Samsung you know you got that best always-on display in the game I don’t know if you see it let me go to wipe down now my always-on display you see I got a picture of white shoes and you got your apps on the bottom Tom the date and an onscreen fingerprint sensor now as far as the orange green fingerprint sensor not the fastest one in the world but it does work 100% of the time now and against our galaxy s chain and sm+ those ones are a little bit better ultrasonic but these ones work now if you notice same thing you can have your video lock screen now this is just the stock one which I’ll watch my videos you remember the race call one make your video put whichever one you want a couple of different ways you can open up the device now you just seen the fingerprint sensor like I said it’s pretty fast not the fastest we’re pretty fast but the face unlock now the face unlock on this one works flawlessly check this out now I’m just gonna look at it bomb let me try to open it while looking at it there is one more it is now look underneath the little uh the teardrop notch I mean let me try that without looking at it you see that a little ring that’s what it’s searching for your face as soon as he catches my face bong pops right open so if you rockin face unlock you’re not gonna need this on screen fingerprint sensor but it does work and on a side note you can actually change the brightness level of your always-on display so it might look like it’s pretty dim right now but that’s because I’m underneath this bright light if it was dark no always-on display would look a lot better let’s see if I can get it to pop up a little bit when you see I got a picture of shoes on the front fully customizable now snapdragon 855 adrenal 640 GPU you know what that means I flagship level no lag status everything is nice and smooth [Music] i new shoes is getting ready to pounce all right so let’s take it over to the toggles we’re trying to do this quick you got all your basic stuff this is definitely a Samsung phone night if you like one you want and you ever had a slam Samsung flagship this one is no different alright this is the best one out of the eight series because they didn’t cut any corners and I’m gonna show you what I’m talking about you got all your people edges you got everything alright so of course you got your little link to see Windows computer alright of course you got Bluetooth power saving mode let’s see you got your secure folders alright that’s your top protection don’t forget to activate secure folders Dolby Atmos that’s for when you plug in your headphones I if using wired headphones you can turn on Dolby Atmos now you got a little kid you’re gonna be passing them to the phone turn on kids mode let’s see you got your edge lighting alright I’ll show you how that looks in a second don’t forget Smart View alright if you got a new TV turn on a Smart View you just screencast and your navigation bar you can have full swipe gestures or the olds who Android back home and recently use apps let’s take it over to settings okay so for connections of course you got NFC you got Bluetooth let’s go to more connections so you have your printing your mirror link VPNs and your private DNS so if you want to watch your movies be a thing and like I said NFC and payments let’s go to our service provider you don’t need to see that sound and vibrations okay so you got your three different sound modes let’s go to our ring tones I will check that volume in a second I shoe just got scared let’s see um let’s go to volume alright so ringtone volume one bottom firing speaker still pretty loud though we put everything on max why not you can change the font vibration intensity advanced sound settings so now you have your sound quality and effects again when you plug in your headphones turn on your Dolby Atmos but you also have an equaliser you can put it to custom douchebag status put everything at to the top this is you got your UHD up scale up and you have to adapt sound alright now we don’t have to set that up but that’s how you set your own personal custom profile now you also have separate app for sound now a lot of people aren’t asking me why because I usually glance over that what does that mean alright so if you put separate app for sound this way if you connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker so you having a little barbecue and your phone is playing the music every time you get a text message you don’t want that message alert to interfere with your music so you can have a separate app for sound it’s pretty dope let’s see anything else that’s pretty much Internet notifications or you can have your app icon badges it’s pretty much Internet let’s go to our display now this is this is the max brightness and it is pretty bright I will give him that this phone is super bright you can turn on adaptive brightness if you want you get a blue light filter of course you got your night mode I will leave that on screen mode you got vivid or natural let’s see you can change the fonts blah blah blah homescreen okay rotate now this was one of the things I loved about these big Galaxy phones and the thing that I hate about the iPhones the homescreen doesn’t rotate so when you get in your car all right now if you drop in a new book you want to have your phone like this but for everybody else when you get in the car you rocket navigation you