Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review (High Midrange Stylus Smartphone With Triple Camera)

Published on June 18, 2020
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Hi guys this is Jason or not going I’m here with the samsung galaxy note that light yes believe it or not samsung also launched a light version of its phablet with a stylus so the light version goes with a plastic body and also swaps the price for a lower price tag around four hundred and eighty five dollars now it debuted in January this year and we finally got around to testing it in order to see if it’s worth buying this one or maybe the Galaxy Note 9 why the node 9 because they share the same CPU okay so it’s a six point seven inch device which should be pretty similar to the Galaxy S 10 light that we tested recently although it adds a stylus in the mix the color hues available here are over at below or a black and/or a red and the first thing I noticed is that the screen is flatter than on the other recent Samsung phones as you can see here we don’t have much of a curvature for this screen so we’re talking about the design here the backside is made of plastic and it draws quite a bit of fingerprints and lint around the camera area it can scratch easily so I suggest you would add a case also it’s rather slippery now the phone itself is rather good-looking although a bit generic nowadays and the bezels feel a bit bigger than what we’ve gotten accustomed to in the note 10 series and the s 20 series well other than that I would say that they curve the backside and the frame add a bit with the grip but still it may be a bit slippery eight point seven millimeters in thickness and hefty 199 grams although it’s well distributed the weight here also no ip68 certification in case you were wondering now as far as the screen is concerned I mentioned it before six point seven inch this one is a Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2,400 over 1080 pixels the good news is that it has HDR support turn it – PEG ratio and big bezels and that’s not good news anyways time to watch video and see what the screen can do so I have a typical test video here and I would say that the punch hole selfie camera is within regular limits not the biggest punch for it all but also not a smallest so let’s say medium the screen who are getting here is bright crisp is got vivid colors actually very vivid colors deep blacks as a super amoled should wide view angles and a wide range of colors okay so that’s that now let’s get to other aspects of the screen as you probably know already we do a bunch of tests for this displays this one has a pentile matrix pixel arrangement and we also measure the brightness and achieved 458 lakhs units as you probably know everything that goes above 400 Lux is good enough for us it’s a period to the hue p40 light a galaxy so it will train a galaxy’s 10-plus which is no small feat at the same time it scores below several other phones including the Huawei Peter T Pro there’s just one example and it also gets bitten by other handsets out there like for example let’s see so it places below the show me me not 10 and the iPhone 11 once again these are just examples now if you don’t like what the screen showing we have a bunch of options that you can play with you can go to display here you go to dark mode settings or adaptive brightness your screen mode can be set to vivid or natural and you can also play with these advanced settings RGB and a slider for cooler or warmer experience okay blue light filter font size and style easy mode and edge screen and that’s about it so I’m happy with the screen so far and all going off to a familiar face that familiar faces the CPU is Exynos 98 10 10 nanometer octa-core processor you’ve seen it before on the Galaxy Notes then the phone comes in two versions of ram 6 or 8 gigabytes and also 120 gigabytes storage ufs 2.1 luckily we also have a micro SD to expand it another good piece of news is that we don’t have any lag didn’t encounter it here and the games ran fine or the highest level of graphics including Call of Duty mobile so zero complaints in that regard although the CPU is starting to feel they especially you’re going to notice that when you boot the boot will take a bit longer than you would expect and I have a feeling that by the year end you could maybe encounter some hiccups and lag now performance wise let’s see what an 2 to 8 offers placed on the 20 to 24 not the worst result in the world it bit away before tea light and the xiaomi redmi note 8 probe also a galaxy a 71 it’s below the Oppo find X 2 neo and also below a few other handsets out there let’s see what we got here so the Galaxy Note an light gets narrowly beaten by the Oppo find extra neo and away Nova 5 T and Xperia v is 80,000 points above it when it comes to the Geekbench benchmark we got it here and as you can see were just narrowly beating the galaxy a 51 and Loki a 6.2 aside from that were below the Nokia 7.2 which is by no means a powerful phone and also below the Motorola one zooms so not hugely impressive results and gaming wise got 3dmark sling shot here were just above the sony xperia x III which is kind of old and also above this iPhone se 2020 while at the same time were below the homemade 20 pro galaxy estany