Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs iPhone 6S+! (Comparison) (Review)

Published on September 9, 2019
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What’s going on everyone welcome back to the channel and this is another one of those comparisons that nobody wanted nobody asked for but somebody had to do it and like I said what the se1 do like if I don’t do it then who else is gonna do you know what I mean so we’re gonna be taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and comparing it to the iPhone 6s plus now obviously any way you look at it the no 10 is the better device okay and this is not even a fair one I mean this is just basically basically I know a lot of people like the iPhone 6s and 6s plus so I figure I might as well do it but there is one characteristic of these 6s plus where it actually technically beats the no 10 and I’ll get into in a second and I’ll probably tell you in like another minute or two but the note n obviously is the newest phone one of the best newest phones that just came out it came out like not even a month ago a couple weeks ago these 6s plus though came out in 2015 and for a lot of people I think a lot of people still use this device because any time I make a video about the success plus people go crazy I’ve got it either this phone or the success which is just a smaller version of this so in my opinion this is a crazy phone a ton of people still use it and rightfully so I mean it’s still supported with software it’s still a very very good device overall so there’s really no reason for a lot of people to go and upgrade so that’s kind of where we’re at this phone is about four years old at this time this phone is not even four weeks old so that kind of tells you the evolution of between these phones so looking at the front you can obviously tell there’s a humongous difference we have the hole punch type of design on the note 10 but very little bezel it’s not completely bezel is there’s still a little bit of bezel on the bottom and the top but it you know compared to something like this it’s pretty much bezel is on these 6s plus you can see that there’s still a ton of bezel on it there’s no change in the design obviously there’s no change going to happen to the 6s plus once it’s already developed but I do have a question and I don’t know who can answer this but this is four years in the making so this one came out four years after this phone so I wonder four years from now well the note n look like how we look like the 6s plus ad you know what I mean I hope that made sense basically how we view the 6s plus is just being a huge phone with bezels or whatever is that how we’re going to view the note 10 like that’s kind of something I always think about but on the front of the 6s plus we have a 5.5 inch 1080p display it’s IPS panel so it’s not like anything crazy 401 pixels per inch though on the note 10 though we have a six point three inch dynamic AMOLED display this one is also 1080p but it’s four pixels per inch as well so this one technically has just as many PPI or the pixels per inch density screen density as his success plus which I don’t understand that’s the biggest problem I have with the note 10 they could have easily fit a 1440p pen on here and up the PPI density this phone has the same PPI as a phone that came out in 2014 and 2015 even the six plus has the same screen assist so I don’t know what was going on same resolution and everything obviously in my opinion this panel is better because it is a dynamic Emma lid I mean it’s a better panel overall I feel like they could have done a better job at the resolution another huge thing about the note n is that it does have certification or IP certification at that so it’s IP 68 dust and waterproof so I can go up to one and a half meters of water for 30 minutes the 6s plus is not certified at all however you know I think we all know this by now it has some water sealing in it so if you like dipped in water took it out I think you’d be okay but I wouldn’t test it obviously but this one just does not have any certification the seven-plus was the first one to bring that so now looking on the sides you have the same type of buttons on both you have the power buttons and the volume buttons no big speak button on here on the back we have a triple camera setup single camera setup which obviously you already know who the winner is now I said earlier there is one case where the iPhone 6s plus actually beats the note 10 that’s actually at the bottom so you do have USB type-c on the note 10 but on the 6s plus you have lightning but you also have that headphone jack which for a lot of people might be a good enough reason to stick with the 6s plus or even get these 6s plus because this was the last one that had the headphone jack in the Apple series the no 10 has the s-pen though which is a crazy cool feature now it’s not going to be like an awesome comparison because the iPhone 6s plus doesn’t have anything that’s like a s-pen for it the iPhone 11 could potentially bring Apple pencil support though but the s-pen is so awesome and that’s like a humongous plus point for the note 10 series and this comparison doesn’t really matter because this is a kind of an old phone but this is what pretty much differentiates the note 10 versus like even like other Galaxy phones like the S 10 and s 10 plus and especially compared to the iPhones like the iPhone 10s and 10’s Mac’s that is a super awesome feature that this phone has whether you use it or not it’s there for you and that kind of covers up everything on the outside talking about software though usually when I’m comparing an Android to an iOS device most the time I’m like that iOS device will outlast it but in this case I think we all know and we’re not really surprised the note 10 will probably outlast the iOS device here the iPhone 6s plus mostly because this phone is already four years at the head of its lifecycle I’m pretty sure it’s going to end on iOS 13 but it could get iOS 14 who knows I might make a video talking about it but the note 10 sort of the end reply it’s going to get Android 10 it’s going to get Android 11 I think it’s going to stop there but in custom ROM support you know you can always once the roms come out from third-party developers you’ll be able to flash a ROM you know whether it’s Android 12 13 or whatever the case is I bet this phone’s going to be supported for a while I feel like a lot of people are going to get this phone which they already have so there’s going to be a huge third-party developer support behind it so you can get it now you can get in a year or two once the you know the prices I’ve decreased a lot in the used market but either or you’re going to you know use this phone in terms of stock software support for a while and that kind of covers up everything in terms of software and hardware on the outside I want to quickly do a speed comparison but I think we’re already going to know who the winner is I’ll go ahead and sell you the specs of both phones so the iPhone 6s plus has the