turn your phone sideways it just looks better and everything rotates all right now if you got an iphone you miss that feature and used to rotate it on the iPhone 8 everything after the 8 and stop the rotation I don’t like that let’s say anything else on nothing nothing to see there let’s go to edge screen okay so look now you got your same edges I saw I got quick tools down a reminder you got your apps edge fully customizable you to people edge I doubt all your favourite people smart select now I’m not gonna do turn this into a full review just watch my galaxy note video you see how to use rectangle oval animations pin the screen eyes you got your task edge down the weather and you can go to settings and just add as many as you want you can even download some more alright so we’ll leave that on real quick so let’s see where was we our edge screen okay now you also have edge lighting I wanted to show you that real quick now remember you had to use our samsung good luck in order to get that a lot of the new ones on you one you want you don’t need that so edge lighting we’ll leave that on always edge lighting style now this is edge lighting alright so you see like if your photos on the table and you got a message that message will pop up and you’ll get that effect so you got different effects you got spotlight you see it kind of through a little spotlight on it you got the bigger clips I like that one you got some hearts hide if you’re in love and shit throw on the hearts you got bubbles and if you download samsung good luck you can download some more different ones right now we’ll leave it on the clips now you can also change the color so if you want the eclipse to be blue you want an orange I’ll leave it on red you can change the transparency light or dark it and you can also have the duration I like to leave it on for a long time why not you paid six hundred fifty bucks enjoy it let’s see you got your interaction now leave that on so this way when you get that message you just tap your finger on it and then open it up I so leave the edge lighting interaction on and you can manage your edge lighting apps let’s see let’s go to our no need to go through easy mode navigation bar like I said if you want you can have full screen gestures or you can have back home I’ve recently used apps or you can swap them now I like having my back button on the left so we’ll leave it right there let’s say you got to touch sensitivity accidental touches blah blah blah screen saver you’ve seen that before go to lock screen okay so you got your always-on display I will leave that on always but if you want to you can have it scheduled if you want to save your battery but my thing is this if you leave your phone always on display and you want to say battery flip your phone facedown the always-on display will automatically turn off if your phone is facedown I said that’s where you ain’t gonna have it on the schedule gonna have to keep changing the settings flip it upside down okay now if you want you can have you always on display auto brightness but I just like to leave it on and put mines at max brightness anything else I let’s see you got some face widgets alright so this would be on your on your home screen while your phone is off these are the different widgets so we’ll leave music today schedule next alarm weather victory routines leave that on old all the time got your apps shortcuts that is just like I’ll show you what that is you see when you turn your phone on you see those two apps on the bottom those are you app shortcuts so right now I got mine set to two apps that I use the most YouTube and the camera so when my phone is like this I’ll get this swipe up put on my pattern or look at it and it takes me right to YouTube okay so that’s your app shortcuts change those if you want dynamic lockscreen basically what that is that should not wallpaper by half you can set it to change the different wallpapers or you can just pick a nice one we’ll leave this stock when it looks pretty good though let’s see anything else let’s go to biometrics and security face unlock fingerprint sensor you also got smart lock okay you got your secure folders thought protection now I don’t really need to go through a whole set up with that basically if you add secure folders so you’re taking this come back pictures you can have it saved right to your secured vault let’s try that again say you’re taking your scumbag photos ID instead of saving it in your gallery you can have it save directly to a secure folder same thing you can put apps in there pictures videos all the up basic art douchebaggery your douchebaggery this goes into your secure folders let’s say anything else you can encrypt SD cards do your thing let’s see all matter of fact I wanted to show you one more let’s see where was that where was that blah blah blah I mind if I maybe I already went past there whatever whatever you do got smart lock doesn’t want to show you smart lock I believe it was in the lock screen yeah okay so you got clock style oh here it is smart lock all right so you got some more luck I know I’m just trying to think of things that people ask me all the time does the phone have smartlock dances yes she’s got her own body detection trusted places trusted devices and voice match you already got face unlock so you don’t need the rest let’s go to see anything else okay so let’s