and one plus 6 so expect it a bit more from it but at the same time imagine it would get this way it’s about on par with a snapdragon 765 CPU phone if not a Snapdragon 730 now temperature-wise we also did those things so temperature in benchmarks is forty five degrees Celsius forty five point three actually which is kind of a lot it goes past 40 you should be worried it really pushes it to get the best results and guess what it doesn’t even get them okay so we have an ad here let’s go back let’s see the temperature we achieved when it comes to games things are more ok here with thirty five point four degrees Celsius or no overheating although in the long run if you do long sessions of gaming you may experience some heat now on the battery front it already sounds pretty generous were dealing with a four thousand five hundred million per unit we 25 watt charging while only because I have a plastic back there’s no wireless and the video playback you’re about to see is just crazy so 19 hours and 2 minutes a bit shy of the top 10 and that’s pretty impressive it beats Samsung Galaxy Note 10 people yell existent plus all of them pretty respectable phones in the battery department it stays just below the galaxy s 10 light by a few minutes below the galaxy a 70 Xiaomi me notes ten which are all battery beasts this is video playback continuous usage is also quite fine 12 hours and 59 minutes above the Hawaiian made 30 Pro Xperia v and a few other handsets and the just below the galaxy s 20 plus galaxy note template galaxy a 58-51 and a 70 go past it by several dozens of minutes overall a pretty impressive performance around that by a reasonably fast charge it’s one hour and 24 minutes and after 30 minutes you’re already at 49% after one hour we were already at one hour is 86% so overall the battery impressed me the most and I will keep saying that and in the end of the review now I guess it’s time to refer to D speakers actually we only have a singular one it’s here at the bottom and we will not cover it in landscape mode now let’s listen to some tunes okay so this phone also has Dolby Atmos there so you know and I love this Samsung music app so much that I installed it from the Galaxy store and the songs we got them here let’s check them out [Music] okay simple impressions I would say the volume is okay no the losses in the world the basis rather so so there is a bit of distortion at top volume and the high notes were heard okay now if you really want some new stuff is the audio jack for a while now it got ostracized on some Samsung phones it’s here audio jack and the headphones bundled here are the same type you would get with a galaxy a series device current one okay so we also did some tests we have a decibel meter and we’re measuring the sound power we go here to the volume power and let’s see what we got so first of all the acoustic sample revealed a value of 88 decibels which is pretty impressive it goes above the galaxy s 20 and also above the galaxy s 20 ultra not bad below the open e note 3 pro 5g and a galaxy a 70 this was an acoustic sample when it comes to gaming we don’t crack the 100 decibels barrier yet 98.7 decibels it beats 1 plus 800 a p40 pro but not the galaxy a 51 ok time to talk about the cameras you already notice the front one it’s a 32 megapixel shooter with 4k video capture and fixed focus at the back side we have a triple camera setup that sounds like it’s taken from an iphone because it’s three-tailed megapixel cameras turn megapixel main camera has optical image stabilization dual pixel and f 1.7 aperture and there is a telephoto cam with its own optical image stabilization 10 megapixel as well and 2 X optical zoom finally ultra wide 12 megapixel fixed-focus and that’s that aside from that you’re getting a IC an optimizer a night mode live focus super slo-mo foot mode Pro video and single take borrowed from the s20 series ok I will try not to bore you with a huge gallery of photos we have it’s crazy 411 shots and videos ok so let’s get straight to it the core experience delivered by the Galaxy Note tenet resembles the one of the Samsung Galaxy Z flip if you remember it you know the flip phone the foldable one released by Samsung earlier this year what I mean by that is that we get pretty decent amount of details and clarity but the colors are inferior they’re a bit more off I was always impressed with the colors here except for the sky and the vegetation other than that the colors were okay now the ultra white capture was pretty fine didn’t distort the image very much but the colors feel a bit too intense as you can notice in some of these shots the sky didn’t look like that in real life and by the way this is a comparison of regular shot and ultra wide shot as you can see here it gets a bit more intense and a bit whiter in the vegetation area okay several more shots here then we get into the selfies I’m going to skip those with glasses they’re more relevant with the face straight on another comparison of shot this time with some zoom I would say that the zoom was quite impressive so not bad when it came to details didn’t lose too many of them compared to the expectations once again an ultra wide shot no deformation a lot of details about some noise in the distance shots good color calibration that you can see