Apple a9 chip a dual-core CPU two gigs of ram on all its variants that had quite a bit of different variance of storage variants the note sent has a Snapdragon 55 chipset and octa-core CPU and Adreno 640 GPU and 8 gigs of ram but there’s only one variant of this which is the 256 gig variant so let’s go ahead and see which one is the faster device if I had to say I would probably say the note tennis but let’s go and find that out all right all the apps are cleared out in the background well let’s go ahead and get into it now I have mostly the same apps on both devices let’s do Facebook three two one as you can see the note ended get into it faster let’s do Instagram 30 to 1 and you can see the no tent again I’m pretty sure the no tent is going to win in every single comparison here let’s do Twitter three two one and you can see the no.10 a very very fast device let’s do Bopha three two one and you can see the note n got into a way faster the 6s plus is still loading still loading and we eventually do get into it but that’s how crazy I wasn’t expecting that big of a difference as you take you three to one as you can see we dig it into it faster on the note N and this isn’t that graphically of an intensive game but I do wonder if we can see any difference in terms of the gameplay and so far what I can see is I don’t see that big of a difference so it’s not really that big of a deal I guess snake versus blocks three two one and as you can see the note n dig it into a faster and getting into some gameplay here I don’t think there’s going to be that big of a difference however I have seen on some devices like on these 6s plus that’s sometimes the gameplay does get glitchy in the beginning with that’s usually what I look out for when I’m looking at these things I’m pretty much dead on both but let’s do Temple Run 3 2 1 and as you can see were pretty much already like almost loaded on the note 10 where the Essex s+ just started and you can see we’re already loaded on the note 10 and the 6s plus we are into it now so as you can see there’s a pretty big gap between them is it humongous I mean yes but if you don’t compare them side-by-side maybe you won’t notice fruit ninja 3 2 1 and on the note 10 already loaded and the 6s plus we are slowly going to get into it as you can see here you can hear the audio on this one but ultimately what I can tell you is the note 10 is the faster device overall we kind of already knew that like I didn’t even need to do this for you guys and know that but the success plus I think is still a pretty decent performer I mean it’s not like really comparable to what we have in now adays because the phones we have nowadays are much faster but it still has its place and for me to just kind of overlook it it’s kind of weird because literally even just like up until last year Apple was still selling this in the Apple stores and I still think I mean I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it for four-year-old advice it doesn’t perform that bad now hitting on the camera is super quickly you have a 12 megapixel sensor on the 6s plus but you have a triple camera setup on the iPhone the note 10 now this is a single camera sensor if you’re gonna tell you have two 12 megapixel sensors here and a 16 megapixel ultra wide sensor I want to tell you is this the 6s plus I think is not that bad of a camera I mean I still think I mean honestly I’m not even that big of a photographer so I’m probably the worst want to talk about this but I still think I mean you give me like as iPhone 5s so you gave me like a Galaxy Note 4 and I still think that’s a pretty decent camera however I think most of the problems that you have with iOS camera is not even or even the 6s plus camera is not necessarily the camera sensor itself but more so the app I just felt there’s just not enough settings here you can see you have a couple things here and you have a you know slo-mo and things like that but for the most part is pretty basic and if you want to change settings you have to go through the actual Settings app and then go to the camera thing it’s just so annoying I feel like they could have just done something better whereas on the note 10 it’s a much better sensor and not only a better sensor but you have way more features as well and not even just compared to the 6s plus but even to something like the iPhone 10s and 10’s max which I’ve already compared to like it’s crazy how much better not only the sensors are but the apps themselves so you have all these different settings over here you have video go all these things but if you click on the settings up here you can change all these different things which are straight through the camera app you don’t have to go through a different app so ultimately I’ll definitely tell you the note 10 not only has the better camera sensor compared to the 6s plus or really any other iPhone but also the app is better as well and that’s really what I look for so hopefully output can get in on that and hopefully some time soon but I pretty much covers up the camera now in terms of the battery life you have a 500 million power battery on the note 10 and a 2750 month our battery on the 6s plus and obviously if you couldn’t tell the note n is going to be better the thing with the older phones is that batteries do to be great over time and they depreciate so this is probably not at that 2750 anymore it’s probably like 2200 or probably even worse depending on the condition and how much you used it and all that other stuff so ultimately I’ll just give the edge to the note 10 here it’s really not much of a competition and that pretty much covers it so if you couldn’t already tell obviously pick up a note 10 over 6s plus however if this phone was like a 10 out of 10 100 percent like the best phone ever I think this would probably be like a 7.5 out of 10 or something like that like I still think this can do most of what this can do I just think this is a better phone overall I mean if you don’t have a bias towards Android or iOS pick up this but if you’re in the middle and you want something used but that’s also very good pick up an iPhone 10 if you want or even pick up a Galaxy Note 9 you can find those you can find a no.9 cheaper than iPhone 10 but those are two phones that I would highly recommend if you’re in between you don’t want to get a brand new one but you don’t want to get like a used to older one like this an iPhone 10 or an O nine will probably be your best bet in terms of used best valued phone so that pretty much covers that guys if you have any questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below it that like button that means so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount sort of means so much of you guys get hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those links are linked down below I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more importantly everything else I love every single one of you guys home at you guys in the next video peace out over.

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