Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Is Amazing

Published on August 5, 2019
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So I have a lot of things to talk about with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 because frankly we’re getting even more info on the overall device and we’re getting some official stuff this time which should definitely excite every one and the smartphone is gorgeous simply amazing in my opinion has to be one of the best smartphones coming out of 2019 and one of the best Android smartphones as well keep in mind that no 10 is not only a fantastic flash to device but it’s pricey enough to make you want to sell your car now we will be talking about some of the coolest things about the note 10 how some information has been confirmed we’ve got even more leaks by the FCC which is pretty crazy because we’re already getting some really cool images and let’s talk about some accessories as well along with like Verizon 5g and all that great stuff that really combined to the note 10 no 10 is more than just their everyday average device the launch of the no 10 really does change up a lot of aspects like accessories the Samsung / Android ecosystem and especially 5g connectivity which everyone seems to want so Galaxy Note templates the giant smartphone that everyone is waiting for was accidentally confirmed by same symp themselves it’s a really big oopsie it’s 256 gigabytes and there’s a half a terabyte model and both of these models were spotted and this is huge these newly discovered galaxy note in support pages can’t be seen at Samsung Romania and also other European websites now they don’t really offer that much detail about the upcoming smartphone because if they do well what’s the point of even watching the unpacked event you know I mean but you’re giving some wording some letters on the official samson site and a lot of these european websites so this is pretty cool and thanks to leaked stirrers like rolling quant and max j a few of the note m+ color variants has also been in view to you in this image you got this Samsung Galaxy Note template ID rates in half a terabyte model this is big this means that the Galaxy Note n is officially confirmed and just got some even more leaks in confirmations about the overall size the different storage options all that great stuff and the note 10 plus is a very special device it’s not only larger but it is superior there’s no 10 design-wise you’re not really getting much difference the note 10 plus is a major smartphone it’s almost totally baseless with the even higher screens ibadat ratio there are holes on a bear top for selfie cameras but you’re only getting a single lens front-facing camera which I’m absolutely fine with you know I mean keep the bezel smaller according to the rumors and leaks the Galaxy Note 10.1 that’s bigger than the iPhone 10’s max which is 6.5 inch display and both smartphones are about the same size because Samsung Galaxy Note templates has a 96 to 97 percent screen spy ratio which made Samsung decrease the body and increase the overall display now it will be having the resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels this makes it larger than the regular no 10 which allegedly has a six point three inch dynamic and OLED display no 10 plus boy is it’s going to be super pricey you’re getting the newest 12 gigabyte RAM chip which everyone has been talking about even in the Samsun newsroom which is a brand new hide gigabyte RAM chip it’s a lot smaller it’s more power efficient and it’s a lot more faster and then you’re getting a massive 4300 milliamp battery and also perhaps half a terabyte to 1 terabytes of storage now that one terabyte chip has been leaked before by Samsung it’s a lot more faster it supports ufs 3.0 which allows you to transport a full HD movie from your phone to a laptop in less than a minute and it’s a lot smaller faster more power efficient all these things make the note 10 plus an ideal smartphone especially if you want a really really good device to do work games and all sorts of other capabilities on it another major difference is the cameras now the regular note 10 is featuring a triple inch camera then again we may be seeing the note 10 plus featuring a four lens camera two times optimism and also double tof sensors time of flights which bounces infrared light a waiver phone to an object and it bounces right back this is awesome great eight our capabilities this is what we like to see now price-wise no ten plus is going to be really expensive everyone is saying the foam series should be starting at one thousand dollars with the no 10 plus starting around 1200 to 1300 dollars hence well it’s super pricey and that’s why Samson is offering you some really good incentives and deals like a free pair of wireless earbuds we may be able to see that and if you want to trade in your older model smartphones you could get to $600 which is unheard of for a smart phone most of the time smart phone companies give you up to 300 or $400 never have I seen a smart phone company hand out 600 bucks for your old smartphone this is awesome next is the Galaxy Note in five G leaked by the FCC again design details have been confirmed you see in these images it’s really cool and then since we’ve all got our hands on the schematics of the Galaxy Note tens 5g model which will make it to horizon for American customers same Sun has a really big enthusiasm to introduce 5g devices in the market even though most carriers haven’t even finished setting up their cellular network mean that Samson is expecting you to be using your phone for two to three years which is very generous so these images of course show you the over antenna and these FCC images give you a very good idea of what to expect from the same sent Galaxy Note 10 50 plus you do get that camera mahjongg the bear back then you do get a very nice shape keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 10 series do have a 4G LTE model as well but if you want to be a little bit ballsy and really bold 5g model is out there for everyone to get it’s gonna be mass-produced and it’s not gonna be limited so definitely cop 1 if you can next is a galaxy but it’s coming in some really crazy looking colors and this is really cool and with the same scent galaxy note NB in such a pretty shiny smartphone and everything is so good Samson’s like we should add something that should even get more customers a samsung galaxy bud that has the same color as the galaxy note in it’s like a matching accessory item this is really awesome you seen these images even the cases have a very shiny looking type of color meaning that same Sun will be matching the galaxy buds with the note 10 it’s my it may even be exclusively made for the samsung galaxy note in which is really cool I like how Samson is doing these color Barons having just white is kind of boring by having this sort of a gradient this shiny back makes it look even better it looks very shiny and it’s very nice and I can’t wait to get my hands on these brand new earbuds so pretty much Galaxy Note an Wow got so much stuff we got even more stuff coming in and I can’t wait for the unpacked event on August 7 2019 it’s gonna be one of the biggest unpacked events it has already been officially confirmed by Samsung themselves invitations have been sent out so if you don’t know somehow receive an invitation or if you’re really rich get into the Barclays center check out the unpacked event it’s going to be big the next big thing is gonna be unveils there and I’m going to be really excited I’m gonna watch it last but not least before we go is Verizon seems like same Verizon have a special relationship where they just can’t break away from each other and right now this image you see here are the promotion ad by Verizon which was obtained by Evan blocks one of the biggest Twitter leakers out there you guys see the note 10 plus 5 G looks identical to its non 5 G sibling you get the punch hole display you get the triple n to came on the bear back you get that really weird-looking blue S Pen two different sizes and it looks great and pretty much if you go a Verizon’s plan you do get a free galaxy note in this is a really big offer Verizon is offering this so definitely give it when you can but chances are that you’ll have to sign another contract for the second phone so I mean it’s kind of if you but you do get an idea Samsung AG knowledge is that the phone is pricey as hell and it’s the most pricey Android smartphone out there there’s so many other options in the same Sun and Apple world that are way less than the galaxy note in the same Sun giving you such a high amount of money for your trade-in smartphone they’re giving you a bunch of incentives a bunch of free accessories like a wireless charging pad or the free pair of wireless earbuds in a 50 dollar credit to buy anything you want on the same some website you kind of get what same sense going for it they’re giving you all these really nice deals and these deals were only last during pre-order which will happen a few hours after the official unpacked event in August 7th 2019 so thanks watching comment below how do you feel about it over a smartphone and which one are you getting

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