here once again when it’s not vegetation or sky the colors are correctly calibrated especially the red and also the Blues and what have you here as well as the clarity is the staple of a galaxy note and Galaxy S series you’re never going to see missed shots blurred shots or shots you wouldn’t want to post on social media a few examples of zoom keeping intact the texture of the bears faced even more advanced going past 2 X 3 X 5 X and here we are with the selfies now the surf experience was not constant I found the first 10 selfies to be underwhelming and in general I had the impression that the landscape selfies were actually better than the portraits selfies for some reason the face texture is ok you cannot see the pores though that much I noticed the facial expression is OK in the eyes I have an expression it’s is liquid enough to pass the test so you should also deactivate any sort of beautifying because it makes your face dull like the focus is okay I expected worse from this fixed focus so overall the self experience was quite ok and if you also start to activate the bokya effects you’ll be more than happy with the results okay speaking of bokeh I used the Mickey Mouse head here to blur the background and it had a pretty nice effect it totally cut it out from the background without missing a beat several more shots here and a bunch of close-ups with flowers all of them are very nice if you ask me they can easily replace a macro or pass as a macro and here we only have bokeh shots look amazing these ones highlight the pores and the beard which I mentioned before that I was underwhelmed by them so if you want to highlight your beard or your pores it’s the bokya that you have to apply with it’s cool effects okay even more shots and believe it or not I’m happy with the color calibration of the rosies even though the sky and the vegetation in general were not correctly calibrated and we also have a peacock shot here in these images shot with the camera okay so I retain my impression exactly like the Galaxy SIII flip only with worse calibrated colors for vegetation and sky now we’re going to the night mode to the nighttime shots and what we have here is a pretty decent quantity of light caught by the camera now the ultra wide shots were blurry and the street lights were quite big deformed Liebig in general the lights were amplified by all the cameras on the phone I like the lighting here I like the building textures so if you’re going for an architectural trip provided that this happens over the next year you’ll be happy with the results you’ll have Facebook and Instagram worthy shots to post the cars are ok and surprisingly enough even the zoom satisfied me it feels pretty much like the Galaxy S 10 series maybe even in the best moments like the Galaxy Note tensor is so not that bad and if you apply the night mode you’ll get a bit of an oil painting effect that’s what I noticed here okay so one example here I apply the night mode and things got a bit like an oil painting over a pretty solid around the galaxy’s tan or even the not tan in quality when it comes to video I have too many samples I have resorted to a special app this one here and even then I have crazy amount of videos it’s 46 would be very hard to pick up among them so let’s start with this one okay so this one involves a stabilization test we’re walking around then as you can see the stabilization fares quite okay however like the photos the colors are too intense there’s a bit of overexposure not as bad as the s10 series but still I can feel it pretty good focus and speaking of focus we also have a test for that as I said before we may have too many samples here here it is this is our focus test pretty snappy we also have a peacock screaming its lungs out let’s see if you can find it so it handles the colors okay but only the case of the peacock the grass is too exposed for my liking something that I noticed the microphone was fine in catching the feather ruffling and the mating screams of the beast we also have some slow-motion shots of the fountain of course and let’s look for something with more color this is actually taken with a single take feature and we also have objects in motion as you can see the sky is totally unrealistic but the quality clarity and details are exactly like one of s 10 or even not 10 okay and probably the best thing here was the selfie video I remember that I praised the Galaxy S 10 light for that give access 20 plus recently and now also this one excellent selfie video in 4k you can easily create a vlog out of it okay so my complaint remains the same as the photo department over exposure and the cars are too intense for my liking but hey there are people out there who prefer more intense colors now let’s talk activity okay so this handset comes in single sim versions and also dual sim abortions without Wi-Fi dual-band there’s bluetooth 5.0 GPS GLONASS Galileo BDS a GPS and Wi-Fi direct and if see there’s an USB C port on the bottom 2.0 there’s a and T plus and that’s that the calls were pretty loud and clear and when it comes to the speed or the networks we got the mode here so when it comes to y5 424 units at G 424 mega per second download on Wi-Fi pretty solid 24.8 on a per second upload when it comes to 4G LTE we got as high as 125 mega