go to advanced features iso side key now this is your side key right here you can press a double press it twice that’ll activate the camera that’s the world star gesture I always leave that but you can also have it open up big because there’s no big semi button on the left and you can have it open up a specific app with the double press now if you press and hold it wake up Bixby but we’ll leave that for power off menu also phone is off right now once I hit my button press it twice bond right to your camera okay back to settings okay so that’s that let’s see you can link to your Windows computer smart pop-up view now I actually like this but sometimes it gets kind of annoying all right smart pop-up view I usually only set it for YouTube I said we turn it on for YouTube so basically what that means is when you get an alert from YouTube it’s gonna turn into a pop-up a little pop-up ball when you hit that ball it’ll open up the actual YouTube now if you get a lot of alerts it gets kind of annoying because every time you go to your home screen you’re gonna see that little ball but it’s a nice feature to play with you got your screenshots and screen recorder myself you got a screen recorder settings you can record screen record up to 1080p you can also record them with or without sound all right for your clandestine activities you could delete your shared screenshots I’ll leave that on reduce your animations all right so now this phone as of right now I’m not feeling any lag any hiccups but if you want to you can reduce the animations now to get everything a little bit quicker and a little bit more snappier but if you want to get even more beast go to developer options and reduce your windows transitions and your animation scaling now you got dual messenger ISO if you’re a real scumbag and you got – huh – messaging accounts you can have dual messaging send your SOS blah blah blah matter of fact I wanted to show you one more let’s go to motions ingestion is all right so lift Oh wake the phone double tap to wake the screen smart stay so as long as you’re looking at the phone if the camera could see your eyes the phone will stay awake okay so you got easy milk all right so the phone ringing just flip it upside down one hand mode palm swipe to capture that’s your screen shots and you can extend them and then share them on the fly and you got swipe to send or we are call messages so basically when you’re looking at your call history you swipe to the left you can directly call that person swipe to the right shoot them an email real quick or a message got your game launcher that’s pretty much Internet let’s say you got your device care all right so let’s see now it’s asking you to try out the active brightness if you want to save battery but it shows you a battery percentage your storage product 106 gigs left memory security is running at 96% well why not optimize it and keep everything running at a buck okay so for apps in the background close little storage frees up high back no high battery usage detected no apps crashing no malware detected this is a nice tab to have on your right here when you swipe over to your edge have that set to one of your edges device care let’s hit done now you got digital well-being I monitor you the internet scumbag arenas let’s see accessibility okay so if you’re hearing or visually impaired you get to go interaction and dexterity let’s see bomb now I’m gonna leave flash notifications off on this one that gets kind of annoying too all right that’s a little annoying too let’s see software updates user manual about phone that’s pretty much it blah blah blah now when you turn on your night theme your Google bar turns black alright everything is blacked out in the background real nice and smooth now let’s get a little wipe down and then we’ll try the internet browsing speeds okay let’s hit that face on that bump go to all right daddy’s full website look at the scrolling speeds now of course no 120 Hertz refresh rate you don’t need that 650 bucks scroll them fast enough now if you want to let’s try some on split screen multitasking let’s see this open up YouTube on the bottom and let’s see who pops up first height of course Mortal Kombat video so I’m watching Mortal Kombat and shopping that Apple at the same time all right now let’s check the display in the speaker’s get max volume [Laughter] bottom notch but big beautiful display [Laughter] all right now just like all the new galaxies you can do your pop-up view I still say I’m watching that same YouTube video let’s open it up into a pop-up alright now I can move this around if I want to I can minimize it I can open up Gmail let’s put Gmail in a pop-up we can minimize that one too so open up Chrome put Chrome gonna pop up fully functional and we can also minimize it so now I’ll ask minimize let’s take it over to the Play Store okay now while I’m shopping on the Play Store got three windows open let’s take it back to YouTube there’s my view to take it back to Gmail give my gmail I’m gonna take it over to play let’s get a Facebook this is multitasking right here to open it back up back to your video that is the definition of multitasking all right so now let’s take a look at the camera now there’s a few different ways you can open it up you can unlock your phone hit the camera icon that’s one way next from the lock screen swipe up on the camera icon