Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test & Camera Comparison

Published on August 19, 2019
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Hey what’s up guys I’ve got here the Samsung Galaxy Note tend to like to go ahead and compare it to the iPhone tennis Maxx in areas that matter to me anyways that’s the camera and the speed comparison ooh there it is beautiful color now it’s one thing to see it in the photos and an entirely different thing to experience it in person so I really like this look I like that they’re experimenting with new finishes you know we’ve been seeing so many of the static colors it’s very refreshing it’s not a gradients it’s an entirely different new genre of colors on its own I love it and this is the quad camera beast 16 megapixel ultra wide and a 3d sensing rear camera which is something the iPhone 11 won’t even be getting you’re gonna have to wait until 2020 for the iPhone to get the technology that the Galaxy Note 10 day I really like the flat top and bottom something new entirely well I’d say it’s copied from Wally for sure so the first thing that you’ll notice is that the power button is gone from the side it’s now on the left side this is a six point eight inch display of course you have that cutout whole camera up here which is now smaller than the galaxy s 10 so within a matter of months Samsung really pushed the envelope here let’s go ahead and get started on that test see what this thing has I loved the design though just feeling them together this feels by far way more futuristic than the iPhone tennis max the bezels are almost non-existent the bottom chin area is so small now and hopefully in the future generations they’ll get rid of that altogether even so this thing feels like it’s from the year 2025 compared to apples which it’s frankly getting dated and this year’s iPhone 11 will not offer any consolation from the notch up here it’s sticking around for a whole nother year now this is the world’s best display right now it’s won 13 Awards it’s the brightest sharpest lowest reflectivity man it just feels like a sticker sticker on sitting on top of the phone unreal let’s begin with the start up test so to turn off the iPhone its volume up and the power button over here with no power button on the side samsung has relocated it to the volume down plus power button an interesting change now on the left we have Android 9 with Samsung’s latest UI on top and I was 13 beta 7 on the right here we go in three two one and booting them up at the same time here now we have the Snapdragon a 55 on the left with 12 gigabytes of RAM on the right four gigabytes with apples a 12 quad core processor instead of octa-core smartphones have gotten to a point where you really don’t even take advantage of the power Oh actually ridiculously close and my point to that being that this test is more about what stays open in the background allowing you to switch over to it faster without having to wait for the app to reload okay and let’s clear out the app switcher here I wanted to start with my favorite speed test this is where we rapid-fire through a succession of apps to me the best indicator of how fast a smartphone is and more on the heavy game side here as the note has the graphical prowess advantage even so the iPhone did have a slight speed advantage rushing through all of these it seemed to load the heavier games faster and in particular where the iPhone cut up was the video encoding the Galaxy Note series for the lighter applications like Spotify Instagram I noticed it would launch those faster and I’ll take you through some of those apps here in just a second but the video processing is where the Snapdragon 855 falls behind Apple has some amazing coding first round goes to the iPhone 2 minutes and 12 seconds running all of those apps very impressive this is iOS 13 and apparently it should be launching them a little bit faster here thanks to the optimizations now round 2 is where the Galaxy Note 1000 off the plus here with its 12 gigabytes of RAM with a 27 second round to all of the apps were still open in the background for the iPhone it was only the last few that were loaded impressive next I’d like to launch some apps side-by-side and get a more accurate comparison let’s start with YouTube one two and oh this one loaded fast on the Galaxy Note 10 to something heavier one two three and this is definitely gonna be something longer to load so iPhone loaded this one faster with its paltry 4 gigabytes of RAM that’s only going to come into play here in a little bit okay asphalt 9 1 2 I’ve never gotten to a point where I’m like I need more power on my iPhone galaxy definitely has more raw graphical power oh loaded this one faster so for gaming I definitely would recommend the Galaxy Note 10 it’s got the bigger display one two actually about the same temple run one two a little bit of a lighter one oh definitely loaded faster on the note and minecraft one two oh yeah again on the note faster let’s actually try and load the world one two a lot of the games aren’t fully updated for the display on the note series although would you want it to go past the camera and yeah so faster on the note Netflix 1 – oh looks like the note loaded down faster need for speed no limits one to another heavy one here cool I think the iPhone won this one so just loading some apps seems like the iPhone has the upper hand here a handful of them cool so you’re in that good amount of time faster than the note could be Wow actually considerably faster and Spotify one too cool note loaded down faster and Instagram one too nope pretty much pre-loaded already and there’s that Geekbench very very close bridging the gap ever so slowly although the new Apple a 13 who’s gonna take this to new heights so multi-core score just a hair behind apples and a single core score a noticeable difference but that is not Samsung’s fault the Exynos processor should make this more interesting I’d say this is a fairly close test although the iPhone sells the upper hand in single core so after running that test let’s go through all of the apps and as you can see this is where that 12 gigabytes of RAM really comes in handy the iPhone it has to reload these applications yep has to reload player unknown asphalt 9 this one here is still loaded Apple has to reload it even with 4 gigabytes of RAM I’m very impressed by the performance of the iPhone 10s max obviously you’re getting more for your money here with the note 10 these are the n22 results the GPU is obviously way more powerful here in comparison to the iPhone and overall fairly close just a little bit behind and a test of biometrics on the left the in screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the right face ID with the screens off one two three yeah no comparison at least three times faster on the note series once again one two three yeah so much faster apparently the new iPhone is gonna have faster face ID but yeah even with Iowa’s 13 still not up to par with the note series much much faster and from the same distance face unlock from both I’d say about the same although apples is a more secure version yeah about the same speed wise and animation wise fingerprint sensing is where things really get put on a different level with a note of time alright let’s go ahead and test those cameras out over here we have the 16 megapixel ultra wide both are capable of 4k 60 and just want a general quality test here okay so here’s some popping colors that’s magenta pink orange and this is where the galaxy really shines there and that’s ultra wide so you click on this magical button and you step back several feet where the iPhone cannot compete right now in a month it’ll be able to right now the ultra wide seriously just kicks ass on Samsung I love it let’s get in real close here I think Samsung has gotten pretty close to the iPhone in terms of realistic colors both really really great and here is two times zoom on this beautiful sunflower both are stabilized optically look great the pheasant we have over here reminds me a lot of this color rainbow shimmer he’s got everything orange blue for some low light we’re here in the den of the dinosaurs those guys are truly scary in the background Oh get some zoom going I don’t know what they’re doing here they don’t belong oh look at those guys got this subject far away the Portland Airport let’s see if we can zoom in on that that’s two times zoom right there fairly stable and let’s go further and here is five times zoom so I’m trying to stay on this airplane here fairly stable on both still at this point digital image stabilization is taking over here and the iPhone tops out at six times to me the note seems a little more jittery [Music] the note here where the iPhone can only do six and then of course we have the ultra wide which allows us to step back even further I’m impressed definitely love the ultra wide oh there’s my favorite bridge so of course had to get a scene here the monolith and both are good dynamic range man smartphones I’ve got so good and a few years ago like was unbearable but now professional quality I think it’s very hard to choose a one or the other both take very sharp vibrant photos video capability is almost on par of course the note has the ultra wide lens and then the 3d camera which could prove to be quite useful in the future it comes down to color temperature skin tone for me that’s pretty much the only determining factor between the two both are so great anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the review that’s my camera and speed test comparison between the 10s Max and note 10 let me know what you think down below.

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