per second download on 4G and up to 31.6 mega per second in downloads so it was spot-on particularly the Wi-Fi download now if you want to talk about the software things are pretty straightforward the phone now has one why two point one on top of Android 10 the fingerprint scanner is a bit on the slow side as you can see here expected much more from it okay and the face unlock doesn’t exactly work securely lacking the special infrared sensor now aside from that the experience is very familiar pretty much what you got on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S 20 with the latest updates this is your Samsung daily the replacement of the Bigsby aggregator you still have Bigsby as your favorite assistant even though it’s inferior to Google assistant Siri even Cortana and of course LexA so better stay away the interface is minimalistic and focused on the bottom third as the navigation and top settings widgets are all transparent and white and clean we still have the edge feature here with shortcuts for multitasking we have this carousel of windows and you can do split-screen if you want to and also pop up view to add another pop-up window on top of the split screen if you swipe down you can see the notifications and also quick settings with new and useful features like link to Windows the screen recorder music share and bixby routines plus quick share now I’m going to go straight through this and refer to the s-pen one of the selling points so basically you’re getting all the features of the note 9 and all the features of the note 10 but without the special command gestures of the stylus for the camera the mountain I had a few like take a picture and swap cameras but that’s it you don’t get those to swap between the multiple cameras to zoom in to rotate it nope nothing like that here only the basic take a photo and try to selfie swap to selfie ok now the pen itself does borrow some stuff on the note stand series like err doodle which is basically a way of me drawing onto myself right now and recording video while I’m doing the crazy drawings and these things are actually kept on top of me in 3d so you can do this recording move around and the 3d and AR elements are kept on your face that’s AR doodle aside from that you can create a note you can do handwriting you can draw do smart select screen right do live messages basically animate what you’re writing do some translation enter the pen up community and of course you can also write on the deactivate screen on the standby screen you pull the stylus like this and you write by milk horrible handwriting but I should be able to remember it okay so now you unlock it the dog has been saved unlocking it and let’s go to D create a note area okay so you here you can scribble you can draw you can do whatever you want there are multiple pens and tips here you can take notes you can highlight an underline and the core features of the Nodine are here once again and all of the notes ten without remote features you can add more to this bar more shortcuts and you got your big vision your magnify glance coloring and right on calendar well that’s about it pen wise it’s close over no man in the note ten and app wise here’s what we have so there is your smart things there is your Samsung help galaxy wearable and then we go further the google selection of apps microsoft selection of apps does the Samsung member the Alexi store Spotify Netflix and of course the note-taking app samsung note so we can draw doodle and much more plus game launcher okay so that’s about it in a nutshell Samsung Galaxy Note and light wants to be a lighter note than with a plastic body let’s go to the pros and cons on the pro side you actually have a pretty quality display brightness wise color wise you name it and as we talk about this let’s actually enter our website so on the pro side at the Galaxy Note 10 light solid screen okay performance when it comes to day-to-day usage I would say that the battery is superb one of the best batteries have tested on the Samsung phones got a loudspeaker good close-ups good bokeh also good selfie Bakke pretty decent selfies fast focus when filming nice 4k 60 frames per second video good stabilization fast cognitive and the S Pen and Yui make a pretty good pairing those are the pros on the cons I feel that the colors are too vivid and intense in photos and videos for the sky and vegetation now the phone is also a bit slippery it draws some lint the back side may scratch easily doesn’t have stereo speakers doesn’t have IP 60 certification doesn’t have wireless charging and no extra 10 remote control features like we have on the note them well honestly since those were hit and miss is not that big of a loss in the end you’re going to end up buying the phone for it’s very solid battery for the s-pen for the screen maybe you run a camera and the fact that you’re going to get more updates than the Galaxy Note 9 that’s the core feature and basically going to have to pick between this one and the note 9 because they have the same CPU this one get more updates because it’s newer and I would say that the battery is much more impressive so this is it from us yes rom-com close to 500 dollars this phone also the price made in argument bye.
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