that’s another way but the fastest way is use your WorldStarHipHop button press the power button twice but there’s your camera now this is perfect for let’s say you’re hanging out outside you got your phone in your pocket somebody yells out oh shit did go to cops press the power button twice start recording alright so let’s go through all the different shooting modes you got fooled alright so if you’re a fat ass like me and you always want people to see what you eaten use the food mode you got night mode for your clandestine scum back activities you got panorama you got pro mode change your white balance change the ISO and your shutter speed you got live focus with a few different filters so you got blur that’s your bokeh effect you got spin you got zoom and my favorite color print now when you shoot with color print whatever you’re taking a picture of will be in color and everything else in the background will be in black and white I love that filter you got your regular photos let’s take a look at that wide-angle oh look how wide that is that’s pretty sick okay you see HDR it’s on you got your AI scene optimizer always leave that on this way the computer will give you the best picture let’s go to video you got live focus video alright so you can add an effect in your video so you got blur you can have that bulk a look in in your video you got big circle you got color print so same thing you can make a video of something in color and the background will be on black and white and my favorite is glitch so if you notice glitch kind of gives you that old-school retro look like if you popped in a VCR and it’s kind of getting those little glitches to say make it a documentary and you wanted to look old-school use glitch you got super slow motion regular slow motion and you got hyperlapse now if you hit edit you can rearrange the order or you can delete a few different modes the ones that you don’t use let’s go to a regular video take it over to settings okay so for the rear the maximum recorded size it’s about 4k now if you want 60 frames per second gotta use full HD for the front the maximum resolution full HD okay so we leave that on now of course got your super steady I said when I do the video chest watch how smooth this is gonna look all right I’m gonna activate super steady let’s go to regular photos take it over to settings let’s see our floor detection leave that on got HDR that’s pretty much it alright so now of course you got your time up you change your ratio if you like having a full screen do that too and you got your AR emojis now let’s take a look at some test pictures and videos [Music] [Music] all right so now let’s take a look at the case like I said earlier nothing fancy just a gel skin glue textured field on the inside or you cut out some buttons line up and we’ll protect the top sides and the bottom of your phone and of course you can still showcase that beautiful white shoes white with that sexy or go behind it let’s wrap this up alright so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 the Samsung Galaxy a 95 G is a major major major go this is the best out of all of the a series is 100% white shoes approved and the price is right now I know they call me petty Roosevelt so let me talk about the things that I don’t like number one no IP rating so the phone is not water resistant number two no quad HD display number three no wireless charge number four no headphone jack number five it only comes in two color choices and number six this is the last thing that I don’t like but the biggest thing that I don’t like no dual speakers now all of these little mid-range gaming phones coming out for 500 bucks they all got dual speakers in this day and age any phone that’s over 500 bucks should have dual speakers but other than that alright for 650 bucks the build quality is a 1 and I love the feel of it you got the latest processor and GPU flagship status you got plenty of RAM plenty of storage and a micro SD card slot for even more storage you got a big beautiful AMOLED display a big 4511 battery that features 25 watt fast charging the speaker’s nice and loud the camera is great you got all your Samsung features like the edge panels multitasking all your lighting effects if you live in a 5g area you’re gonna get your 5g service what’s the best thing about this phone is the price right as Bob Barker would say the price is right anyway Samsung Galaxy a 95g hit me up in the comments let me know what y’all think about this one shoutouts everybody rockin would be on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I’ll see how holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout-out to everybody rockin with me on Instagram y’all notice where I’m at full-time on a percent full throttle and a special shout-out to everybody rockin with the news stream on Sundays yall already know stream gangstas on deck get your drinks ready don’t meet boys and laughs oh shit special shout out to everybody follow me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that’s where i’m at and a special shout-out to the notification squad I’ll see y’all in the comment section early hashtag salute og one more thing I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters or y’all trolls close your eyes a pitch and roll support for Samantha to see Spock one to beam up.

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